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AMAC vs. AARP – Battling for the Hearts and Minds of Seniors

AMAC vs AARP - AMAC Fights For You

If you haven’t chosen AMAC over AARP yet, you may want to reconsider.

During the first Presidential debate, President Obama touted the support of AARP for ObamaCare several times.  While AARP immediately responded by saying, “AARP is a nonpartisan organization and we do not endorse political candidates nor coordinate with any candidate or political party”, recently released emails between the White House and AARP operatives seem to indicate that AARP threw their tremendous lobbying power behind the legislation despite the fact they were getting calls overwhelmingly against it.

In fact, on September 20, 2012, Kimberley A. Strassel of the Wall Street Journal wrote:

“Thanks to just-released emails from the House Energy and Commerce Committee, we now know that AARP worked through 2009-2010 as an extension of a Democratic White House, toiling daily to pass a health bill that slashes $716 billion from Medicare, strips seniors of choice, and sets the stage for rationing. We know that despite AARP’s awareness that its seniors overwhelmingly opposed the bill, the ‘nonpartisan organization’ chose to serve the president’s agenda.
The 71 pages of emails show an AARP management taking orders from the White House, scripting the president’s talking points, working to keep its board ‘in line’ and pledging a fealty to ‘the cause.’ Seniors deserve to know all this, as AARP seeks to present itself as neutral in this presidential election.”

AARP refuses to take a formal position on the Independent Payment Advisory Board (“rationing board”) portion of ObamaCare and even defends some aspects of the board. Given the negative impact that the IPAB will have on seniors, this is unbelievable (but sadly, not unexpected).

AMAC is against the harsh provisions in ObamaCare that gives the Federal government complete control of our healthcare. It destroys the best healthcare system in the world, takes 716 billion dollars out of Medicare, and has the power to restrict and ration our medical treatment.

AMAC is fighting to keep our right to receive treatment from our doctors without the interference of Federal bureaucrats.

Big government experiments like the “stimulus” and ObamaCare have only increased the uncertainty and instability, and are core reasons for the persistently high unemployment rate and why the household incomes of Mature Americans have declined so much.

AMAC, The Association of Mature American Citizens, believes we can do much better. As a steadily growing alternative to groups like AARP, and with an expanding influence in the Nation’s capital, we aim to champion the interests of Mature Americans, seniors, and prospective retirees. We believe in religious freedom, free enterprise, and support common sense solutions to our Nation’s largest challenges.

Bottom line – Our livelihoods, our families’ future prosperity and our standards of living should not be threatened by bad policies emanating from Washington, DC.

AMAC Fights for You!

AMAC vs AARP - Dan Weber Petition

AMAC, the leading Conservative Alternative to AARP
Dan Weber, President and Founder of AMAC, delivers remarks with the House GOP Doctors Caucus the day the Supreme Court decided to uphold ObamaCare. Standing with Dan are (from left to right) Representatives, Paul Broun (GA-10th), John Fleming (LA-4th), Phil Gingrey GA-11th), Joe Heck (NV-3rd), Ann Marie Buerkle (NY-25th), and Tim Murphy (PA-18th).

As AMAC continues to grow and build a presence in DC, we’re able to stand up to the tremendous lobbying power of AARP on behalf of concerned conservative Americans like you.

A senator told us, “You have got to grow AMAC!” When we asked him why, he said, “You don’t understand, when AARP comes to our committees they say they represent older Americans. We know at times they really don’t, but because of their numbers we have got to listen to them. When AMAC has one million members we can tell them they are not the only one we will listen to.”

AMAC can do something AARP will not do – we’ll fight against the horror of big government “solutions” like Obamacare with common sense solutions. But now, more than ever, AMAC needs your help!

If you want to belong to an organization that takes its marching orders from its members and speaks out for conservative values, JOIN AMAC!

For a limited time, a 5-year membership is available for less than $1 a month, and you’ll have access to exclusive AMAC benefits – such as the members-only auto and home insurance program, access to licensed Medicare counselors, the AMAC Roadside Assistance Program, travel, and much more!

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Comments (1,522)

  1. P&D says:

    We purchased AARP for 2 years. Found out they backed Obama care 2 months into the policy. Called AARP and told them to cancel our policy as we did not want it. Were told they would not return the money for the other 22 months that we were not insured. Just another example of how the big companies rip off us nobodies. AMAC could not be any worse than AARP.

  2. J.Whit says:

    That was why I switched to AMAC when we realized that they backed up the present presid.. . Got insurance for cars thru AARP for years and never ever did I pay so much. As the value of the car went down the payments got more higher until we just stop it and got our own. I agree they never really represented our interest.

  3. David Barkin says:

    Conservatives were against Social Security, and now want to privatize it.

    Conservatives were against Medicare and now want to privatize it.

    It was the Democrats, over Republican Opposition, that created Both these programs. Lying about who wants to protect them, and who wants to defend them, will NOT change reality. Pretending that Conservatives are fighting to protect the programs they time and time ago propose to destroy, will NOT change reality.


    • Mike W says:

      Dave letting big government watch over your retirement money is like letting the fox watch over the hen house. Do you know how much SS money is being siphoned out to pay for “pork belly” projects each year? You might want to do your home work before you speak out about against privatizing SS. As it stands we “the people” have no say as to how our hard earned retirement is handled. Right now it is in the hands of politicians. Are you really ok with that?

      • James Ruston says:

        I am happy with SS and Medicare. Very happy. I certainly don’t want people like you messing with it so that Wall Street can get their hands on my contributions.

        • James Fivdy says:

          EXACTLY!!! DON’T BELIEVE this BS from this new company. They’re out to take your money, and that’s all. NOT INTERESTED in really helping You OR our Country. I’ve heard the leadership has had run ins with the law in the past. DON’T BELIEVE everything you read, ESPECIALLY companies that tout their FALSE PATRIOTISM. I’ve read Most of the comments here and some of them supporting the “ideals” of this company are EXTREMELY Suspicious, and written in a style that makes me believe they are company EMPLOYEES writing in this comment section to try and get your “ire” up. What GOOD Company would want to raise your blood pressure folks??? These Are BAD Folks that want what other companies want, YOUR money, in THEIR pockets. Be Careful folks, they’ll smile at you while they’re picking your pockets, to line Theirs!!!

      • Stone B says:

        Mike W, The insurance companies are still in charge of our health care not the government. The ACA made it possible for those with preexisting conditions to obtain coverage. The poster child for the success of the ACA is the state of Kentucky. You should ask the 7.5+ million people who now have coverage if they like ACA. Many tried to scare people that ACA would create death panels, the only death panels that existed where those set by the insurance industry. You need to do your homework before you speak out.

        • Paul says:

          Stone B. The provision that allows preexisting conditions is only one part of the ACA. My healthcare costs have gone from $571/month for my wife and me to $1491/month. Save your calculator batteries, I am not experiencing the $2500 per family savings promised by Obama. I instead am going broke trying to keep up with the rising costs. There was no “health care crisis” in this country until the Demobcrats created it by placing health care in the hands of the government. The insurance companies are NOT in charge of health care. They are heavily regulated and legislated due to the provisions of the ACA. Maybe you should “do your homework” before you defend such a flawed program..

        • Boo says:

          You, my friend, are such an uneducated dumbass… You are apparently a democrap!

        • Randy says:

          So called “Affordable Healthcare” is all about government control. PERIOD.

    • Wayne says:

      I am about as conservative as they come, and I am not crazy about AARP being an Obama supporter, but I have been with State Farm Ins. for 50 years, and when all of a sudden my auto insurance doubled after being a loyal customer, I figured it was time to shop. Hartford , who is AARP, cut my premiums way down, including Homeowners Ins. So , at 70 , and being on a tight budget, I have to switch to AARP. Oh yes, that SOB, that says all old people should expire, I can’t wait until he gets old, cause I am coming back to haunt him, and make his life miserable as much as I can.

    • Chris Vetrano says:

      Dave you had better take a good look at Teddy Roosevelt and SS,,Teddy not FDR was responsible for SS and everyone knows Teddy was a GOP,and a heck of a better President then his brother FDR.Also the story behind Medicare is also different then what your saying Dave.The difference between knowing and knowing what your talking about,will have truth if you read between the lines.The truth is always distorted by non truth statements,and since Gruber has said Americans are to stupid to understand seems to be what the democrats are counting on.Taking advantage of poor Americans and lying to them seem to be the Democratic way right Dave? But then again you being a Democrat Dave you will only say anyone who say’s anything different then what your saying is a liar.

    • Thomas Joseph says:

      Dave, I have put quite a bit of thought into this, and I have come to the conclusion that, well, you are an ass.

  4. Gene Moser says:

    All I know is I would be screwed if I did not have the supplemental insurance that AARP has for seniors on Medicare. They have picked up what ever Medicare did not pay. I’m a Tea Party leaning person. But until someone comes up with better insurance, I’m stuck to use AARP.

    • Jim Ratliff says:

      There are numerous options for the 20% that Medicare does not cover, and many are better than those endorsed by AARP. Options vary by state so be sure to check out both Medigap (supplement) and Advantage plans.

      • Cathy says:

        I did check Medigap and Advantage plans they are more expensive i chose AARP

        • Kathi says:

          AARP what? AARP offers I think both Medicare Advantage plans (Medicare part C) & Medicare Supplement plans (also called Medigap plans). They are designated by letters for the different types of supplement plans so that you can compare them w others.

          Medicare Advantage Plans replace regular Medicare. Medicare Supplement plans cost an additional premium to cover what Medicare does not cover. Generally Advantage plans seem to cover more things, generally more complete coverage.

          Some Medicare Advantage plans charge no additional plan premium above part B. Some do have additional monthly plan premiums.

          Do some research & find a good insurance agent who represents various Medicare Advantage & Medicare supplement plans. Check to see which plans include your current doctors, how much co-pays are, etc. & what it would cost to get different procedures & surgeries done.

          In S CA my Blue Shield HMO PLUS plan totally paid for my cataract surgery. I did not have any out of pocket costs except to pay for the eye drops he had me taking before & after for awhile. Tho it was an HMO plan in that locale that was rich in providers. There was an excellent orthopedic group I went to when I broke my foot. They did charge me for the “post surgical shoe” which had a stiff but padded sole w sort of canvas top that closed w Velcro which I put over my ace1bandaged foot. They said something about Medicare not covering it. No big deal. I think it was about $25.

    • charli mcgahen says:

      I am with AARP and I pretty much will have to stay with them. If it wasn’t for them and United Health Care, I wouldn’t be able to afford to go to all my doctors.

      • Kathi says:

        Check out other Medicare Advantage plans! They do vary by location, but I absolutely refuse to have anything to do w AARP that supports their socialist, big government agenda!

        In S CA I had a BlueShield 65 Plus HMO plan. I did have to change a dr or 2 but I had very good coverage. I had cataract surgery & paid nothing! Co-pays were low, about $5-10 & nothing for primary.

        Now in Portland, OR, w HealthNet Violet Option 2 KT& I don’t think I’m paying any additional plan premium above Medicare part B, or else only a very small one. Ths is a PPO plan that a far seems to be offering good coverage.

        It really helps to find a good ins agent wh knows the options & can help sort out the differences. It doesn’t cost any more to go thru an agent than trying to figure it out all on yur own.

        Of course, when turning 65 a person gets bombarded w offers & calls. I finally had 2 different agents who seemed to know what they were taking about—father talking to one who didn’t have the terminology straight & confused Medicare Suplement plans (sometimes called, Neeigap plans) vs Medicare Advantage plans, also called Medicare part C which can also include Medicare part D (drug coverage). Both f my LANs had them together which seems like 1 less thing to be concerned about.

    • Kathi says:

      Find a good insurance agent who handles Medicare advantage plans as well as Medicare supplement plans.

      An agent can help sort thru the differences & find one that best fits your needs.

      I happen to have life & health insurance licenses, but I do not do health insurance. But. Know from what we do, that policies can sound very much alike w differences that might not be noticeable to the average person. Hit a trained agent can help make good recommendations.

      I was solicited by 2 different ones (after a bunch of not so good ones including 1 that kept confusing Medicare supplement w Medicare advantage). Choose one & she recommended 2 good plans but I opted for the HMO plan from Blue Shield that did not have any plan premiums.

      When. Moved to OR, I located an agent who also helped w recommendations. This time I am on a PPO plan whch so far is working out well.

      The one in CA paid for my cataract surgery w no cost to me! It covered just about everything. I also had toe surgery to remove a mole on the side of my big toe. I went to a dermatologist who seemed very good. As I recall, I just had my low co-pays. But they are different w different plans. I had a friend w a different Medicare Advantage plan & I thnk she was paying $35 com-pays.

      Also, sometimes during open enrollment (Oct 15-Dec 7) local hospitals or other groups may have an event w representatives from various plans. But probably still better talking to an agent, or talk to several & ‘select one you feel comfortable w.

    • Kathi says:

      Sounds like they have been misleading you. Of course it depends on where you live as to what is available. If you live out in a rural area w less providers there may be less plan options.

      You can go on the website & find info on plans in your area. In both OC S CA, & Portland, OR I found other Medicare Advantage Plans. I refuse to have anything to do w AARP. They make $ from lending their name to those plans & hey fool people into thinking that they offer something they can’t get elsewhere.

      AARP is NOT the only one to offer Medicare Advantage Plans or Medicare Supplement plans.

      When I was about to turn 65 of course. Was bombarded w literature & calls from those wanting my business. I waited but finally realized it was time to act. About that time, I got calls from 2 efferent agents who seem,ed very knowledgeable & helpful.

      I am a licensed life & health agent but I do not do Medicare. But. Know how we are trained to help people sort out the differences between the different options. I wanted someone to help me sort thru the confusing welter of info. The agent I choose was very helpful ‘& recommended 2 different plans. There was a PPO plan that freed more flexibility but would have had more out of pocket costs. So I went w an HMO plan & in that area w a lot of high quality providers I had a very good selection to choose from. Now, after moving to Portland, OR, I found an agent here who recommended several different plans.

      Some of these plans w very good coverage–much more than what Medicare covers. & some may not have any additional plan premium above. Medicare part B. Some of them include part D drug coverage. Both plans that I have had included it.

  5. Donna says:

    We may need a better source of health care, but ramming it down the throats of the country, to me, isn’t the answer. It is heading towards a single payer system. obama is a dangerous cat. The added burden of millions of undocumented aliens is crushing us. it’s the ploy of the dem’s to buy votes. Why do you think they don’t want positive proof of who you are when you vote? obama’s agenda is to stay in office permanently, he doesn’t want his term to end and he may just get his way. he circumvents the law at his whim. It’s only used when it serves him otherwise he’s doing the best thing for all us stupid people. Doesn’t anyone remember back in ’08 when michele obama called us ‘a nation of sloths?’ Well she predicted the future, we are a nation of unemployed. Where’s the jobs he states he created? I don’t know about you, but paying for healthcare is just not in the budget when I can only find part time employment at a sad wage of pay…. and I’m one of the lucky ones. I recent his insertion that he and he alone knows what’s best for us. it’s he and he alone that decides that this nation can accommodate millions of people that are not here legally and it’s up to the rest of us to take care of them. I don’t care about AARP or this group. What I care about is getting people in charge that are not hell-bent on turning this country into a third world nation. Just my opinion…..

    • pat says:

      You are an idiot!

      • neal says:

        AARP was for the the Kenyan, danny glover & the other commie pos harry belefont’e

      • Ed says:

        And what point are you making, Pat? Can’t defend so throw an insult with nothing to back it up? Typical lib.

      • Akashara says:

        Pat to call someone an idiot because their view may not be in line with yours shows that you are one of those Liberals that have no tolerance for viewpoints other than their own. If that is the most intelligent comment you can make, I suggest you discontinue making comments at all.

      • Charles says:

        The Insurance company United Health Care literally owns AARP, AMAC is not owned by an insurance company. People used to challenge the status quo, I don’t know what has happened to America while I was working overtime to make my employer richer…

    • Bill says:

      You base your entire position on a lie! The ACXA shifted funds and DID NOT CUT MEDICARE! You are just an old Right Wing Nut willing to say anything instead of admitting you are a racially biased, ignorant bigot!

      • Elaine says:

        So Bill, why is it that every time a conservative, rational individual opposes an Obama policy, we are called racists and ignorant??? Obamacare is a disgrace to this great nation, Obama himself is a Christian hating individual who has sided with the Muslim Brotherhood, allowed muslims from worn torn countries to enter our nation under UN supervision but denied that access to Christians. I believe you are the ignorant, racist, anti Christian in this debate.

        • Tom says:

          Elaine. So you are not a racist! You are a religious bigot. NOW I see the difference..

          • David says:

            Ahhh the sweet sound of defeat as the liberals race-bait because they cannot defend a failed president. Reminds me of the Jimmy Carter days!

            BTW libs answer this: 1. Can we KEEP our doctors? 2. Can we KEEP our insurance? 3. Will we be getting a REDUCTION in healthcare costs of $2500/year?

            How can YOU defend a serial liar?

            • Kathy says:

              Ahhhhhh David,

              Excellent points!!! Democrats will never turn on their Messiah……they will continue to lie for him as needed. Whatever rainbow he paints, their pot of gold is surely at the other end. You can’t fix stupid!!!

              • Bill H. says:

                The Democrats cannot admit their mistake in not vetting an incompetent rabble rouser before allowing him to be their standard bearer and then electing him twice. To admit it now would likely destroy the Democrat Party for decades to come even tho former President Lyndon Johnson said when passing the Civil Rights Act that “it would have the niggers voting Democrat for hundreds of years”. His words, not mine.

          • neal says:

            AARP was for the the Kenyan, danny glover & the other commie pos harry belefont’e

          • Roger Drake says:

            Tom, Is Elaine attacking the color of his skin? or his culture? No! She is saying that his POLICIES and his decisions as cures are ignorant. The solutions the POTUS favors do not represent sound rational tested resolutions for the strength of our nation. He’s the bully at the school. He does not value the suggestions of smarter people than himself who have much more knowledge about most situations. He won’t listen to his generals, or his committees. You should only suggest that Elaine feels very strongly about her opinions and now you call her a bigot?? No, you don’t see the difference. lighten up!

        • James Fivdy says:

          Elaine, your cunt is smelly, please, go use some soap with that water down there.

        • Frank says:

          My e-mail logo is, “Annoy a Liberal, use Facts & Logic. You can never convince a Liberal of anything that is factual or Logical, no matter how much data you produce.
          Concerning AMAC, They do not seem to have a way for you to compare the great United Health Insurance type F to their policy. I have never had the Insurance refused and rarely ever have to pay any doctor, hospital or equipment bills. I know that is not so for several other Suppliments and have seen notices in offices listing some that they do not accept.
          The Commissar’s monkey wrench in our health care is bad, but as I’m paid up for life with this Liberal AARP, I will not be contributing anything further to their efforts. I use the good insurance and file 13 the magazine and other papers.
          Pray to God that this time around we will elect a 44th president as we don’t have one at this time and when the Commissars time is up he will have accomplished what he intended. Wreck the Republic.

      • Diana says:

        So Bill–why does my husband suddenly have to pay $55/month in 2015 out of his own pocket for Medicare Complete coverage next year, on top of the Medicate tax he already has to pay monthly out of his meager Social Security check?

        • sue says:

          So Bill …… Why is it my mom just lost her insurance coverage because like blue cross her insurance has drop Medicare ……. So now like me she has no affordable health insurance

        • Kathi says:

          Well, actually many of them are starting to turn on him. Even NY Times has published critical articles.

      • neal says:

        why is it that every time a conservative, rational individual opposes an Obama policy, we are called racists and ignorant??? Obamacare is a disgrace to this great nation, Obama himself is a Christian hating individual who has sided with the Muslim Brotherhood, allowed muslims from worn torn countries to enter our nation under UN supervision but denied that access to Christians. I believe you are the ignorant, racist, anti Christian in this debate

      • neal says:

        AARP was for the the Kenyan, danny glover & the other commie pos harry belefont’e

      • Akashara says:

        Is that all you Dems/Liberals can say when someone is critical concerning the present administration? Use the “R” word (racist). The only racists are those who elected a man into the highest position this country has who did not have any experience other than being a Senator for a very short while before planning his run for President. He was elected basically because of the color of his skin. Those who put him up for the position he now has knew that would be a factor. If you feel he is running this country in a positive manner than that is your opinion. Others have different opinions than you. I suggest you drop calling people racist because it’s the same as pointing a finger at someone. It points back to you.

      • aj says:

        Bill, read what you wrote (and nothing else) and see who sounds like a judgemental bigot now (race aside)

    • James Ruston says:

      If a single payer system, which you advocate, had been passed as an alternative to ACA, would you think it had been “rammed down our throats? You hatred of President Obama is irrational and leads you into making ridiculous claims.

    • Stone B says:

      Sorry Donna you are full od S**t. A single payer system would be better for all. Jobs, wasn’t it also the republicans who ran on jobs? Ask them where the jobs are. They have had plenty of opportunities to vote and pass a number of job bills and did nothing. I know the huose has passed a number of job bills that are stalled in the Senate. I researched these bills and they are nothing more than deregulation bills not a jobs bill.

      • JL says:

        So in your mind a big governement solution is the obvious answer to all problems. All private companies are evil, greedy, destrcutive, etc. If you are able to think objectively, consider how broken and dysfunctional our Federal Government is, consider how utterly incapable it is of fixing a problem without making it worse, and creating numerous other equally catostrophic problems. For the most part, our Federal Goverment is never accountable, when it call falls apart they just come up with a new “solution” and confiscate more of our money. Sadly in our time, the goal of the Federal Government is not to serve the people as intended by the Constitution, its become an Oligarchy.

        They’ve played the game well, they’ve got most of us spun up in red vs. blue, left vs. right, repub vs. dem. Meanwhile the real ware is Washington DC vs. America, and America’s’ not engaged.

        Socialist really do have a profound hatred of the Free Market, but so far it’s really they only thing that seems to bring us progress,socialism typicaly delivers misery. We often fail to realize that many failings in the private market are the direct result of Federal Government meddling. There’s really nothing like the accountablity to the Free Market.

        The United States Government, incapable of balancing a check book is going to manage the Health Care for 300 million citizens, who could believe such a thing?

  6. Ken says:

    First of all you start with a lie. The United States ranks 37th amongst all developed nations in health care. This is the same health care system that denied treatment for a severely herniated disc in my neck for 27 years. During that time the nerves in my neck were crushed and I now have permanent nerve damage and am in constant pain, because no insurance company available to me for all those years would pay for treatment. This is the same healthcare system in which doctors deny treatment to patients that would negatively effect their success rate as a surgeon. The same healthcare system that writes off those with pre-existing conditions and denies treatment for those they deem at risk even though the patient has been in remission for years. If you truly want to help you would address the rights of the patient to receive timely treatment and not promote the profits of healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies.

    • Jeffrey Shire says:

      Good luck even finding a competent doc when rates are cut. The best ones will stop taking Medicare, or go completely concierge. Coverage is irrelevant when the care you’re getting is second-rate.

    • Tony says:

      Ken, You are a BS-er. You are confusing health care with health insurance. There is no way you would have been refused treatment. All you needed was a way to pay for it. I can believe you were refused insurance for the condition. I can believe that insurance would refuse to pay for it. But you said, you were refused treatment. Blatant BS.
      If it was that bad as you say, you could have (should have) taken out a loan to pay for the treatment, but you chose to blame insurance companies and to suffer because you were un-insurable. Your choice worked. You have succeeded.
      Insurance is not charity. It is a way of spreading UNEXPECTED costs among a group. You would never have been denied TREATMENT.
      Additionally, had you tried you may have found any number of organizations who would have paid for at least a portion of those costs if not all, if you were unable to finance the treatment yourself.

      NOW with the NEW obash!t healthcare you MAY WELL be denied TREATMENT altogether and instead offered a pain reliever prescription instead, depending on how many useful years you may have left, to contribute to society.

      • Jack Johnson says:

        Tony, you’re wrong. Go to an emergency room with a problem and you’ll probably be fixed up enough for them to get you out of there and that’s about all. That isn’t treatment, that’s just getting rid of you. You’re not going to be treated and you’ll probably die if you can’t get to a county hospital. Even at a county hospital you’re probably just going to delay death for lack of treatment for a short while; those places are so busy that care is little better than you can get from your neighborhood bartender. Quit buying into the mindless babble that so-called conservatives today direct you to think.

        • Wes says:

          I don’t see anywhere in Tony’s comment where he said just go to the ER for treatment. Where did you come up with that?

        • Nancyg says:

          I beg to differ with you on this ER issue. Due to donestic violence my daughter landed in ER with a ruptured kidney. They tried to save the kidney but ultimately it was too badly damaged. She spent a good amount of time in ICU and later in a regular room. After being discharged she was placed on a program for what they call indigents (uninsured and now unable to work through recovery). She didn’t pay a dime and had excellent care even though the waiting room time was often long.

          Of course we the taxpayers paid for it but please don’t tell me that health care was not available prior to obamacare. There are clinics all over where you can get help, they just may not be what you like. And if you didn’t like those low cost clinics before, you’re going to hate what’s coming down the road.

          • James Ruston says:

            So Nancy, don’t you think we can figure out a better system than the one you described, where the taxpayer is paying for people like you because you don’t have, or won’t have, insurance?

      • Caytlin says:

        As a medical professional, I can tell you that if you don’t sign up for being a provider, you can not charge privately for services. So when you call for an appointment, you will not get one.

      • Ed says:

        Tony, you are exactly correct. The ignorance expressed on this board is astonishing. The mentality that something is owed to people, just because, is ridiculously pervasive. Being in the medical field, it was often the case that certain physicians were restricted as to what they personally could or would be able to do. That is so much worse now and getting to be even more of a problem.

        Anytime anyone wanted treatment in the past, it was simply a matter of finding someone who would treat it for some cost. That can put a surgeon in jail now, in some instances – will be more of a problem going forward.

        As for the whiners, hope you enjoy substandard insurance and treatment from substandard doctors – because that is 100% of what to expect until you are 75. After that, you will get no support as you have outlived your usefulness to society, a part of the accepted and supported plan of AARP by the way.

        I say, grow up, quit whining, quit relying on someone else taking care of your own issues. If you are on this site you should be old enough to remember what self-reliance actually means. Live it.

        As for those who are still clinging to the idea that Obama was some kind of messiah, that electing him was going to help anyone, I hope the scales have come off your eyes. Pre-existing conditions coverage doesn’t mean free coverage – it is about the same cost it would have been IF, as was stated above, you were willing to pay for it, except now it is just taken out of your income and you will be fined if you don’t pay for it.

    • Dwain says:

      You are the liar!! I do not know who ranks it but find it hard to believe We are 37!! I have never had a problem with healthcare until this past May!! As to denial of treatment for the reason You gave ,I have never known anyone to have this happen!! I personally know of some that could afford it who came from Canada here to the USA for treatment!
      I dropped My membership in AARP 20 years ago because of their liberal agenda on gun control among other things!! They backed Obamascam because it means an extra BILLION *dollars for them over the next 10 years!
      I made the mistake of signing up for their MedicareComplete plan!! If You travel and need to see a DR which happened to Me in May (when I was in NB helping My son who lost His wife to cancer)and went to a DR I was out of My HMO area and I can not even collect the Medicare for it!!When I signed up I was told that I would have to pay what Medicare did not but was not told I would have to pay all!!
      In conclusion I can not think of one good thing AARP has done so stay away from them.They are strictly in it for the money,not a senior citizen advocacy !!

      • Dot says:

        Dwain I agree with you totally, I cannot understand how they get away with what they do. Medicare is a farce, if you have no other plan the B, you are responsible for 20%, and if it is a serious condition, then you have a huge bill to pay, now if you get another plan to help, that is more money out of your savings, and with prices of everything going up, there is no way you can maintain the quality of life that is needed. I do not support AARP at all, they went up on their prices years ago, and hardly offer anything that is news worthy.

        • Tom says:

          Dwain. Read something other than comic books . We ARE 37th in the world for health care and….hold on to your panties….. we are 57th in infant mortality!!!!! You have a computer, go online and check out the rankings.

        • Stone B says:

          What I find with many people are their complaints about Medicare. You should be more concerned about the healthcare coverage that we the tax payers are paying for our elected officials. They make on average 3 to 4 time the amount of the average worker. They can afford to pay for their own coverage and that is not to mention all their other perks. They are our employees our taxes pay their salaries and health care. Do you know of any other employee that can vote themselves a pay raise or a COLA?

      • Fritz says:

        The ranking comes from The World Health Organization ( WHO ). However it’s methodology has been disputed by many. There is a very good article by the Wall Street Journal from February 2013 about this topic. Our ranking in infant mortality is skewered because of what a particular country considers a “live birth”. What some countries may automatically consider a still born child may not by the US which will fight more often to have the child survive. So do we actually have a higher child mortality rate or is just a matter of maneuvering statistics? The number of surviving preterm births is 65% higher than Britian and double of many of those countries ranked higher. Our life expectancy rates are lower but factor in that the US has one has one of the highest automobile death rates and also a higher murder rate than many other countries. So how much of this is the fault of our healthcare system? We also leads the world in breakthrough medical innovations. The truth is that our healthcare is the envy of the world. Ask yourself if your life or a family members was at risk, would you go to any of the supposed “superior healthcare” nations ranked better than the US? Do you want to go to Cyprus for cancer care? Morocco for open heart surgery?

  7. wes says:

    To the clear minded people who have called it like it is,remember elections have consequences.As long as the sheeple vote liberal we will never overcome the stupidity the is in Washington. I just retired from 25 years at Albertsons and I hope to be able to enjoy a few years before these fools tax me to death. Oh how I long for another Reagan.

  8. walter pijanowski says:

    Everything I hear and see about AMAC is primarily health care related. AARP also does things like protect workers rights. If I wanted support against descrimination in the workplace, I might consider AARP over AMAC. If I want better health care as a retiree, I might consider AMAC.

    Are you a full service protector of the 55+ crowd or focussed only on obamacare?

    If full service, who would be my contact for a work discrimination case and please provide instances where you have actually gone in and done something.

    • Jim says:

      Walter, if by “protect workers rights” you mean support unions, then count me out, AMAC doesn’t need to go there. Obamacare if the biggest threat to seniors in a generation (and probably ever). If what you suggest is true, I’d suggest AMAC has their priorities correct.

  9. Robert says:

    Finally, health care for the terminally retarded! Too bad the Muslim people are more dedicated to their religion than the christians to theirs. Either way, these seniors need to expire,

    • Comfy says:

      Thanks so much for sharing your hatred … you’ve reaffirmed my opinion of Liberals.

    • Neil says:

      How does one reply to such bigoted stupidity?

    • Elaine says:

      Robert I wonder if you would be saying the same thing if it was referring to you or your loved ones? I find your comments to be very insulting and bigoted. And to set the record straight, many of us Christians are very dedicated to our Savior.

    • Jim Mulder says:

      Robert, I’m 68 and I would bet I could beat the hell out of you. I would like the opportunity if I knew where you were.

      • James Fivdy says:

        Jim M, what a man, you want to beat the hell out of someone! BIG EFFIN MAN, you’re a POS, whatever your political bent, but I think I know who u roll with.

    • Cheryl says:

      Robert senior or not I would have to include you in that group of terminally retarded !
      Your statement has nothing to do with discussion. Government controlled healthcare is bad anyway you cut it. Medicare has dictated what insurance companies will and wi not cover for years. Medicare sets the guidelines for what all private insurance companies pay. Since Obama stole money from Medicare to fund his Obamacare. With the cuts made to payments to Drs. And hospitals many Drs have left medicine all together. Now with the increase in illegal aliens have helped overwhelm our medical system and makes access to care even harder. To address the post about being refused treatment or possible surgery yes that is very possible especially if the case is considered high risk , your option there is to get a second opinion just because one Dr feels you are beyond his skill level does not mean there is not someone more skilled or more experienced with your specific need. Wake people health care has changed it is a business for profit and liberal government wants it’s cut . When fully implemented it wi be legal for Medicare / Obamacare to deny treatment based on age! They get decide who gets treatment and who doesn’t. I work in a hospital everyday I see it all first hand I have been in healthcare profession for over 20 years and has declined as far as care for the individual. The decline over the last 5 years has been at an excelerated rate.

      • Carol says:

        Thank you Cheryl! We as a nation DO need to wake up & look around at what is taking place in front of our very eyes.

      • Al says:

        Cheryl you said it very true and I see too much about what they didn’t get or can’t have you are your own care taker and you have to go and get it don’t blame other s for your own short comings.

      • C Dorsey says:

        Yes, remember the ‘death panels’ that conservatives tried to warn us about! It’s in there!!

        • Nancyg says:

          RE Death Panels. My daughter was diagnosed with early breast cancer almost two years ago and I was with her in the surgeons office when he explained the procedures to her. He said since they caught it so early they would do a lumptectomy followed by radioation and close monitoring and on and on. He told her at her age they would be aggressive with it but with an older person it would be minimal. This was with me, 71 years old, sitting in the room.

          A rose by any other name smells the same and if you think I don’t deserve the same care as a 45 year old then you might want to explain the reasons to my 4 and 6 year old greatgrandsons in whose lives I am very much involved and my other 8 year old greatgrandson who knows I’ll throw him on the floor for a wrestling match at any time. I do all my yard and housework as well as child care for the GGS’s AND I walk 1-3 miles nearly every day. And I don’t deserve long term health care? Thank you obama for putting me out to pasture health wise.

          • James Fivdy says:

            Nancy, your story is BULLSHIT! No doctor in his right mind would ever say that. You may have misinterpreted his comments, but the story can’t be true. I’m pretty sure this and many other people posting on this site are working for this company, trying to scare good folks. You all doing this SUCK, and need a good arse whippin’

    • Stone B says:

      Laughing. Karl Marxs had it right religion is the opiate for the masses. Religion is all about power, money and control. I am a believer in a higher being not in religion.

  10. David South says:

    If you like Obamacare, high insurance premiums for cars, homes, etc. Then by all means join AARP.

    I found auto insurance 40% cheaper than the AARP Hartford.

    If you want discounts, join AAA or any other organization. AARP does not do any of us favors. They are a big business making money of the back of seniors.

    • adrian Lee says:

      im sick of aarp supporting obama

      • C Dorsey says:

        That’s why many of us cancelled our AARP memberships! They do not speak for seniors any more.
        I hope more organizations crop up that will take them on.

    • Jan says:


    • Mark Z says:

      David South is right. AARP is a “protectionist organization” supposedly giving discounts and “lobbists” to it’s members, much like a labor union offers employment retention protection in return for Union dues. AARP is making over a quarter of a billion dollars, selling supplemental insurance each year. Obamacare opens up a whole new market for them. I mean really, is New York Life, The Hartford, United Health, and Super 8 really going to give us any more a discount, than can be obtained through AAA or any other group? Think about it, its really a racket taking advantage of Seniors. I, personally will not be renewing my membership in AARP.

  11. Harley Mike says:

    King Obama Care….LOL…..Wait till ya all have to pay for it.

    To all you young folk who are gonna get stuck with this boondoggle, think of it as a monthly car payment for the rest of your life and you never get the car, and the payments go UP every year…… ROTFLMFAO….

    The $6,500.00 up front HIGH deductible you have to pay before you EVEN get any kind of care, money out of YOUR pocket or taken out of your Tax return by the 16,000 newly hired IRS Agents, hired to ENFORCE this HIGHEST TAX INCREASE on the American people then all the past Presidents combine, that is “if you pay taxes, If your Doctor keeps you. If you can keep your plan….If, If, if”…..You ignorant King Obama Slaves crack me up…Best laugh I had since Jimmy the “Peanut” Carter…and your FOOL-in-Charge keeps putting things off till after the elections as if “We the People” will forget…

    As Forrest Gump stated, “Stupid is as Stupid does…

    • Neil says:

      we are paying for it, right now!. and the bill came through before Bush left office!

      • rjcjid says:

        Neil are you kidding me? You are blaming Bush for ObamaCare? Just to make sure …you do know the subject of Harley Mikes comment was Obama’s utterly stupid unaffordable “Affordable Care” act …correct? If you think Bush was responsible for that you really have been drinking way too much of that liberal Kool-Aid.

    • Tony says:

      Right on the money HM

    • w says:

      stop calling folks fools — let their actions speak! otherwise you are in danger of ‘hell’ per JESUS! THANKS!+<3 —

    • Stone B says:

      Health care costs have being going up long before the ACA. I am retired now but when I was working every year while under company paid insurance the cost went up every year. It is the greed of the providers that keep the premiums high. Harley, what conservative fed you this line of shit? I for one am lucky because I served for country for 20 years I don’t need a supplemental plan I have Tricare for life. What Medicare doesn’t pay, Tricare does. I pay $13 every 90 days for scripts shipped to my home.

  12. Sharon Snell says:

    AMAC has saved me a lot of money, is very helpful and polite. I’ve never heard anything political from them or been pressured in any way..



    • Ronald says:

      What do conservatives do for the middle class? Either there are a lot of rich republicans or a lot of stupid voters!

      • Harley Mike says:

        You want to see “Stupid voter”???…. If you voted for King Obama, then Look in the mirror…YOUR KING, Obama, just gave you the biggest Tax increase in the history of the USA than all other Presidents combined….Yes, voters are stupid as they Voted for a King instead of a President, a leader….I thought all you Libs and Democrats wanted to do away with [slavery] and here you all are now looking for the King to take care of you….Now you gave all the TRUE “We the People” a DICKtator….. Hitler started out to save his people the same way and you see where that got him…

        The Democrats will do what ever it takes to bring down this Great nation and if you are a Democrat, you are part of the Destruction….

      • adrian Lee says:

        it’s time to show aarp WE wont tolerate it any more

      • K says:

        I’m not rich or stupid. I’m informed!!!!, not like you liberals. I suppose you have your hand out, right? Well, when the conservatives stop working, where are you gonna get your handouts then? Guess you’ll have to get a job and informed about the “real world” and realize, “Money does grow on trees”, you MORON!!!

      • Stone B says:

        Ronald, there are a lot of stupid voters that vote against their own interests. I saw over the weekend a reporter who went to a district in Minn. First of all many of the people she spoke with didn’t know that there were mid term elections. She asked them who they would vote for, they responded anyone that had a R attached to their name. She then asked them the name of their congress person, they had no idea.

    • Sidney Colorado says:

      Why speak with such vile hatred? Because you’re hiding behind a computer? Great that you’re trying to be an informed consumer and make your own decisions about how to spend your money. I did not vote for “O” and am beyond angry about what he’s done TO this country, so we are in agreement on that point – but can we at least be civil and avoid being obscene about it?

    • bill says:

      Mrs Sotgato, You seem to be a real lady. Your language gives you away. Learn some more English without the 4 letter ones.

  14. Mark C says:

    AARP like “UNIONS” nationwide take membership dues and funnel it to Political action groups. .and they funnel it to candidates…It’s been going on for decades….So for AARP to state they have no political stance is a JOKE….I’ll bet you’ll find out soon ,that they have more to gain from Obamacare then is being stated….some where down the line they will benefit financially.. Non -Profit….bologna

    • Bill Tierney says:

      AARP has served the needs of this country’s senior citizens very well for many decades now. And you want us to leave AARP for a blatantly political organization that couldn’t care about the middle and low class seniors? Get serious.

      • Cynthia B. says:

        They have never served the needs of us seniors…they have always been politically left!

      • Charles says:

        Thanks for saying this and the courage to do so.

      • james hogan says:

        very well put bill

      • Don says:

        Served the needs of seniors? By using them as pawns that they make big profits from through their insurance companies? How about making them vulnerable by promoting anti-gun causes and candidates?
        No, I haven’t joined AARP in the 7 years that they’ve been inviting me. They do NOT represent my interests or needs.

    • m golden says:

      C”mon Man last sentence in plea for more members AMAC ask you for 5yrs subscription @ $1.00 per month!!!!! where is the difference?

    • Dwain says:

      Latest figures I can find is Obamascam will put over one BILLION dollars in the till for AARP over the next 10 years which will bring their total to almost Three Billion over 10 years.
      Now try and tell Me they are trying to help seniors!BS!!!

  15. Richard says:

    AARP is the ONLY voice of senios. AMAC is a sham organization whose ONLY goal is to further right-wing extremist policies. AMAC will disappear with the tea party and right wing nut jobs ibn 2014. Nothing that AMAC says bears any rrel,ation to truth whatsoever, including the so-called $716,000,000,000.00 diversion from Medicare — what a load of crap! Obamacarre IS Medicare, plus the VA system, the military medical system, and more, all rolled up into one, and extended to All Ameridans at ALL ages. SINGLE-PAYER system, here we come!!! And not one moment too soon!! Thanks to AARP for helping move Obamacare along!

    • Kevin says:

      Learn to spell! and by the way…. blah , blah, blah. Your lips are moving but you’re not saying anything important.

    • William says:

      I agree completely, what you call the best healthcare in the world only ranks about 35th among the top industrialized nations in the world. The one place it is number one is expense. I agree that we need single-payer, and although not perfect, the ACA is a step in the right direction. The AMAC is another fringe group intent on denying millions health care and preserving obscene profits for the medical industry

      • G Hitchcock says:

        The only reason AARP is in business is because of the billions of dollars it has taken from the government and people ignorant enough to not understand what they have done to destroy the health care system of this great country. Why do you think Canadians come here to get their surgeries and serious health care treatments? Because of waiting times and poor medical facilities. The only ones that don’t complain are the ones that have an in. Once this new system becomes totally enforced the facilities here will completely fail to reach the excellent levels of the past and we will rate as a 3rd world country just as Obama says in his books about how he would destroy this country!

        • Redd says:

          Greed destroyed the health care system in this country. AARP has not destroyed it. More people leave this country for “affordable” health care than Canadians coming here. That statement is a fallacy. Please stick to some facts. Minimal research might keep you for spewing untruths.

          • Dwain says:

            I personally know of Canadians that came here for healthcare as they were wealthy and could afford to pay their own and Our healthcare was so much better!!
            I have Friends living in Canada and their son´s Father-in-law is a DR and He told them how to get around the system and it worked for them but not for those not in the know!!

        • Johnboy says:

          Watching Fox News will keep you mis/under informed. The problem with the health care system is that health care for profit is immoral. Pay or die should not be a policy. Insurance companies don’t make money by paying claims. They make money by NOT paying. Corrupt at their core.

          • Gary says:

            Johnboy totally gets it! Jesus did not ask for payment before he healed the sick!

          • anita says:

            Where do you people get the idea that the government is responsible for providing you with free health care or anything else for that matter,, this is a democracy, with free enterprise, the government dose not owe anyone anything, other than not squandering tax money, it’s job is to protect the country & it’s boarders & to make reasonable laws it is not a welfare country. everyone has the same opportunity to become anything they want if they work for it.. Free enterprise is free enterprise, hospitals have a right to make profits, doctors have a right to make profits, insurance companies have the right to make profits, you would not work for nothing what makes you think businesses would, it costs millions to keep hospitals operating, they are not going to do it for free. Quit whining, it you screwed around & wasted your time & did not get an education or a trade who’s fault is it.. It’s not the governments money anyway it is tax payers money & we are sick of working our selves to death looking after people who are sitting on their butts… Communism did not work their & it sure as hell wont work here & that is what your wanting to turn this country to

            • BJ Jones says:

              You sound like a reasonably intelligent person. I’m all for free enterprise and taking care of yourself. However when the system is gamed by the rich people making up the rules it’s not fair to the 99% of us that work hard and pay taxes. I got an education, had insurance from two of my three jobs…a medical emergency maxed out both my policies within 3 days. I was left on the hook for 750K in medical bills. The hospital required me to apply for Medicare before they would help me. 1 1/2 yrs. later we received an approval letter from Medicare…(so much for the hospital helping us) where we would be required to pay $1100 per month in medical costs, before they would pitch in. I have a mortgage and nasty habits like eating on a regular basis that prevented me from taking them up on it. I would have been better off with out a job (or home, car, belongings). The hospital put my wife out on the street to go home and die. Had it not been for a benevolent private hospital to fix her I would be a widower…Anita the (and all of the rest of you who haven’t experienced life in a hospital for 5 months) the system is screwed up. The only way out is to take profit out of the equation. I’m not saying ACA is the answer, in fact I believe that it is a Bush Plan for Insurance companies to make a huge government cash grab…Remember the $800. per month subsidy is coming from the taxpayers and going right into the Insurance companies pockets. How much health care could we provide if that money went toward something….oh like making sick people better. I can tell you I’m not happy with ACA…we maxed out at 3 Dr.’s appointments…now its $400 each time to be seen. We were sold a bill of goods perpetrated by the exact people who are screaming to repeal it.

            • Al says:

              hooray for Anita you said it and how many will understand you??

            • Stone B says:

              Anita not everyone has the intellectual ability to further their education and there is nothing in our constitution that promises a company/organization a profit. I have to defend some of those on welfare. I have worked in the Human Services arena for over 25 years. The average person has no clue why some are on welfare. Many who apply are denied, that’s not to say there aren’t abusers. In the county I live in in the state of New York before anyone is approved for public assistance they all must first do a 30 job search. They are coded by their case worked and outside sources as either being employable or not, if they want to further their education it must be approved by their case worker. Those who are consider employable but not working are required to work a minimum of 20 hours a week in what is called a work experience to keep their benefits. The grant may be in the parents name but it is intended for the children not the adult, Many through no fault of their own are considered mentally challenged. The welfare reform act that was approved by Clinton stated that the life time anyone person that can be on assistance is 6 years. However a state can extend the length of time. What that means is that the federal govt will not provide funds to that state beyond 6 years. The states that on their own extend the time frame pass that cost on to tax payers which is called unfunded mandates. If your state is one that extends the time you can blame your state not the federal government. Not everyone has the same opportunity to advance their education or training because of what I mentioned above. For the users on the system that are capable and do not have a HS diploma they should be mandated to enroll in a GED program and obtain it. They should be drug tested and those that enter the system with however many children they have should not receive any increases if they chose to have another child.

    • Mary says:

      And AARP isn’t political? Read your last sentence, ” Thanks AARP for moving Obamacare along!”. Yes they did! I have a political point of view and it isn’t single-payer or Obamacare. So you stick with AARP, I have canceled my membership and joind AMAC BECAUSE they will help push my views along!

      • Bo says:

        The problem is that you’ve been brainwashed by AMAC, Fox News and Rush Limbaugh supported by the 1 percent! 716 billion taken out of Medicare is a straight out lie!

    • Charles says:

      Right on!

    • Charles says:

      Thanks for gathering and posting these facts

    • Shane says:

      Ah yes, the true liberal moron mentality at work! Another one of the brainwashed masses by the Obamaites. It is no wonder his name is Richard, but more like the shortened version of it.

    • Charlie says:


    • sarah says:

      You live in a dream world…Obamacare is going down and taking Obama with it. The ACA It is not affordable and it is not caring…..It’s about time the we had a more conservative group… went against seniors wishes…Good Bye AARP.

    • dmoore says:

      You really have no idea what your talking about.

    • adrian Lee says:

      you can count on AARP losing its membership

    • Linda says:


      You are an idiot. I wish I could fix stupid, but that’s not possible. Obama has brainwashed so many people in America that it is totally disgusting. I have never seen anyone anywhere lie like that man does, and to make matters worse he believes his lies. I feel sorry for all the people that have been taken in by him and all his false promises. Haven’t you figured out by now that the only person he wants to help is himself. For those of you that haven’t figured it out yet, YOU ARE STUPID! All he wants to do is spend OUR money, take another vacation, play another game of golf or whatever he feels he can get away with that particular day…..whatever he’s in the mood to do. No matter what it is, it’s OUR tax money that he is spending to have fun. He doesn’t have the first idea of how to run this great Country. PEOPLE…….WAKE UP!!!!!

  16. Frank says:

    Never leave AARP they have always been their for me. AMAC sounds like a club for bitter people don’t get what they deserve. jUust aother branch off the willting republican tree. Don’t be fooled people there just securing votes.

  17. Ken says:

    If you like your AARP you can keep it, NOT AMAC is for us older mature persons while AARP is for the ideological lest wing progressives out to eliminate us. JOIN AMAC TODAY!

    • Walter says:

      Please let me remind everyone that the real problem here is that the Medical Industrial Complex has grown completely out of control. Can you remember doctors in the 1940s and 1950s. They made house calls, in the middle of the night. Now the industry accounts for 1/7th of the GDP, and only a very few have all of the care that they need. ACA is ONLY a response to an industry gone mad. This same thing happened around 1900 when the oil industry almost became a monopoly. The government had to step in and bust it up. For all purposes, medicine is a monopoly and only the government can step in and set limits on how much of our GDP it can take. There is no reason to think that efficiency will dramatically improve once the brakes are put onto the money flow. Waste will dry up rather quickly, and smart people will jump in with new medicines and procedures to grab their share of a much slower growing pie. Obama is the lucky one to get his name put onto the new medical care reality, but he is just completing the work of many, many Republicans and Democrat to reign in this out of control industry. As for comparison to Canada, England, France, etc., how stupid can you be? Yes, we will have a medical care system which is similar to theirs, but did you forget that we are the world leader in everything related to improved efficiency. Twenty years ago we bowed to the Arabian sheiks for their oil. Soon we will be a net exporter of oil. It is reasonable to expect that Obamacare is the start of a technology race in health care that will propel us to new heights of life expectancy with corresponding increases of quality of life. My major concern going forward is about people who do hard to themselves or others through drugs, guns, smoking, other violence. Those issues become part of the overall health care system and must be addressed in a way that is consistent with a free society.

      • bob says:

        yes we took apart standard oil and the families that owned it said they would put it back together and when Exxon and Mobile merged they did just that. But history does have lessons in Germany with Hitler now here with Obama same song and dance modernized and colorized but the same. Obamacare just means they can kill off their opponents by withhold medical care. Of course you got to go after the guns first you don’t want folks to be able to protect themselves.. Free society??? Not here…..

      • Hezekiah Shmuel says:

        So, your main concern is other people, ” who do hard to themselves and others” by exercising the rights that are of concern to your version of a free society? By not conforming to your ideas of “peace and safety” they are doing harm to noone other than those who oppose their freedoms. Harm to themselves would fall under that freedom were in not for the concept that everyone must share the burden for those that are the burden on everyone else = pure communism. Here is some reality for you: your “share” under ACA is *NOT* helping the poor, disabled or even the lazy receive health care. I physically qualify for disability but don’t get it because I choose to work full time, earning substandard wages… so I don’t have enough income to qualify for the tax credits to pay for Obamacare, which is roughly 50% *more* than insurance for pre-existing conditions was before the ACA. The now defunct assigned risk pool insurance would have covered all of my medical whereas ACA deductibles and out of pockets will be an estimated 155% of my annual income. Unless I *prove* annually that I am exempt from buying it, the home and land I worked hard for all my life is in danger of being taken by the government – for not paying the unconstitutional “tax” and penalties involved. Yep, you really understand the progressive liberal version of “freedom”, don’t you?

    • Peggy says:

      I have been with AARP for years. I have never thought of changing. If AMAC is so great, why am I just hearing about this now?

      • Ronald says:

        Because they want your money and your vote!

      • Redd says:

        AMAC is a dangerously serious right-wing version of AARP. They are trying their darnedest to compete. The above article only has about 15 out-right lies and that tells me they are southern conservatives. I want conservative approaches to our medical industry, but this group spews all tea-party related untruths.

        • sarah says:

          Dangerous because they don’t believe in the lefts lies?

          • James Fivdy says:

            no, dangerous because they’re hellbent on spreading huge falsehoods (lies) themselves. If you google some of the many claims in the sales pitch above, you’ll find out for yourself. Search and read about the “leadership” of this company. PURE BULLCRAP people, NOT interested in Helping us seniors, only in lining their pockets, and they’re just using the same tired old pitch of “it’s us patriots against the communists” to get your ire up and make you think you’re being patriotic by joining their MONEY MAKING SCHEME! They are Full of Crap, and don’t deserve a learned person’s penny. They are Thieves in sheep’s skin. Don’t take my word for it, just Look them up on the internet to see for yourself. Sorry for any cussing I’ve done on here, just makes me mad to see con artists using false patriotism to get at the bank accounts of us seniors. Oh, please know I don’t think a buck a month is a lot of money, and THEY know it too, but that is just the BEGINING ACT. After you join, they will then try to sell you stuff, make you feel like a patriot while your buying, and RIP YOU OFF! Don’t anyone say I didn’t warn you!!!!! As with any purchase, DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE!!! And remember, many of the Comments made on this page are written by COMPANY EMPLOYEES POSING AS SENIORS!!!! Seniors BEWARE!!!

        • adrian Lee says:

          the American right is looking for alternatives

        • Alice says:

          Redd: Back up your assertion : “The above article only has about 15 out-right lies”. I will not believe until u back it up.

    • Mack says:

      What all of you have forgotten is that it is the Affordable Healthcare TAX, the largest Tax Increase In American History. Oh by the way No Muslim is included in the Affordable Tax, What is that crap about church And State?

      • Larry Yocum says:

        Dear Mack, Have you noticed health-care in general,altho still rising, is rising at the lowest pace in 50 yrs? This before Obama Care is even fully implemented.Thanks Obama. Do you know as of this Morning 12/15/13, over a million people have affordable health care, that did not, could not, have it before? Thanks Obama. Did you know that these new policies can’t be canceled, because you got sick or moved,or changed jobs? Thanks Obama. Did you know that before the end of this year,2wks from now, another million people will be either signed up or weighing their options?Thanks Obama. Want to be A Troll the rest of your miserable life, try to deny ACA to others, deny yourself better and cheaper Insurance? Go ahead. In 2 yrs, you will be gripeing about something else, like the Gov. is buying up ALL YOUR bullets or something else as idiotic. Thanks Obama.

        • Brenda Brown says:

          You are full of it Larry. My niece cannot get it because the cost is so high, you see, she works as a hair dresser, makes too much money as a single woman for help, but the insurance is so high she cannot afford it as it is more than she can pay and still afford to live and eat. So you must not have called to get the prices or you are not working because the working class cannot afford it.

          • Carol Shaw says:

            I handle the benefits for our company. Most employees checked the Affordable Care Act to compare to what our company offers and NOT ONE person could afford the premiums. No one qualified for any credits to help make it affordable. The deductibles were also ridiculous, $3K – $6K. Why have insurance with the high rates and high deductibles?

            The ACA will only benefit the poor and lower income earners who can qualify for all of the credits.

            As everyone knows, the middle to higher income workers are forced to pay for the poor and lower income people’s medical benefits. AND if the company the middle and high income workers does not offer insurance that is affordable, THEY now can’t afford to have medical insurance. All this ACA has done is turn the problem upside down and force middle and high income people to pay for the poor and lower income people to have insurance and them to do without.

            And don’t get me started on the loss to Medicare benefits to fund this plan.

            I resent being FORCED to pay my hard-earned income to someone else unless I choose to. I resent my purchasing power being reduced to nothing after I work so hard for that income.
            I resent having to watch every penny.
            I resent having to stop taking some medications, or cut the doses in half.
            I resent having to suffer with our air turned higher and heat turned lower because we can’t afford it anymore.

            This is no longer freedom, people.

          • Carol Shaw says:

            My daughter is in the exact same situation. I also have a niece who has no credit and the ACA denied her insurance because they say she doesn’t exist in the system because she has no credit. Is that crazy or what? She has a SSN. She does exist, but not to the ACA.

        • Larry says:

          Don’t know where Larry gets his facts, but when you have an insurance policy with a $250.00 deductible before his buddy’s Obamacare is law and the nearest equivalent policy now has a $2,000.00 deductible. How do Obama worshipers say health care is more affordable??

        • Alice says:

          Larry: Where do you get your information?

    • Frank says:

      What do you know being mature?

    • Richard says:

      Ken If you are a paid shill , give the money back

  18. Ronald says:

    Sorry: I just paid my dues to AARP, I want to keep my SS, Sorry KOCH BROTHERS & REPUBLICANS!

    • Mary says:

      I totally agree Ronald. As an educated senior, no way would I these days align with the Republicans or worse yet the ugly, hateful Tea Party.

      • Rosanne says:

        “Ugly, hateful Tea Party” you say, Mary? The Tea Party (T-E-A meaning ‘taxed enough already’) merely stands for those of us who embrace the Constitution endorsed by our Founding Fathers and all of its amendments. What is so ugly and hateful about that? By the way, don’t be fooled by the very derogatory hateful vulgar term “tea baggers” which our President had the audacity to state – now THAT is ugly and hateful. If you don’t know the origin of the slang term “tea baggers”, look into it. You’ll be quite surprised that the President that you embrace would stoop to such a level. In my 67 years, I’ve never encountered a President who villified the people who did not vote for his principles. A gentleman would “agree to disagree” rather than stoop to such divisive garbage.

        • Lynn says:

          Well said Rosanne!

          • Gary says:

            Proud to be an “ugly hateful Tea-partier” as well, one of my favorite pastimes being labeling people I disagree with as “ugly and hateful”…another being always telling the truth…period.

        • Kathie says:

          Amen! What a simple, consise explanation of the “Tea Party”. Anyone that disagrees should move to another country for a while to see what it is like to live without the freedoms guaranteed by the “Constitution ” and the “Bill of Rights”. No one is forcing those that disagree to stay here, please move on and let those of us that believe in it live here in peace.

          • Gary says:

            Wow,, Kathie, you hit the nail on the head when you said, “anyone that disagrees should move to another country…” In any other words, if I disagree with you I should leave the country that my ancestors fought to establish as far back as the Revolutionary War, fought to hold together during the Civil War, fought to preserve during WWI and WW2; the country I was born in, served in the Armed Forces during Viet Nam, and the country my son fought for in Iraq…I have a better idea. Why don’t you take your narrow minded, absurd ideas and YOU leave the country!

        • says:

          there are a lot more of us who drink tea than there are of you that drink koolaid, if you don’t like it why don’t you do something about it. you can come and straigthen me out any time you want … ha!

        • Denise says:

          Well said Rosanne. I totally agree. I am totally for our Constitution and what our forefathers wanted this country to be and stand for. Yes, I am a true Texas Southerner, and Republican conservative. To Hell with Obama and Muslims. Take a true look who has taken over our country. I wouldn’t vote for any of the Democrats that will be running in the next election, no matter who the Republican candidate is.

          • Tony says:

            I can’t tell the difference from Democrats or Republicans,
            They all is about the almighty dollar they all tell LIES”

        • james hogan says:

          you would do well to look up the word teabagger it has about 5 different meanings one being a person who actually handled bags of tea.

        • Robin says:

          Actually the first use of the term “tea bagger” was from a rally they held, they called themselves that “very derogatory, hateful, vulgar term” yet another thing you baggers blame on the President that has no basis in reality.

      • Ken says:

        Mary, WHY, as “an educated senior” could you ever believe that the government knows more than you (an educated senior) how to live your life. If you are “an educated senior” (which by your comments, I doubt) can’t you see what is happening to our great country while becoming a WELFARE country. Wait until the government tells you how much toilet paper to use. Will you have enough then?

      • Peggy says:

        I am right beside you Mary!

      • Redd says:

        I agree with you Mary.

      • adrian Lee says:

        the tea party are constitutional conservatives looking for leadership

      • Linda says:

        Well Mary, I am what you call a hateful tea party member and proud of it! I am very much a patriot that believes in our constitution. I think you have been brainwashed as to what the tea party really means and should study the true facts. We have local meetings across the United States. Maybe you should attend one before you judge.

      • jean says:

        Mary &Ronald
        Thank you for your compliments, I would much rather be a ugly, hateful tea partier than Brain Washed by a no good for crap murdering treasonist that as far as I am concerned is only SQUATTING in the White House.

    • Roger Whited says:


      • Denise says:

        Amen, I agree, and am sorry I just renewed my membership with AARP. When I had already been reading and learning about AMAC too. How stupid I was.

    • Paul says:

      The Communist/Democrat counterpart of the “Koch Brothers” is George Soros. He’s just as bad, or worse, for the common man–but no mention of him by the Democrats/ Lefties. Those against the “ugly, hateful” Republicans fail to see the ugly and hateful side of Democrat policies. That elite moneymaster that backs your favored party–it is not that he is on “your” side. You are being a “useful idiot” in a much larger scheme. The people need to want honesty, responsibility, moral and spiritual values, but because of the demoralization of the nation, the elite money masters manipulate the people into bickering matches to divide us against ourselves instead of uniting against those would enslave us and even plan the demise of 80% of the world’s population. The return to honesty and all other moral values is the people’s only defense.

      • Brenda Brown says:

        The difference between the Koch brothers and Obama is that the Koch brothers actually created jobs, stimulated the economy etc that happens in a free economy and some people get rich. Now politicians take their kickbacks as donations to their charities and get rich off selling our rights. Who is evil? How much was Obama worth before his presidency and now and dare slam anyone else for making money off the little people. I am tired of people vilifying the wealthy for making money.

    • sarah says:

      If you want to keep your ss# then make sure you don’t put it into the ACA website.

  19. Chip Marcus says:


    You Sir are a real Moron!

  20. Shelley says:

    Folks, You can all argue “facts” until you’re blue but I’ve got some personal experience points for you! My mother was just denied a medication and the letter she received stated “You are over age limitation on this medication, therefore you are NOT authorized it’s use”. Did you see that: AN AGE LIMIT! A former co-worker of mine has been fighting for 3 months to get CPAP filter refills on his insurance. It’s no longer authorized and he has COPD from his work! These are just 2 of the millions of Americans that are already being affected by the changes in the health insurance industry. My husband and I are both retired and approaching that “Age Limit”, then what medications will we No longer be authorized? That’s not Democrat vs Republican! That is the NEW HEALTH CARE laws! I don’t care who sponsors it, supports it, fights it or anything else. It affects us all! And if you can’t see that, this country is in deep Shit!

    • John Miller says:

      I am sorry for the troubles that your and your friends are experiencing but it is NOT NEW and has NOTHING to do with the ACA. It is the greed of the PRIVATE health insurers. Here is proof. Forty years ago I was diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer and was told by my oncologist to put my affairs in order. They gave me massive doses of chemo for two years and I was told that was just to extend my life a bit. I obviously survived (by the grace of God) and because my employer had really crappy insurance it took me ten years to pay off the uncovered charges and co-pays. Only much later did I discover that I could have gone to the VA since I am a service connected disabled combat veteran….from the same doctor and the same treatments.

      My sister died six years ago when the lawyers for her PRIVATE HMO denied her life extending treatments for her breast cancer. They were a DEATH PANEL. My uncle worked for over forty years for a large health insurer and his job was to work with doctors and hospitals to find the normal and customary treatments for various conditions and illnesses. HE set up death panels for those whose maladies were not “normal and customary”.

      The greatest achievement of Satan is to deceive people into thinking he did not exist.

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

      Joseph Goebbels

      • Douglas Christie says:

        As you correctly point out, the troubles outlined in Shelley’s comment are the result of the CURRENT medical insurance practices in this country, not the ACA.
        This past summer I was forced to watch my younger brother die from cancer because he had no health insurance. I took him to doctors who wouldn’t treat him because there was no insurance payment plan. Near the end he married his girlfriend, who had health insurance through her employer – after which doctors were eager to “explore treatment options”. Unfortunately his cancer was too far advanced and took his life before medical professionals were able to extract more than about $50k from the insurance company.
        People need to ask themselves why insurance companies lead the fight against the ACA – not because they are concerned with your health per se, but because they expect that healthcare under the ACA will be less costly initially and less prone to the incredible rates of increase that insurance companies are able to charge for no reason.
        This website is aimed at seniors – like me – many of us on fixed incomes, sensitive to the amount of money required to maintain our lives in a comfortable and familiar fashion. Ask yourself why private insurance companies want you to give up your Medicare part B money to them, usually with an added cost to you for a “supplemental” plan – which actually takes the place of rather than being supplemental to, your Medicare benefit? Do you really think that a for-profit company is going to give you something extra? Think about it – how can they make a profit for their shareholders if they have to pay out more than your Medicare money covers?
        For the answer see Shelley’s story above.

        • Paul says:

          A hundred years ago, the bankers led the public fight against the Federal Reserve Act. The fact is that the bankers wrote the act in order to establish a banking cartel to control the currency and financial affairs of the nation. They took all precautions, and they used all of the disinformation at their disposal in order to appear as though they opposed the FRA. If it had been known that it was their plan, it never would have had a chance in Congress. It appears that the ACA is the cartelization of the medical health care business after the same fashion. It must appear that corporate health care is opposed to the ACA so that the deceived and demoralized populace will favor it. And of course, the biggest beneficiaries of the ACA are large, corporate health care businesses–not the people.

    • Joyce Ede says:

      AMEN and AMEN,Shelly

    • Charles L Bloss Jr says:

      I am nearing the “age limit “. These people are killing people, wake up !! When they deny medications to people like me who must have them to live, they are murderers.

    • Rosanne says:

      So true, Shelley – I’m 67 years old, a cancer survivor – and last December, my doctor told me that I reached my age limit for “Pap smears” even though my physician ALWAYS wanted me to have these annual test as a cancer survivor! When I questioned ‘why no more Pap smears’ – she said: “it’s your age”. How on earth could ANY senior citizen embrace Obamacare?

      • Larry Yocum says:

        Charles and Rosanne, Have you checked with your with medicare or the ACA? Obama Care or the ACA is going to completely do away with complaints such as yours. NO ONE can be turned down for benefits because of pre-existing conditions or Age. Any Negatives that you are getting from your Doctor or Ins. Co. Has nothing to do with Obama Care.

    • Jan says:

      Well Obama said this in his town hall meetings. The older u are the less healthcare u will get.

  21. Ron says:

    I had homeowners insurance with The Hartford sponsored by AARP. In 2012 my insurance was $362.00. When I got my renewal notice in Dec.of 2012 my rates jumped to $665.00 and this year it jumped to $775.00. These increases with no claims. I dropped Hartford and went with another AA+ company with excellent customer service who gave me better coverage with a cost almost $300.00 less than Hartford. I still have auto insurance with Hartford but if my rates jump as my homeowners insurance did I will not renew and go with another company. I am on a fixed income and can not afford these kinds of increases. I do not feel AARP is looking out for our older citizens as they claim they do. As long as big companies like the Hartford continue to fill their coffers it won’t get any better.

    • Alex says:

      I had an experience similar to yours. My wife and I were a longtime AARP Medicare (United Healthcare) supplement customers. Earlier this year, I went out and sought quotes from another source. It wasn’t long before I found similar coverage from Mutual of Ohama at a monthly saving of over $150. Checking back with AARP, I was told they don’t offer that particular plan and they questioned its availability. I know it exists, I bought it, used it, and can attest they pay the provider much more quickly than AARP diid.

    • Rob says:

      AARP is a not for profit, which is a tax status, not a way of doing business. Understand that. They only have to give out 10% of their funds to a charitable cause to keep that status. They long ago progressed from repping their members to repping themselves, at your expense. Ask to see the books and how much of your money really gets through to where it should go. This is the tax shelter of the century for most people. I suspect the salaries for the execs is astronomical for very limited guidance and assistance to the membership. jets, junkets, schmooze, it all takes is money, yours!

      Be wary of so called not for profit! Even Gen America and AMAC!

    • Mark says:

      Ron… you’re heading in the right direction. All those who consistently drink the koolaid keep to the left of speaking intelligently, ie what’s wrong with this country.

  22. Vince says:

    If the world was flat, this group would have fallen off the right edge

  23. C Miller says:

    The Heath Care Industry and the Insurance Companies have known for a long time the gravy train of ripping off Americans was coming to an end.. We are the last Free society to have a National Health Care program
    .When Hillary proposed a Health Care program it was beat down, It put the fear in the health care and insurance companies and rates remained more stable through the Clinton years.. Sometimes its not making a law but the talk of making laws and regulations that will make corporations curb their greed.
    The Bush and Republican House and Senate gave them the freedom to start jacking rates again. Are your memories so short or is it Alzheimer’s. Rates where going up twenty to thirty percent a year , you weren’t blaming it on Obama care then!
    Did you also forget , article after article about the huge bonuses the CEO’s were giving themselves after the receiving the biggest tax breaks in history .
    ACA is regulation on the two biggest crook industries in the country for the benefit of The American People.

  24. Kathy Johnson says:

    Heard Art Linkletter a few years speaking for you virtures. What you are basically is a front for a right wing organization that does not believe in any gov’t support. The gov’t is the people. Any time some one gets any support from it, including health care, they are getting some of their own money back. Insurance companies are handling ACA, not the government. They are going to be ok.


    • Steve says:

      Kathy Johnson you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Do you have ANY idea what position AARP has taken on any of the issues dealing with healthcare and Obumacare? No I’d say you don’t. They spent millions of member dollars to help pass the ACT and you want to call AMAC names? AARP doesn’t even have the guts to even speak out against the “death panels” IF you know ANYTHING, you’d be speaking against AARP. Fine if you don’t like AMAC either but to support AARP shows nothing but ignorance on your part.

      • Vince says:

        Steve, you obviously don’t have all your facts straight. It has been proven time and again that the goppers conjured the death panels and they do not exist in the ACA. Get your head out of your butt. You look funny with brown hair.

        • Mike says:

          Vince…. Maybe you should look at your view…. If you don’t think this system will have rationing (which is the real issue….) then go ask the 40,000 Canadians who come to America for surgery every year because of the waits. 6 months to get appointments, 4 to 6 hours for appointments. That is where we are heading with socialized health care. So if you have to wait for 9 months for a cancer operation, its the same as a death panel!

          • Howard says:

            I used to travel to Canada as a part of my job responsibilities back in the 1990s. I was surprised at the number of Canadians I worked with who would ask me all kinds of questions regarding securing medical services in the US. Once i learned about the socialized health care in Canada and all of the issues with getting the care that was needed in a timely manner I realized how great our health care system was. So sad to see US following in Canada’s foot steps!!!

            • Iris says:

              Socialization of anything has never worked and has brought down the countries who follow it. If you are working 60 to 80 hours a week because you are on the verge of finding a cure for lymphoma and getting paid the same as the guy who sits at home and complains about the way other people handle your welfare income,and you can work but you don’t have any incentive to work, why would you continue to work that hard? Why shouldn’t you just sit at home and think instead. If you don’t have a reason to work hard (to feed and clothe your family and buy nicer things for them), why would you? Because you love your neighbor? No! We are a society that thrives on competition. We are taught competition from the time we are born. Equalization is great, theoretically. Does it work? No! People then complain because they have not beaten the next guy. Socialization does not make equals of us as it is theorized to do. It makes lazy sloughs of us.

          • sarah says:

            You have that right…..I know 2 Canadians that both had to wait so long for treatment they came to the U.S. for it. One woman whos mom had Parkinsons and had started to go downhill couldn’t get a new treatment for more than a year…..she could be dead by then…the same will happen here with Obamacare…..if that’s not a death panel then what is? What give the federal government the right to decide who gets treatment and who doesn’t…..when you deny someone treatment that’s a death panel.

          • Alice says:

            Mike: I worked for 8 years in the Social Services Dept for Oneida Nation: A lot of Indians living in Canada come down here for health care, especially to have their babies, which give the child dual citizenship. And, everyone of them will tell you that socialized medicine stinks, that is why they come down.

        • Rob says:

          Vince, you need to dig into this bill-the panels exist to limit the health care you receive for a variety of reasons. You are grossly mistaken if you think limiting care is not part of the equation. It is the only response to unbridled growth in usage of the program that outpaces the increases. Obama himself is telling young people to sign up as a duty to support the older workers and retireds. This whole health care plan is nothing more than a transfer of power to government! What do you think was going on when Hillary cloistered herself with a panel of Doctors back in the 90’s? Trying to move 1/7th of the economy to government control. Panels are needed to control costs, period. It is not the greedy execs. It is about bureaucrats and politicians greedy for power over you! Obviously you have no concept or understanding of economics and budgeting and certainly fall into the Low Info Voter classification. The Democratic Senators and Congressmen even admit there are health care panels that will limit future care. It is in black and white in the bill. England, Canada, Europe, Russia all have the limitations and they are government run. Vince, I am sorry, but you are horribly wrong and uninformed.

      • Sandra says:

        I recently spoke with a group of physicians on a personal level and was informed that the ACA states that when a senior becomes 76 years old and is not in excellent health he or she will be denied life saving surgery. They stated that if two people are requesting the same surgery and one is in good health he will get the surgery but the one with diabetes or hypertension will be denied. They said the selection will somehow be made by a computer program so there will be no “angel of death”. As a retired RN who has worked all my life in hospitals caring for the sick I have found many injustices such as coming to work sick because it is frowned on to take off…someone has to take care of the patients. I had to use my vacation time as sick time. They changed vacation time to ETA [earned time off] to discourage call offs and yet we all learned in nursing school not to spread our contagious diseases by coming to work sick. My sister worked an office job for the federal government and had one sick day a month, as well as an unbelievable vacation plan. She now has a $2500 a month pension and wonderful insurance. I am glad for her, but there is something wrong here.The first hospital I worked at went bankrupt and I lost my pension. The last on I worked at 10 years and receive $300 monthly. I worked as a nurse because I felt it was a calling and I felt I had a lot to give my patients. I wouldn’t change it for a minute, but when people think nurses make too much money, think again. Work weekends, holidays, etc. Miss your children’s big moments because you can’t arrange a trade. Go without family vacations because you can’t get that time you need when the husband and children have off. Many is the time I feared I had been exposed to a life threatening disease. My back is ruined from walking on those concrete floors all my life. I have had back surgery once and may need it again, but I wouldn’t pass the test.. There has been a lot of fear of influenza vaccines causing very serious side effects, but as a hospital employee I was told if I wanted to work I had to get the vaccine. Now after working all those years in health care and making all those sacrifices under an unsympathetic governing body, I find that my federal government would like to tell me when I am no longer a viable human being. Death panels? Yep! It all started with abortion and our loss of respect for human life. God help us all!

        • Jan says:

          Right on, Sandra!

        • Kathy Kenzel says:

          Well said, Sandra

        • Susan says:

          Sandra, I bow to you nurses. I couldn’t do that work.

        • Redd says:

          Sandra – thank you for your years of service, especially your dedication. I know and understand all the “bad” about nursing.

          With that said, you, as a nurse, must know that a 76 year-old patient with diabetes and hypertension would be a health risk factor of 5 for general anesthesia. Yes, most doctors WON’T operate on that patient unless it is life-threatening. That FACT has nothing to do with “rationing” of health care. It has to do with sound, medical judgement.

    • Tony says:

      Kathy Johnson, you say the insurance companies are handling the ACA not the govt.? You ever heard of the IRS? You know, the part of the GOVT. that takes your tax dollars. The IRS is who is handling and enforcing Obamacare, not the insurance companies! You’ve obviously been drinking the koolaid the current administration has been feeding the uninformed masses. You fell for it hook, line and sinker. I don’t even feel sorry for people like you because people like you are just as much the problem with this country as the ones you helped put in office. You and people like you have doomed this country to certain failure. You deserve everything you got coming from this administration, and AARP.

  25. Roger says:

    No thanks, I’ll stick with AARP. No right wing horse shit for me.

    • Belinda Bee says:

      Right wing horse chit? Ummm excuse me Roger….even the DEMS are hating Obot care! You best do some research before ALL your info is left open for all to steal on that Obot Death Care site!

    • Steve says:

      The reason this country is in this mess is because people don’t know what the issues even entail. If you think AARP is a friend to the senior citizen, sir YOU are one of which I speak.

    • Howard says:

      I think I know you Roger!!! Or I used to know you when you were a conservative who busted his butt to make a living and abhorred those who were happy to lay around and take from those who worked. Call me!!

  26. bookish says:

    The $716B was not “slashed from Medicare” and was included in Paul Ryan’s budget that he and Romney ran on. The ACA does not “takeover” our healthcare system or destroy it – it only regulates the health insurance industry. It also does not involve “rationing” of healthcare. I’m not about to join an organization that takes advantage of people’s ignorance by regurgitating misleading talking points. If you want to argue the issue with FACTS that is a different matter but this is pure garbage. NO THANKS!

    • Mary Camerota says:

      AARP never covered any medical expenses for any patients I took care of in over 30 yrs as a nurse. They were being charged big money for nothing. I am not surprised to hear they are connected to the WH. Just one more lie.

      • rker321 says:

        I don’t get your post. AARP has never paid anyone’s health Care bills. or have not gotten involved in anything. I don’t get what money was being charged for nothing? and their connection to the WH is no more and no less than any Lobbyst that pervades in Washington. And I can assure you that there are many. so, what lie were you referring to?

    • NoDummy says:

      You are obviously gathering your “facts” from the same folks are feeding you this bogus “health care act”. If nationalized health care was such a good thing, Canadians wouldn’t be coming down here to get adequate care. My wife is a nurse care manager and you need to dig a bit deeper and see what is really going on with this fiasco.

    • Bill Shipman says:

      You are completely delusional. This is a disaster of biblical proportions,and only the first step towards socialized medicine. If you prefer to remain in denial,that’s your problem. But I will continue to fight any more government interference in my health care,and my life. I’d love for you to cite one-just one- government program which cost what it was supposed to cost,and did what it claimed it would do.

    • DL David says:

      What you just spouted is nothing more than Democratic talking points. You need to read up on IPAB because, regardless of your age, this healthcare rationing board WILL affect you one day.

    • bartman35 says:

      Speaking of “facts”, I do not kn ow what pool of puke you drank yours from but one is not allowed to make up their own just to fit their own views.

    • Steve says:

      You need to do some research friend. Medicare has been cut and the President intends to cut benefits already being received by seniors. Even many democrat representatives have told him they will not vote to cut benefits to seniors because THAT’S what he’s trying to do. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about. This isn’t a republican vs democrat thing. Its REALLY going to happen if he gets his way. Watch CNBC rather than what you normally watch and the pundits there will teach you a lot about what is really going on in America right now. By the way, CNBC is a financial network OWNED by the same company that owns liberal NBC. This isn’t just junk I got from Fox News which I don’t watch. If you don’t learn, you will suffer even worse than those that are in the know. Being STUBBORN isn’t ALWAYS a virtue.

    • Sandra says:

      I recently spoke with a group of physicians on a personal level and was informed that the ACA states that when a senior becomes 76 years old and is not in excellent health he or she will be denied life saving surgery. They stated that if two people are requesting the same surgery and one is in good health he will get the surgery but the one with diabetes or hypertension will be denied. They said the selection will somehow be made by a computer program so there will be no “angel of death”. As a retired RN who has worked all my life in hospitals caring for the sick I have found many injustices such as coming to work sick because it is frowned on to take off…someone has to take care of the patients. I had to use my vacation time as sick time. They changed vacation time to ETA [earned time off] to discourage call offs and yet we all learned in nursing school not to spread our contagious diseases by coming to work sick. My sister worked an office job for the federal government and had one sick day a month, as well as an unbelievable vacation plan. She now has a $2500 a month pension. The first hospital I worked at went bankrupt and I lost my pension. The last on I worked at 10 years and receive $300 monthly. I worked as a nurse because I felt it was a calling and I felt I had a lot to give my patients. I wouldn’t change it for a minute, but when people think nurses make too much money, think again. Work weekends, holidays, etc. Miss your children’s big moments because you can’t arrange a trade. Go without family vacations because you can’t get that time you need when the husband and children have off. Many is the time I feared I had been exposed to a life threatening disease. My back is ruined from walking on those concrete floors all my life. I have had back surgery once and may need it again, but I wouldn’t pass the test.. There has been a lot of fear of influenza vaccines causing very serious side effects, but as a hospital employee I was told if I wanted to work I had to get the vaccine. Now after working all those years in health care and making all those sacrifices under an unsympathetic governing body, I find that my federal government would like to tell me when I am no longer a viable human being. It all started with abortion and our loss of respect for human life. God help us all!

      • John Miller says:

        Did you see the report (including video from a security camera) of the woman at first sitting in the hospital waiting room, then falling down on the floor and then many people including doctors and nurses walking around her and not bothering to check her. Later it was reported that she was…dead. She laid there for many hours.

        There was another where an old man was escorted (in winter) out of the hospital without being treated.

        These are anecdotal reports but the DEATH PANELS were invented by PRIVATE insurers.

      • Howard says:

        I feel your pain, giving your whole live and now the rules are changing and the system you devoted your life too will not support you if you need it too! We are going down the wrong path!!! As you said so correctly!!!…..God help us all!!!

    • Mike says:

      Not TRUE! If 70% of doctors won’t take parts of ACA then it will be rationed as you wait on long lists to get seen by the few Doctors that accept that service. You don’t think adding on 30 Million people to the rolls will create shortages? You must be from Denver smoking some good weed? Go ask the 40,000 Canadians who come to America for surgeries every year because of the waits. 6-9 months before you can get a cancer or heart surgery?

  27. Bill MacMann says:

    What we need is simply Medicare for all. Their website works and you can enroll in about 10min.

    • John says:

      Obamacare sucks, this is why I canceled my AARP membership because they supported Obama and his stupid health care even tho AARP got millions of letter asking them not to. So as of nw I’ll never go with AARP again.

      • Jim Banks says:

        I agree wholeheartedly! AARP is pure liberal drivel. Once they got power in support from older Americans for upholding our rights, it went straight to their tiny brains. They will never get another dime from me or my wife. If they represent older Americans, they should consider our interests over the elected office holders and special interest groups.

      • Loretta says:

        I read somewhere recently that AARP employees were exempt from Obamacare. Makes perfect sense as to why they say nothing against Obamacare. I’ve been a member of AARP for many many years. This exemption does NOT apply to members, just AARP EMPLOYEES, is what I’ve read.

    • bamak says:

      Medicare for all? Who is going to pay for it? Oh, I get it fed money grows on trees. Obama is a socialist at best and AARP is right there with him.

    • brenda chafin says:

      you can’t have medicare for all because ALL have not paid into that program, people on medicare have paid in out of their taxes and earnings most of their life. It just would not be fair and medicare is based on your earning so people who have been on assistance have no true earnings and should not be able to receive benefits from medicare.

    • Harold Davis says:

      Thank you Bill of all these posts yours is the true, real, simple, solution. No political, greed, corruption. Medicare for all insurance company’s out.

  28. BBunsen says:

    How can it be “the best healthcare system in the world” when 48 million people are uninsured, expenditures per patient are higher than any other developed country, and health outcomes are worse?

    How can it be “the best healthcare system in the world” when 33 countries have a lower infant mortality rate (and those 33 countries include Cuba, Slovenia, South Korea, the Czech Republic, Croatia, and the “socialist meccas” of Sweden and Norway)?

    AMAC, your ideology is showing.

    • Ken says:

      Does that infant mortality rate in this country include the 1.2 million abortions performed every year? Yes, we do have the best healthcare system in the world. Our country does more R&D than any other. Then other nations get to use our techniques and meds.

      • Pam says:

        I have always wondered where the infant mortality rate comes from. It has to include abortions stats. I also do not believe that our Health care is not the best. Maybe it could be stated that some countries have good care much cheaper(on some tried and true procedures) and that cannot be on the level of the technology that we have. A lot of the people that are going out of the country to have elective surgery seem to be satisfied but the potential for disaster is huge.

      • bobcat says:

        No matter how “great the care available”, if it’s NOT available to a huge portion of the nation, nor affordable enough to not create bankruptcy in place of health, it’s just NOT the “greatest on earth”, it’s like a Lamborghini, really great, but, out of reach for most.

        Gourmet foods are great, but, beans and weenies are closer to the diet of half the nations people, yet, some, seem to think that because gourmet foods are available, somehow, it doesn’t matter that only a few get to enjoy them.

        • Jane says:

          on the contrary-health care is and has been available to all-NOBODY has ever been barred from any hospital when in need of care-this isn’t India wit people dying on the street. With or without insurance, you receive the same standard of care. People without insurance either pay out of pocket , maintain the debt or often a charity will help, but everyone has always been cares for-the manner of payment is the issue and enriching insurance companies by forcing people to buy goods and services they might not choose to buy is just plain wrong!

          • bookish says:

            Where in the world do you live? Or get your information? Do you realize that the number one cause of both homelessness and bankruptcy in the US is healthcare costs in the event of serious illness? Do you not know that all an emergency room is required to do for the uninsured is “stabilize” them if they are at risk of imminent death? Anything less than that and they can simply turn you away. If you break your arm, they can and do just splint you and dismiss you without a cast. Even vets are dying from cancers because the VA hospitals are so backed up that they don’t get diagnosed soon enough. You are incredibly dismissive of the tremendous amount of suffering in our country due to the inaccessibility of healthcare to millions and millions of people.

            • BSB says:

              My parents and my brother were on SS. My brother had NO insurance and was in the hospital numerous times before getting on SS and they covered him. I do not know where you live but they do give care even if it is basic.
              The ideas of the ‘death panels’ have been going on for a while as well. Over the last few years of my parents’ life more and more of their normal meds (inhalers and such) were being put on the ‘restricted’ list by the SS coverage they had as directed by the state and federal government. The doctor and pharmacy had to FIGHT for weeks to get the meds (albuterol inhaler friends, hardly cocain) and in the end the greater weakening of the state of their bodies from not getting the care and meds they needed led to their deaths.
              We knew it was being refused because they wanted to get them off the government dole. How? Because others also on medi-medi had NO such problems.

            • RQ53 says:

              Not sure where you live, but where I live the term “stabilize”, using your example, means that they will set a broken bone, cast it, prescribe pain meds and if necessary, hospitalize you for up to 72 hours whether you have insurance or not. After that it is your responsibility to seek further care. I have also seen the local hospitals “forgive” bills in emergency cases when the party proved they had no way to pay.

              The problems with the VA have been around for many years and has nothing to do with Obamacare. In fact, if a veteran is getting care through the VA as their primary care provider, they are exempt from the requirements of the ACA. What a lot of people don’t know is that, if you are a veteran, the VA will actually cover emergency medical care from a non-VA provider. This is not something new, they have been doing this for at least 6 years that I know of.

              • Don says:

                I spent 4 years active dut. 1969-1973 I checked for VA coverage and they said I qualified. I have copd on oxygen and meds plus nerve damage in neck and back. When I finall got aproved for SS after 3 years of trying the VA sent me a leter and said I can’t use VA any mor due to a annual money income increase. checked an this was passed n 2009 by the president. Funny I wasn’t told that in 1969 when I gave up 4 years of my life.

          • Gary says:

            your right nobody has been denied care. but we they that do have coverage foot the bill because most of the are illegals which we pay for in the long run.

        • Rosanne Spinner says:

          That is a bad analogy. “Obamacare” is more costly, and was “sold” to the American people by our President using non-truths, which he is now apologizing for. Oh, if only his voters knew this before election day, but that was part of the plan. Unlike your “Lamborghini or gourmet food available for the few” analogy, FAR MORE people are being hurt by Obamacare than HELPED….and regardless of what Obama says about’ keeping your doctor if you like your doctor, period’…if you recall a few years back, a single payer system is what Obama said he is striving for. Obamacare wasn’t ready for prime-time, wasn’t even read and the President seems to be the most clueless of all. People forget quickly when they’re mesmerized by a young charismatic speech-maker whom they would like to see succeed, but then again, they didn’t have the REAL facts until after his re-election.

          • Margaret Benton says:

            Thanks, well said, Rosanne Spinners
            I must say, I didn’t vote for him, either time. I was scrolling and just happened to stop at your comment. :)

      • bobcat says:

        Abortions are performed on fetus’, NOT infants. You have to be born,and survive, to become an infant. We are out performed by many nations of lesser stature in that part of “surviving” AFTER being born. Your distaste for abortion is your right, but, your decision to not have one, only includes YOU, not everyone else by your decree.

        • Phillip says:

          Go away troll.

        • rednekkin' says:

          Don’t you wish your Momma had an abortion? Think about it.

        • Ken says:

          Bobcat you are one of the ones that have thrown God out of everything and everywhere in the United States. This country was founde3de upon biblical principles AND the WORD of GOD. As long as America followed our Declaration of Independence (which mentions GOD), and the Constitution (which mentions GOD), this country flourished and so did its people. If you are old enough to remember the end of WWII, you could see the change in the hearts of all Americans. We all became pompous, telling all the other countries what they could and could not do, and starting to give over power of little things to the Government so that we could bask in luxury. Now the government has almost complete control. So, who’s fault is it? The fault doesn’t just lie with the people in Washington who run the country, but the fault belongs to all of us for sitting on our big fat rear ends when election time comes around, saying, “my vote don’t count anyway, so why should I vote.” I am sure that there were more than enough people who didn’t vote for that very reason, ithat if they had, it would have made a HUGE difference. So what can we do? We have got to do our homework on the ones who are running for office. Find out what they really stand for, if they are honest, and do they actually mean what they say. I think I have overstayed my allotted time, so I will yield to the next soapbox orator.

          • RQ53 says:

            Ken, I don’t know which church you got your information from, but here is a history lesson.

            Less than 40% of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Christian, most were Unitarian which recognizes ALL belief systems without judgment. In both the DoI and the Constitution, the references to God, when you can find them, were made as general references to religious freedom and removing or restricting the power of the government to set a state religion. In a survey published two years ago it was revealed that only 17% of American households claim ANY Christian connections. That drops to 8% when you go worldwide. in fact, the largest population of believers in the world (34%) happen to be Muslim, who DO believe in God. God is not a purely Christian commodity.

            Christianity is not the only God based religion, something most Christian churches either deny or ignore. I am not Christian, but it does not mean i do not believe in A GOD, just not the Christian’s massacred version of God. If you ever bother to get brains enough to research for yourself the religious history of ALL religions instead of taking the milk-fed teachings of today’s preachers, you will learn for yourself that much of what the modern day Christian churches are now teaching are half truths and personal doctrine instead of what God and Jesus Christ taught. I have been studying religious history for over 35 years and am also the child of a Christian preacher. Even my father now states that what he taught for many years under the orders of the diocese was wrong.

            Get your head out from under the Christianity covers and learn to think and research and learn for yourself.

            • Randall says:

              RQ53, There are many gods, but there is only one creator of heaven and earth. This God is one in which you can pray to and He hears your prayers and answers them. Granted they may not always be in the form or manner in which you thought but He hears the prayers of the righteous. This is not from something i read in a history book but things i have experienced in my own walk with Christ. God,Jesus and the Holy Spirit are just as real as you and i. God is faithful to reveal Himself to anyone that will humble themselves and seek Him. Yes there are false prophets and those that claim to be Christians and walk in hate towards others. The parable of the wheat and tares gives light to this very thing. No one will escape the judgement day when every knee will bow before God and answer for every idle word spoken and all works done here on earth. No one is getting away with anything. Christians are not exempt from this day of judgement. However those that deny God, Christ and the Holy Spirit will find themselves faced with an eternal life that according to scripture and other present day revelations will not be a pleasant experience. People have been dummied down concerning the things of God and Satan. Be encouraged and know that God loves all mankind and doesn’t want one to perish. Be open to the reality of the dark side as well and know that satan is real and his purpose is to kill, steal and destroy you. He shows no mercy but will come in as an angel of light to deceive people into thinking he is god. His enticement is always sweet and full of pleasure but when you take the fruit it is bitter and full of death. There is a difference between being religious and having a personal relationship with God. There is no fake it till ya make in the kingdom of God. It’s not a sunday and wednesday thing. It’s a way of life and love is the key that opens the hearts of the brokenhearted and lost.

            • Sandra says:

              Muslims are NOT Christians. To be a Christian, one must believe in Christ!

              • Sandra says:

                The above comment was to RQ53.

                • mfolkma says:

                  Thank you Randall, & Sandra. Hold true to our beliefs. As true believers in Christ, we must help spread the word.Even if our attempts fall on lonely deaf ears & lost souls. May God Bless!

            • pamster says:

              While you are all obviously very passionate in your opinions, it is sad that I have not read ONE comment that references the ACTUAL ACA. Has ANYONE in this country read the bill??? Just sayin’. And to all you extreme lefties, I see you are the only ones who resort to name-calling and Christian-bashing in your comments. I am a convert, that is to say, I grew up in a liberal household and identified as a democrat in my youth. I now identify as a conservative, Republican. However, I look at the candidates and the issues from both viewpoints before I vote and I have been known to vote both sides of the aisle. That being said, I believe we all need to look to WHATEVER higher power we believe in and seek DIVINE guidance to find a way out of the mess this nation is in. Then, the real challenge will be to get our arrogance and egomaniacal thinking out of the way long enough to follow whatever guidance we receive. I agree with the woman who said, “God help us all”!

            • Tony says:

              Praise the Lord!!!
              Well spoken truth is truth
              That is the best comment I have read on here

        • Sally says:

          Because the law allows abortions, it does not make it right. In abortion we are killing a human being in His/Her most innocent stage of development. You can argue the stage of development “until hell freezes over”, but you can`t deny you are killing a human being, If we are unable to respect humans at their innocent stage of development, we are putting a “price tag” on HUMAN life at all stages of development.

        • steve says:

          how do you figure you are just wrong and the rest of us know it

        • Steve says:

          Guess you’ve never heard of partial birth abortions eh? Yep, they’re performed AT term. Your argument is moot.

      • ekim corcho says:

        stick to the subject at hand…

      • rker321 says:

        Let me laugh wholeharttedly, do you really understand how the infant mortality rate is obtained. Please, if you don’t know, do not post ignorant posts.

      • audrey says:

        Actually, the infant mortality rate is higher because our healthcare system is so good. Women who would not be able to get pregnant or who are high risk have the access to firtility treatments and procedures that allow them to carry their baby longer. Unfortunately this also means some babies who either would never have been conceived or would have been lost at the”miscarriage” stage, are carried longer but still don’t make it and have to be included in the infant mortality statistics.

    • KBird says:

      I believe he is discussing Medicare which is for retirees not children and working individuals.

    • zumkatze says:

      BBunsen… you’re confusing healthcare system with insurance.

      Your ignorance is showing.

    • William says:

      Healthcare and insured people are exclusive. We do have the best healthcare here in the USA. Our doctors, hospitals, procedures, etc are all the best. Our doctors are the best trained. Some people don’t have insurance. Insurance simply makes it easier to access healthcare. If you don’t have the wherewithal to buy groceries you can get food stamps. If you don’t have the wherewithal to get healthcare you can get medicaid or medicare. And with the best care comes high prices. You want inexpensive health care go to the VA. Do you want a doctor earning less than $100k or one earning more than $100k. Sorry, but I want the doctor with incentive to give a darn about his patients. If health care is great everywhere else why is it that most people have a tough time pronouncing their doctor’s name correctly. We probably have a lower infant mortality rate than other countries because so many of our immature narcissistic young women of the underclass still smoke, drink, party and take drugs during their pregnancies. BBunsen, your leftist leanings are showing.

      • RQ53 says:

        William, I say bravo to your comments with this statement.

        I don’t know about elsewhere in the US, but where I live, especially with young mothers, or young parents for that matter, once the child is born, many of them are so immature that they would rather still go out and party than to take care of the child/children, even to the point of leaving three week old children alone in a house while they go out and party because the “baby cuts into my time too much”. This is not parenting, it is pure irresponsibility. Unfortunately, it is the current views of society that allow this type of behavior and irresponsibility to be tolerated.

    • Konnie says:

      I am from Norway and have a family member who died last year because of the incompetence of a doctor. It won’t be long before that happens here. I cant believe that the people here don’t understand that this is the end of quality healthcare.

      • Sharon Erdely says:

        Because we have too many stupid Americans who don’t want to talk politics, so they do their family thing, and party on weekends and basically to hell with what is going on around them. I’m guilty of that myself when I was younger. It was not till the election campaign of Obama that I realized what the Billionaires, Status quoe people who are backing our illegal President were up to.

        Obamacare is just the start of the plot to take down America. We have Billionaires who feel Americans are stupid and don’t know what is good for them. One of them is Bloomberg. He is the 13th richest man in the United States. He was the one who tried to make it illegal to drink a 16 oz glass of soda.

        • RQ53 says:

          The question here is, are the American people stupid, or just lazy and irresponsible?

        • Rufpro says:

          I agree Sharon. I have served in the military and still will defend this nation to the death if necessary. Obama is the anti Christ and all people will learn this sooner or later. His intentions of taking over this country from within are being supported by his people in the far east and his people here in the USA. Learn what is happening in Detroit, Chicago, Eastern TN, and the list continues to grow all across the nation. We as Americans must arm ourselves with as much knowledge about these people and learn their methods of infiltrating our country and our lives. Just try to go to a mosque and worship with them. If you are not from their country, or are a child or woman, you will be turned away. But yet we are being forced, as Americans wanting to protect our country and our way of life, to cow down to what they want and their way of life. This president has no interest in making this country stronger or a better place to live. He has been groomed to destroy it from within. We have Generals from all branches of the military leaving in record numbers because they can see what is happening or disagree with him and are being forced to retire. This health care plan is designed by him and his people to crash and burn this economy. More people have been forced into welfare and poverty than in any other time in this great country’s history including the great depression.

          • Gianna says:

            Another wisdom-filled comment. I wish more people could see this viewpoint who see otherwise

        • adrian Lee says:

          amen girl. the tea party is a conglomeration of pro American patriots who have had enough

      • Rufpro says:

        Well said Konnie.

    • Lisammi says:

      Its the best system in the world because it allows taxpayers/hardworking patriots like me to CHOOSE my coverage, my doctors, my hospitals. It’s the best because I, a free American, am enabled to obtain treatment regardless of age, creed, sex, or race. AND, it’s the best because even deadbeats and illegal aliens, communists, terrorists and mass murderers, rapists, pedaphiles, etc. are able to obtain high quality care for free. No one is allowed to be refused healthcare in the US…unlike all the so-called “universal” programs in other countries.

    • NoDummy says:

      I just got back from Cuba, where their infant mortality rate is nearly 30%. Don’t know where you are getting your “facts”.

  29. Ramon says:

    Insurance does not discriminate. All of them are concerned about money they can garnished from you!

  30. Bob J says:

    Should President Obama restore the $720 Billion he took from Medicare to pay for ObamaCare?

    Watch the video below. The exchange on Medicare occurs at 2:15:

    TAPPER: One of the concerns about health care and how you pay for it — one third of the funding comes from cuts to Medicare.


    TAPPER: A lot of times, as you know, what happens in Congress is somebody will do something bold and then Congress, close to election season, will undo it.

    OBAMA: Right.

    TAPPER: You saw that with the ‘doc fix.’

    OBAMA: Right.

    TAPPER: Are you willing to pledge that whatever cuts in Medicare are being made to fund health insurance, one third of it, that you will veto anything that tries to undo that?

    OBAMA: Yes. I actually have said that it is important for us to make sure this thing is deficit neutral, without tricks. I said I wouldn’t sign a bill that didn’t meet that criteria. The full transcript of the interview can be read here.

    -Jake Tapper

  31. Harry R says:

    There has been little discussion of the $200 Billion in cuts to Medicare used to fund the ACA. This cuts the benefits of the elderly who need the most health care service. There have been few reports on the impact of this but early reports say the cuts are causing people to lose their doctors, which Obama promised would not happen.

    • Sue Z says:

      Harry R., there have been NO cuts to Medicare that affect the elderly; in fact, benefits have increased including full coverage for annual physicals. The cuts have been made in payments to hospitals and other providers; there are and always have been doctors that do not pariticpate with Medicare, however, in my opinion that is shooting off your own foot. In view of the increasing elderly population, that will be their biggest patient load. I have an internist and this past year have seen five different specialists, two of them associated with large hospital based medical groups and NONE of them are going to discontinue seeing Medicare patients. That is a bunch of hooey from AMAC and other groups who just do not wish, for some unexplainable reason, for all Americans to have access to health care. We are in the league of third world countries when it comes to infant mortality and we certainly do not have the longest life span.

      • Judy Rose says:

        Please do not email me to join your lies. I am not enthralled by AARP, but this is much worse. This looks to me like you are working with the GOP to lie to seniors to get their votes. And, yes this is a bunch of hooey, why in the hell would anyone want to deny anyone the ability to get insurance when available.
        We are supposed to be the most powerful country in the world, but I agree we are in the third-world league when it comes to health care. The GOP & tea baggers say ACA is no good, but do not come up with an alternative, as there isn’t one.
        President Obama is the best president we have had since JFK & yes Clinton, but we still have bigots in this country that hate our president because of the color of his skin, remember he is also half white & a very caring & loyal man, something the GOP cannot say. They do not care what happens to our country if in the process they destroy the president, neither is going to happen, you lost get over it.

        • bebe says:

          Yes they have. Moron. Just because the libs keep repeating that same mantra over and over, does not make it true. Reid would never bring any alternative plans up for a vote. That is a matter of congressional record.

          • BBunsen says:

            What were those “alternative plans” that Reid would never bring up for a vote?

            As far as I know, the only alternative to ACA ever presented by the Republicans was to have everybody call the emergency room.

            • JoB says:

              Now you are really showing your own ignorance, BBunsen. Stop using the liberal talking points and go look up the many bills proposed in the Congressional Record, or read the proposals on GOP websites, or listen to the Congressional and Senate leaders who appear nearly every night on Fox News. Ask the Republican Congressman in your district what has been offered. You have not even tried, and we are not here to do your citizen’s homework for you.

        • Mike M says:

          You aren’t by any chance a liberal are you? Nothing but cheap shots and radical socialist views. You have failed to mention what medical care in England and Canada are really like. Why they want to scrap them and go to a system like we have here.
          But you just continue with your socialist nonsense. It will come back to haunt you in the form of higher taxes, higher insurance prices and worse health care.

          • Marion Hunt says:

            @Mike Mays…Most of my family live in the UK, and Canada’s system is very similar. Although not a perfect system (what is), no one has to claim bankruptcy, and seniors of 60 and over do not pay for prescriptions. My sister who is 75 recently dislocated her hip, she was rushed to the hosptal, spent 3 days there. No out-of-pocket expenses, no deductibles. She had nothing but praise for how she was treated. She had follow-up doctor visits which were also covered. In the UK, health care is covered by taxes paid by everyone, so it’s more fair. You get to select your doctor/specialist. Please be careful what you say about other countries if you are not well informed. America does have good health care, but unfortunately eveyone does not have the same access…Time to bring this country from being 37th in the world to #1! I’m sick and tired of the right-wing lies and distortions.

            • rednekkin' says:

              I am also 75 years old, and just had, in August Serious back surgery, the initial bill was over $70k, I didn/t have to pay either, because I am on Medicare ( that I paid for ) and had a small supplemental policy. We didn’t need ObummaCare for that and we will never need it. All we need do is take control of our own lives and use a little common sense, and plan ahead. This is America, if you have the gumption to work at it, it can be done.

              • RQ53 says:

                I am also on Medicare and this past summer went through a full chest crack open heart surgery. I did not have to cover any of the medical costs which, according to my recipient information, totaling well over $90,000. According to a friend of mine in Toronto, if I had been in the same condition there I would have been looking at a two year waiting list.

            • Pegu says:

              taxes paid by everyone….who is paying the taxes of all the welfare recipients???

            • JoB says:

              Health care policy101: Many of the countries already mentioned that have national health systems developed them through public health services and public funding over a long period of time. They built the infrastructure and funding to support national health services for all from an already established policy framework. America has decentralized or reduced public health services and operated primarily by private competition or state-based systems of public health care. The idea that we can undo the whole competitive health insurance system in one fell swoop by government fiat is certainly not the recipe for success that these other countries followed. Furthermore, many countries with socialist policies and nationalized control of health care also have extremely high tax rates and stagnant economies. So before comparing health economics that are apples and oranges, look at the entire picture of how that state operates. Look at the list of communist/socialist countries listed as “better” systems and ask yourself what the cost was in economic and personal freedom. This is all debated at length in health economics and policy classes by experts, and it is truly not as simple as either political extreme suggests.

            • Mike says:

              Marion Hunt, go ask the 40,000 Canadians who come to the US for surgery every year…. Yes its free and they have a tax rate in Canada of 40 to 50%. Then after shelling out those dollars for services, wait 6-9 months for a cancer or heart surgery. Why would so many travel south for services if the could get them for free and timely? Can’t speak for the UK but your way off base about Canada!!!

          • Ray Catlin says:

            Where are your sources for for Canada wanting to scrap their medical program. I work at a retail store in the middle of the country, we get a lot of Canada snow birds, I always ask them how they like their medical insurance. I have NEVER got one person to tell me they don’t like it. This is personal people to people talk.

            • Mike says:

              That’s not my experience. People are buying supplemental insurance to get better care on top of the rationed (free) care they get now. Canada tax rates are 40 to 50% and then they wait 6-9 months for a cancer or heart surgery. Ask them why 40,000 Canadians every year come to the US for surgery. Your opinion might change!!!

            • Harold Davis says:

              I believe this guy talking to real people. Most of these other posts are news opinions and rumor.

        • cecilia hone says:

          WOW, I can not believe what I just read… I am just wondering what FACTS you have to show us how this president is the BEST???? He lies and misrepresents every thing. How many times did he say” You can keep your own insurance and DOCTOR. All the while he had to know it would not come to pass. How many times has he played the blame game, so he would not have to face the music? Who cares what color his skin is??? If you care about our country, you would understand why so many people are upset. If you cared about our country you would understand how the tea part came into existence, Their message was about a country that did not represent the people with a spending problem going out of control. A caring man???? try a selfish man. TIME will tell,

          • Ray Catlin says:

            How many times did Bush say weapons of mass destruction. Who was it that said it is over and we are still there? There are lies enough to go around.

            • Willa Watkins says:

              In all probability there were weapons of mass destruction, but there was sufficient time to move them all to Iran before we got there. In fact, chemical weapons were used and killed many people in Iraq.

              • JoB says:

                I agree. Or maybe moved to Syria, too. (Ray might want to avoid cutting off his nose to spite his face. Even Hillary Clinton believed there were Iraqi WMDs, she of more recent Bengazi fame and failure (and perhaps coverup.) Intelligence errors could be just that – errors, or maybe totalitarian regimes and terrorists were (are) just quicker and smarter than our allies and agents. These are all foreign policy tragedies but are not at all comparable to domestic failure. The ACA is domestic policy, which should not be considered a “security” issue, policy publicly debated and controlled by the federal leaders/government that Americans elected twice. It is primarily the Democratic leadership and President Obama who were (are) misleading intentionally in the Obama campaigns and strategies. It is Americans AT HOME who are now at risk. and our returning military as well, not to mention the younger generations who are face a forbidding economic landscape. “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot Fool All the People All the Time.” Abraham Lincoln.

              • Janis S says:

                History….our govt armed Iraq to fight a short war with Iran shortly after releasing our hostages. When Iraq invaded Kuwait, our govt entered Desert Storm. GHWB stopped short of a regime change which had the support of many if not most of the Iraqis. Shortly after the end of Desert Storm, Saddam Hussein used chemicals on the neighboring Kurds because they supported the US. The only reaction was sanctions which only made things worse for the people of Iraq, not Saddam. To carry this further, after 911, the two main architects of Desert Storm who wanted regime change were now in the GWB admin….Cheney and Rumsfeld. The focus of 911 was BinLaden/AlQueda in Afghanistan. Suddenly the plans change to Iraq/WMDs and overthrowing the regime. The point of this is that as enemies, Iraq did not move weapons to Iran or anywhere else. The invasion was a lie engineered by Cheney and Rumsfeld.

              • Raymond A York says:

                This Organization is just some more Republican tea party crap, im 69 yrs old & i wouldnt join any organization that wants to take away Medicare & social Security, & thats just what would happen if republicans turned it over to private interprise & cut funding; & a group that hates the poor, no thank you. you people would do good to read read EZEKIEL 16-49 hating the poor was one of the reasons for the destruction of SODOM.

                • Sandra says:

                  I recently spoke with a group of physicians on a personal level and was informed that the ACA states that when a senior becomes 76 years old and is not in excellent health he or she will be denied life saving surgery. They stated that if two people are requesting the same surgery and one is in good health he will get the surgery but the one with diabetes or hypertension will be denied. They said the selection will somehow be made by a computer program so there will be no “angel of death”. As a retired RN who has worked all my life in hospitals caring for the sick I have found many injustices such as coming to work sick because it is frowned on to take off…someone has to take care of the patients. I had to use my vacation time as sick time. They changed vacation time to ETA [earned time off] to discourage call offs and yet we all learned in nursing school not to spread our contagious diseases by coming to work sick. My sister worked an office job for the federal government and had one sick day a month, as well as an unbelievable vacation plan. She now has a $2500 a month pension. The first hospital I worked at went bankrupt and I lost my pension. The last on I worked at 10 years and receive $300 monthly. I worked as a nurse because I felt it was a calling and I felt I had a lot to give my patients. I wouldn’t change it for a minute, but when people think nurses make too much money, think again. Work weekends, holidays, etc. Miss your children’s big moments because you can’t arrange a trade. Go without family vacations because you can’t get that time you need when the husband and children have off. Many is the time I feared I had been exposed to a life threatening disease. My back is ruined from walking on those concrete floors all my life. I have had back surgery once and may need it again, but I wouldn’t pass the test.. There has been a lot of fear of influenza vaccines causing very serious side effects, but as a hospital employee I was told if I wanted to work I had to get the vaccine. Now after working all those years in health care and making all those sacrifices under an unsympathetic governing body, I find that my federal government would like to tell me when I am no longer a viable human being. It all started with abortion and our loss of respect for human life. God help us all!

        • Phillip says:

          Your allegiance to Obama speaks for itself.

        • Karen says:

          Your president is loyal only to himself. You are blind or a complete fool if you put your trust in him.

        • Pegu says:

          Are you serious????? Judy Rose I hope you can open your eyes before it is too late. “President Obama is the best president we have had since JFK & yes Clinton” SERIOUSLY?!?! Good Lord this is why this country is going down the tubes…because idiots like you are fooled by an eloquent speaking person (I wont call him a man….a man has balls). And for the record I DONT dislike him because he is black…I dislike him because he is a lying idiot!

        • William says:

          Judy, you’ve lost your mind. And by the way your use of the term “tea baggers” shows how vile and uncouth you are.

        • Dee H says:

          where in our constitution does it say the government is responsible for our healthcare ????

        • Gail C. says:

          I agree that there are bigots in this country and our government needs more than a lot of work and reform in both parties; but how in the name of our Lord God Almighty can you possibly compare one of the greatest president’s and man-John Fitzgerald Kennedy, to one of the all time worst president’s this country has ever known-Obama……I didn’t vote for him and it had and has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the color of his skin or where he was born or who he’s married to or any of that stupidity……it has everything to do with his politics, his lack of care for the American people, the seniors and his total lack of respect for our constitution and founding fathers. The only reason Obama is president is because The Lord GOD ALWAYS uses a nations enemy to conquer and rule over them for a season when that nation has lost sight of the reason they where founded and the ONE who allowed it to be founded. You are absolutely entitled to your opinion, but before you make blanket statements and comparisons, read up on your history.

      • Jan says:

        Sue Z I can see u did`t read the bill there are cuts to Medicare section 3000 in the ACA also hospitals will be rewarded for spending less on seniors and penalize for spending more

        • Ray Catlin says:

          I think hospitals get plenty of money. I just got a bill showing $1.00 aspirins some of my other medications were charged at a very high price per dose way more then I pay for a month worth of medication. The Insurance company and Hospital are all making money hand over fist. They are building and adding on to all the hospitals here in central Missouri.

          • Willa Watkins says:

            The reason hospitals charge so much is because they have to provide so much free care to people who come into the E. R. They have to have a way to make up for all that free care.
            And hospitals do not make all that money (profit). And, by the way, people come into the E.R. rather than go to the doctor because they know they have to be treated and the doctors require payment. Many could easily find a free clinic or go to one of the clinics that base payment on what income a person has. We have both in our town, but people still go to E. R. for a cold.

          • JoB says:

            Costs of medicines in hospitals include the pharmacy dispensing costs, among other costs to assure safety of patients. It is not just the drug cost alone, it is bundled costs. I am not saying that it should not be questioned, but it is not just the cost of the pill itself.

        • RQ53 says:

          Hmm, add to this a national article I just read about a health care provider that, under Obamacare will not be able to go to the hospital she works at for care because the federal administrators for ACA “did not approve” one of the best medical care facilities in New Hampshire.

      • Janet says:

        What you don’t seem to understand is that Medicare continues to cut back on the reimbursements to doctors and hospitals so that is why they can no longer afford to accept Medicare. Yes it is happening all the time, just because it didn’t happen to you this year, does not mean it won’t next year. This is really, really hurting small hospitals like the one I work at. We have always had indigent care where people that didn’t have the funds could come and get the medical attention they needed. This was possible because the insurance companies and Medcare reimbursed appropriately but now this is being cut by this administration so the indigent people are going to suffer. These indigent people can not even afford $5.00 a month for insurance, how do you think they can afford ObamaCare. A lot of these people work and have families, they just scrape by with not a dime left over. This includes young and old. Even though the elderly paid for Medicare by working all their lives, they still have to pay a retain amount and a lot of them can’t afford secondary insurance.

      • Hugh G Rection says:

        Wow, you are so wrong. Medicare was cut 660 million dollars. Physicals are not covered 100%, one wellness visit per year is. Most cuts came to the Medicare Advantage part of Medicare. Those are the lower costing Medicare plans. Guess who purchases the lower costing plans? The rich or the poor? As a licensed insurance agent, we are getting a ton of calls from those losing their Med Adv plans only to find that they cannot afford a Medicare Supplement. Now, Obamacare does shrink the coverage gap (donut hole) for Part D prescription drugs. However, although the gap is smaller, you hit it at an earlier period, and if you know anything about the donut hole, most people never get out… unless they spend $4550 TrOOP (True Out OF Pocket costs). To hit the 4550 you would have to spend an avg of $380 per MONTH on your drugs! So more people fall in the donut hole now, and get to pay more.

      • Diane says:

        You are totally wrong if you think Medicare has not changed. If you are on Medicare you have already received information from your plan as to the changes. Mine – copays at the doctor’s offices have gone up. From a $0 copay to $10 for primary and $35 to $50 to specialists. Most of us have specialists and add to them as we grow older! Out of pocket has gone from $4500 to $6700. The promise that the donut hole will go away……….. we’ve been given about $20 more a year before we hit it! That’s not going away. We have lost several of our specialists as well. It’s hard to find another good one that is still accepting new Medicare patients. There is a difference between continuing to see Medicare patients and accepting new ones. Take your blinders off!!

      • zumkatze says:

        And to fund this abomination… people will go bankrupt having their pockets picked dry by the obama tax. But, it seems that’s fine by you. Just so it isn’t YOUR pocket being drained. Am I not right? Of course I am… you just won’t admit it.

      • gary says:

        Sue Z they did cut Medicare to fund the affordable care law, you should fact check your facts.

      • Nadine M says:

        You are dead wrong! My mother is 86 years old and ALL of her benefits have been cut, plus the insurance that was suppose to be hers until death from my dads employment was just cancelled, so do not say benefits have not been cut. I am almost 62 and by the time I am suppose to get my SS and benefits I have paid for out of my wages for years, there will be NONE due to that imposter in MY White House, and his demon cronies. Any business or person that backs that bunch or any other of the lying crap in
        Washington does not get any respect from me, nor will I kowtow to their demands. I know way better than they what I need and what I do not need and I WILL NOT be dictated to by any politician at ANY TIme. My rights are GOD given, not man given and NO human can take my God given rights with out a huge FIGHT from me. Maybe the AMAC is good and maybe not, but anyone that will stand against the evil in Washington can not be all bad.

        • Janis S says:

          Exactly which rights are God given? Just wondering.

        • Dee H says:

          I so agree….people are blinded by the illegal in our white house….healthcare is not the problem, giving free healthcare to people that do not belong in this country is….get rid of the illegal leeches and the problem would be resolved. Then do something about the insurance companies that overcharge because the pill industry is making lots of money on overprescribed drugs making zombies out of our kids….

      • Lotte says:

        I am 82 years old and on Medicare and I have NEVER been able to have a yearly Physical paid by Medicare

    • bobcat says:

      The money from Medicare was from Medicare PLUS, an add on that wasted more money than it produced results. One feature was it would include membership in a gym for rehab, when you could get the rehab for far less elsewhere, without paying all year for the time you may need one of its benefits.
      There are some healthcare companies dropping patients, because either they were not up to standards of the law, or they prefer not to provide actual care, but, preferred to sell plans that didn’t cover anything, but made lots of money.
      So far, most of the examples given for “bad coverage by Obamacare” have been debunked as fools, refusing to even look at plans on an exchange, or living in a state run by Republicans that REFUSED to create an exchange, and forcing them to the central exchange that has problems. Have you even asked yourself, if perhaps some of these issues people are bringing up, could be the result of the GOP insistence that single payer not get a discussion? Is it the result of their amendments added as poison pills?
      Can you explain how, lowering profit margin, somehow INCREASES costs?

      • JoB says:

        Single payer has been discussed for years, and got nowhere. The ACA is not even close to a single payer plan either, it is an insurance control approach. The reason it is not working is that it is too much “change” at once, and it seems the administration just really does not understand the insurance market. As for the choices of states, the Supreme Court decision made state opt-out possible based on the Constitution, not some GOP strategic caveat. Too bad the President and DOJ did not foresee the Constitutional problem tney created. States made decisions based on who pays for the exchanges and what the state could afford, in addition to the concern you yourself allege: foresight that the central exchange would have problems.Boy, has it ever!

      • RQ53 says:

        Two points.

        1. Obviously by your statements you don’t know or care much about business. You lower profit margins, prices will increase to cover the losses. Pure and simple and a fact of business.

        2. As per the insurance companies dropping people that had policies “not up to the standards”, tell that to my brother who had a policy that should have been “grandfathered in” that not only had the required coverage, but exceeded it, and is now being told that he has to buy all new policies at a 342% increase in costs.

  32. James E. Bolin says:

    I was a member of AARP, for several years, then found they were anti-2nd Amendment, so dropped them like a Hot Potato.
    I was also during this time, talking my 2nd Amendment friends into getting out, which some of them have, and also found they supported the Obama Admin..
    One day I saw your Add, and checked into it. My wife and I have since joined your Organization, and pushing all my friends in your direction.
    I am a 37 year Veteran of Law Enforcement, and don’t like to see our Country going downhill with the likes of AARP Pushing it, and siding with Obama against our Constitutional Rights.

    Thanks for all you are doing…


    • Alice says:

      I actually spent more time reading the comments than the advertisement. I’m just looking and I’m not buying. The one thing I got out of it was it’s no wonder the President and Senate have pulled off one of the biggest scrams on the American people ever perpetrated. ACA isn’t designed to work, other than to register voters and direct the poor into Medicaid and get your information so they can gerrymander districts for voting. They do not care if any of you get better/cheaper insurance. This law does not benefit anyone but the government, they lied to us. I have friends that have already lost their insurance and to get new it is double what it cost them on their old polices, with $10,000 deductables! If you believe this is a Democrat/Republic thing then you are not only drinking the kool-aid you’ve spiking it with stupidty. This about power and money, period.

  33. Brian says:

    If joining these groups was so sure fired correct, then could someone explain to me why we are still paying for medicare taxes?! I was a AARP member until I realized it did absolutely nothing for me except empty my pocket. I’ve been paying into SS for at least 34 years now, and all I keep hearing is it won’t be there when I retire !!! Then I hear politicians saying that it was never ment to support the person paying in after they retire. Why isn’t it? Our government has sought everyway possible to tax us to death, making it impossible to save up for retirement. Then they spend every dime we pay in to SS. Yet every one of them have gold plated health insurance, unbelievable retirement accounts ??? Now it’s a law that we have to have obamacare accounts. Yet they are excluded ??? These things they are trying to push onto us over fifty folks are scams!!!! If this country actually gave a crap about it’s people we wouldn’t need these groups or the inflated Obamacare packages.

    • adrian Lee says:

      first of all, the congress should have left medicare alone and NOT thrown into the general budget for spending sprees. had medicare been left alone, we may have been able to balance the budget years ago. But medicare was a sacred cow. Roosevelt would have been shitting in his pants had he known what the left had done to social security. its is time to set the record straight and fire the sitting congress. and if you don’t believe that, just make sure your congressman understands your beliefs. congress is afraid of a knowledgeable voting public. take 3 minutes out of your day and call the whore bastards and warn them. we are a group of seniors who should not have to be screwed with. tell your congressman to introduce legislation to provide only allow taxes levied for medicare and ss be left alone for medicare, etc. I promise you they will listen to you, unless they are French republican establishment types. threaten them with your vote.

  34. JEAN YARBER says:

    my mom had AARP insurance for yrs b4 she died–thank God she finally changed over to Viva, but had it less than a yr.
    AARP was ripping her off –wouldn’t even offer her a medicare supplement, knowing how old she was–she was paying medicare and giving AARP almost 200,00 a month and had very little drug coverage. This was almost 300,00 a month total just for her–i called them and they were no help at all–she was scared to change–but finally she did,,

    • Sue Z says:

      Jean Yarber, you contradict yourself. You say she had AARP then you say they wouldn’t even offer her a Medicare Supplment. I’m sorry but that is just a lie…I’ve been getting gobs of literature from them offering various supplemental plans…that’s pretty much all they do is offer supplemental plans! Now they do have some Advantage Plans that incorporate Drug coverage as well. I saw many supplemental plans for less than $200.00 and your drug plan is different. Unfortunatley, either you or your mom did not understand it, and she was free to change her AARP supplement coverage any time.

      • RQ53 says:

        I saw the same things, but when the AARP plans wanted to increase my deductables by over 1000% AND increase the rates I was paying, I shopped elsewhere and ended up getting a Part D coverage that not only reduced my co-pays, but because I have Part B coverage, happens to be free. I don’t swallow the pill you are trying to push.

    • Judy Rose says:

      In defense of AARP, which I don’t like either they are only in it for the rich also, but the fact remains, AARP does not have the insurance it only lends it’s name to insurance carriers. I don’t know which your mom has, but I have & my disabled son has United Health Care which is endorsed by AARP not controlled. I am 74 & have had this insurance for several years, my disabled son has had it for 2 years & we do not pay anything close to what you are saying your mom paid All your mom was paying AARP for was her yearly dues not her insurance. My son nor me are members of AARP, you do not have to be a member to get the Medicare supplement. All this seems a little bit out of line, because she cannot be turned down for insurance when you are on Medicare. Jean, I don’t know who you called about your mom’s insurance, if you did, but it was not AARP you talked to about her insurance, as I said AARP is not an insurance carrier just an endorser. You should not have called AARP or the insurance company you should have called Medicare. I like the others am not sure how much of your statement is true.

  35. James Murray says:

    Delete me from your mailing list.

  36. Ann Magrone says:

    This sounds WAY TOO much like a Tea Party Koch supported site for me to be interested in it! The fact that you refer to it as Obamacare rather by it’s official name AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ACT says where you are coming from.

    Contrary to one of your statements we do not have the best healthcare system in the world. It’s not all bad by any means but there are things about it that need fixing like no coverage for preexisting conditions and life time limits on insurance coverage which WILL be fixed by the new health care plan. If there are other things that need to be fixed with the new plan lets work on fixing those as they arise, not throw out the baby with the bathwater!

    There’s already too many Kool-Aid drinkers out there without starting ANOTHER group!

    • Gary N says:

      In paragraph one you scold the use of the use of “OBAMABCARE” in the text, while the President has been heard referring to the program by the same name. In paragraph 2 you state that we do not have the best healthcare system in the world. If THAT is the case, why are there so many Canadian citizens obtaining medical service in the United States? The reason the Canadians are receiving their health care in the U.S. is that THEY don’t want to wait six months or longer for some of their care, and if the ACA goes into effect, that advantage will be gone.

      Time limits on insurance? Where are you getting that? Currently there are no time limits. You get sick, you see a doctor, the doctor bills your insurance, gets paid. If there is a problem, you or your doctor appeal the problem with the insurance company. Sounds like YOU are the one on the Kool-Aid.

      We need a SMALLER government and MORE LIBERTY and FREEDOM for the citizens. Read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Pay particular attention to the Bill of Rights (Amendment 1 – 10), and tell me where the esteemed Mr. Obama is heading.

      Yo you, Ms. Malone, I say BOVINE FECES!

      • Sue Z says:

        Gary N., she was referring to life time limits on coverage, which commonly has been 1,000,000 or less if you have a crappy plan. Your idea of appealing decisions to the insurance carriers brings up a good point…at this time, most doctors have already signed contractual agreements with all the various insurance carriers, Medicare, Aetna, United healthcare etc., you get paid according to what you agreed to. In most cases, the doctor or hospital is responsible for filing any greivances with the company, not the patient, but it would depend upon what the issue is. And many many insurance carriers can and do deny coverage right now; and all those policies that are being cancelled are likely crapp policies that do not offer the basics. there is no way to have smaller government as long as people keep deciding to procreate, but it certainly should be made more organized. As far as the constitution, etc etc, back there I do believe there was no such thing as health insurance so it’s irrelevant….old people did not live to be very old and they lived with their kids usually till they died. In this day and age with everyone trying to get a job, taking care of your dying parent while also caring for your teenage/college age child is not realistic; Medicare is a highly functional program and has saved countless lives, including my dad, who had no insurance in his life till he got Medicare, and got his first physical since he had been in the Marines. I grew up without health insurance and it sucks. Might not have asthma today if I’d had routine health exams.

      • BBunsen says:

        Wow – when ObamaCare goes into effect, Canadians won’t be able to come to the US for medical care. Gee, that’s the best reason I’ve heard for repealing the AHCA, because we’ve got to keep helping those Canadians avoid the system they voted for.

      • willrobm says:

        @gary n … slide back under the rock you crawled out from you low life coward

      • Janis S says:

        A smaller govt and more liberty ? Which part of govt do you want to do away with? Social Security, Medicare, minimum wage, protections in the work environment, protections in air quality, disaster relief, emergency care if you are uninsured, food inspections, laws that regulate banks, housing, and criminality? I can go on and on

    • Rick Cole says:

      Thank U….. finally somebody with some Sense

    • Bud Whiteside says:


      In one of the Presidential debates with Romney Obama said he had no problem with Romney calling Affordable Health care OBAMACARE. Narcissist like that kind of attention.

      There is no reason the majority of people in the U.S. have to be covered by Obamacare. Supposedly their are some 20 million people without health insurance in the U.S. Take care of those people and don’t penalize ever one else.

      • Lloyd Hauskins says:

        Hey, Bud. YOU pay for them when they go to the ER. Why not let them pay for themselves?

        • Jan says:

          BECAUSE they won’t pay for it. Educate yourself, please. The vast majority of them are signing up for Medicade, which is funded by taxpayer dollars, just as all government personnel and programs are.

    • Lloyd Hauskins says:

      This a group of Republican Teabaggers. They want to take away your SS and Medicare. DON’T FALL FOR IT!

    • Bob Absher says:

      Is this group capable of drinking Kool-Aid? AARP, AMAC Both are out to make money and try to align the voting power of seniors to their causes and beliefs! At 66, most of my friends are seniors and at least 60-70% of them support government intervention in medical care. Only the ignorant would keep 30 million Americans without some form of medical care. Everyone needs to stop debating over the Affordable Health Care Act, it is law! The conservatives are going to block every attempt to make it successful and waste the time needed for important things in anal fixation! I am not going further, just look at the picture of the AMAC leadership.

      Suited, white, business people with only one thought, “Another way to get rich!” Somewhere, out of view, there is a stack of 10 foot poles people threw away as they left! I would not join this group (AMAC) for any reason! Just another bunch wanting to do things to people instead of working with and for them!

      • Pegu says:

        “It is law!” Read some history…it was also “law” years ago that allowed white folk to OWN black folks. Just because it is law doesn’t mean it makes sense or is good for anyone!

    • Robert Caplinger says:

      Sounds like you are the one who is drinking the KOOLAID !!!!

    • stonewall ray says:

      sounds like ann is the one drinking the kool aid.

    • Cheryl says:

      Ann Magrone,
      I agree with you. This group is not for senior citizens or for American citizens at all. It’s a shill for the rich Republicans who lie every time they open their mouths. I’m for AARP who is willing to step out and protest the destruction of medicare and social security. Don’t listen to their lies and give them your hard earned money. If the Republicans win, you’ll need every dime to survive another day.

      • Dave says:

        ann sounds like you have been told what too think, I make up my own mind maybe, you should watch Fox news for a week and get both sides!!!! your thinking might change and not be a follower…

    • Sue Z says:

      Obama erroneously starting using the phrase Obamacare because that’s what people were calling it; it was a mistake, for one thing, many people actually think it is two different things. As far as Canada, my husb. has worked with Canadians, both employees and contractors, for about five years, and they have no complaints about their health care. The waiting in line is a myth; plus, they have choices to purchase just like with the ACA.

      • Diane says:

        Your comments about Canadian health care are interesting. We live in Florida. My husband had to have hip replacement done and had to schedule it earlier than we had planned. Why? Because once we got into “season” there were no openings until Spring to have the surgery. During “season” all appointments were booked out to Canadians coming to Florida for their hip and knee replacements. Sounds like a good plan to me!

  37. RJ says:

    I don’t know the ages of the people that left all the comments but I paid into Social Security for 40 yrs. driving a truck. I personally think that you should get back what you paid in all your working life thats why we paid in all the money we had to. The illegal aliens trying to get citizenship into the US are going to be tax exempt for I think 5 years so we have to support them. As a country we need to take care of our own before we even think of taking care of someone outside the country. This country has handed out so man y billions of dollars to other countrie and more or less said the hell with the people in this country. If you look at the National News some of the countries that don’t want to honor the currency from this country are some of the countries we sent all that money to. Look at Japan after WW2 we sent all that money to help them rebuild there country and now they are one of the countries that don’t want to honor our currency. I think as Americans we all need to get our heads out of our butt and get this country back on track.

    • Bill White says:

      no one in this country should be exempt from taxes for any length of time nor should they be able to get social security without having paid into it first. SS is not an entitlement program, I earned it and had the gov not borrowed from it for years it would be solvent forever. Take care of our own first and let the rest of the world kill each other as they have for hundreds of years and learn to speak English if you want to live here. How bout a white heritage month? Or is that racist?

    • Bob Absher says:

      Amen! Our government is no longer, “Of the people, by the people, for the people!” It is,”Of the government, by the government, for the government, TO THE PEOPLE!” We don’t choose the president, but choose from a few choices dictated by the Parties! We don’t elect the president, because our votes are churned (not turned) into electoral votes that are at the whim of the electoral representative! Congress has manipulated Legislation to the point that a Bill on trucking could have an amendment for something dealing with washers in a laundromat! Wake up out there, before it is too late!

      • JoB says:

        Take a moment, Bob, and read the Constitution, which set up the Electoral College to vote for the President so that all states would have an equal representation in the process; large states could not control the Presidency just because they had a larger population (and therefore more votes). Political parties existed before the colonies rebelled from England, and I have never heard of any political system that can function without them. How else would candidates be selected except by groups of citizens promoting certain principles and representatives? The Republican Party was formed before the Civil War and Lincoln was elected as a result, so what is the problem. If you want another political system, organize one. Finally, reforming legislation is up to Congress and the people who elect the Congress. If you don’t like unrelated amendments in a bill (I agree, they are called ‘pork”), elect representatives who will vote them out and change the rules.

        • RQ53 says:

          The part about all states being equal was true UNTIL the process was changed allowing more populous states to have higher electoral vote numbers. In the beginning, all states had equal votes, now you have states like Texas, New York, Florida, Massachusetts,and California that overshadow every other state with the number of electoral votes they command. The ones that irk me is the “all or nothing” states where one candidate gets all the electoral votes even if 49% of the people didn’t vote for the candidate. That is not representation of the people and if memory serves me correctly, would have changed the outcome of at least three presidential races.

    • Frances DiPentino says:

      Have to say I agree with all you stated and ..yes, we need the USA Strong and secure for All the folks who worked All their life to make it so and put their money into the Social Security for the future as they age from working..It was used to make them money and now they make it sound as tho we get some hand-out, that is a bunch of BULL!…Yes so smart.. give it to the people who never put a dime in..That is so very wrong to do so! The way the veterans wer treated was one of the worst ever..They fought and still do for our Rights and Freedom and to hurt them in any way is a SIN! God Help the people trying to change our Love & Respect for him and Our Country.

      • Suzee Q says:

        Americans need to be aware that our currency is worthless and that the government just continues to print money to cover expenses. Your retirement and social security is worthless anyway and considered paper script. The dollar is on the verge of not being the standard of trade currency by the rest of the world and the US is going to be bankrupt and we as a country will not be able to purchase. Look it up that’s why China and other countries are combing their incomes to trade with each other and United States will be out of the trade with other countries. It will be defunct.

    • Sue Z says:

      The money wasted on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could pay for health insurance for the entire country. Trillions…why does no one ever think of that? And yes, we are paying to rebuild them but whine about keeping our country healthy. and we need healthy kids and families to keepup with foreign competition.

    • BBunsen says:

      Illegal aliens are NOT tax exempt. In fact, estimates are that illegal aliens contribute $7 BILLION to Social Security every year, and that’s money they’ll probably never get back. And they still pay sales and excise taxes on the items they buy, property taxes through the rents they pay, and many have state and federal taxes withheld from their paychecks.

      • Pegu says:

        how do they pay into SS? I work in a department store and when they come in and we ask them to open a credit card…we are told “you need Social Security Number…I dont have one” Then they pull out a wad of 100 dollar bills and pay in cash! no SS number ….no way to pay in!

      • Nadine M says:

        This is exactly what an illegal said to me. “We have one person in hundreds that is legal in the US and gets a SS card and photo ID. Because we mostly look a lot alike, that same SS and ID is used over and over by hundreds of illegals but we get most of our pay under the table, get only minimum wages shown as income so we do not pay much taxes or SS at all. Then we show only the minimum wage amount to get food stamps, welfare and other government programs. We like it that we can come to the US and have others support us and all of our family members.”
        Now do not tell me that the illegals are contributing anything to this country. I am fed up with my small wages being grabbed in taxes to support illegals or any other low life that has their hand out for medical care, food, housing and 1500.00 per month for each illegal child they can breed into this country.

  38. JERRY SPALDING says:

    i wouldnt join this place…too much tea party types on it…a bunch of nuts…

    • Pamela says:

      Yes indeed. A bunch of nuts that love our country, constitution, Veterans, civil rights, privacy, etc,….. And we DON’T like liars, scams, immaturity, or smart ass’.

      • dfh says:

        Another tea bagger attempt to extract your money to push their cause. Plus it never was 716 billion to ne taken away from anything just another slanted fact by the baggers

        • Tammy says:

          dfh, How much you getting paid. Your whole statement is so false, you have to be getting something free from Obummer.

          • Gail says:

            You are so right Tammy.

          • Jan says:

            I`ve been looking at your comments. How many of you have read the bill? You know ObamaCare. Fact; 716 billion will be cut from Medicare. Read section 3000, hospitals will be rewarded for spending less on care for seniors, and the ones who spend more will be penalize. The bill will cost seniors their lives.

            • Jan says:

              They can neither read and comprehend, or think for themselves. Who do you think they will blame for the cuts in Senior care when it is implemented in 2014?

              • Pegu says:

                who CAN read the bill???? come on even Pelosi said “we have to pass this bill so we know what is in it!”

            • Sue Z says:

              That’s not quite right. Hospitals will be fined IF the patient returns for the same problem too soon; in other words, they will be punished (fined) for not caring properly for the patient while they were there, and discharged them too soon. Medicare already has theoretical limits on how long you can stay for certain diagnoses. My mother in law was in 2009 and we were told she could stay I think, 5 days, but she continued to get worse so there was no problem with her staying longer till she was discharged to hospice.

        • Gracie says:

          some of us can do first grade arithmetic and know that the promises in obummercare and the reality of their computations are in different universes. the money simply won’t cover the promises.

      • Lynn Dedhiya says:

        I’m with you Pam. Add free-loaders to the list. They call us domestic enemies. But they are the ones that have corrupted almost everything that was great about Our Country.

      • Eleanor Bailey Fetrow says:

        Thanks for saying what I was thinking..!!! Sounds like A bunch of libs on here,..the social security was meant to be a retirement fund…(savings account, so to speak)…was not to be used for anything else…the greedy government went in this fund and started borrowing from it…part of our countrys’ debt is money owed to this fund…it’s very frustrating to see our money going overseas, then listen to our government tell us we’re broke…

    • Lynda Best says:

      Jerry Spalding, you just convinced me to join. I do not belong to the Tea Party, but their values are what America was built on; and if we are to survive, we must join them in fighting for the right and the good. Thanks for reminding me. Socialism WILL NOT work. America already has 65% of her inhabitants drawing some sort of government help, which leaves 35% to support them. Soon enough, there will not be enough money to support those who cannot or will not work.

      • Gail says:

        It’s just going to get worse Lynda. We can see it happening right before our eyes.

      • Darryl says:

        The average age of McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried, Walmart, etc is now 29 years old and making an average of $8.33/hr. They can only afford to fill up the car they live in. Raise the minimum wage to $12/ hr and all those people will be able to get off public assistance and make room for the needy elderly. Those companies that pay so little are making record profits every year at the expense of an hourly wage earner that has been stuck at $8 /hr for as long as I can remember in my 60 years of age. Learn to love everyone with all your heart and then vote that way and you will be surprised how much better your own life will be.

        • john says:

          I understand what you’re saying but if you raise the minimum wage to $12/hr these companies will raise their prices. some may just decide to close. I know it’s greed pure and simple but this is what they will do. the jobs you are talking about should be for seniors and young people entering the work force. they are not career type jobs.

          • john baker says:

            when I hear people say we need to let the companies just keep paying the 7.50 to 8.00 an hr It drives me crazy. why dont U go to work for that and see how soon U go on food stamps and grov. help. That is so stupid U have no Idea HOW dumb that makes U the 70s we stood on picked lines to get a better wadge and U people dont care enough for each other to stand up for the other guy. U say the LOW PAYING jobs is what the old people need to work, What the heck do u mean by that, that the old need to work for less just because they are old. U must be the biggest dumb behind in the world, to make the statement the old need to work for less just because they are old. PLEASE dont say any more people like U to be quiet, to thank we was built on greed like tha tea party is and want to make the rich richer, why not pay he ones who realy make u the money more I dont allways agree with Obama lord nos But U ferrking People realy need help

            • ryukidn says:


              How very communist of you! In the 70s, unions were disabling and destroying industries (see airlines, steel) because they make unreasonable demands on companies. That either results in an excessive cost structure, and higher prices, that make a company unable to compete, or it causes the company to be unable to adapt to a changing business landscape, and the company cannot compete. Whatever the impact, the result is that unions always destroy their host … kinda like ticks.

              I understand the impact of unions on companies and on the economy because, when my job was not providing the life I wanted, I didn’t go on strike, I didn’t arbitrarily demand that my employer suddenly pay me more than what we had initially agreed upon although I’d done nothing to improve my value to the company. Instead, I kept working, and went back to school to make myself more valuable. Like so many other Americans, I changed my life by pulling myself up by my bootstraps.

              No unions or blackmail required … just plain old hard work!

            • Dave says:

              You want to see how good Unions are for big business come to Detroit, Yes the unions we’re very very instrumental in this countries history and helped the working man in many areas not just wages. A safe work environment was just as important as good wages. Well the Unions actually shot themselves in the foot by taking & taking and now look at what they have. This country needs good paying jobs NOT service jobs at
              McDonald’s or Burger King or even Wal Mart. These jobs are for young people going to school or people already retired and looking for supplemental income or just something to do. Our government has no clue how to let the free market work and bring back the good paying jobs. Raising taxes is for sure the wrong thing to do if you want business to come to your state or even your country. We need to shoot the 800LB Gorilla in the room because its crushing us into oblivion.

          • Michael says:

            Darryl it isn’t greed.
            If my company does $1000 gross revenues on a shift, cost of goods is 60% and cost of running the business (machinery phones internet access, electricity, heat and AC water and sewer and insurance) is another 15% that leaves $250 to pay for the help on that 8 hour shift. I have to pay 20% above an employee’s wages in additional expenses to the government to have that employee that means the $8 an hour employee costs the business $10 per hour. With $250 left to pay them that is 250 divided by 8 (hours) divided by 10 (dollars per hour) or 3 employees, with .125 employee hour equivalents set aside towards sick pay, overtime, vacation time, maternity leave, medical leave, paternity leave and anything else, oh and as the business owner I earn nothing on that shift. If you change that to $12 an hour paid tot he employee the numbers go to $15 per hour cost, so 250 divided by 8 divided by 15 or two employees with .08 employee hour equivalents to pay them the same benefits and nothing to me as an employer. Employment drops by 33%, the Employees have to do more work than they did before and the benefits program needs to be trimmed to compensate meaning their contribution to their benefits must increase but the pool of employees is 33% smaller so the cost per employee is greater and I need to increase my prices to subsidize that increase. After a month the employees want to strike because of the work load so I hire another worker, now doing the math backwards, I have three employees, times $15 times 8 hours per shift pus .125 employee hour equivalents to cover their benefits package (it would actually have t be higher because they are paid more and the .125 will be insufficient but I will use it anyway) brings us to $375 for payroll on that shift which is 25% of the necessary revenues on that shift or $1500 which is a 50% increase in prices for that businessman to just break even with the increase in minimum wage and maintain the same level of service and unlikely able to maintain the original level of benefits to the employee.
            Next time you want to argue a small businessman’s greed, do so with some knowledge.

            Increases in minimum wage result in formerly unbelievable prices. in the late 1960’s my father told me that gas had been essentially the same price for 40 years. As a kid he paid as high as .20 a gallon in the 1930s in Pittsburgh, here in the late 60’s it was well below .30 cents a gallon. He said Minimum wage laws will push prices and every time the wage goes up prices will too. He warned me that gas would hit $1 a gallon before I was a grandfather. It hit a dollar a gallon before I got out of High School. I am 52 and I remember a nickel for a pack of gum, 27 cents for cigarettes, gas at 34.9 cents, 4 loaves of bread for a dollar and television commercials for McDonalds that advertised change back from a dollar when you bought a burger fries and a coke. Eggs were 50 cents a dozen.
            I remember you could support a family on $1.50 an hour, a new car cost $3000 (about 6 month’s wages) and a 9 room colonial house on a .25 acre lot was about $23,000 (roughly two years wages). By the time I first got married a beat up house in need of serious repair on almost no land was $100,000 (almost 6 year wages) 25 a new car (a Chevy Cavalier in 1985) was $17,000 (a year’s wages) and it was a piece of crap. Bread was $1 a loaf for the store brand cheap stuff, Milk was handed out to any family that had kids under 5 and when the coupons ran out you couldn’t afford to buy more. Eggs were $1.29.

            Minimum wage has helped so much.

            My little business? Back a few years if I wanted a little extra help I could hire a High School Kid and pay him 60% of the going rate. she was untrained, made mistakes and learned a work ethic. Now I cannot hire a high school kid because the liability insurance for having an underage kid on the job is astronomical and they must be paid full wage for a job they do not know how to do. They cannot be on the schedule more than 15 hours or I have to give them benefits they have not earned yet and equal to the employees that have full training if they perform the same function regardless of the quality of their work. 15 hours is just less than 2 shifts. I cannot even have them fill in for two people’s days off. So they get 8 hours, are not happy and quit and I have to go through the forms interviews and training all over again where I used to move them from training to “I think I’ll keep him on” and offer a full schedule of hours and the ability to support themselves and possibly a family.

            You “they are drinking the koolaid” people on both sides of the question are the problem. The government’s job is to protect the citizen’s rights and the security of the nation’s borders.
            Provide for the disabled and those who have served the citizens with their bodies in uniform.

            Other than that the government should get out of the way to allow this great group of people called Americans to strive to ascribe to something higher than their next food stamp allotment or agriculture surplus hand out.

            We took a turn for the worst when we changed the discussion from “Affordable Health Care” to “Affordable Health Insurance.”

            Wake up Americans, the system no longer works, if we do not restore the functioning system we had to something that will function for the next 200 years someone will come in and install their system instead.

            Reinvention or collapse, which will it be? Which will you vote for next election? How hard would you work to restore a sense of calm sanity in society? Will you prove your resolve by putting yourself up as a candidate and serving your community?

            Until you get in the way and make things stop they will continue to get worse.

            • LAPLUMA says:

              Michael: I could not improve on one word you have written. When our children are educated by progressives, What can we expect. I was a union member for 33 yrs and I saw corruption in the union,they protected the cheaters,.the drunks, the drugies. The regular folks made it just fine they didn’t need protection. When I wanted something extra I worked another job, that’s what the men did when one job was not enough. There does not seem to be many out there teaching their children a work ethic any more. Wake up folks, Our country is and was great lets make it happen again.

          • dizzyd says:

            Great! Let McD’s and all the others selling shit food that kills people go out of business. The money saved in healthcare costs will satisfy the overpaid CEOs for a little while giving people a break from being bent over for at least long enough to catch their breath…

        • Garry Butler says:

          You have a point there but your memory is not good if you are 60 yrs old …lol. I am 60 also and when I went to work for the Highway dept. the minimum wage was $1.25 per hour..

          • john baker says:

            Ya and U could not make it then. Why dont u care about the other guy. what u use to make dont mean nothing what dose matter is what do u make now. I bet its not 7.50. I bet U use to walk up hill both ways to school and walked in snow up to uer knees. Thats how dumb people sound. WELL I HAD IT SO BAD . well dose that mean that people have to work for nothing now just because we did when we started the work force. didu spend 70,000 for school and have to pay back student loans ,
            OUR jobs went south with the good jobe not because the companied was going broke but because they got greedy and thats not right

          • Suzee Q says:

            Now I am seeing the over 60 crowd working at Wal-Mart as greeters or stacking shelves getting carts in from parking lot. Oh and also at all the fast food eateries there are over 60’s. That says a lot about retirement in this country.

        • Rick says:


          Minimum wage jobs are not meant to be those that support a family. They are entry level jobs and low paying because the incentive is to motivate those workers to either do well and earn promotions to better paying positions or seek better employment positions. They are also foundation jobs (as in first tier) to allow one to BEGIN to build a work history.

          If you raise the minimum, those who are making better wages will also want raises so that they (rightfully so) stay ahead and as such the end result is that everything costs more and the percentage of “income disparity” stays the same but just with larger figures across the board. In essence, NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

          Your statement that you should vote with your heart is a liberal/progressive concept. One should rather vote with their BRAIN.

          As far as companies making more money……isn’t that what business is about by definition? Anything less would be a non-profit venture.

          • Carol says:

            When I got out of college, I was asked constantly what experience do you have and since I had not worked previously, I was happy to get a foundation job at low pay just so I could say I had worked and then moved on to better and higher paying jobs. I believed I made a whole whopping 1.35 per hour in 1962. I recall later, about 1975, I had an Executive Secretary title and I was making $5.50 per hour. During my tenure at that job between 1975 and 1984, I got a raise of .50 cents and then in 1984 I was laid off at a pay of $5.50 and the non-profit could not afford to keep my position due to a recession at that time. Since that time, I changed jobs and worked myself up to $11.00 per hour and no benefits. At the time I was making 5.50 per hour, I had high school grads coming to me and wanting to make $5.50 with no experience so something changed when kids graduated from high school and wanting pay at the top rather than getting experience which seemed unfair to those of us who had to work our way up the ladder the hard way. I am going to make one more statement: Just supposing that all the Democrats lost their jobs and they depended on the government. Later, all Republicans lost their jobs so nobody was working and earning any money. Now, who will be paying the taxes to the government, remember, the government does not produce anything, only hires people and their pay comes from taxes that the Democrats and Republicans used to pay. Now, nobody is able to pay taxes and only people working are the government employees, but with no taxes paid, who is going to pay them… Now, you will have the Democrats, Republicans and Government employees all on welfare and nobody to pay into the welfare, social security or anything else that the government handles. By the way, Social Security is an earned benefit that was paid by the receiver of social security during those days working, before retirement and it is Not an entitlement.

        • Tracy says:

          Pass the Fair Tax and there will be no need to raise minimum wage; the market will raise wages itself as more jobs return from overseas. Check out the faq at

        • Jeannette says:

          I wish you were right Darryl but sadly even at $12/hr you can’t make it because of Obamacare most companies, including the union job that I was forced to take after being off work since December doesn’t hire for full time, you only get part time work so you have to take on 2 jobs and if they conflict then you don’t get to keep them both! So sadly your statement is wrong. :( I know this why?, because I work for just under $13/hr. but refuse to take ANY GOV ASSISTANCE.

        • Sue Z says:

          You are right. The company my husband makes made record profits first part of the year, so in order to make more, they had a big lay off! It’s the corporation CEO’s and higher ups that are the greedy ones. And yes, those working for minimum wage cannot afford much at that rate.

      • Kathy Newton says:

        I’m appalled by some of these communistic comments, and yes….I like the Tea Party and what we stand for. This younger generation just doesn’t get it. Spoiled, don’t care, and always want instant gratification. Our parents, the greatest generation, didn’t have shoes to wear(due to the depression) and sometimes had to go barefoot until someone handed down some shoes, or either their parents were able to order some from the Sears, Roebuck salespeople that came by their homes to take their orders. God help this country, and pray for America. My husband has AARP, but I’m asking him to change to AMAC, as the liberals have taken over AARP.

        • Maureen Morgan says:

          Kathy – you have said it perfectly. We currently are processing to switch from AARP to AMAC. I’ve been trying to get hubby to do this for a long time. Fast food jobs are for teenagers to get some spending money. Some of them stay long enough to become Manager and that should be the $15/hr. position. I am a member of the Tea Party Patriots – 1st Brigade (which means one of the first to sign up in the AK group). I hear many ridiculous statements concerning what the Tea Party is all about. We are about the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights. The members come from all walks of life, all parties, all colors, etc. One of the founders is a black man so, obviously, the Tea Party is not racist. There are many black people within the organization. Many lies are out there. To know what the Tea Party stands for research it and don’t stand on what other people tell you. Find out for yourself. Most of us are at home fixing dinner for the family, or sitting in our easy chairs reading a good book. We are not out and about with guns loaded, and looking for a fight.


        • Sue Z says:

          Kathy, I’m a senior citizen and I have yet to find any values of the Tea Party that I agree with at all. Or any values period. AARP has long represented seniors and from everything I read, stands up for what I feel I personally need as I age. AMAC seems to do little but rant against AARP, wasting your membership fees. I see nothing communistic about any comments I’ve seen here, so not clear what you mean by that. You are apparently one of the many that think just because someone does not have a job or health insurance that it’s because they are lazy and uneducated. There certainly are many like that, but certinaly not all. My husband has co workers with double masters who have been laid off and could not find jobs. And now days, at the professional level, if you have been unemployed for any period of time, basically no one wants to even look at your resume, and that is a truth. Big corporations figure they’d rather hire you out from another employer than look at someone who’s been unemployed for anylenght of time. Makes no sense but it is true.

      • ryukidn says:

        Excellent, Lynda!

        You may want to look into your local tea party, too! If you’re for limiting govt power, intrusion, and taxation, and putting that power back into the hands of the individual, you & your local tea party could be very happy together.

    • Dan says:

      Fast and furious.
      17 Trillion
      Transparency and Accountability?

      • Sara says:

        . Weapons of Mass Destruction
        . Millions (or is it Billions) spent on war
        .9/11 (ignoring intelligence)
        .Government Shutdown (at LEAST 24 Billion)
        .Repeatedly wasting Congressional time to repeal a bill already passed into law and affirmed by the US Supreme Court (more than 40 times)
        . Lack of cooperation–unwillingness to work with the Democrats (when we are all AMERICANS, and we need to work together to make our country as good as it can be)
        . Determined to make the Obama administration fail (to wit, the infamous meeting on Obama’s first inauguration) and subsequent, continued similar meetings
        . Patriot Act (not all bad by any means, but definitely not all good, either)
        . Be aware that Presidential spending peaked during the Reagan administration at 23.5% of GDP in 1985. This year it is projected to be at 21.6% of GDP.
        . Apparently people don’t know the difference between debts and deficits. Deficits have plunged from 10.1% of GDP in 2009 to just 4% of GDP this year. Projections by the Congressional Budget Office for 2014 are that deficits will be just 3.4% of GDP.

        And there’s so much more . . .

        • Michael says:

          government shut down 24 billion? is THAT what they spent on those “park closed” signs?

          The Government shutdown saved 150 Billion per day, until they decided to pay the workers for lost wages for the days they didn’t work.

          real interesting that they had to hire IT specialists to shut down the automated internet systems that ran their websites because of the shutdown, the websites came up but you couldn’t access any information like that required people.

          idiots all of them… if they are “non-essential” government jobs … maybe we don’t need them?

          Want to trim the budget here are a few POSSIBLE places to save a buck or 900 billion:

          Legislative branch:
          Architect of the Capitol
          United States Botanic Garden
          Government Accountability Office <- this one doesn't work anyway.
          Congressional Budget Office
          Congressional Research Service
          United States Copyright Office
          Office of Compliance
          United States Capitol Guide Service

          Judicial branch:
          Federal Judicial Center
          Judicial Conference of the United States
          United States Sentencing Commission

          Executive branch:
          Executive Office of the President
          Agencies within the Executive Office of the President:

          Council of Economic Advisers
          Council on Environmental Quality
          Domestic Policy Council
          National Economic Council
          National Security Council
          Office of Administration
          Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships
          Office of Management and Budget
          Office of National AIDS Policy
          Office of National Drug Control Policy
          Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement
          Office of Science and Technology Policy
          Office of the President
          Office of the First Lady
          Office of the Vice President
          President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board
          President's Intelligence Oversight Board
          President's Intelligence Advisory Board
          United States Trade Representative
          White House Military Office

          United States Department of Agriculture:
          Agricultural Marketing Service
          Agricultural Research Service
          Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion
          Economic Research Service
          Farm Service Agency
          Commodity Credit Corporation
          Food and Nutrition Service
          Food Safety and Inspection Service
          Foreign Agricultural Service
          Forest Service
          Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration
          Marketing and Regulatory Programs
          National Agricultural Statistics Service
          National Institute of Food and Agriculture
          4-H <———————————————————– Did you know this was a government agency?
          Natural Resources Conservation Service
          Risk Management Agency
          Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
          Rural Business and Cooperative Programs
          Office of Rural Development
          Research, Education and Economics
          Rural Housing Service
          Rural Utilities Service

          United States Department of Commerce:
          Census Bureau
          Bureau of Economic Analysis
          Bureau of Industry and Security
          Economic Development Administration
          Economics and Statistics Administration
          Export Enforcement
          Import Administration
          International Trade Administration
          Office of Travel and Tourism Industries
          Invest in America
          Manufacturing and Services
          Marine and Aviation Operations
          Market Access and Compliance
          Minority Business Development Agency
          National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
          NOAA Commissioned Corps
          National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service
          National Marine Fisheries Service
          National Oceanic Service
          National Weather Service
          National Telecommunications and Information Administration
          Patent and Trademark Office
          National Institute of Standards and Technology
          National Technical Information Service
          Trade Promotion and the U.S. And Foreign Commercial Service

          United States Department of Defense:
          Department of the Army
          United States Army
          Army Intelligence and Security Command
          Army Corps of Engineers
          Department of the Navy
          United States Navy
          Office of Naval Intelligence
          U.S. Naval Academy
          Marine Corps
          Marine Corps Intelligence Activity
          Department of the Air Force
          United States Air Force
          Civil Air Patrol
          Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency
          Joint Chiefs of Staff
          J-2 Intelligence
          National Guard Bureau
          Natural Disaster and Disaster Help Program
          J-2 Intelligence Directorate
          Air National Guard
          Army National Guard
          Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
          Defense Commissary Agency
          Defense Contract Audit Agency
          Defense Contract Management Agency
          Defense Finance and Accounting Service
          Defense Information Systems Agency
          Defense Intelligence Agency
          Defense Clandestine Service
          Defense Logistics Agency
          Defense Security Cooperation Agency
          Defense Security Service
          Defense Technical Information Center
          Defense Threat Reduction Agency
          Missile Defense Agency
          National Security Agency
          Central Security Service
          National Reconnaissance Office
          National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
          Naval Criminal Investigative Service
          Pentagon Force Protection Agency
          United States Pentagon Police
          American Forces Information Service
          Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office
          Department of Defense Education Activity
          Department of Defense Dependents Schools
          Defense Human Resources Activity
          Office of Economic Adjustment
          TRICARE Management Activity
          Washington Headquarters Services
          West Point Military Academy

          United States Department of Education

          United States Department of Energy

          Energy Information Administration
          Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
          National Laboratories & Technology Centers
          University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
          National Nuclear Security Administration
          Power Marketing Administrations:
          Bonneville Power Administration
          Southeastern Power Administration
          Southwestern Power Administration
          Western Area Power Administration

          United States Department of Health and Human Services

          Administration on Aging
          Administration for Children and Families
          Administration for Children, Youth and Families
          Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
          Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
          National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
          Epidemic Intelligence Service
          National Center for Health Statistics
          Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
          Food and Drug Administration
          Reagan-Udall Foundation
          Health Resources and Services Administration
          Patient Affordable Healthcare Care Act Program {to be implemented fully in 2014}
          Independent Payment Advisory Board
          Indian Health Service
          National Institutes of Health
          National Institute of Mental Health
          National Health Intelligence Service
          Public Health Service
          Federal Occupational Health
          Office of the Surgeon General
          United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps
          Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

          United States Department of Homeland Security

          Federal Emergency Management Agency
          FEMA Corps
          U.S. Fire Administration
          National Flood Insurance Program
          Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
          Transportation Security Administration
          United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
          United States Coast Guard (Transfers to Department of Defense during declared war or national emergency)
          Coast Guard Intelligence
          National Ice Center
          United States Ice Patrol
          United States Customs and Border Protection
          Office of Air and Marine
          Office of Border Patrol
          U.S. Border Patrol
          Border Patrol Intelligence
          Office of Field Operations
          United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement
          United States Secret Service
          Secret Service Intelligence Service Offices
          Domestic Nuclear Detection Office
          Office of Health Affairs
          Office of Component Services
          Office of International Affairs and Global Health Security
          Office of Medical Readiness
          Office of Weapons of Mass Destruction and Biodefense
          Office of Intelligence and Analysis
          Office of Operations Coordination
          Office of Policy
          Homeland Security Advisory Council
          Office of International Affairs
          Office of Immigration Statistics
          Office of Policy Development
          Office for State and Local Law Enforcement
          Office of Strategic Plans
          Private Sector Office


          Directorate for Management

          National Protection and Programs

          National Protection and Programs Directorate
          Federal Protective Service
          Office of Cybersecurity and Communications
          National Communications System
          National Cyber Security Division
          United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team
          Office of Emergency Communications
          Office of Infrastructure Protection
          Office of Risk Management and Analysis
          United States Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology (US-VISIT)

          Science and Technology

          Science and Technology Directorate
          Environmental Measurements Laboratory


          Innovation/Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency
          Office of Research
          Office of National Laboratories
          Office of University Programs
          Program Executive Office, Counter Improvised Explosive Device
          Office of Transition
          Commercialization Office
          Long Range Broad Agency Announcement Office
          Product Transition Office
          Safety Act Office
          Technology Transfer Office


          Border and Maritime Security Division <—Keep this one.
          Chemical and Biological Division
          Command, Control and Interoperability Division
          Explosives Division
          Human Factors Division
          Infrastructure/Geophysical Division

          Offices and Institutes

          Business Operations Division
          Executive Secretariat Office
          Human Capital Office
          Key Security Office
          Office of the Chief Administrative Officer
          Office of the Chief Information Officer
          Planning and Management
          Corporate Communications Division
          Interagency and First Responders Programs Division
          International Cooperative Programs Office
          Operations Analysis Division
          Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute
          Homeland Security Systems Engineering and Development Institute
          Strategy, Policy and Budget Division
          Special Programs Division
          Test & Evaluation and Standards Division

          United States Department of Housing and Urban Development


          Federal Housing Administration
          Federal Housing Finance Agency


          Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships (HUD)
          Departmental Enforcement Center
          Office of Community Planning and Development
          Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations
          Office of Equal Employment Opportunity
          Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
          Office of Field Policy and Management
          Office of the General Counsel
          Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control
          Office of Hearings and Appeals
          Office of Labor Relations
          Office of Policy Development and Research
          Office of Public Affairs
          Office of Public and Indian Housing
          Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
          Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities Corporation

          Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae)

          United States Department of the Interior

          Bureau of Indian Affairs <– the affairs are over, assimilate or grant independence
          Bureau of Land Management
          Bureau of Reclamation
          Fish and Wildlife Service
          Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
          Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement
          National Park Service
          Office of Insular Affairs
          Office of Surface Mining
          National Mine Map Repository
          United States Geological Survey

          United States Department of Justice

          Antitrust Division
          Asset Forfeiture Program
          Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
          Civil Division
          Civil Rights Division
          Community Oriented Policing Services
          Community Relations Service
          Criminal Division
          Diversion Control Program
          Drug Enforcement Administration
          Environment and Natural Resources Division
          Executive Office for Immigration Review
          Executive Office for Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces
          Executive Office for United States Attorneys
          Executive Office for United States Trustees
          Federal Bureau of Investigation
          Federal Bureau of Prisons
          Foreign Claims Settlement Commission
          INTERPOL – United States National Central Bureau
          Justice Management Division
          National Crime Information Center
          National Drug Intelligence Center
          National Institute of Corrections
          National Security Division
          Office of the Associate Attorney General
          Office of the Attorney General
          Office of Attorney Recruitment and Management
          Office of the Chief Information Officer
          Office of the Deputy Attorney General
          Office of Dispute Resolution
          Office of the Federal Detention Trustee
          Office of Information Policy
          Office of Intergovernmental and Public Liaison
          Office of Intelligence and Analysis
          Office of Justice Programs
          Bureau of Justice Assistance
          Bureau of Justice Statistics
          Community Capacity Development Office
          National Criminal Justice Reference Service
          National Institute of Justice
          Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
          Office for Victims of Crime
          Office of Legal Counsel
          Office of Legal Policy
          Office of Legislative Affairs
          Office of the Pardon Attorney
          Office of Privacy and Civil Liberties
          Office of Professional Responsibility
          Office of Public Affairs
          Office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering and Tracking
          Office of the Solicitor General
          Office of Special Counsel
          Office of Tribal Justice
          Office on Violence Against Women
          Professional Responsibility Advisory Office
          Tax Division
          United States Attorneys
          United States Marshals
          United States Parole Commission
          United States Trustee Program

          United States Department of Labor
          Bureau of International Labor Affairs
          Bureau of Labor Statistics
          Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships (DOL)
          Employee Benefits Security Administration
          Employment and Training Administration
          Job Corps
          Mine Safety and Health Administration
          Occupational Safety and Health Administration
          Veterans' Employment and Training Service
          Wage and Hour Division
          Women's Bureau


          Administrative Review Board
          Benefits Review Board
          Employees' Compensation Appeals Board


          Office of Administrative Law Judges
          Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management
          Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy
          Office of the Chief Financial Officer
          Office of the Chief Information Officer
          Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs
          Office of Disability Employment Policy
          Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs
          Office of Labor-Management Standards
          Office of the Solicitor
          Office of Worker's Compensation Program
          Ombudsman for the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program

          United States Department of State

          National Council for the Traditional Arts

          Reporting to the Secretary

          Bureau of Intelligence and Research
          Bureau of Legislative Affairs
          Office of the Legal Adviser

          Reporting to the Deputy Secretary for Management and Resources

          Executive Secretariat
          Office of the Chief of Protocol
          Office for Civil Rights
          Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism
          Office of the United States Global AIDS Coordinator
          Office of Global Criminal Justice
          Policy Planning Staff

          Reporting to the Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security

          Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation
          Bureau of Political-Military Affairs
          Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance

          Reporting to the Under Secretary for Democracy and Global Affairs

          Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor
          Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs
          Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration
          Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons

          Reporting to the Under Secretary for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs

          Bureau of Economic, Energy and Business Affairs

          Reporting to the Under Secretary for Management

          Bureau of Administration
          Bureau of Consular Affairs
          Office of Overseas Citizens Services
          Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS)
          Diplomatic Security Service (DSS)
          Office of Foreign Missions (OFM)
          Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC)
          Bureau of Human Resources
          Family Liaison Office
          Bureau of Information Resource Management
          Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations
          Bureau of Resource Management
          Foreign Service Institute
          Office of Management Policy, Rightsizing and Innovation

          Reporting to the Under Secretary for Political Affairs

          Bureau of African Affairs
          Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs
          Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs
          Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs
          Bureau of International Organization Affairs
          Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs
          Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs
          Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs

          Reporting to the Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs

          Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs
          Bureau of International Information Programs
          Bureau of Public Affairs
          Office of the Historian
          Office of Policy, Planning and Resources for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs

          Permanent Diplomatic Missions

          United States Mission to the African Union
          United States Mission to ASEAN
          United States mission to the Arab League
          United States mission to the Council of Europe (and to all other European Agencies)
          United States Mission to International Organizations in Vienna
          United States Mission to the European Union
          United States Mission to the International Civil Aviation Organization
          United States Mission to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
          United States Mission to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
          United States Mission to the Organization of American States
          United States Mission to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
          United States Mission to the United Nations
          United States Mission to the UN Agencies in Rome
          United States Mission to the United Nations Office and Other International Organizations in Geneva
          United States Observer Mission to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
          United States Permanent Mission to the United Nations Environment Program and the United Nations Human Settlements Programme

          United States Department of Transportation

          Bureau of Transportation Statistics
          Federal Aviation Administration
          Air Traffic Organization
          Federal Highway Administration
          Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
          Federal Railroad Administration
          Federal Transit Administration
          Maritime Administration
          National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
          Office of Intelligence, Security and Emergency Response
          Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
          Research and Innovative Technology Administration
          Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
          Surface Transportation Board

          United States Department of the Treasury

          Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau
          Bureau of Engraving and Printing
          Bureau of the Public Debt
          Community Development Financial Institutions Fund
          Federal Consulting Group
          Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
          Financial Management Service
          Internal Revenue Service
          Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
          Office of Thrift Supervision
          Office of Financial Stability
          United States Mint


          Office of Domestic Finance
          Office of Economic Policy
          Office of International Affairs
          Office of Tax Policy
          Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence
          Treasurer of the United States

          United States Department of Veterans Affairs

          National Cemetery Administration
          Veterans Benefits Administration
          Veterans Health Administration

          Boards and offices

          Board of Veterans' Appeals
          Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives
          Center for Minority Veterans
          Center for Veterans Enterprise
          Center for Women Veterans
          Office of Advisory Committee Management
          Office of Employment Discrimination Complaint Adjudication
          Office of Survivors Assistance
          Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
          Veterans Service Organizations Liaison

          Independent agencies and government-owned corporations
          Independent agencies of the United States government and Government-owned corporations

          Administrative Conference of the United States
          Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
          African Development Foundation
          Amtrak (National Railroad Passenger Corporation)
          Armed Forces Retirement Home
          Central Intelligence Agency
          Commission on Civil Rights
          Commodity Futures Trading Commission
          Consumer Product Safety Commission
          Corporation for National and Community Service
          Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency
          Corporation for Public Broadcasting
          Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
          Election Assistance Commission
          Environmental Protection Agency
          Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
          Export-Import Bank of the United States
          Farm Credit Administration
          Federal Communications Commission
          Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
          Federal Election Commission
          Federal Housing Finance Board
          Federal Labor Relations Authority
          Federal Maritime Commission
          Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
          Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission
          Federal Reserve System
          United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
          Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board
          Federal Trade Commission
          General Services Administration
          Helen Keller National Center
          Institute of Museum and Library Services
          Inter-American Foundation
          International Broadcasting Bureau
          Merit Systems Protection Board
          Military Postal Service Agency
          National Aeronautics and Space Administration
          National Archives and Records Administration
          Office of the Federal Register
          National Capital Planning Commission
          National Constitution Center
          National Council on Disability
          National Credit Union Administration
          Central Liquidity Facility
          National Endowment for the Arts
          National Endowment for the Humanities
          National Labor Relations Board
          National Mediation Board
          National Science Foundation
          United States Antarctic Program
          United States Arctic Program
          National Transportation Safety Board
          Nuclear Regulatory Commission
          Office of the Federal Coordinator, Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects
          Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission
          Office of Compliance
          Office of Government Ethics
          Office of Personnel Management
          Federal Executive Institute
          Combined Federal Campaign
          Office of Special Counsel
          Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive
          Office of the Director of National Intelligence
          Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity
          Overseas Private Investment Corporation
          Panama Canal Commission
          Peace Corps
          Postal Regulatory Commission
          Railroad Retirement Board
          Securities and Exchange Commission
          Securities Investor Protection Corporation
          Selective Service System
          Small Business Administration
          Social Security Administration
          Tennessee Valley Authority
          U.S. Trade and Development Agency
          United States Agency for International Development
          United States International Trade Commission
          United States Postal Service

          Proposed government-owned corporation

          Strategic Economic and Energy Development

          Inspectors general

          Inspector General – full list U.S. Inspectors General

          Boards and commissions

          Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Foundation
          Administrative Committee of the Federal Register
          American Battle Monuments Commission
          Appalachian Regional Commission
          Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (United States Access Board)
          Arctic Research Commission
          Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Interagency Coordinating Committee
          Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation
          Broadcasting Board of Governors
          Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board
          Chief Acquisition Officers Council
          Chief Financial Officers Council
          Chief Human Capital Officers Council
          Chief Information Officers Council
          Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee
          Commission of Fine Arts
          Commission on International Religious Freedom
          Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (United States Helsinki Commission)
          Commission on Wartime Contracting (Will sunset when announced (currently not announced) )
          Committee for Purchase from People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled
          Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements
          Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States
          Coordinating Council on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
          Defense Acquisition University
          Delaware River Basin Commission
          Denali Commission
          Endangered Species Committee
          Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board
          Federal Advisory Committees
          Federal Executive Boards
          Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council
          Federal Financing Bank
          Federal Geographic Data Committee
          Federal Interagency Committee for the Management of Noxious and Exotic Weeds
          Federal Interagency Committee on Education
          Federal Interagency Council on Statistical Policy
          Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer
          Federal Library and Information Center Committee
          Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission
          Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation
          Illinois and Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor Commission
          Indian Arts and Crafts Board
          Interagency Alternate Dispute Resolution Working Group
          Interagency Council on Homelessness
          Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin
          J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board
          James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation
          Japan-United States Friendship Commission
          Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries
          Joint Fire Science Program
          Marine Mammal Commission
          Migratory Bird Conservation Commission
          Millennium Challenge Corporation
          Mississippi River Commission
          Morris K. Udall and Stewart L. Udall Foundation
          National Bipartisan Commission on the Future of Medicare
          National Indian Gaming Commission
          National Interagency Fire Center
          National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling
          National Park Foundation
          Northwest Power and Conservation Council (Northwest Power Planning Council)
          Nuclear Regulatory Commission
          Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board
          Preserve America
          Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues
          President's Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition
          Presidents Management Council
          Presidio Trust
          Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board
          Regulatory Service Center (Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs)
          Social Security Advisory Board
          Susquehanna River Basin Commission
          Taxpayer Advocacy Panel
          United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
          Veterans Day National Committee
          Vietnam Educational Foundation
          White House Commission on Presidential Scholars (Presidential Scholars Program)
          White House Commission on the National Moment of Remembrance

          Chartered organizations

          These organizations are some of the organizations who hold a congressional charter. They aren't part of the United States government, even though some are funded by the United States government.

          YMCA of America Inc.
          YWCA of America Inc.
          Boys and Girls Clubs of America
          American Red Cross
          American Red Crescent Movement
          Boy Scouts of America
          Girl Scouts of the USA
          National Ski Patrol
          National Academy of the Sciences

          There are several other organizations that are also chartered.[which?]
          Quasi-official agencies

          Legal Services Corporation
          Smithsonian Institution
          John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
          State Justice Institute
          United States Institute of Peace
          National Trust for Historic Preservation
          Brand USA
          Graduate School USDA
          Graduate School USA

          Private regulatory corporations

          Public Company Accounting Oversight Board
          Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
          Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board
          National Futures Association

          Government entities created by acts but are independent or other entities

          American Institute in Taiwan
          Cotton Incorporated
          Dairy Management Inc.
          Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation
          Washington National Cathedral
          Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
          Howard University
          National Consumer Cooperative Bank
          National Corporation for Housing Partnerships
          National Endowment for Democracy
          National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
          National Technical Institute for the Deaf
          Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation
          Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation
          The Financing Corporation
          Sister Cities International
          Twin Cities International
          United States Olympic Committee (also chartered)
          United States National Paralympic Committee
          United States Anti-Doping Agency

          Government-sponsored enterprises

          Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation
          Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (Farmer Mac)
          Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac)
          Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae)
          Federal Home Loan Banks
          Farm Credit System


          These entities listed almost below are other entities government related that are government related and created in various ways.

          The MITRE Corporation
          The RAND Corporation

          • Brandy says:

            Michael, that is the most insane list I have ever seen. Click your heels 3 times and say “there’s no place like home,” then you can join the rest of us in reality.

    • Tammy says:

      Jerry, I don’t think the Tea Partiers will take you, you don’t seem mature enough to be a responsible adult.

    • Darryl says:

      Let’s fix this problem first. The average age of McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried, Walmart, etc is now 29 years old and making an average of $8.33/hr. They can only afford to fill up the car they live in. Raise the minimum wage to $12/ hr and all those people will be able to get off public assistance and make room for the needy elderly. Those companies that pay so little are making record profits every year at the expense of an hourly wage earner that has been stuck at $8 /hr for as long as I can remember in my 60 years of age. Learn to love everyone with all your heart and then vote that way and you will be surprised how much better your own life will be.

      • Sue says:

        Darryl, I have a problem understanding what will happen if minimum wage is raised to $12. I wonder if you think every company makes big profits. My family’s business barely kept even, but kept going until costs prohibited it (23 years). And, I am certain that other small businesses face the same circumstances we did, as I networked with MANY of them and watched them sadly give in to gov’t regulations that cost millions, gov’t audits that cost lots of money to the audited (I can tell you some heartbreaking stories), and general rising costs to do business. There are many more small businesses in this country than fortune 500 companies like you refer to (McDonalds, etc.). If all the small businesses went out of business, America would collapse. I’m not suggesting that raising the minimum wage will make this happen. But. Let me give a real scenario and ask you to finish it for me…
        A family owned business that does not make Millions in profit (the owner’s salary was the same as the technicians – despite the headaches of ownership) paid their top trained technicians $16/hour. A new technician just starting a job with this company (we train them from start to finish) would make what a 8 year technician currently makes (assuming the minimum wage is raised to $12).
        What do I do for the 8 year technician who has worked his way up to $15/hour, from an $8/hour start? If I raise his wage, which would seem only fair, I MUST raise the price of our services to our customers. I have no extra money to absorb these costs, like McDonalds might have. As I’m sure you are smart enough to understand, this causes a ripple effect to all companies, not just my own. And we haven’t even discussed that my own costs to do the jobs we do would increase. Healthcare costs will rise, so I either ask employees to share in the cost of the benefits they receive, or I have to raise prices to cover these costs. By taking their wage to cover my costs, I’m actually decreasing the value of their current wage.
        So, now what? What can we do that will not impact everyone else we do business with?

        You call us (Tea Partiers or Tea Party Sympathizers) uncaring. Our family business stayed in business as long as we could, despite the fact that my father did not have to. He was actually retired from Bell Atlantic (where his starting wage in the 30’s was $25/week). He started his own business because he liked what he did but didn’t like management in the corporate environment. But in the end, he kept it going because he cared about his employees.
        I don’t believe you are a business owner, and therefore cannot know all that is involved in running a small or large business. I challenge you to start your own business, and stay in business more than 7 years (when starting a business, the rule of thumb is to have 7 years of savings to cover you, as that is when a business finally starts to make a decent profit – one that will pay your wages & not just those of your employees). Most business do not make it past 7 years. I, on the other hand, have worked at Howard Johnson’s as a waitress. A VERY difficult job. (I had nightmares about doing this job for years after I quit) My solution to the problem was to work my way through college on that low paying job and find better employment. I didn’t enter the family business until later in life, because my father didn’t start it until later in his life. My husband started at minimum wage a tire shop. Unhappy with minimum wage, he went to work for a little higher wage in the asphalt industry and worked hard to get to management to make us a decent living. THAT, sir, is what the Tea Party is about. Although I’m not a member, I understand what they are saying. You say they are for the rich. Well, most of them are blue collar workers and small business owners. Not, rich.

        • Timothy says:

          Sue, you ought to know that the real minimum wage has declined greatly in the US, since the end of WW II, so business owners who rely on minimum-wage workers are actually bearing a lighter burden now than they did decades ago…and the burden created by workers who barely earn enough to pay for their commute is foisted off on others, as those workers are relying more and more on government support.
          In other words, dear, the employers of these workers are themselves living on a real system of welfare…a system in which taxpayers subsidize the employer by subsidizing his employees.
          The GOP “solution” (which I suppose you support) is to further lower the minimum wage and meanwhile to further reduce or eliminate programs supporting low-income workers. You have a moral-credibility problem here (as does the US Chamber of Commerce, the tireless lobby for small businesses), and you also impeach your implicit claim to economic sophistication.

          • Bill says:

            20 years ago I told my wife that we would see the day that since most of our good family wage jobs were being sent overseas for profit, that as americans not many of us would be able to afford to buy even the imported products. That day has arrived. We are daily being gouged by big business, car insurance, health insurance, gasoline, utilities and the list goes on because we HAVE to have it to survive. Our lives are controlled by big gov, our money is taken by big gov and goes mostly to the rest of the world as the earths police. We should stop all foreign aid and fix ourselves first and start by doing away with both parties and making all elected positions non partisan. Make lobbying illegal, stop subsidies and do away with the tax code and everyone including business pay 10% in taxes with no filing or returns. Tree huggers hug your own trees and leave mine alone if you own any.

            • ryukidn says:

              May I propose that we leave all organizations (businesses, unions, etc) out of the tax code?

              First, by including organizations in the tax code, it encourages congressional corruption as they are able to offer “incentives” to big organizations in return for campaign contributions, and other congressional perks. But, if we tax organizations, then we must also give them a voice.

              Second, the congressional “incentive” creates an unfair competitive advantage for big companies to wield against small companies with no access to the “incentive”. This prevents fair competition, and it transforms capitalism & free markets into the crony capitalism we now see.

              Third, the amount of corporate capital that is consumed by taxes and tax compliance is astounding .. those resources could be used to innovate & create jobs!!

              Fourth, companies build tax & compliance costs into their cost structures, which they then pass on to us in the form of higher prices. Basically, the company taxes and tax compliance costs are included in our price at the register, and, to add injury to injury, as that price increases, our sales tax increases … so we’re paying the company tax & tax compliance amounts PLUS the additional taxes on the company tax amount!

              Fifth, the increase in prices feeds all through the economy over and over as other companies purchase these higher priced products, include them in their cost structures, and then, pass those increased costs to us yet again.

              We can see that it would be incredibly economically & politically beneficial to leave all organizations out of our tax code – ideally, we ditch the un-American income tax, move to a national sales tax, and give every individual citizen skin in the tax game.

        • Carol says:

          Thank you Sue. Tea Party Patriots are the most loving and generous people I know. I am a member of a group and we donate our donations and give them one month to the troops for care packages. We help with a community garden to help feed the poor. We hold monthly meetings with guest speakers like our state or federal elected officials to let us know what they are doing in office and bring us up to date. We have heard speakers on special subjects of interest to LEARN more about Common Core, Obamacare, Agenda 21 and other things that have a bearing on our future as citizens and the country we live in. As Sue said, we are for everyone and not for the rich for sure, but to keep government down so that less taxes will be taken from individuals and small businesses and for every employee hired as government assistants, their pay comes from you by income, property taxes or some other means that you pay the price. The Tea Parties are not Republican, Democrat, or Independent, we are AMERICAN and that is the only criteria.

    • Chuck M. says:

      All I know for sure is AMAC doesn’t like obamacare. That doesn’t tell me much.

    • GLC says:

      Thank you Jerry! —- your comment inspired me, but not the way you think. It had the reverse effect. I just joined.

    • Lee Arsenault says:

      I wouldn’t join this tea ( Taliban ) party…And would feel so sorry for them who love’s them…When I vote I always split my ticket ,My Vote.. For who is the best one for that job…And I believe most of our fellow American’s that are Republicans are to greedy. And the Taliban Republicans by far are the worst Americans in OUR Country ! I am so proud of them who helps the people who needs helps out the most…People born with disability’s, Most rich republicans are so into them self’s, And teach their kids to believe that the poor people in our country do not, and should not worry about the poor or the special needs people …. To live by the law of the jungle, Survival of the fittest, And screw the rest…How many poor people have lost their life’s fighting for OUR freedom, While the rich makes blood money from them wars !

      • Carol says:

        Wait a minute! My son joined the Army because he felt that he could protect our country after 9-11. He was a college student, and cared for our Nation, he joined up. Many of the soldiers were Doctors, Lawyers, Social Workers, Psychologists and people in general with specialty education and went out on the front line. I do not accept that it is the poor who are the ones in the military, it is the ones who are brave and love this Nation as well. The Tea Party is not a Taliban, that is truly an insult to hurt feelings of people who are very generous as we always show compassion and understanding of those less fortunate. We are not rich, many of us just scraping along financially, but we love our country and we do not want to see it in decline due to people in Washington lying one lie after another and now getting caught. I suggest that you attend a Tea Party and see for yourself, as you will realize you have been given lies about the Tea Parties and that we are only following the Constitution and Bill of Rights which you had better realize those were written for you and without that, you would not have the freedom to write in this site or speak your mind and you would be living in the experience of Germany during WWII under the rule of Hitler.

    • Timothy says:

      Teapartarians attacking “socialism” and defending Medicare at the same time…because they don’t know what the first is, or how the second works, or both.
      Without the decades spent cultivating popular ignorance through right-wing media, the Kochs (whose father pioneered the concept of social media brainwashing after his John Birch Society gambit was laughed at) would never have been able to strike the Tea Party match to so much intellectual deadwood.
      Join the AMAC: Cut your throat, drive a wedge between American generations, and put a smile on a billionaire’s face all at the same time!

    • shakeytom1 says:

      obama one of ACORNS ROTTEN NUTS WE, Americans need a big squirrel to chew him up and crap him out ! We need republicans,cause not everyone can be on WELFARE

  39. EZ says:

    AMAC appears to be the Koch funded teabaggers’ answer to sanity. Shades of John Birch Society, too. – EZ

    • AZN8V says:

      You don’t have to disrespect and insult others simply to hold your own ground. If you do, that shows how shaky your own position is.

      • Linda says:

        Well said! I hope somehow in the United States we can move toward solving problems through intelligent compromise and discussion.

      • Timothy says:

        AZN8V, it’s never disrespectful nor insulting to state the truth. The Koch family’s historic ties to the John Birch Society, the family’s purely self-serving purpose in such stealth lobbying, and the widespread ignorance of these Tea Party precursors among the Teapartarian faithful are true. Their ignorance…insanely willful ignorance given the public record and the stakes…and the flamboyant, crazed racism so commonly found among Teapartarians, are an American disgrace. The GOP’s pandering to this caucus is a disgrace.
        EZ stated the facts succinctly, and maybe you don’t like that.. You can’t rebut his argument by calling it names.

    • Gail says:

      You don’t really know much about the TEA party and it shows. This Country is about freedom of speech for ALL.
      The words you use are shameful and ignorant. So what if one party has Koch! The other party has George Soros and Hollywood’s bountiful money.
      TEA means TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY. We represent smaller government. Look what big Government has done for us. One hand don’t know what the other hand is doing and no one is responsible.

  40. doug gillespie says:


    • Gail says:

      Agree!!! We need some good ol common sense working for us. They act like the’re above us.

    • Robert says:

      Our government is Organized Crime in its purest form. When they are doing something illegal, they simply enact a law to make it legal !

  41. B J says:

    All I see here is an extension of party propaganda that cannot be trusted. GOP and Democrat sites that use their party platforms, but under different named sites or organizations are everywhere on the internet. We know we cannot trust our Legislative Branch and I will NEVER trust this offshoot of the GOP that is only using a different face. I will say the same to sites that push Democrat agendas.

  42. michael says:

    Not every conservative is stupid, but all who are stupid are conservative

    • kd says:

      there are NO stupid conservatives. The dumb ones are the leftists. They are the ones tearing down the U.S. Just look at what is being taken away from us. It’s not because of conservatives.

      • dfh says:

        Actually one needs to go back to the GW years to start looking at the intrusion into your lives by the NSA and other government agencies and many of those policies continue today

        • Gail says:

          And the person that was against it when in the Senate (Obama) could have stopped it with a stroke of a pen.

    • Lynn Dedhiya says:

      So says a Liberal who’s been bottle fed the propaganda the media spews.

    • Lynda Best says:

      Why do you think it is stupid to conserve what we have, especially that for which we have worked for all our lives? I have never felt it my place to support those who will not or cannot work. That doesn’t mean I don’t donate to just causes, but it irks me to be forced to do so. I give to St Judes, for instance, every year; but I still don’t believe the law should put me in jail if I don’t donate (pay taxes) to a group, no matter how deserving they are.

      • Timothy says:

        Lynda: So you don’t believe that the law should compel you to pay your taxes? You believe that tax-paying ought to be voluntary? In the infant years of the United States the Federal government acquired most of its income by taxing imports…in the same way as the English government taxes imports, like tea.
        Now, tell me how you DO believe that a government may justly acquire the means to pay its expenses. Tell me about the never-neverland of Libertaria, where everyone governs himself, where nobody is forced to pay taxes or to respect any law except the laws of commerce. Find that nation on a map: Teapartarians claim to believe in its methods and to support its principles, they cite their favorite authors’ “proofs” of these dogmata, and yet…and yet…the place does not exist.
        There’s a reason for that, Lynda. You’re old enough to be paying taxes, so you’re old enough to face the facts.

        • Robert says:

          And the facts are that a substantial portion of the population do not pay taxes whether they are old enough or not. That leaves the burden on the rest of us. I must assume from your rhetoric that you are willing and happy to pay more taxes than you do now yourself. Somehow I feel this is not the case. Why do you feel that you must force people to look out for their fellow man. Do you not see that the history of government is fraught with examples of taking money from those who produce to buy votes from those who do not and succeed at accomplishing nothing.. How would you feel if a local policeman came to your door and forced you to give half of your money to your next door neighbor because the cop decided he(the neighbor) “needed” it. Why is it OK to take away your earnings, causing you not to be able to use it the way YOU want.

          We need to move on to a sales tax based revenue system where you get to decide whether or not to buy a good or service given all the facts. This would expose the black, gray and other markets to taxes. The rich, by virtue of their buying habits, would necessarily pay more. Even criminal income would be impacted. Tax consumption, not production. The would be no loopholes, no special interests,

          I have to ask, do you have a job? Do you own anything? Do you want to leave anything to your children? If the answer to any of these is yes, how can you vote to expose all that to being taken from you? “Not me”, really? If it can and has been done to anyone, it can and will be done to you. All you can leave to them is a massive debt. Think of what good could be done with the around $300,000,000 we taxpayers shell out each year to pay just the interest on this debt which grows with every “free” breath we take. Think.

    • Viv says:

      How can you sit there and say that the conservatives are stupid when your lying leader doesn’t know what truth is which is way more STUPID that any tea party and/or conservative are hell bent to bring this country back to a normal way of life, less government, less well fare and less dependency on all government dependency. People like to work and feel better in themselves, rather than take from the government. I could go on, but there are so many issues that need to be addressed with this administration. I am seriously thinking of joining AMAC, because I am a senior citizen and need to think of my future.

    • Rick says:

      Really? Explain the moronic actions and statements then of Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Hillary Clinton, damn near every Hollywood denizen, Michael Moore, Bob Casey, et al.

      Though these folks might hold college degrees, those documents do not mean that they are by any means intelligent. Just that they put in the time and paid for the facility where such documents were issued to them. True intelligence is not a matter of what degrees or bank of stored facts one has but rather what one can do when faced with a situation and charged with solving it in the most efficient, productive, lasting and non-harmful manner.

      This is not the case with the aforementioned individuals and does apply to some residents on the other side of the aisle as well. It’s obvious that your apparent limited view places you in the position that is described in Saul Alinski’s primer on radical behavior as “useful ________”. Read the book to fill in the blank. Those who are truly educated in the subject already have filled it in and know to which I refer.

  43. Ron says:

    Wow will be interesting to see if ya all will comeback in 6 months and still feel the way you do…. The koolaid will still be free….. Give it a chance to hit ya, with premiums, lack of quality doctors, and the added expense from your pockets….. How many have asked their Doctors what they think? I did gonna miss them… REMEMBER IT IS INSURANCE NOT HEALTHCARE

    • Robbie says:

      Ron, I agree. I have asked my doctors and they ALL replied in the same manner. They think it is by far the stupidest piece of legislature to be shoved down our throats in the history of this country. If it was so good, why are the legislators and their hand picked groups exempt. If it is good enough for us it should be good enough for them and their families.

      • Danielle Donovan says:

        Interesting comment about your doctors because my experience is completely different. What doctor friends and treating physicians say is that it’s about time someone did something about the deteriorating state of medical practice in this country. None of them went into medicine to work for insurance companies and beg for a living, and that’s exactly what we have allowed to happen. Anyone who thinks this is the best system in the world clearly doesn’t get out much because it’s better to be older in almost any other developed country and most certainly much cheaper. Better care for much less money? Hey…isn’t that supposed to be a conservative kind of value? The idea that AARP is taking marching orders from the DNC is almost too dopey an idea to be treated seriously, but it’s the kind of nonsense that seems to gain traction just by constantly being repeated by people who don’t have the facts.

        And if you are laboring under the delusion that health care is not already rationed in this country, you haven’t been paying attention. As the number of employers offering health plans has steadily and dramatically declined over the last two decades, the number of Americans unable to get (or afford) insurance has risen just as dramatically. Try being self-employed and finding health insurance – you’re outside with your nose pressed against the glass because your health has been rationed right out of existence.

        • kd says:

          I’ve heard the same thing about AARP. I keep getting their junk mail wanting me to get health benefits. I just toss them in the junk. I’ve found insurance way cheeper than theirs. I also agree with Ron. My doctors said the same thing. One came from Canada to get away from their system and he said he didn’t like having to let people wait their turn for medical attention that needed it right away. But they had to wait weeks or even months to see them. He said that is what Obamacare is going to be like here. Just wait your turn or get your name drawn from a hat for your turn to see a doctor.

      • Tom says:

        That’s because they will no longer be able to over bill and defraud the system, AMA, and every single medical association support the new law…your doctor actually live in the USA?

      • anita says:

        Their is only one family exempt from this program & that is Obamas family, the others we will be subsadizing, once again the working bees get tp pay for some millionair want, & they wont be buying the cheap insurance they will go for top dollar while the rest ca only buy what thy can affore

    • Scott says:

      I did ask my doctor and he said its the worst thing that could happen.He is going to retire early because he said he cannot practice medicine that Washington tells him what he has to do.He said that when I call to make a appointment I get in within a day not with obamacare it will take weeks.

      • cb says:

        I have not talked to my personal physician concerning Obamacare but I have talked to specialists that I have been involved with for the last 3 years who work in Seattle at a very high rated hospital. What I have been told is you will get care via your physician but the majority of specialists will be going private practice. So the only care you will get when you have something that requires a specialist, you will have to pay cash for and it will end up to where those with money will be the only ones to receive good care…that’s unless you work for the senate or congress! So we will end up like Canada because if you have anything seriously wrong that your personal physician can not take care of, good luck!! Sure our healthcare system stinks but instead of implementing Obamacare, they could opened up the borders on buying insurance and it would have given us more options and the costs would have gone down on insurance, just like when you buy car or home insurance.

  44. Ron says:

    It’s obvious AMAC is the Tea Party’s answer to the ACA. Simply because the Tea Party is run by EXTREME right wing nut jobs I’m renewing with AARP. Any oragnization that wants to deny health care to thousands of low income people who really need it….. Stay Away From Them.

    • John Locke says:

      The older one gets, the more they need health care and not the poorer one gets. The Unaffordable Care Act has robbed the elderly to feed the poor. It creates an additional interfering bureaucracy to the interfering bureaucracy of health care insurers neither of which provides any care for the patient in need of health care support, but you can bet will charge you one helluva lot of money. The UCA is a total waste of time and money and like so many other bright ideas of government, is doomed to failure.

      • Danielle Donovan says:

        This is backwards and nuts. For the first time, insurance companies are mandated to spend 80-90% of premiums to pay for actual health care instead of shareholder profits. Entirely possible since this is how every other developed country on the planet already does it. The robbing has nothing to do with ACA and everything to do with allowing profit to run health care…also the only developed nation on earth to handle such a vital service in such a back-assward manner. This is the first time there is some notion, as part of the law, that patients come first. Wow – how on earth can that be bad for seniors? Stupid legislation, like the Part D Medicare program shoved through Congress on fraudulent numbers created by GWB mandated that all drugs covered by Medicare would be purchased at maximum retail cost, instead of a negotiated price as is done for the VA and other large purchasers. That sounds like a windfall for the pharmaceutical companies and yet another stake in the heart of both patients and taxpayers.

        Sites like this one are the equivalent of being robbed at gunpoint during the week and inviting the burglars over for Sunday dinner. Let’s take advertising and billionaire money out of government now.

        • kd says:

          I will never join aarp, they are a rip off. I found several places cheaper than them. My medicare is not at maximum retail cost. It’s pretty reasonable and a lot cheaper than aarp. I’ll NEVER trust aarp again.

          • Barbara Casper says:

            I have had AARP for 2 years, and I am very satisfied with them. It depends on where you live, as to what insurance you can get. With their networks, some are unavailable. If I wished to drive 100 miles to see a regular doctor, there are several insurances to choose from.

      • dfh says:

        Like social security, federal highway system, the parks and a whole host of government run or built programs. Quit watching FOX news and listening to Rush and investigate what is out there. John Locke you need to change your name you are doing the man a disservice.

        • Babs says:

          Ok, you are here on a site that is against obamacare and is supporting those who would like to see smaller government and cost saving along with the retirement that we paid into protected. If you think the government does such a good job, then why is our interstate system deteriorating to the point of being almost unusable in some places? and the parks…well there is a lot of state support there, not just federal and our lovely government would love to get rid of most of them. Look at the IRS…it is one of the more inefficient agencies next to the postal service. Tons of waste and over staffed with outdated equipment plus all the thousands of workers get to participate in the government insurance and are exempt from what it being forced on us…and have you even read any of the bill? How about a $1200 deductible for the high cost plan and up to $10000 for lower cost plans? Are you able to afford that? It is catastrophic insurance and will limit everyone’s ability to get health care. And what about the section that says that the government will determine your care…the limit of care and if you are even eligible for care? Sound good to you…easy way of getting your parents out of the way quickly. Oh and another one is where there are panels that can enter your home because of _____ (fill in the blank with smoking, owning a gun, or teaching them non-government approved things) and take your kids out of the home and put them in a government home. Like the program yet. I have at least read some of it…which I don’t think you have. I personally am tired of supporting all the ones who wouldn’t get insurance when it was offered, the whiners who don’t want to work and the takers who vote for “free” phones and more food stamps. Time to cut them off, put them on notice that no more “free” ride on our dime. I know it sound harsh but I was able to make it on below minimum wages and worked my way up to where I have what I need to live comfortably. Anyone can do it, it just takes hard work…oh I forgot..that is a nasty 4 letter word!

    • Gail says:

      And, I personally know people that are really abusing the system. Many of them. Like buying a $600.00 dog. We’re paying for this and the dog food and the vet etc.

    • Robert says:

      How about an organization is going to force people to buy insurance they don’t need or want whether they can afford it or not. Not only that, but wait until you don’t buy and have the IRS after you.

  45. Stanley Johnson says:


    • Gail says:

      Then, stay with George Soros. Maybe he’ll give you a little of his money! Not! He was responsible for the economic collapse in Thialand years back. And, this isn’t something I read. I talked to someone who lived through it.

  46. Judy Rayburn says:

    I’ve been thinking about something that would help with my finances along with my new medicare. Is this worth the dab of money I have to spend?

    • Darrell says:

      This story answers the question of whether I should renew my AARP membership, or not. The answer is a definite “YES.” I would like this organization to show me one. . . ONE. . . credible study that says that the US has the best healthcare in the world. We are rated 37th in quality by the WHO (but FIRST in COST). I asked my congressman to show me a study like this, and (you guessed it) he couldn’t. It simply doesn’t exist. I’ll go with the ACA and AARP anyday over these hacks.

      • Mark says:

        Sure, Darrell….that’s why when people need cancer treatment, heart transplants, and other life saving procedures and surgeries….they flock to the US. There are even large numbers of Canadians who opt to come to the US and PAY for their treatments rather than receive the free treatment available to them in Canada. Go ahead and send your money to AARP, DNC and whatever other organization that keeps telling you what you want to hear but then do what’s best for their interests instead…..there’s a word for people like you….sheeple.

        • Hugh Robertson says:

          Actually large numbers of Americans in border areas go up to Canada to get treatment because they can’t afford to go to a doctor in the US. It is becoming a big problem in Canada, but so far they haven’t cracked down on this. All one has to do in Canada is show a verifiable address and you can see a doctor. Many people have friends and relatives in Canada that let them use their address. Also, there are many people who are sent to the US for treatments that are paid for by the Canadian healthcare system because it is not efficient for the province to maintain some kinds of facilities. You must be a FOX noise hound.

          • zina says:

            Sorry, Hugh, I worked in the healthcare system in Alberta for over 20 years, and people who need the really up to date cancer therapies head for the US. Canada avoids paying for those treatments by saying they’re experimental. Ralph Kline, the Premier of Alberta, went to the states when he fell and broke his ribs. Want to wait for 6 months for an MRI? That would be Canada. But wait, the train is pulling up to the Washington DC station, and you can have that kind of care here come January, or maybe next Christmas.

            • Danielle Donovan says:

              That is, of course, if you are one of the lucky folks who can afford an MRI or even obtain insurance. Yes, some people might wait longer, but lots more people get treatment. I am always amazed when people try to compare the American system of distribution with some place more rational…like pretty much any other developed country. You ignore the fact that Canadians, particularly children, are far healthier because they receive regular and predictable health care throughout their lives. Look at the statistics instead of a small anecdotal outcome – there should be absolutely no controversy whatsoever. And Alberta isn’t exactly a urbanized medical area either. How long do you think people have to wait or how far do they have to travel to get an MRI in rural areas in the US? Doesn’t really matter because those folks can’t usually afford treatment anyway.

              • Ethel says:

                I live in a rural & we have specialists come every week from large hospitals, of course living in a RURAL area, I have to drive quite a distance to the nearest town to se the Dr. I choose to see.

            • kd says:

              I totally agree Zina, We have a doctor who is a friend of ours who left Canada to do his practice here. He said it made him sick to see people wait for months for treatment or surgery. They even had to draw names out of a hat to see who would be next to see him. It got that bad. He said some older people waited so long that it was too late to treat them. He said many of his patients died because of it and it really hurt him because they became close to them.and yes zina, they are shoving that kind of care here in the U.S. and yes, they do come here for treatment because they can’t wait that long in Canada. Well, they may get what they ask for.

          • neal says:

            bullshit 3 mos to have a cancer screening, fool

        • Danielle Donovan says:

          What century are you living in?? That was true maybe 30 years ago, but virtually everyone gets better health care (and definitely much more affordable health care) than Americans. WE go to other countries to afford the health care that others take for granted. Maybe a little less flag-waving and lot more reading would be the correct prescription for this blindness that afflicts this nation.

      • John says:

        Hey Darrell, how is your brother Darrell and your other brother, Darrell. Keep drinking the kool*ade adn keep siphoning the precious resorources from the American checkbook.

        • Danielle Donovan says:

          Once again – too little information and way too much opinion. The transfer of wealth experience in this nation in the first decade of this century was an UPWARD transfer, not downward. Your precious American checkbook was not pickpocketed by the poor folks, but instead, the top 2% absorbed an unprecedented percentage of wealth, wealth that was literally vacuumed UP and out of the economy. So if you want to be mad at someone, try looking on the upper floors if you want to be accurate.

      • Janet says:

        Thanks! We sadly do not have the best health care system in the world, as too many babies die too young, and too many older people live in poverty and in pain and illness. The healthcare system in the USA is the best for the health insurance companies, but no one else. For cancer treatments and other life saving procedures, people go to Europe and Canada, not the USA these days.

      • john says:

        Darrell!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP! YOU ARE DREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Marianne Cooklin says:

        i could not agree more….this has sooooo much more to it….but the sheep will follow….

      • Bonnie Steffey says:

        I’m with you Darrell.

      • kd says:

        aarp is more expensive. My answer would be absolutely NO!!!!!! I’ve found it a lot cheaper. aarp would have cost me twice as much. Look around, there are cheaper health insurances than aarp. It also is a democratic insurance that that backed Obamacare.

        • MRS BARRY SOTGATO says:

          MY BROTHER HAS AARP HE GET A SHOT 4 TIMES A MONTH IT WENT FRON $10.00 TO $134.00 BECAUSE OF FUCKING OBAMA, he has diabetes and now he was told instead of getting the shots that help he has to try a jell fuck you obama

  47. Pauline says:

    Funny that the cuts to medicare came from the 2011 budget and as the Rep. held hostage Obama again he signed the cuts last minute to save the thing that the Rep. did again. So I find your information not correct. In fact I do not have AARP either but I trust you less because of the information you tried to sway your way. Democrates are the givers not the takers so to say they are trying to rip off seniors is ridiculous. Red tea parties agenda, ss and medicare cuts are in top 10 to do, so please don’t blame Obamacare or anyone but the Tea party and the puppets in the House Republicans for any of the cuts hurting the seniors, we may be older but we are not stupid.

    • Kimmie says:

      I agree with you.

      • Paula Osborne says:

        AARP is NOT the group it used to be for older citizens, it has just forgot to tell them that. they do NOT work to help senior citizens. They like Obamacare and get monies from the goverment to support them.
        I left them long ago and suggest you check into the group that now is AARP and then drop them like a hot potato….

        • Dave says:

          Paula I’m right there with ya, I signed a three year membership with AARP and than I found out the truth about them and I couldn’t get my refund fast enough. There nothing but a left wing insurance company that has been selling out there members for years now.

          • Danielle Donovan says:

            I swear that they must be putting stupid pills in the water these days. Turn off the silly television and actually read something with longer words and actual facts. There is no such animal in the universe as a “left-wing insurance company”. Unless you’re Ann Coulter and believe Hitler was a Socialist. And they say stupid isn’t contagious…

            • AZN8V says:

              You just lost your credibility…get angry and insult, insult, insult…it’s the left-wing way.

              You don’t have to disrespect and insult others simply to hold your own ground. If you do, that shows how shaky your own position is.

            • neal says:

              how stupid they (hitlers party) were called the dem soc party.

    • shirley says:

      I don’t really trust the AARP at all. During the past elections, I saw alot of things about them that was disturbing. I am a senior and ike you I am not stupid, but I am not blind or deaf either. I belong to the Tea Party and if the gov had not been in such a mess, this party would never have gotten off the ground. It started out of dissatisfaction with what was gong on. Pull your head out and open your mind, I did. You ahev been brain washed. The tea party does not want to make all these cuts, we just want the gov. to stop spending money that they don’t have.

      • big daddy says:

        That is an oxymoron. I am not stupid, blind or deaf. But I belong to the Tea Party. Wow really.

        • danny says:

          I have medicare and medicade then i recieved, aarp it did help pay for my scripts and otherthings ,Well guess what i just got cut off last year but i will pay a few dollars for it it helped me.

      • RVGrandpa says:

        Shirley, not only are you not stupid, but you’re a dynamite speller. LOL Congratulations on your Teapot membership, you seem to fit right in.

        • danny says:

          your an oxymoron think about what your saying big daddy and wake up i agree with aarp and gonna join again coz i feel i will loose something but i have till dec 7 to decide if i want to change my silver script that i was assigned
          right with u shirley

          • Danielle Donovan says:

            Oh honey…you have to look up “oxymoron” in the dictionary…it’s that big book under the all the junk mail. Only a moron would think Shirley was a brain trust or that an oxymoron is stupid bull. It means something ridiculous that couldn’t actually exist, to put it simply. I hear lots of things, just like Shirley, but then I do the American thing and go do some research. That ‘s where you look for unbiased sources that can be verified…and doesn’t include television. Yep, painful but necessary for democracy.

            Ever stop to wonder why big money is spending so much money convincing seniors that the standard bearer for quality senior life ain’t so good? Could it be that AARP is interfering with the move to rob seniors of quality life? Who stands in the way when legislation targeting seniors is on the move? I can tell you that AARP is the organization holding your legislators feet to the fire when others are trying to strip resources from us. What IS stupid is to fall for the nonsense that the very organization working on your behalf isn’t your friend….geez.

        • Bonnie Steffey says:

          RVGrandpa has got Shirley’s number – I agree, she belongs in the Tea Party. Makes a great spokesperson.

        • doug0949 says:

          RVGrandpa, you really need to learn to give valid argument points. Calling someone stupid just shows your own ineptitude at doing so.

        • Paula says:

          The name calling and degrading way each belief speaks is so disheartening. Not a great way to try to find peace and harmony.

    • wesley strickland says:

      What a lier yep you got harp

    • Carol cumbie says:

      Are you not paying attention. Obama is the worse president we have ever had. He is not fit to be a garbage collector. He is nothing but a divider. Obama cut the 500 thousand Medicare drug benefit So you are the one that is wrong. Obama will be happy when the USA is destroyed. The big thing about Obamacare is muslims are exempt from it Maybe now that the supreme court rule that he was not allowed to use his executive order to stop the investigation. Maybe will be able to find out why him and Hillary allowed those 4 in Benghazi to die .I would sign up for AMAC before I would sign up with the traitors that went with Obama. I was actually with them but told them they could take it and shove it were the sun don’t shine. AARP will eventually go out of business. Obama’s health care is garbage.. The cuts on Medicare came from Obama not the republicans He was pissed when Bush did it.. If it was from the republicans Obama would still be talking about it. You can not spend more then you take in Anyone who runs a household knows that. Maybe we need to get rid of some departments Department of education, Look into common core. Your kids will be taught t be a group not to think for themselves. They will decide how to raise your kids..Dept of interior. Obama care has many taxes inside and it also gives the government permission to go inside your house when they feel like it. Start thinking for yourself before you find you are just another one of the sheep.

      • Kathleen Carpenter says:

        The Republicans and the Tea Party are the dividers. This group is CONSERVATIVE….THEY FOLLOW PAUL RYANS BUDGET PLAN. HE WANTS TO TAKE AWAY SS AND MEDICARE. NO THANKS.

      • RVGrandpa says:

        Carol, if you signed up for Obamacare, you would be able to get your meds regularly and would have so many tantrums. Wow, you need to take a pill and go to your room.

        • Linda says:

          Why can’t everyone commenting just comment about why they thing AARP or AMAC is the best or not the best and stop making nasty comments to each other.

      • Bonnie Steffey says:

        Carol does babble on spewing garbage and saying nothing. It makes sense that she wants to do away with the Department of Education since she seems to have none to make some of the asinine remarks she has made.

      • Danielle Donovan says:

        Carol – unfortunately, you have made it clear that you are seriously under-informed about every single issue you raise. Which administration has suffered the most embassy attacks/losses? (Hint – not Obama). What was the central ruling of the Supreme Court? (Hint – it had nothing to do with an investigation). Which administration caused the most rapid growth in national debt? (Hint – not Obama). What exactly does the Dept of Education do? (Hint – doesn’t teach kids to be more stupid). Which 2 administrations oversaw the most rapid decline of national debt? (Hint – no Republican presidents on this list) Does the Department of the Interior have jurisdiction over the interior of your house?? (Hint- it’s the interior of the nation, not your living room). Which president issued more executive orders than all other Presidents since the beginning of the nation COMBINED? (Hint – not Obama). Oh – bonus question. Which administration sponsored legislation guaranteeing that seniors, thru Medicare) would pay the MAXIMUM price for any medication? (Hint – not Obama).

        Can’t force you to think, but hell…maybe we’ll all get lucky and you won’t vote again until you’re up to speed.

        • Deb says:

          Danielle – Seriously, do you have to comment on every comment? Also, not all of your stated ‘facts’ are correct so you shouldn’t correct people if you aren’t certain that they are wrong. Bad grammar or not thinking the same as you do doesn’t mean ignorance.

          • Sara says:

            I don’t quite understand why you’re “complaining” that Danielle is commenting too much . . . just because she sees things differently from you? Seriously, if it is a problem to you that she expresses her opinion, then just ignore her. (There are other frequent posters who hold opposite opinions, too.)
            Since you state that her “facts” aren’t correct, why don’t you point out specificallly which ones are wrong, and give your version of the “facts.” I find her comments to be quite reasonable!
            By the way, she said nothing in her last three posts about anyone using bad grammar. I won’t take the time to check further back than that. On the other hand, I would definitely complain about some of the grammar and punctuation on this thread. I find it hard to fight through incorrect grammar, although I can usually figure it out. Terrible punctuation, on the other hand, makes some posts extremely difficult to read and understand.
            I definitely agree with whoever indicated earlier that we should focus on the topic at hand and not on bashing each other. Keep it nice, and keep to the facts, folks! Remember, we are all Americans!

      • Bruce Kain says:

        Carol, I appreciate that you weep for the 4 American deaths in Benghazi. I do, as well. Now tell me how you feel about the 4,486 American sons and daughters who have died in “W’s” senseless Iraq war. And then tell me President Obama is worse than the man he followed into office… Of course, this has nothing to do with real conversation over the benefits of AMAC over AARP… but then again, neither did your hate-filled missive.

    • pete says:

      Pauline, it is misinformed people like you that scare me. Democrats are the “givers” because they’re giving away my grandchildren’ s future. These liberals are building their voting block by spending money that is not theirs. And as far as the Tea Party , they are the true Patriots!!! They are at least standing in the way of the George Soros funded liberal left. Obama is not the problem , he is just George’s mouthpiece!!!

    • Mark says:

      Democrats are the “givers”? LOL. Pauline, you DO realize that government doesn’t produce ANYTHING, don’t you? That the ONLY thing government can give to someone, is something they TAKE from someone else? Or are you just delusional in thinking that Democrats are rich philanthropists that dole out benefits to American citizens from their personal bank accounts? Pull your head out of the sand and stop buying the rhetoric and ignoring the obvious.

      • Sassybird says:

        Mark … You have it figured out … Amazes me that others can NOT see this …amongst other things!

      • Danielle Donovan says:

        Do you realize that the massive transfer of wealth we experienced in the first decade of this century was the transfer of wealth UPWARD and out of the economy? You’re right – no one can give away something they haven’t taken from someone else. Unfortunately, the folks with friends in Washington took the money from the 99% and sent it upward to the folks who really didn’t ever need it.

        It breaks my heart to see folks actually worshipping the folks who stole their money in the first place. Get a clue

      • PHYLLIS says:

        id Mark really read what Pauline wrote? Better read it again.

    • Mike says:

      If the Dems give, it is because they TOOK from someone else. Ya just can’t have it both ways, Pauline !

    • kd says:

      You absolutely have that backwards. Democrats are the takers and the Republicans are the givers. Yes, I’m a senior and I’m getting ripped off bad. We found insurance for my wife who is wheelchair bound and can’t get any kind of income from anyone. but we did find an insurance for only $30.00 a month and this month, it jumped to $247.00 a month so YES, they are ripping us off. plus mine went up again. She can’t get onto mine yet until next year. Thanks to Obamacare. Thanks teaparty for trying to stop this downfall. Democrats are ruining this nation and taking from the old and giving to the welfare and lazy people. Republicans are not stupid they are here to help us. believe me, I know.

    • Sallie says:

      Obviously you are not a student of history or you love Hitler’s Germany..because we are headed down that path big time with BO and his cronies in charge. Not only health care,(which in my opinion should not be handled by the federal government) but all other parts of our lives. With this regime, we are headed for rapid destruction. Thank God for those who stand against tyranny!!

  48. Tom Carbone says:

    Last year I switched my secondary coverage (PLAN F) from United Healthcare @ AARP an took out the EXACT same coverage and Plan 9F) through Mutual of Omaha @ AMAC.

    The monthly premium went down $52.00 for the exact same coverage!

    My primary care Doctors office and everyone else was ecstatic .. I was told that Mutual of Omaha was the most efficient secondary insurance available… and after two hospitalizations where the bills total in excess of $40,000 I was Really surprised at how fast Mutual of Omaha got their payments out to everyone.

    Total cost to me? $22.75 … yes twenty-two dollars and 75 cents.

    AARP are a bunch of liberal blood suckers who have been kissing Obamas ass and screwing over seniors for years.

    If you presently have secondary insurance through AARP and remain with them YOU ARE A SUCKER plain and simple!

    Bottom line.. if you have secondar

  49. BarbaraBrehm says:

    How will AMAC compete with United Health Care and AARP? If you are offering an Advantage Program for Medicare what is your Best Insurance Rating rank? A+, A, B, etc.?

  50. Wilford Petersen] says:

    The Greatness of America

    America was founded on freedom, but freedom is not free. For this great eternal principle must be learned, morality cannot be legislated from a government, for it would become necessary to establish a dictator to impose upon others his moral, or lack thereof. However, teaching correct principles’ through which people are empowered to govern them self and be held accountable for their choices and action is an act of correct and appropriate governance. This is the price of freedom – individual responsibility and accountability. There is nothing wrong with a hand-up, but a hand-out is enslavement. It this understanding which must be used to weight the worth of ALL legislation passed by our elected officials to save this country. Otherwise this country will go the way of all other great societies since the beginning of this world’s history. Why can’t we learn from the past?

    • Ella-Marie De Vito says:

      I have complained in the past that I have yet to see any commercials about AMAC on television. What is the problem? AARP is on every station that I turn to at all hours of the day. I don’t know anyone in my area that has even heard of AMAC. What is wrong with your advertising department? I want to join but I see nothing about AMAC advertised in the Daily News, the New York Post or any of the Gannet newspapers in our area. When is your group going to wake up? The conservative Republicans are losing ground because of their incompetence and not being able to stand together. Please take note of what I and many of us are feeling. Thank you.

      • Danielle Donovan says:

        Please…more garbage on the TV is the last thing we need. Did it ever cross your mind that this is not a conservative organization? It’s just another faction convincing seniors to act against their own best interests.

    • ken says:


      • RVGrandpa says:

        Can’t blame FDR Ken, he isn’t black. Because of Obama you have someone to blame for everything.

        • Susan says:

          RVGrandpa, PLEASE get your head out of the sand! Suppose we should blame Bush? Or are you trying to use the race card again! Hope I never come across you in a RV park in my future! Wait you will probably be dead by then because the BOARD decided your heart surgery was to costly! R.I.P.

        • stella says:

          Obama isn’t black either!
          His mama was white. If anyone ever got to see his birth certificate it would most likely say he is white, also.

      • Danielle Donovan says:

        Let me guess – this valuable history lesson didn’t come out of an actual book written by a real author with research to back it up. I grew up in a John Birch family, about as rightwing as you can get, and the BS you posted here was part and parcel of the twisted fake-history lessons of those nutcases of the 50’s and early 60’s. We’re in this mess because almost no one bothers to actually read HISTORY, preferring to listen to the marketers selling their books and crap.

    • Stanley Johnson says:


      Your coment abut “freddom isn’t free” was started by a bunch of republicaNazi hacks who saw that Der Furher bush was loosing the American public for his imaginary war—and so, the flying lemmings who follow said Nazi party parroted this bullshit until the American public got SICK of it. Your diatribe, racist as it is, doesn’t cover the REAL story about America; only what the American Nazi Party (the republicans, if you didn’t get that) want Americans to believe in. I am saddened by the level of bigotry, hate, mysogyny, homophobia, xenophobia (hate of Hispanic/Mexican people by your party), outright RACISM, and intolerance shown by you and your party over issues that will affect these same bozos in the future……”individual responsibility and accountability”????!!! Are you joking??? After YOUR party took this country to the BRINK BECAUSE YOU AND YOUR PARTY DOES NOT LIKE THE BLACK MAN IN THE OVAL OFFICE, AND WOULD RATHER DESTROY IT THAN TO DO WHAT’S RIGHT???? You and others are hoping that the aforementioned American public has a limited memory, that we would NOT remember what you stand for (Fascism), nor will remember HOW MUCH YOU DISRESPECTED THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT……but, let me give you some update:


      • Paula says:

        Being one who has received help from our government programs at a low time of my life I am torn by the words spoken above. The rhetoric stated above are filled with anger and hate and hateful word toward people who have a deep concern about our nation and the path it is taking. Over spending is a problem. Funny how the perception is that because one supports trimming the ‘fat’ out of our system, they are blamed for wanting to take away from Medicare, SS, and programs that are very important to the welfare of many. NO, that is not what I want. I, and many of those who are ‘conservative’ want to find those who are abusing these systems and trim there. I want our government men and women to stop receiving hidden contributions, no matter what party they belong to. I want campaign contributions to be fair and not wrapped up in hidden agenda’s. I would like those who cross our boarders to be held accountable for having the proper papers. What a slap in the face to those who spent the time and effort to come into this country legally.
        I want young women to know that there are people out there who would love to adopt their child and raise it in a loving home rather than thinking their only option is to have an abortion.
        You need to know that a very large amount of ‘conservative’ people give out of their own pocket to help the poor and underprivileged be it at home in our country or over seas where the need is great. We do not rely on the government to provide, but if a need is seen personal action is taken.
        Because it is not done by a government program you seem to think it is not happening. I ask you to stop spewing the ‘hate republican’ rhetoric and go out in the world and find someone to help!

    • zina says:

      Wilford, you need to run for president! Your comment is the first statement of truth I have read for a very long time!
      Our rights come from God, not from obama or any other politician. If I screw up my life and my health it is my problem.

    • Sallie says:

      Wilford, well said!

  51. Terri W says:

    I only have one question. If Obamacare is so good, why has congress exempted themselves from it?

  52. Sloop says:

    “…………………….It destroys the best healthcare system in the world.” Really! The US is ranked 37th in the world behind Slovenia. Give me a break. Opinion IS NOT fact.

    • Julie says:

      Really? Hopefully you know that such results can be made to reveal whatever the pollster wants. Who did this ranking? What questions were asked? Who answered the questions?

      • Bob Foose says:

        “Really? Hopefully you know that such results can be made to reveal whatever the pollster wants. Who did this ranking? What questions were asked? Who answered the questions?” Does this not apply to the crap you are passing out as well? Personally, I only read this stuff when my blood pressure is dangerously low…it’s cheaper than meds!

      • Marion Hunt says:

        The World Health Organization ranked the U.S. as 37th in the world..I would say they are a dependable source.

    • Vixmith says:

      Studies have proven that 87% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

    • Carol cumbie says:

      Who is doing the rating the same ones that gave us global warming. If the USA health care wasn’t that good why do so many come here every year to take advantage of it. The progressives lie just like Obama. If Obama had wanted to do just healthcare he could have done it a lot cheaper. This is about control. Gore first put out about global cooling then changed it to global warming.. They said the glaciers are melting they sure are and they have had iceberg fall from the glaciers since time began. All they did was show what lousy education Americans have been getting. Icebergs come down ever spring. Obama care is nothing like Canadian healthcare. theirs is free. Canadians are not happy with their healthcare. Obamacare will not be that quality .A lot of people that would have had medicare will end up in medicaid. They won’t find out till they have it.

      • Marion Hunt says:

        Carol…The Canadian health care system is copied from the U.K. system, and it is NOT FREE! No country would last long “giving” anything away. Brits spend 8.4% of GDP on health care compared to 16% of GDP by Americans. What they get back is a system that beats the U.S. on so many levels. It is good quality care! Brits pay for health care via taxes, and because everyone pays taxes, the burden isn’t nearly as bad as insurance is for Americans. There are no co-pays, out-of-pocket expenses, no deductibles. Seniors do not pay for prescriptions after age 60. Nobody has to claim bankrupcy, and EVERYONE gets care. I don’t find that scary. I believe we have to give the ACA a chance. Fix what is not working. Afterall, the bill was originally a Republican idea (Romney/Mass) remember? This is not a government health care plan, but rather making health insurance companies more accountable. The more “uninsured” enroll, insurance companies lower the premium (supply/demand). There are some crazy stories going around, and most of it is not true!

    • Paula says:

      Sloop….If I need heart surgery, You can bet I won’t be going to Slovenia. Would you?

    • Danielle Donovan says:

      Julie – as much of a surprise as this might be, there are actual facts out there in the world, those little bits of information that can be verified and obtained from several reputable sources…that’s what makes it “fact”, not a poll. Sloop is exactly correct, accurate and verifiable. We do trail Slovenia and many other countries in health care. The fact that you assume that this verifiable information is a “poll” demonstrates that you have no idea how to do basic research. A “poll” means that you ask a bunch of people a question and ask for an opinion. A “statistic” means that someone with skills collected information (like how many people died of heart disease or malaria, for example) and then did mathematical analysis and came up with FACTS. Calling everything an opinion, a favorite tactic of stupid television networks, suggests that there are NO facts anywhere in the universe, so any opinion is just as good as any information. Some of us really like facts because they make the world work, while opinions contribute to the excess of hot air.

  53. Bob says:

    I wouldn’t join this organization even if it offered to send $100/month to me. “Conservative” is the shibboleth for Taliban.

    • Claudia says:

      Bog: I’m with you! Conservative in American in this day and age means sabotaging the United States government and all it stands for!! The tout family values, but undermine it at every turn. Look at them gloating about cutting off help for hundreds of thousand of kids and families!!

      • Julie says:

        You are soooo uninformed

        • Flint says:

          actually they sound very informed. i am a smart republican who strongly supports the ACA. hat tip to romney for starting the concept, props to pres. obama for making it available to all americans, including the sick and the poor.

          • ed says:

            “Smart Republican” is becoming an oxymoron.

          • Sherman says:

            Flint, you are not a smart republican . Obuma-care will ruin this nation. If you want to be a government slave move somewhere else.

          • Chelsea says:

            The care is not open to all Americans. If you have Medicare which pays so little you have to have an additional policy and you are not able to get obamacare or have your premiums subsidized.

            • Danielle Donovan says:

              Ahh…this is not the fault of ACA – it’s how the system has always worked. And yes, many of us have not been able to get ANY kind of insurance for many years, regardless of the cost, so lousy Medicare at least keeps some out of bankruptcy. Yes, many Americans are under or un-insured but that started long ago. This is a first step in joining the other developed nations of the world.

          • stella says:

            The problem is that it is not “available to all Americans” but is required for all Americans. Oh, except for those who are exempt. Why not make it available to those who need it or want it? Most people I have heard about who have checked into the new policies say that their premiums will increase as much as 3 times as they are paying now & with unrealistic deductibles. How do you call that affordable?
            If there is some kind of coverage still available for those who are exempt, it should be available for those who do not want/need what is crammed down our throats.

        • Pauline says:

          You seem to be uninformed if you think conservatives give a care for you–check tea party ss and medicare top of list to reduce.

      • Vixmith says:

        Apparently y’all lack the facility of original thought.
        Every population that unconditionally has backed its “…government and all it stands for!!” has found itself quickly converted into slaves of that government.
        But accepting that truth would require historical knowledge AND the ability to reason AND the facility of original thought.
        Good Luck, you who jump to put on your shackles and collars.
        I shall not join you in your rush to slave-hood. I know that The Constitution was written to LIMIT the power of the government.
        I spent over 20 years in our military upholding my oath to support and defend The Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
        I am not about to cancel that oath now when our way of life and The Constitution is in its deepest peril.
        Thanx, VGS

        • Marcia says:

          Really? E Pluribus Unum “From Many, One” or Out of Many, One” OUr country was founded on that principle. A country that feels “I’ve got mine, screw you” (the republican motto) is doomed to failure.

          • Mark says:

            Seriously, Marcia….you put the low in low-information voter. “From many, One” refers to the power of the people….NOT the government. Our country was founded on the principles of LIMITED government and freedom…freedom or choice, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, etc…along with the idea of equal opportunities…NOT equal results regardless of effort or contribution, which is what the Democrats and Marxists would have you believe. Perhaps you’d be happier if you moved to Venezuela or Cuba or Russia….

        • Barbara says:

          Vixmith, I agree with you totally…being in the military for so long, I am sure you are familiar with the word “BRAINWASHED”. That is where most of the liberal, democrats belief system comes from. They don’t search for the truth on their own, they just accept what the “Givers” tell them is the truth and they pick to pieces any mistake of the Conservative people….no one is perfect, Jesus would not have had to die if we were, but if many of them that claim to know God would just search his word, would see that Obamanation is out of order. Anyone who claims to be a Christian, who lets him talk about God and then back the Muslims in their agenda instead of saving unborn babies from being ripped apart in the womb, should run when lightening strikes, because they are advancing the kingdom of the Antichrist, not God and in the end they will share his fate. The liberals have taken God and the ten commandments out of the lives of some who will never know any right except what is listed there…And these liberal sheep follow their earthly leader, the way real “Christians ” follow God. We are headed to the end of the world as we know it because the will of God has been diluted by the Greed of man, and God said he would give them the spirit of ignorance (reprobate mind)…When there is no more money for handouts, they will suddenly see, but it will be too late. So all we can do is Pray that there are enough of us left to hold God’s judgment off for a while longer and get prepared to see Him face to face.

          • peggy a saxton says:


            • Susan says:

              I totally agree with you Barbara! I also served in the military and felt such pride for my country while Regan was in office and beyond! I feel so bad for our service men and women who have to work under Obama! He is Satan in disguise. Taking God out of our country in which it was founded on is what caused this mess years ago and gets worse as the years go by. The “Democrats” are the ones who have changed over the years! They are not the same party as they were in the 70’s and before. If people think getting “free” medical, housing, food and higher education is so wonderful they are the real idiots! These people have no ambition to better themselves because why?, Big Daddy Government will take care of them! God help these people! The non-Democrats are the “real” givers. The church and other foundations “we” give to these charities to “help” those in need in our community. Teach your children about God and about helping others in need! Not becoming dependent on a government or free hand outs. Teach them about self worth and the great feeling you get when “you” work hard to get something or somewhere!

          • cindy says:

            I totally agree with you Barbara…. so many are blind….God have mercy on us……

          • Marion Hunt says:

            I find some of you very funny. I wonder how some of you would respond if indeed you did meet Jesus. He’d have long hair, dark skin (whoa), would not be able to speak English, he’d be wearing unfamilar clothing, at least to westerners, and sandals. I am by no means a Ronald Reagan fan, but I do agree with what he said “We establish no religion in this country. We command no worship. We mandate no belief, nor will we ever. Church and State are and must remain separate.”

            • AZN8V says:

              Marion, you show your racism by assuming Christians would reel in horror if faced with a dark-skinned Jesus. WE don’t care what color his skin may be nor his accent. Stop the hate.

          • PHYLLIS says:

            Barbara, thank you so much for what you just wrote. I wholeheartedly agree. the liberals are playing right into GODS plan and will soon find our that is a HEAVEN and there is a HELL and those who don’t believe that will judged by the one true GOD and will find out firsthand what HELL really means.

        • Paula Frederick says:

          Nice statement!

        • Lynn Dedhiya says:

          Well said.

      • kd says:

        you have that wrong. the leftist Democrats are sabotaging the U.S. Why do you see things getting worse? It’s because of the dems who put this muslim in the white house and are thinking he is A1 in their book. He is making it look like he never does anything wrong. HE is the one cutting off help for thousands of familys and taking from seniors, letting muslims in the U.S. who have thousands of groups in the U.S. ready to attack. Tryying to change our beliefs to muslim beliefs. Who also said he would stand up for the muslims if we went to war with them. etc.etc.etc. Get you head out of the sand and see what’s happening in our own country. The Republicans can see what is going on and the Dems are helping him.

    • mourning democracy says:

      Bob, you speak from a position of sheer ignorance. Conservative means to follow well published, universally accessible principles, precepts and understandings. That means one ought not to use the word conservative as a noun unless it is very clear what the context is.
      Use it as an adjective, such as “conservative Christian” or “conservative American”, or even “conservative Muslim” and that will remove ambiguity.
      Ordinarily, when speaking about about conservatives in the U.S., refers to those of us who believe that the U.S. constitution and the laws that flow from them are to be followed. Or, to put it more accurately, conservative Americans reflect the image and spirit of the founding of this nation.
      Conservative Muslims will naturally reflect the image and spirit of Islam, which leads to jihadists and other atrocious behavior of those who believe the Quran is their source of all good.
      Conservative Americans believe that this nation is exceptional (not because the people are better than others, but because this is the only nation in the history of the world who have chosen the people as their Sovereign and government as its emissaries to protect, serve and obey their Sovereign.) So, those who try to dethrone the Sovereign of the United State (or, invalidate the Founding Principles) are guilty of treason against the Sovereign of the U.S.
      I believe those who wish to dethrone the U.S. Sovereign might have “U,S. Citizen” stamped on their passports, but they are not Americans at heart. Only those who serve and obey the Sovereign, that’s you and me, are true Americans. You might be a conservative but because you believe the misinformation about the U.S. and it’s people, you make such ignorant statements.

      • Neva says:

        Well said!

      • Barbara says:

        Amen. So well said!

      • Marion Hunt says:

        Where are the Eisenhower “type” conservatives? He did not leave a deficit, all other republican presidents after him did. The Tea Party are not conservative, and they don’t “mesh” well with conservatives. They are an extremist “fringe” group of basically white people. They know that in the not too distant future, they will be the minority, and it frankly scares them. That’s where “We want to take our country back” hails from. There is a revolution of sorts going on within the party. So, when I get my Social Security which I paid into the system for 50 years, is that considered a hand-out? The BLUE states pay more in taxes, and the RED states receive more federal benefits, so who are the “moochers” there?

        • AZN8V says:

          You are so wrong. Twisted thinking and listening to left wing, racist hate mongers got you to this point.

    • Vixmith says:


      That is exactly the point: Conservatives do NOT offer to send you money every month. Only the Liberals offer to send you money each month…Liberals who are both DemonRatz and RepublikRatz.

      Thanx, VGS

    • KG says:

      Bob, you are well named – Obama or the media speak and all the Obama bobbleheads start bouncing.

      • Pauline says:

        haha, and you are tea baggers follower because they do not follow the rules only the ones they want to follow when they want to follow it. The part all the people, not just the rich people is no longer part of the thought of this horrible new breed of Republicans. So dream on if you want to think this is the Republicans that care for America, did we not fight the civil war, why carry the flag into your protest unless you are saying I don’t give a shit what America did but what I want to believe is all that counts. So do a little research and check out the facts (videos of the clowns who pretend one thing and say another) but must Republicans will not because they can not find one fact backing up their ideas. Please prove me wrong, I would like to think we have not lost 2 good parties but we have one who values are still help everyone and the other is give to rich, with only a few that have guts to stand up to tea baggers. So bobbleheads are really the Republicans, that is why the government is closed those little heads and hand say yes yes what ever tea bagger Ted Cruz wants us to say even if he doesn’t trust Republicans….or and now those big tea bagger nut jobs or non-partisan-ok right and do you fall for that also?

        • shirley says:

          forgive me, but wwhere did you attend school. slow down and take a breath you are not making any sense. You seem to have a hard___ for the tea baggers, just why I’m not sure, because you are just ranting

          • AZN8V says:

            Seems all she does is rant her hatred. It appears she is a very unhappy person and has to blame someone or some group for her misery.

        • Sassybird says:

          I find it hard to follow your comments. Perhaps they would make more sense if you used commas, periods,, capitals, paragraphs. But from what I could decipher – you might want to actually read the health care act, as well as check some of your facts.

          • dizzyd says:

            Pauline makes perfect sense to me. If the punctuation isn’t good enough, maybe you need to relearn how to read…

    • shirley says:

      you are a idiot. i am conservative and have nothing to do with that organization. watch what you say so as not to look like a fool

    • Carol cumbie says:

      It is easy to see that there are many paid Obama operatives out there on this site a waste of time trying to talk to dead wood.

      • Marion Hunt says:

        So, Carol, just because a person voices their opinion, you think they are an Obama operative? Interesting! I have found it difficult to have a face-to-face civil conversation about politics, race, religion, etc., with some people. At least on some of these blogs, you can voice your opinion, and even if you don’t agree, at least you are hearing a different perspective. I have learned a lot reading comments. I don’t profess to know it all, but I try to listen/read varying angles. Fox News is entertainment, and since lots of you think Obama tells lies, I’m sure you might identify well with Fox. A lot of stations censor their news…The dumbing down of America in other words..I often view foreign stations. I hear news quicker than on some of the domestic stations. Sometimes I feel there are some amongst us who think America is the only country that exists. This country is a baby compared to some cultures, and some people, particularly the older generation are gettimg their knickers in a knot at changes they are not comforable with. Get used to it, it has always been this way!

        • Sally says:

          Pauline, Marion You ARE both Idiots! You talk such Brainwashed Rubbish, wait till ACA kicks in, and then send us a comment about how much you love it and how smart Nancy Pelosi was by making the Epic Ignorant Statement of the Century, saying about the healthcare bill, “We have to Pass It, so We can Know whats in It” Well…. now that it has passed into law, (And we pay these people????) and you get to sample the poison, let us know how you like, AFTER YOU HAVE TASTED IT!!!
          Sheeple is the absolute proper name for many Americans today.


  54. Susan Dockter says:

    From the photo this “organization” looks just like what it intends to “support”……. the wealthy, white males! And I thought you already had the Koch brothers, teapartiers, conservative Republicans and of course Citizen United for that! Thank you to all the aforementioned for deadlocking the federal government so the Democratic Party can make history AGAIN when we run and elect the first female President Hilary Clinton! And by then everyone, except the wealthy white men in suits who were running for profit “healthcare insurance”, will be wondering WHY the GOP fought so hard to prevent “Obamacare” which is appreciated and loved by us 99%!

    • TNor says:

      Alittle racist aren’t you? If it were a group of Black men in suits, like, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, you wouldn’t say those are a group of rich Black men.

    • David Bowen says:

      Ms. Dockter, I’m not sure where you got your “99%” from, but it surely wasn’t from a poll of people who have looked into some of the 11,000 (or so) pages of the bill. Since you obviously haven’t read it or any part of it, and you don’t have it yet, how can you possibly say you “appreciate” it or “love” it???

    • Arlene says:

      Susan, Just reading ypour comments moves that you are a die hard liberal. Its said that you are so blinded that you are not willing to look at the best interest of our country. I can’t get my head around your math. 76% of Americans, both Dems and Repulicans do not want obamacare. that tells me your 99% is down to 34%, and 27% doesn’t know enough to decide one way or the other, that leaves only 7 % who want it for sure…Doesn’t make your statement very feasible. As for making History….Look at what that got us? I’m sorry. I thought He would be good, but I was so wrong, obama is the worst thing that has ever happened to our country and MLK would be as ashamed as most true americans are. I am seriously thinking about dumping AARP for the same reason, I don’t BLINDLY follow Stupid Just because They keep telling the same old lies over and over again. There is a time in everyones lives when they have to Think about more then just themselves. obama has not learned that lesson yet and will go down as the WORSE PRESIDENT EVER.

      • Cheryl Good says:

        To Arlene, I totally agree with your comment. I would have said the same thing to Susan too. Apparently she hasn’t read about what OBAMACARE has done to a lot of families. Democrat voters are so blinded from the truth about Obama and Obamacare! It is so sad!! It is pissing me off what Obama has been doing to this country, our beloved FREEDOM and everything else. Obama is not a good person, he is so evil and look what he has done to our country!! They need to IMPEACH NOW!!!! If Obama was a good President and he would do good for the American people and not doing evil to all of us and not making us suffer. That would be great and wonderful! But no he’s not!! God is going to take care of Obama and his evil ways. Obama is a Muslim and Anti-American and he need to go back where he came from!! He is not wanted here in AMERICA! HE IS THE WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • shirley says:

        I soooo agree. To bad we have to suffer for it. He will go his merry way, play golf, build a library and collect his retirement check for th rest of his life, and we pay, and pay and pay……

      • Bob Foose says:

        I would have to say that I am a liberal..if only in that I don’t think blind support of any extreme political position is particularly smart. And since there are SO MANY people claiming they have the inside scoop on wnat’s ‘really happening’ in our country, on both sides of every issue I hear about (and probably the ones that no one wants us to hear about), I’d have to say that blind support is really our only option, if we are realistic about it. I really don’t have the time or inclination to read the 1100 pages of the ACA. It would be nice if someone who did would be so unquestionably trustworthy that I could believe what they told me. Unfortunately, this is not the case. So..I choose to remain inactive, and to watch the government, and the country I love and fought to defend, collapse around me. Thank God I’m old and won’t be around to much longer!

      • Sassybird says:

        Well said !!!

      • Bruce Kain says:

        Dear Arlene. Basic subtraction time. 100% – 76% = 24%. Not 34%. I can’t get MY head around YOUR math. Further, If 76% don’t want the ACA, and 27% can’t decide… that’s 103% right there. So, -3% want it for sure. -laughing- Please explain to me, using your logic…. how more than 50% of the country elected this President when 103% don’t support his signature legislation.

      • dizzyd says:

        Sorry Arlene but G Dubya will forever hold the title of worst president ever…

    • Sherman says:

      I’m so happy to read replies from someone that is educated! I can’t understand where the progressive liberals think it’s better to sit on their ass and collect a check from the government. The $ has to come from somewhere other than obuma raising the credit limit which is going to bust if they keep going!

    • crash says:

      Exact the Right, Religious, White, Male party. My choice is Elizabeth Warren for President!

    • shirley says:

      I say again, be careful what you say when you don’t know what you are talking about, otherwise you may be taken for a fool. I think maybe you have “hand out ” and entitlements” written all over you, probably “food stamps ” too. Of course you love it. I take none of the above and never have, snad am proud of it

    • Barbara says:

      You are so wrong…I am a very strong woman and I wouldn’t elect Hilary to tie my shoe laces. She is nothing but a puppet being used to fool shallow bimbos like you. A real woman would not have let those men die without a fight! You are weak when you think that the only thing that shows strength is being a woman in the spotlight, but I promise you that all of them are pawns of some man, who offered them position for using their face to lead you astray. I would rather be ruled by a man who knows God and the Original laws of our Constitution than a woman who will do anything a man says do in secret for her power, any day. It has nothing to do with your sex! It has to do with your intelligence…and that is shown by knowing the difference between right and wrong and what is best for the greater majority, not just a few self-rigorous egotist like the few running the show right now. You use your eyes when you need to be using your brain! Get a life little girl, you are not a woman, because you are not mature enough to see the truth about anything. I would rather have a poor struggling woman who takes care of her own without depending on promises from Hilary leading the way. She understands true balance of power, and how to balance a budge than any of the bozos trying to run things now.

    • Susan says:

      Susan, please change your name!
      99% of what? welfare recipients?

    • Babs says:

      My dear, 99% do NOT love and appreciate the ACA or obamacare as it is known. Some of us have actually read parts of it and it is totally scary. The part about panels that can come in and take your kids…it is in there…the part about the “death panels” it is there under the guise of the government determining what care you can get and when…like it yet? And another thing…have you gotten what your deductible is going to be yet? Have fun with that as the insurance is not what they say it is. It is catastrophic insurance…in case you don’t know what that has an extremely high deductible and does not cover anything 100%. You will have to pay that deductible before it kicks in…hopefully you have at least $1000 laying around for the year for your share of the costs. If you are eligible for medicaid…different story, your costs will be minimal and will cover more, but fact: that was available before this was passed. You had to qualify for it and pay a premium of around $100/mo per person and it was a state and federal program. You just had to sign up for it and qualify income wise. I am sure that the cost of the program is well within your liking…it is going to cost over 1 TRILLION to get it up and going not including the $700,000,000 it has already cost. As for government efficiency…there are over 100,000 pages already of rules and regulations on top of the 3000 pages it started at and will add thousands of more government workers to enforce those rules at our expense. I could go on, but it really wouldn’t make any difference as I am sure that you are one of the ones holding a sign on facebook saying that obamacare has saved your life and it hasn’t even gotten off the ground.

  55. Hubert says:

    The bad thing about the AMAC? You income must be over $500,000 to join. 90% of the members are white males.

    • Sherry Adams says:

      Not true Hubert. We are members and our income is nowhere near that.

    • Valerie says:

      Don’t know where you are getting your info, Hubert. I just checked it out to see if this was true. Nowhere on there does it even ask how much your income is. You basically provide Name, age, state, and choose which one you want…5 yr plan, etc. I think it’s the fact that they claim to be ‘conservative” that has you freaked out!

    • Mary Patchell says:

      Who told you this big lie? We joined and our only income is Social Security and you know it’s no $500,000?! You must be a liberal, how do you know if 90% of it’s members are white males? By the way I’m female.

      • Laurel B. says:

        Oh My, Obama’s little army of internet trolls is really scraping the bottom of the barrel for their recruits, as demonstrated by “Hubert”

    • shirley says:

      so untrue. I am female, and don’t make even make 10% of that amount. Again folks, careful what you say, lest we know you for the fool that you are,

  56. jlc1914 says:

    I signed up for AARP for the discounts, etc. I’m totally conservative. So far (out of the 90,000 pieces of mail AARP has wasted postage on mailing to me) I really haven’t seen anything pro-Obama.

    I wouldn’t mind joining AMAC if I see they have some decent benefits.

    • Robert says:

      In fact, on September 20, 2012, Kimberley A. Strassel of the Wall Street Journal wrote:
      “Thanks to just-released emails from the House Energy and Commerce Committee, we now know that AARP worked through 2009-2010 as an extension of a Democratic White House, toiling daily to pass a health bill that slashes $716 billion from Medicare, strips seniors of choice, and sets the stage for rationing. We know that despite AARP’s awareness that its seniors overwhelmingly opposed the bill, the ‘nonpartisan organization’ chose to serve the president’s agenda.
      The 71 pages of emails show an AARP management taking orders from the White House, scripting the president’s talking points, working to keep its board ‘in line’ and pledging a fealty to ‘the cause.’ Seniors deserve to know all this, as AARP seeks to present itself as neutral in this presidential election.”

    • Laurel B. says:

      Oh Lord, we cancelled our membership in AARP when they kept supporting ObamaCare, even in the face of massive amounts of money being hijacked from Medicare. The most noticeable thing about not being a member was the mountains of junk mail that gradually subsided.

      And no, it’s not as though they ran pro-Obama stories or anything regarding his candidacy but they were clearly gun ho on ObamaCare, even some of those earliest versions which were far worse than the bad enough ACA we finally ended up with.

      Nothing much to miss about AARP, the homeowner’s insurance was great until you had a claim and any of the other millions of insurance products they peddled did not seem to be good values.

  57. Gail says:

    Folks, let me tell you a little something about Medicare and obamacare. I was covered by my husbands group insurance when I turned sixty five AND we were both still working. When my husband decided to retire, we were so broke because he lost most of his 401K in the crash.
    Then after reading just some of what was planted in the over 2000 pages of obamacare, geared at stopping many treatments and benefits for Senior Citizens, I refused to join it.
    Now. as we had gotten to the point where we were just about able to make it and decided to join Medicare, they hit me withan extra $30 a month PENALTY for not joining at sixty five, (I HAD joined part A AND had private insurance until my husband retired), plus, did you know in Medicare, you are charged a SURCHARGE (??) of $6 a month, to cover PLANNED PARENT HOOD. The LARGEST ABORTION clinic in the USA.
    THEN, when I got my private insurance for part D (at the same time as Part B), I was told it would be six dollars a month for vision etc.
    NOW, they have billed me ANOTHER $13.70 a month PENALTY, which is ALSO SENT TO MEDICARE and guess where THAT goes. TO FUND OBAMACARE. That is $50 a month out of my Social Security check. What the heck do they think I am going to buy food with? If I opt out of Private Insurance, they are going to take ANOTHER PENALTY out of my Social Security anyway and I wont have ANY benefits.
    Now, tell me again why we NEED obamacare… well of course … to give the Illegals FREE MEDICAL.
    We need to get the whole dang lot of them out of Congress, AND the EXECUTIVE BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT and rule ourselves. One two year term limit, No pension, Private Health Insurance AND force them all past, present and future, who have stolen ANY of the money from Social Security and Medicare, to pay every cent of it back out of THEIR OWN POCKETS.
    Sorry about all those caps folks, but I am trying to make the point that we don’t need obamacare and if they would stop sending funds to our enemies and the UN, the USA would be just fine.

    • A says:

      You are so right. I stand with you.

      • Sandra Mayer says:

        AMEN and to those who say we are prejudice , I am white but I was all for Herman Cain until they got rid of him …so it has nothing to do with color…it has to do with the heart of the man and if he ever proves me wrong I will be the first to apologize and tell every one of you you were right…What are you willing to do if we are right???? Ever thought about the what ifs….What if there is a plan to destroy America as we know it? What if there is the plan to take away your freedoms? What if in the pages of Obama care there are hidden things that will leave us in bondage instead of free? There are so many what if’s we should be asking ourselves…I don’t care if u are democrat, republican, Christian or Atheist, or what color the outside is…this is the time to learn all we can and ask those questions before it is too late for all of us…Many times in history people have signed away our freedoms and rights just because we took someone at there word…there is no better time or place than here and now to start getting educated…regardless which side you are on….Just saying!!

        • Holly says:

          Sandra and Gail, I agree with both of you, my beliefs exactly and more people need to get their heads out of the sand and educate themselves! Stop agreeing just because you have been of the democratic party, wake up and choose with your heart and love of your country……quite following like a bunch of lost sheep!

        • zina says:

          Hope its not too late!

    • Linda Pressey says:

      Gail, you are awesome and you tell the truth. The old plans were the best. It is the criminals who managed the plans that broke them. May GOD help us all to live a normal elderly life that we deserve.
      God Bless you Gail

    • Windel Oakley says:

      I’m with you, check out Mark Levin’s book, Liberty Amendments.

    • CAROLYN WILLS says:


    • Jr says:

      Thank GOD some people read and research these liberal based operations. We have had so much smoke blowed up our “pa-toots” that its hard to know what’s good for Seniors and the Disabled without studying and asking questions. I KNOW that Seniors and the Disabled are on obama’s bucket list because we are using money that him and his awesome woman could golf and vacation on. If your on Medicare or a supplement insurance, you pay a little more every year. You get a raise on Social Security and think, well!!, this will help out some, then you find out that your cost on medicare will go up almost dollar for dollar with your raise. By the way, obama may decide that the cost of living raise should not be added to the next years check because in his opinion the cost of living didn’t go up any this year. Seniors are a burden to the president(I say pres. lightly), as well as Dirty Harry Reid and Mrs. Botox Pelosi, we cause too much conflict and if we’re sick, cost too much money. They need to look in the mirror and see what they have because time is short and GOD will if they don’t repent and get their hearts right, allow them to destroy themselves. You don’t do wrong and get by, The Bible says in the 4th book in the old testement Numbers 32:23 But if ye will not do so, behold ye have sinned against the Lord: and be sure your sins will find you out”.

    • Cheryl Good says:

      I totally agree with you Gail!! AMEN TO THAT!!! People are so blinded from the truth about OBAMACARE!! Our country is in turmoil because of Obama and his precious baby OBAMACARE! They need to get the IMPEACHMENT on Obama and get rid of him quickly, the better we will be!! Our country is getting worse!! It is so sad!! Thanks for sharing with us what you read about what Obamacare was all about. People need to hear the truth. Sadly, they don’t know the truth! If they would take the time to read what OBAMACARE is all about. :)

    • David says:

      I agree 100 % with you…..move the countrys central government away from current location to maybe Missouri.That way we can be in missory when this happens again.

    • wesley strickland says:


      on your side//right on.


    • Barbara says:

      So True and well said!

  58. Margie Queen says:

    Tell me more

  59. BOOMER49 says:

    Given that AARP is NOT an astroturf shell corporation for the Koch brothers, ALEC, and the reTHUGlican party, I’m sticking with them.
    Only thing sadder than a young fascist braying like a fool is an old one grumbling about the horrors of socialism while cashing that SOCIAL SECURITY check.

    • sk8rstxi says:

      since the “old fool” grumbling about Socialism while cashing his social security check actually paid his own way for that social security check, he has every right to grumble.

      • JoeDirt says:

        No, you did not pay your own social security. You paid for your parent’s generation social security. I am paying for your social security. How can folks not understand how this works?

        • Babs says:

          Sweetheart, we have paid in all our lives and yes it is an entitlement unlike welfare..which is not an entitlement. If they want to do away with it, then give my back my money that I paid in for medicare and social security with the interest it was supposed to get of at least 5%/year and I will fund my own retirement. In case you missed it…when social security was started it was given a dollar amount to cover those who were retiring so it was fully funded at the start…we are actually funding our own retirements with our money not yours. You are paying for yours as you go. You can blame our government starting in the Johnson administration for raiding the fund and putting it in the general budget as a surplus. Each president and the house have used that money for other things. So, again, you are not paying for me or the others who are retired or retiring soon. The money is there, but it is now in the general fund and they keep using it for other things.

    • William says:

      That man paid into Social Security, he is entitled to collect monthly checks.

    • RB says:

      Fuck You! Shove your progressive adgenda up your ass! I’m Joining AMAC! At least it doesn’t contribute to you Bastards!

    • Ron M. says:

      15% of our wages/salaries went into the Social Security ‘Trust Fund’ which the politicians promptly stole. If we jus invested that money in 10 year treasury notes we all would have more than $1,0000,000! The government has perpetrated the biggest Ponzi scheme on their constituents and you are acting as an apologist mouthpiece for them? Shame on you!

    • Cerpas says:

      Typical clue of the facts, no clue pertaining to policy, no clue in life. Only thing sadder than a socialist liberal democrap braying like a fool is…nothing. Nothing sadder than that, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    • Dave says:

      You’re a stupid misinformed asshole, asshole

    • Fred says:

      BOOMER49 You really are an idiot! If any one of us had banked the money we sent to SS for the last 50 years, we would have much more that the monthly stipend we receive. Could it be you have been one of the leaches that did not contribute over the last half century?

      Do the math brain dead.

      • JoeDirt says:

        You really have no clue how social security works, do you? The money deducted from your paycheck for social security is spent on those currently receiving social security. It doesn’t go into a trust fund, it wasn’t stolen by politicians. You have every opportunity to put as much money in investments for your retirement as you wish, nothing is stopping you. If you didn’t adequately plan for your retirement, well that is no one’s fault but your own. My generation is certainly not relying on social security, we are all putting our Microsoft salaries into safe, long term investments.






      • JoeDirt says:


        No, you are not. The Affordable Care Act has not gone into effect yet.

    • Mike says:

      Boomer49 – my God, you must be a product of poor (what else is there to say) PUBLIC schooling. Social Security for the greater part of the population, was paid into by the people, for the people. See as a Liberal idiot, I know you think everything is socialism but the fact is “WE” paid into the system and the Feds have STOLEN IT to give to other things and non-paying people LIKE ILLEGALS. If I had kept my contributions I would have 5 times what I will get back. The Federal Government DOES NOTHING WELL.

      Me, I am going to take out my frustrations in my own manner, on people like you!

      • Bev says:

        Please leave public schooling out of it. As a retired teacher, I know for a fact that that you can’t teach to children that have no regard for the faculty, their parents or authority. They are too concerned with the latest shoes, the most expensive phone or who is pregnant. The old adage that you can lead a horse to water…is true. My question is why would I want to pay more for an insurance plan that our president, senate and house opted out of. If it is so great, why isn’t the Obama family stuck with it for life?

        • Jan L says:

          Get your facts straight! “U.S. lawmakers and their staffs will continue to receive a federal contribution toward the health insurance THAT THEY MUST PURCHASE THROUGH THE SOON-TO-BE-OPEN EXCHANGES created by President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law.” They are all required to use the Obamacare exchanges but like many employers do, their boss (the govt) will contribute.

          By the way, my premium went up after Obamacare was signed in 2010, as we were told they would had anyone been listening until it went into affect in 2013. Mine went from $212 to $520 in those 3 yrs. When I signed up for the ACA I did not expect much relief. But guess what?? I got the same basic coverage with a MUCH lower deductible (from $5k down to $2k) for $297 per month!! Huge savings … and an increase in the premium over the 3yrs that are acceptable to me. And this in the horrible state of FL where our governor has NOT supported Obamacare OR the Medicaid expansion. Maybe folks should actually try it instead of listening to all the vitriol that is coming out of the mouths of many of our representatives. I agree with many of the posters here … knowledge, based on REAL fact, is most important!

        • Sassybird says:

          Yes !!! Resoundingly – from one teacher to another!

    • Caroline says:

      When you read rants with term like “reTHUGlican party” in it you know you are reading the raves of silly clueless individuals who let rumors passed around inform them.

      Oh there are things wrong with the Republican party… but it is ever amazing how crazy are the defenders of the national Democratic Party.

      We can all see that it is now composed of peope who are, objectively, wholly incompetent at accomplishing anything and getting it right.

      Even when wholly unopposed and needing to engage in no political deal=making they demoinstrate that they do not have the wisdom to know the limits of their abilities.

      I am a tax and legal pro with about 30 years experience. I can and did read Obamacare statutes in the original.. and I can actually understand them.. .and their implications. This is almost universally untrue of Obamacare advocates.

      What the experienced professional can glean from these statutes is that the people who threw it together are incompetent amateurs who have no real understanding of what it was they were doing. It is the kind of thing you might expect out of a class project by students who were seeking a paralegal certificate at a vocational school.

      It is plain the people who wrote it were novices and amateurs without the slightest real-world understanding of the subject at hand.

      It might well be the best thing in the world to provide for public medical care… but Obamacare is nothing of the sort. It is just an insurance company enrichment act that forces the general public to fiund the speculators who lost big on bad investments, already… in the mortgage=backed derivatives crash.

      Honest, well=meaning people who support Obamacre are desperate scared people who really are clutching at straws.. they realy cannot get their heads around any of this stuff.. the probably get the spins and nausea over the complexities of it all. So the poor silly scared individuals WANT to think this incomprehensible gobblygook is some magic solution.

      If you want a form of public medical care know full well that Obamacare destroys any hope of such a thing ever happening.

    • cherykie says:

      boomer49: My parents paid in all their lives to social security, but my father was only able to draw less than a year before he died and my mom died at the age of 61, so the government kept their money. The people cashing that social security check put that money in there. It’s their money! So don’t bad mouth the people who paid into it for “cashing their checks”. I’ll bet you are ignorant of the fact that older illegals can come into this country and after they have been here so many DAYS, file for social security and start receiving a monthly check even though they haven’t paid a dime into it. Then they can go back home still receiving their check. A girl where I used to work did this for her parents, so its not just an anecdotal account. And why do demonratz always bring up the name of the Koch brothers, or the unrighteously wealthy Mitt Romney? How about 0bama, Gore, Kerry, Soros, Gates, and the fabulously wealthy Hollywood elite? You all act like God dissing Joe the plumber for having too much money…

  60. Don Senecal says:

    You folks will need a lot more than your money to get this puppy to float. Nowhere in your article do you explain what the letters AMAC stand for. In the first paragraph, AARP is mentioned five times and AMAC is not mentioned at all. If this is the kind of product placement you intend to continue using, your organization with all of your 1% money to support it will have as much chance to succeed as your condescending attitude.

    • Carolee Davis says:

      Association of Mature American Citizens

    • Janet Cobb says:

      You look like a jack-ass when you state that nowhere did they explain what the letters AMAC stood for. The article very plainly stated “AMAC, The Association of Mature American Citizens, believes we can do much better.” I reserve judgement on them till I learn more about them. I just saw a post from them on Facebook and decided to check it out.
      Unlike many, I do my research and form my own opinion. Idiotic comments like yours are why.

      • jlc1914 says:

        I don’t know if this was the case, but often someone will say that there is something missing (like the meaning of AMAC) or a typo or whatever, the writer sees the comment and makes the change online, then other people (like you) come along later and see someone complaining about a change that (clearly) has already been made. Just saying.

  61. Larry says:

    another 2 party system that is designed to divide us…… you are evil. what group demands that foreign aid and payments to the UN stop? NONE. Funny that with just the curtailment of those two things and we have a huge surplus in the budget. Anyone out there have an active brain?? Social Security has funded the government for over 50 years. those stolen monies will never be returned. so why support either of these groups that are government trolls.

    • Strong says:

      Larry, sorry, but you are sadly way out of touch with reality. Stopping foreign aid, especially to countries that hate us would not be a bad idea at all. The UN is an ineffectual, overstuffed organization that serves mainly as a function to transfer money to bureaucrats that only see the bad in Western ideals, anything else is okay, which is why you have madrasses teaching about the infidels with the support of the UN. Plenty of groups think that stopping both would be a good idea. As for Social Security, it’s a Ponzi scheme created by FDR. It’s intent was noble, but like a lot of things in the government, they set it up and never accounted for any changes in the future. It’s still important, but without major changes, it will collapse. By the way, does your mom know you’re playing on the computer again?

      • Glee says:

        Oh no, no, no, Strong! So very sorry you aren’t informed!!! The FDR group put all the SSI benefits into a private account which the 60’s dems headed by LBJ put into the public fund to be ransacked by the gov. SS was to benefit people by making their contributions a “retirement fund” that the government held privately…at least until LBJ got hold of this and the democratically controlled government then made it part of the general fund and thus no longer a retirement fund, but a raidable fund. As an over 60 person who used to think Dems were the “cat’s meow”, I am deeply troubled by this administration…and dem admins past! I have watched in horror as the Dems have adopted every single plank of the Communist and Socialist platforms! I no longer vote for ANY democrat ever! I don’t much like the Reps either. But watching what the Dems have done over the past 60+ years has convinced me they are no longer for the “little guy” like they said they were back in the 50’s! Yet they keep up this front as though they really do fight for the “little guy”. My personal opinion(and it is just that) is that JFK was the last true democrat!…and he was killed for believing that the “little guy” mattered and could make this land great! I was a Dem because of JFK. Never will be again though. AARP is a Dem puppet now. AMAC isn’t yet, but can be in the near future if what I see happening in this nation does…sigh. Too bad! Dems used to rock!!!

        • Mike says:

          Glee – great comments but sadly Libtards can NOT EVER bring themselves to understand that they are just idiots. Even when confronted with facts and math, they CAN NOT admit they are wrong. ASK ANY libtard to defend a position with facts and they get emotionally angry and will eventually storm off.

          Wanna have fun, just quote a fact from the Federal Government (without mentioning the source) they will call you misinformed. Then bet them MONEY, they will never pay up (they have no character) make them go away. ever argue with an idiot (you can not talk to libtards).

        • Holly says:


        • peggy a saxton says:

          Total agreement! This democratic party is the New democratic party, the one that Obama ran under! I went to Bill Ayers web site and when he hosted a fund raiser for Obama this is stated! If you look into the fact that Obamas’ Grandfather had him mentored by a known communist, spent time with a known terrorist( Bill Ayers) who is a socialist, and went to a church for thirteen years that the pastor was a former muslim, and preached hatred of America! Has funded with the tax payers money the terrorists in Syria and Egypt as well as the muslim brotherhood! This should tell you that the New democratic party is Socialist! Take a look at the whole administration, and their view point of our Constitution! The head of our NSA is a former muslim terrorist for heavens’ sake! I belong to AMAC because from what I read in my research they do not believe in funding abortion and they stand for the values of our Country and it’s citizens! They offer the same as aarp pretty much, and I haven’t belonged to aarp in close to ten years because I could not agree with what they now stood for!

        • Sassybird says:

          FACTS ! Finally … instead of name calling … but unfortunately, there are those who just CAN NOT face the FACTS!

    • Rich Courtney says:

      The UN is about as useful as tits on a bull. Foreign Aid, except in the most needful casesm is a monumental waste of our tax dollars. We need Domestic Aid… we have starving children and seniors right here among us. We have Detroit that was once a beacon of free enterprise, ingenuity and enterprise that has now become a bankrupt wasteland because The teamsters priced the labor out of the market and let Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Subaru, Nissan etc come in and kick our proverbial arses. Foreign aid at its best!

      • Babs says:

        And you forgot to add…Detroit was run by the democrats for over 20 years….and you see what happened. Now they are trying the same on a federal scale. Needs to be stopped….NOW.

  62. Tom Locust Grove Ga says:

    The ONLY REASON to join AARP is to see what EVIL AND VILE things that is being done to us.Any body on SS,like myself can find better and cheper by doing some home work.You can negotiate policy and price.

  63. charlotte Claycomb-jones says:

    Lets hear more!

  64. Alan Drucker says:

    AMAC or AARP is not really the issue on the Medicare advantage market….Do you like Jif or Skippy when it comes to peanut butter…..In the MA markets, the county you live in and the network of doctors available are the key features…If you need a hearing aid for under $400, only one company owns a hearing aid manufacturer ….If your rural, plan types may be the reason you join…If you think that this issue is political, i suggest you put that angst aside and get the best plan for your health care…Oct 15 to Dec 7….do the best you can and find a solution that meets your needs

  65. Willem Lange says:

    How can I persuade you elderly creeps to stop pestering me on my Facebook page?

    • Beth says:

      You can hide the page from your view. It probably won’t pop up anymore. No need to get ugly about it.

      • Joan says:

        hope you mr/mrs Lange don’t live to be our age cause you’ll be fighting like hell to survive I would guess you’re in your twenties or thirties, having a blast, and a liberal to boot, I hope you don’t have a mother,father, uncles,aunts that are senior citizens or close to it, because your big mouth and others like you that don’t think you’re never going to get to the age of 55 and have to start worrying about it and YOUR future in getting to 65 are putting them in dire straits or maybe you and your family are so rich, you’ll never have to worry about it, wait til’ you have to sign up for your benefits and find out AT YOUR AGE OF 65 OR OVER, you don’t qualify………think about it before you open your mouth about your hatred of older people like your parents,grandparents……….

        • HTJ says:

          YEP!!!! WE ALLLLLL…. get old, if we’re lucky enough too, but the younger people are always “invincible” right? lol

    • de says:

      get out of face book it’s that easy Mr or Miss Lange

      • Joan says:

        Thank you de, if he hate’s ‘Elderly Creeps” why the hell is he on this particular page anyway…..hmmmmm????

        • Betty unnasch says:

          Joan,yes it will befall you ,do you have any elderly folks in you family? They are the reason why any of you that are on face book are even here, to be NASTY to anyone.That why all those NASTY ELDERLY CREEPS ,that are deciding, what we are going to do if we are disabled,or elderly,or children whom can’t take care of them selves ,just like Hitler .He made decidions for 7 millions, Jews and millions more under ethnic cleansing. These idiots are taking every rights ,we had under,The Constitution,Bill of Rights, and even our God given right from the Bible. You know what? All or most of them are,guess what,over 50 yrs old and older and they have never held any other job but that one.they have now. It has a million bucks a year retirement for life and they ain’t going to have Obamacare ,wonder why. because,we will be given the choice of killing ourselves at 70 and if you don’t pay or have some insurence you will be finded everyday till you get some or guess what …die.

    • DJP says:

      I hope you never have to be an elderly creep, but I am sure that someday ( if you make it ), you will become one of the elderly creeps, so better watch what you call other people.

      • junebeebe says:

        He/she is already a creep so what does age have to do with it?

        • MUSINGABOUTIT says:


          • Ed Adams says:

            Hey – I am an “Elderly Creep” // and – at 81 years // I am having Fun. Being a Creep is not all that bad. It’s a lot easier to cage a beer off the younger guys and my S S does give me enough to get Fries With That every once in awhile. Yeeeeee Ha /////////////

    • Peg says:

      As you are a young creep, you’ll make a smashing elderly creep. I hope the elderly creeps drive you insane!!!!

    • Iva Osborne says:

      To Mr. Willem Lange if you live long enough you will be a elderly person yourself so told talk about old people they have feeling too ,if you don’t want to see this on your f/b you know delete it simple as that

    • Dave says:

      You can kill yourself, that should do it.

    • Eilleen says:

      To Willem Lange: Time flies. Soon enough you will be an elderly creep too. Those decisions you don’t care about today will bite you in your butt tomorrow. I understand it is hard to fathom but what is happening today really does affect your future if that even matters to you. By the way, were you raised by wolves? Your parents should be proud of your mouth. It would be interesting to see who you learned such disrespect from. What is most scary is that YOU are our future. Gotta go, I feel sick.

  66. Trent Bovee says:

    Does funding the budget also fund the Care Bill?

  67. Lou Lachance says:

    Like AARP INSURANCE COMPANY? Hell no! Their phone company Consumer Cellular is o.k. lol

  68. boB says:

    How can AMAC claim they fight for me when they lie to me?

    I see no reason at all to leave AARP for an organization that is still repeating oft-debunked ideas like care rationing.

    • Mike says:

      Hi Bob, I don’t belong to any group. But AARP was in Obama’s pocket regarding Obamacare. Why? If you could answer that question you will see how AARP would benefit from Obamacare.

    • vivian says:

      AARP IS THE SAME AS OBAMA. I WOULD MAKE NO DEALS WITH THEM PERIOD They will make BIG BUCKS from Obama care, don’t know about the other

    • Babs says:

      Bob, you need to read the bill…care rationing is in there under the guise of panels that will determine appropriate care for all age groups. It goes on to say that they can deny care based on criteria to be determined..that would be in the 100,000 pages of rules and reg that are already formulated with more to come. Now tell me, how can anyone follow over 100,000 pages of rules and regs? Our government at work…creating more jobs for the jobless.

  69. Jose Quishpe says:

    Face it AMAC guys, you do not represent the aspiration of people who work everyday for a living. You are a handful of people who may have never had to raise a tool to make industry move. Most of you sat on your desks and most likely made your money on the backs of others. You should be grateful that us greasy, rough and tired bodies worked all their lives to keep you living fancy even in retirement. Go and enjoy your golf clubs, pools, and secured living. You do not even suspect how is to live out of Social Security. You should be in my shoes and find out what discrimination is for Afroamericans, Latinos and Native Americans.

    • Leta Cooper says:

      Where in the world do you get your information from? How do you know what they sit on or play on?

    • Doug says:

      So because you don’t have what it takes to start or run a business of your own that means everyone else discriminates against you? What an idiot. You should be grateful others do so lazy pukes like you have a place to go to work.

    • junebeebe says:

      Yep, let’s throw a race card out there!! Thought we might make it through one thread for just one night without seeing it out there!! AARP and AMAC are not supposed to kiss asses of blacks, hispanics, moon people, martians, or white people! They are in a particular business for a particular purpose!! Personally aarp will never see a dime from me….they are liberal democrats and used retiree money to fund obama and his gang of stooges. So when did they discriminate against you? I don’t recall a box on any of the forms that asks for your race!

    • Cerpas says:

      Do the words “You’ve brought it on yourself” sound familiar? The Afro-Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans (as you described) each have had a hand in bringing disgrace to their individual race. I believe the number prosecuted for crimes against society and sent to prison indicates the problem areas. Forty percent of the black population is in prison, amazing when you realize the total black population in the US is 12-13%. The Hispanic numbers are equally dismal…

    • Mike says:

      Wow Jose, please go back to whatever 3rd World Trash can you arrived (or with your parents), you do not get it. The whole thing about America was not about getting something for nothing, it was about OPPORTUNITY. Every culture receives discrimination, you push forward, you work hard.

      My Family is a mix of European and Spanish heritage but I have NEVER been anything but AMERICAN !

      I just hate it when ANYONE uses (Hyphenate) – American. You do not want to be here GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY ! You define low IQ voter (if you can vote).

    • Eilleen says:

      Get a grip Jose. You don’t have a clue who you are talking to or what each of us has done for a living or what we have been through. You are in America where you can “BECOME” whatever you want to be. You don’t automatically come into this country and become President…oh wait, you can do that, but that’s the exception.You can study to be a doctor, lawyer, a teacher or be a landscaper for 40 years. It is a “CHOICE”! It is called “FREEDOM”. My Mom worked 4 jobs from 5:00am -12:30 pm for minimum wage. She did not complain. She paid into Social Security for 50 years and got a measly check for $600. per month. That’ it!, nothing more. The family put money together so she could buy groceries and have a roof over her head each month after she retired. My former husband worked for a spice company and one of their marketing tips was to put the gravy packets next to the cat food in grocery stores because “AMERICAN SENIORS” had to eat cat food and the gravy helped to mask the taste. Elderly people have had to choose whether to heat their homes or buy medicine and they have found some dead and frozen to the floor. You are likely a Liberal because you use on of the most favorite obamaphrases of “making money on the backs of others.” You have been told you are a victim so you believe you are. You have been told how unfair America is because the Liberals have much more control over you when they tell you how terrible you have it. Jose, go sit with a wounded warrior for an afternoon. Go to a nursing home. Get over yourself. This is America. You can be whatever you want to be or you can choose to believe the morons who tell you how horrible your life is and that it is because of wealthy people. Do you have any clue how wealthy Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Kerry, Clintons, etc. etc are? Check it out Jose before you make a fool of yourself. If you’ve got it so bad here, go live in Mexico or any other country and see how much better it is. I’m sure they will treat you much better there. No one is forcing you to stay in this horrible, terrible, prison and a hell hole of a country. Millions of us are grateful and proud to live in America. We’re all in the same boat. Some of us just choose to use oars.

    • Sassybird says:

      So, you have a print-out on what each person does/did who is a member of this group? How did you get this? Or are you making assumptions … based on the liberal policy line. And that is the problem – it is a “line” … not the truth.

      My daddy was a coal miner , but he was not a democrat – because he was a student of history. The operative word in last sentence was “student”. Voters need to be self-educated – having studied the problems, observed both sides, and then made an informed choice, based on what is best for the country as a whole, no matter color, creed, or political party.

      Educate yourself!

    • neal says:


  70. John says:

    Leave it to the mentally disturbed leftists, to try and argue that conservatives want to “cut” benefits for seniors. Just because conservatives are fiscally responsible enough to realize that you cannot keep “adding on”, and instead believe that rather than “borrow” money to raise benefits, you “maintain” currents benefits and then you look for alternatives to SS for those young enough and just coming into to the workforce, does not mean that we are throwing granny over the cliff. At some point you loons from the socialist left, will realize that you CANNOT spend your way into prosperity. As for AMAC or AARP, I think I would lean towards a spokesperson like Chuck Woolery, long before I would buy into the BS shoveled from the millionaire Hollywood elites. We can’t fix stupid, but hopefully, some day, we can vote it out of office. And just to make you happy, I include the likes of Boehner in that group. He is essentially worthless as a champion for conservative causes. He has been in DC far too long and has become corrupted by the power he was granted. He has been so influence by the left, that he is basically democrat lite!

    • Barry says:

      Face it John, These Socialists can only continue if they have no competition.Just like the unions that are losing members daily cause their leadership is a bunch of socialist thugs.The idea that their are livable wages without union thug representation is an anomaly to them.AARP is a similar group with the people running the organization that have only their extreme left leaning socialist agenda at the top of their priority list. They use the fear of the elderly to continue to profit and send out their minions to try and stop anyone who would offer up an alternative point of view. Most of the people commenting negitively about AMAC are most likely morons that dream of a socialist utopia that Carl Marx so fondly described and gave us the USSR as the result.

      • neal says:


    • Armon says:


      I can agree on many of your points, however it would seem to be an oxymoronic position to be speaking as a “mature adult” and using second grade, spoiled child language such as “mentally disturbed leftists” and “…you loons from the socialist left,…”. Your points are negated by your immaturity.

  71. MM says:

    Nationalize medicine like the Canadian systems is the way to go. Talk to the Canadians the system is really very efficient and cost effective. Med’s provided at greatly reduced cost. And when you actually compare their system to our free market system you will find that our’s is actually inferior to theirs’ Cost more and you get less for it. When profit is the motive quality will eventually suffer.

    • Carmine says:

      If their system is so good why did some of their politicians come here for their surgery I have friends in Canada and they hate the system

      • OhReally? says:

        Well, I have relatives in Canada, and they love the health care system. They are baffled by Americans’ refusal to consider any alternative to the patently unjust and ineffective employer-based, profit-driven system that we have. It’s a system that denies coverage to those who need it the most (those who are too infirm to work) all the while driving up costs for everyone. And, oh yes, health-care outcomes in the US are ranked below those in Canada by the World Health Organization, not to mention below practically every other industrialized country, *all* of which have single-payer, nationalized systems.

        There’s a reason that, in a national poll, the person whom most Canadians chose as the greatest Canadian was the MP who spearheaded the national health care system.

        • Aubrey says:

          If you think the American health care system is patently unjust and ineffective now, just wait until Obamacare is passed. With millions more people added (many illegal immigrants) and fewer doctors, that is going to lower the quality of health care for everyone. Maybe we can travel to Canada for treatment, huh? My doctor is so overworked now, it takes 3 to 4 months to get an appointment. Currently, I must see a physician assistant if I get sick. I have no hopes of this situation getting better.

          • PATRICIA says:

            If you are on Medicare or VA benefits or Medicaid Obamacare will not effect you at all everyone needs to go and look all this up. I have NO other insurance and It is mostly for anyone that does not have insurance or wants to change from what they have at work is too high… I suggest everyone go read the statement about what it is for….. amen

          • orville wilmot says:

            both social security and medicare are seniors only private trust fund accounts .they are both separate from the governments money as they pay nothing into either one and they do not own any of either one . all the monies the government has taken from both was really stolen by the government obama billions illegally for obamacare amen and past president took who knows howv much from social security and left bogus iou’s this was deplorable all the monies that government has taken from both must be repaid now amen. it a horrible crime against the seniors for the government to steal our money amen

        • Carolyn Hall says:

          Then why do so many Canadians come to this country for operations that have put them on waiting lists in their country…I have heard horror stories coming from Canada about people dying because they are such a long waiting list to have an operation or even xrays…. Obamacare is just another step toward a socialist government… The Second step to a total government take over is a government run Health care system…The first step is taking guns from law abiding citizens or making it more difficult for them to own and bear arms….I’m afraid both are knocking at the door of this country and tyranny will ensue….

          • Carla says:

            Well, you hit the nail on the head!
            Tyranny is closer than none wants to admit.
            People don’t realize until it’s too late.


            • Daisy Newcomb says:

              Yes indeed. They are devaluing our dollar everyday by printing money that they can’t back up. How long has it been since you have seen a Silver Certificate. inflation is rampant. Obama is running this Country in the ground.

            • mary cheek says:

              Carla is correct we need to stand up NOW…before its to late…people wake up. our government is screwing us all….protecting themselves. period.

          • Lesley says:

            Because they are ELECTIVE surgeries.

        • mar says:

          Well I have a friend here who’s mother lives in Canada and she said the healthcare there sucks. Her son paid for her to come to the USA to have surgery here. He is originally from Canada and he agreed with his mom. Our healthcare is alot better. … for now. Once Obama care takes full effect we’ll be lucky if they dont just close the door in our face and say. go home we dont want to help you here.

      • Kris Jackson says:

        Many people come here for medical treatment — we have some of the best hospitals and doctors in the world. Often (and I am an example) the national health care systems of these countries pay for their citizens’ treatment, transportation to and from the US, and lodging here. Meanwhile there are tens of millions of Americans who would be turned away from these same hospitals because they have no health insurance. Obamacare is a major step toward fixing this, but we need single payer, like everyone else has.

    • BeaBubba2 says:

      When profit is NOT a motive, mediocrity will rule.

      • OhReally? says:

        So the armed forces of America are mediocre? So the Red Cross is mediocre? The church is mediocre? Harvard, Yale, and Princeton are mediocre? The Mayo Clinic is mediocre? What is mediocre is the corrosive idea that greed is the only thing that effectively motivates constructive behavior.

      • Armon says:

        Rah! Rah! Great corporate line of B.S.!

    • Paul says:

      I fell and broke my back, while unloading my truck in Windsor, Ontario. Ambulance took me to a local hospital for emergency treatment. They doc told me I had deep bruises, but was otherwise o.k. Went to my Doc at home, for follow up treatment. He had no x-rays, so had to take his own. He couldn’t believe they released me. Said I could have been paralized for life, because they rushed me through and didn’t find the problem. And you want a system like that here?

      • Elizabeth J Ryniak says:

        They let you go because they have no responsibility toward you. I live here and had one great Surgeon that performed three surgeries on me in 15 months and I am thankful for his dedication toward me. I am now in full recovery.

    • art says:

      The person who started the system in Canada wishes he could stop it. it don’t work .you have o wait months to get a procedure done, infact some of the people come to US to get wellness care.

    • Doug says:

      I live right next door to some of those Canadians, they have dual citizenship. Guess where they get their medical care including births of 4 kids? It isn’t Canada, any guesses? Maybe you should actually talk to some of the those Canadians, nice try though.

    • Terry says:

      Way to go ! I guess you want Obama to feed you to, hell he might even come wipe your tell ?

    • HTJ says:

      @MM………. I have to totally DISAGREE that the Canadian system is great. I personally know a canadian who’s mother died of cancer, because it TOOK HER forever to get into a specialist doctor to treat her, and it was too late!!! Yea, if you have a sniffle, it’s free…big whoop !!! If you have serious issues, you’re SOL. I know another person who had serious back/nerve damage problems and couldn’t get in to see a doctor for more than 6 months, maybe a year, and had to SUFFER the entire time during the wait.

    • J.P says:

      MM, You’re completely & woefully misinformed. I have a good friend from Alberta who told me just this morning not ever to consider moving up there in my advancing years for the reasons you seem to think are wonderful! Waiting forever to get a drs. appt. with a underpaid, overworked dr. who wants nothing more for you to leave so he/she can go home. Cost of living is really out of control compared to the U.S. as well as restrictive laws concerning numerous matters that we take for granted here. That’s why my friend owns a home & property here as well as one in South America, and spends as much time as legally possible “down here” instead of the cool blue north. He maintains residence up there because that’s the country of his birth & his family farm holds sentimental value & is where his parents are laid to rest. So if that’s your dream location, good luck & Godspeed! Just don’t forget what is said about the color of the grass on the other side of the fence. (-:




    • pat says:

      I am from Canada. The Canadian system is a disaster. My aunt had heart trouble and waited two years for surgery. She died waiting. She was assigned a doctor in Montreal. She lived in New Brunswick. Her children had to drive to Montreal with her and it was a three day process – one day to get there, one day for her appointment and one day to drive home. As she would rise to the top of the list younger people would come and replace her. She was up to 2 weeks at one point. The next day she was at 3 months. Why do you suppose Canadians come to the US for there health care?

      • Taylor Hutton says:

        Why wouldn’t she have gone to the hospital in Halifax, there are plenty of heart specialists there. I’m sure there’s even some in Fredericton and Saint John. I am sorry for your loss, but she must have had a *very* rare condition in order for Montreal to be the closest doctor who could help her. We’ve never had issues with the Canadian health care system in our family aside from long waits at ER’s which is no different in the USA. Canadians go to the USA for health care if they’ve got $100,000 in their bank account to just toss on medical bills. In other words, 99% get their care here and are happy that it doesn’t cost them their life savings.

  72. Jim K says:

    AMAC is lying about almost everything. And rather than being a socialist or liberal law, the Affordable Care Act, more accurately Heritagecare or Romneycare, is a CONSERVATIVE law!!!!

    • Pam S. says:

      ROFLMAO!!! Jim, you crack me up bud!!

      • CJC says:

        @Pam – he speaks the TRUTH…

      • boB says:

        He’s absolutely right, Pam. ACA was based on ideas that came out of the Heritage Foundation and formed the basis of RomneyCare. The most leftwing ideas (single payer system) were omitted before negotiations even began; course this was early in Obama’s tenure and he thought by giving the right something they wanted he could get them to negotiate. He’s since learned better.

    • Kris Jackson says:

      That’s correct. Here in Massachusetts, we still call our system Romneycare. It’s the best thing Romney ever did. 98% of the population has health insurance, and the cost is rising more slowly than in other states. And this was what Obamacare was based on.

    • Dorothy Sutherland says:

      Well then why did it take Democrats to implement It!

    • Neen says:

      Jim K. ACA requires me to fund abortions that is NOT conservative. It has also already cut services for disabled – a friend who has had cancer in the past and has other issues has already been told that if she develops cancer again she will only be given palliative care which means only treatment to keep her ‘comfortable’. She’s only 61!

  73. TKosh says:

    How can AMAC claim to be a conservative organization AND for senior citizens, when conservatives want to CUT every program seniors may need to rely on? They want to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Assistance programs … all of it … yeah that’s a great way to support grandma and grandpa … then allow their banking buddies to gamble and lose grandma and grandpa’s retirement funds without any punishment … in fact giving them bailouts and bonuses … conservatives have had the WORST record of support for senior citizens (who are not part of the 1% richest) for decades so go ahead and join this AMAC crap if you want … but don’t ask for assistance EVER when it all goes to sh*t and you have nothing left because of it …

    • Carolyn Hall says:

      Conservatives, which I am one and also a senior, do NOT want to cut SS or Medicare…That is the plan of the Obama administration, which in Obamacare cuts over thousands of dollars from Medicare… You all are listening to the liberal news media, who is bought and paid for by the liberals, Democrats and RINO’s… You need to read the AHCA, Obamacare as I call it and see how it will destroy the economy… Already people are being cut down to part-time all over this country because of it….Obama said it would reduce the insurance costs per family by $2,500 per year but now it is actually costing almost $7,500 more per family, he lied once again…if you are a man living in N Carolina your premiums will go up over 300% with the Affordable, tongue in cheek, Health Care Act… Sure it will be affordable to some of the ones who now live off the government, but hard working people, again, will pay the price for a government run program….Stop watching and listening to the media and search things out for yourselves…That’s how this disaster of an administration got in office in the first place and then a second term bought and paid for by the media….
      Social Security and Medicare are not an entitlement and you will not find any Conservative that will tell you that, we, those of us that have worked all our lives, have paid premiums for SS and Medicare through our payroll deductions, we also pay a high premium, and also when you go onto Medicare Part B, so if you are paying for something it is not an entitlement as entitlements like Welfare, SNAP, Phones, SSI, etc…
      You liberals listen to the media way too much and can’t make a decision with out it…. All I hear from you liberals are talking points from MSNBC, CNN, Bill Maher, Ed Shultz, and Hollywood!!!!
      Ask most Doctors, who are leaving the profession in droves, if Obamacare is a good system as it stands now…They will tell you NO… When citizens wake up and realize they are guaranteed only three things, Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness, then we will be a great nation once again…beyond that, we are ENTITLED to nothing, unless we have worked and paid for it!!!!

      • PATRICIA says:

        guess you need to read about Obamacare too it does not effect medicare except pays for more and you need to look at the details I read them all and I am over people that have no idea what it is thinks they know it is mostly for people that do not have insurance that runs others prices for everything up.
        So get very angry when people say things they do not know I read the whole thing and Medicare and Medicaid and VA benefits are not effected except pays for more for us … go and research before you quote facts… If you listened to Obama when is talked about it at first he said …Medicare and
        Social Security and Disability will not be changed.

      • Stan says:


      • Linda Zech says:

        Isn’t Paul Ryan a conservative? His plan, which they are still trying to get through,will do away with Medicare as it was set up. That is who started calling it entitlements. I don’t watch the news on TV because Fox news doesn’t come close to any truth. I do go and search things out.Here in Michigan, we have a republican governor and he has done nothing but screw over hard working people so he could give tax breaks to his buddies that don’t need it.When things get put on the ballot and when the people voted no, he does them anyway.

      • Sandy B. says:

        Gotta agree with TKosh even though his language could be spruced up. I wonder too why the conservatives want to cut every program for seniors. And want to help the richest 1%?? Being rich does not automatically mean you have actually worked, some “fell into wealth” not all, of course!

  74. Dennis Voorhees says:

    .And we need another conservative organization Why? Must be something designed to attract the Teabaggers bucks.

    • Shane says:

      And it’s nice to have a choice and stay away from liberal jerks like the AARP, who only care about their pocketbook, instead of protecting the citizens they went into business for! I hope it makes you feel good to call conservatives names. It is all the liberals do, when someone doesn’t agree with them. Pure class!

      • MM says:

        Well since conservatives have spent the past 5 decades refining the name calling you statements about liberals and name calling just doesn’t fly. And if you look at the conservative voting record on senior issues it sucks !!!!.

      • margaret says:

        The day I heard AARP support ObamaCare was the day I quit my membership. When I received a phone call asking me to reconsider; I advised them, I did not believe they were doing ANYTHING in the best interest of seniors, most especially, supporting ObamaCare. So sad, I was right when I hoped to be wrong in my views and opinions.

        • Vince says:

          Margaret you are so wrong, what is your issue with obamacare? If it was called romneycare would you support it? Are you capable of thinking on your own, if so give your reasons!

        • Carolyn Hall says:

          Margaret, You are so RIGHT in doing what you did…
          I did the same thing…. and it’s not Romneycare either…
          Romneycare happens to be only in one state, sounds like states rights to me, which liberals are against…Has nothing to do with a FEDERAL run healthcare system… I firmly believe each state has the right to institute their own healthcare system, NOT the Federal government…
          Don’t let these liberals beat you down…they are just saying what their puppet master tells them…

          • terry stein says:

            Carolyn, I wholeheartedly agree with you on this. the states know every county and village in each of their respective state and know what they need. how much better to reach the needy and deny fraud than on a state or county level. California and texas have way different populations than Wisconsin. defer to the states on healthcare, let the feds provide the cash assistance to the states that need it.

      • boB says:


        I love the satire, Shane!! “… liberal jerks … hope it makes you feel good to call conservatives names … ”

        Nothing like calling someone a name and then accusing them of name calling.

    • Darlene K says:

      The reason for another organization like this is to brainwash mature citizens by conservatives who resort to name calling others as jerks and such. why do conservatives believe in name calling and lying about Obamacare.

      • Don D says:

        Ummm … Conservatives are “name callers”? If it wasn’t for name calling and false accusations, Liberals wouldn’t have any food for argument whatsoever. If you don’t like an organization for conservative seniors, don’t join but don’t deride those of us who choose to. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Harry Reid here one day. 😉 Peace!

        • MM says:

          More to your point Don D. The facts as recorded in the votes and support of conservative organizations and politicians is very poor were seniors are concerned. It’s american join whatever organization you like but don’t whine and cry when the conservative movement in this country takes away all the benefits that normal people depend on. Listen to their rhetoric. Does it really sound like anyone is going to have quality care or programs ? Don’t misunderstand me Ronald Reagan was a conservative and the people that claim to be today are no Ronald Reagan’s…..

      • margaret says:

        I am 71 and already seeing the affects of ObamaCare in Meds and Insurance. Paying more now than we did with family insurance years ago. I will watch this organization for a while before I give them any support or money. Action is what I look for, not rhetoric.

        • RD says:

          I’m in the same boat Margaret. I am 71 also and am paying more for health care then before Obama Care was passed. Obama Care nothing but a Communist ploy.

          • exfed12825 says:

            I’ve been reading through the comments on this site and thought I’d inform you as to what The AMA has done for me. I’m a 60% disabled vet with a pre existing heart condition. I have been trying to get a Medicare Suppliment policy for 5 years. If I could even get an insurance co to offer me a policy the cheapest one I could find was over $1200.00 per month with a $5000.00 deductable. I checked into the other day and was informed that I could get a lower deductable policy for right around $200.00 per month, and as the program unfolds the prices may go down further. I can still go to the VA if I choose but if I want other care it will now be available to me without signing my home away

    • Steve says:

      I am a conservative. I prefer to belong to conservative organizations. I am so disgusted by the INCREASE in insurance premiums under the “Affordable Care Act”, that AARP helped push upon our country (among other Liberal agendas), that I have left AARP in search of an association that understands and supports the concerns of Conservative seniors. If you believe differently, don’t join. Simple as that. No reason to hate (a seeming requirement to being a Liberal or Progressive).

      • CJC says:

        And you know about the increases, because you are physic or have investigated them. Since only a few have been made public. I am guessing you get your information from Faux News. Let ACA take effect and see where you actually stand.

        • Per says:

          Just use google and you will see the premiums of the new Obama ins. It doesn,t take a physic to read.

          • Carolyn Hall says:

            Right on Per, libs think we are stupid, but in all actuality they are the stupid ones, you googled it while CJC is waiting for the bombshell to hit this country and like his great Nancy Pelosi said, we will find out what’s in the bill after we vote on it….Puppets, just like Obama, as Soros pulls the strings, they dance to the destruction of this country, just like Nero fiddled….

          • exfed12825 says:

            Go to and get the real story then make up your minds as to weather you want to support it If you google the AMA your going to read exactly what the the biggest opponents want you to see. If you know anything about the internet or google you would know that the articlesthat receive the most hits move to the top of the boards, in this case the conservitives have been hitting these sites far more than the liberals therefore you have to go through numorous posts before you start getting into any real information

        • SDM says:

          You’re kidding, right?? ACA has been nothing but BS from the beginning, and the lies haven’t stopped. “You can keep your present plan”, “It won’t add a dime…”, “Pre-existing conditions”, “It’s not a tax”.

          I love this line…but I think you plagiarized Nancy Pelosi: “Let ACA take effect and see where you actually stand.”
          That sounds an awful lot like “We have to pass it to see what’s in it”.

    • William Sanders says:

      AARP is nothing more than an Insurance Sales Company!

  75. PapaJon says:

    I dropped AARP after 10 years. I asked for answers over their fierce support of Obamacare despite 90%+ of AARP members being against Obamacare. The response I got at an AARP event sounded great. Perfectly scripted; well rehearsed; professionally delivered.

    One BIG PROBLEM! I’ve been a healthcare professional for over 30 years and AARP’s responses were pure lies. EVERY one of their responses were lies. It was like asking a politician what time it was and being told who to build a clock. Useful info, but NOT what I asked.

    I’ve moved every relative on Medicare off the AARP Medicare supplement plan saving them from 45-75% and INCREASING what is covered.

    If AARP took what they spend on PR, advertising, lobbying, and continual sales efforts and put it into member benefits and cutting costs they would charge seniors much less to screw them; ignore their wishes; and push legislation hurting seniors.

    • Laura says:

      You took your relatives off of Medicare? First off– good for them that they had access to healthcare via Medicare, a socialized type of medicine. And they are ‘against’ Obamacare, why? And your proposed alternative to Obamacare is what exactly? Being a ‘healthcare professional’ shame on you for not seeing the embarrassing state of our privatized, ridiculously-expensive, for-profit, nationally-shameful healthcare system.

      • Jim Clunie says:

        Laura…please read the WHOLE sentence. He took his relatives off of AARPs Medicare Supplemental Insurance, not out of Medicare. And apparently the AMAC plan saves them even more than the AARP plan. So it was more than a good idea, it was good economics on his part.

      • John says:

        Shame on you Laura, it’s ill informed people like you who are letting this country go down the tubes. Get all the facts before you start running your mouth and making more poor decisions that help cripple our country.

        • margaret says:

          Yes, I am tired of uninformed or unintelligent individuals. I wish they would actually pay attention.

      • William Sanders says:

        Do you know how to read a sentence?

        I’ve moved every relative on Medicare off the AARP Medicare supplement plan saving them from 45-75% and INCREASING what is covered.

        • Sandie says:

          And just where did you move them to, William Sanders? I read this entire article and do not see one word about how leaving AARP for AMAC is going to save seniors any money on their healthcare expenses. Increasing what is covered? My AARP plan covers EVERYTHING that Medicare does not. I have NEVER had to put ONE DIME out of pocket for ANYTHING. I am NOT married to the AARP ~ in fact I’m NOT even a liberal. But before I would consider switching from AARP to AMAC, as they say, SHOW ME THE MONEY that I would save. It’s all about the money for me and for most seniors I know, all of whom belong to the AARP, and most of whom are NOT liberals.

          • Charles says:

            Why do you have to pay dues to either? I don’t. My politics? Unaffiliated.

          • Patty says:

            Sandie…our family has been in the Med Supp business for 25 years. AARP’s “endorsed plan” is not “their” plan, it’s United Healthcare’s plan…AARP just endorses it, which probably means they get something from UHC for promoting it. Be an informed consumer & go to your state Dept. of Insurance website, see if they have a page that lists all the premiums for all the Med Supp plans in your state & I’m willing to bet you will find a plan that is substantially cheaper. And remember…all Med Supp plan benefits have been set by the Federal govt. & each plan has the same benefits no matter which company you go with (ie Plan F with BCBS or Mutual of Omaha pays exactly as much for everything as Plan F with “AARP” ie UHC).. I have no idea which plan (if any) AMAC promotes, but the best way to save money is to find an independent agent (a good one…there are lots of agents who will sell you a plan just to make a commission) & have him find you a less expensive plan. We switch people all the time & save them anywhere from a few hundred to $1600/year & they still have the same Federally dictated plan they had before. It’s called a free market…but it won’t be for long. 8( Good luck

            • CJC says:

              I have been on UHC’s Medicare Complete for 5 years and have never had any problem with it. The plan I have, required NO out of pocket premium over what is paid by Medicare and my co-pays were reduced at the beginning of this year. They cover prescriptions as well a Dr visits.

            • Per says:

              In Indiana we took Humana health plan. Benefit for benefit the same as AARP and less than $ 60.00 a month. I know most of you will. Not believe it but google and check it out. AARP is not an insurance co. They are an organization, and very liberal democrats. My wife is under chemo treatments for leukemia, and have been for almost a year. I am sitting in the treatment room with her now as I type this. All but co pay has been covered. Go away AARP….

        • RD says:

          I’ve never had AARP Medicare and never will. There to much like politicians, can’t be trusted.

      • MM says:

        Bravo !!!! Well Said…

      • Roseanna says:

        You need to learn how to read,she said off med-care supplemental system jackass

      • SDM says:

        “And your proposed alternative to Obamacare is what exactly? ”

        I’d really like to understand why it is that the other side of the aisle has to have an alternative for every bad idea the libs come up with…

      • terry stein says:

        laura, why would anyone vote for a bill they didn’t understand? it seems that a number of elected officials HAVE voted for the aca w/o knowing it’s outcome. why? how can you calculate costs? and to whom? tax medical devices, why? who would NOT get them. holy cow! there are WAY more questions than answers to this potential fiasco. nobody, NOBODY, knows how to pay for this forward. Obama has his name on it , so it will proceed with a veto. Obama is way to full of himself, thankfully he is a lame duck. i’m lookin’ at the next election and am absolutely going to vote. lastly, try to get a smart congenial gal or guy to become a doctor with debt up the wazoo and 12 years crappy schooling to work for slave wages under aca.

    • Rick Dalton says:

      Bet you are a conservative

  76. sandy says:

    i don’t have a comment just yet but i do have a couple questions… who do i ask?

  77. dan hudson says:


    • terry stein says:

      aarp has too many money seekers than activists. I keep getting requests for renewal after I paid for a 5 year subscription in 2110. go figure. aarp are you listning?

  78. Violet Sunderland says:

    I don’t get it. Leading up to last November’s election, Obamacare was touted as being modeled after Romneycare in Mass. Now AMAC accuses AARP of pushing it, implying that AARP is liberal as opposed to AMAC It appears that the health plan was conservative to start with, then became liberal for the election without any changes being made and now AMAC wants to out-conservative AARP. Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black for membership purposes only.

    • Art says:

      AARP is by no means a Conservative organization. I never joined AARP because they do not really represent senior citizens, but they will take your money and try to sell you everything under the sun.

      • Linda says:

        I totally agree, I never joined AARP either, because of their connections to the Dem Party, that they have denied for years , but then it became very obvious and public.They also are the biggest rip -off. Common sense , if you see what you are getting for what you are paying, plus the membership fee, that kept going up, it is just a racket and it figures with the Dems ties to organized crime, your getting robbed. No to AARP, there are many other legitimate companies to go to. Never AARP !!!!!

        • Laura says:

          The Dems are the only ones working for the average American, not big-banks, big-pharma, or big-insurance. Wake-up everyone and see the the ‘conservative’ moment is full of hate, lies, and scare tactics.

          • Darrell Hilman says:

            I have read all of Laura’s comments. There is no basis of truth or intelligence in any of them, just typical liberal miss-information intentionally meant to scare and muddy the real truth.
            My own experience with AARP and like most of my clients in the field, have been very much the same as the unhappiest here. AARP, you should come out of the closet, we could respect you more. You have underestimated the wisdom and cognitive capacity of your senior market.

          • Cali Vet says:

            the alternative to Obamacare is simple. Tort reform, limit how much a lawyer can be paid for a medical malpractice case. Have one set of operating rules for insurance companies to follow instead of each state having its own set of rules, also have a national insurance commissioner, this does away 50 state insurance commissioners, 50 different application forms, 50 different insurance training programs, and 50 different licensing test. These simple reforms would have brought insurance cost under control by removing the need for doctors performing unneeded medical test to protect themselves in court, lower overhead cost, providing savings that can be passed down to the consumer. And finally let insurance companies do business in all 50 states, there are some states that only have 1 or 2 insurance companies doing business with-in their state lines, more competition then lower the cost to the consumer. None of this would have the negative impact on businesses that Obamacare is having. None of this forces a person to do something he does not want to do. None of this requires your medical record be on file in some government office. None of this empowers the IRS to penalize someone for not having insurance. And a person could buy a gold caddilac policy if the wanted instead of being told by the government what kind of policy they need. How much big brother government do we need or want.

            • Mandy says:

              Excellent comment that provides some substance to the subject vs most of these GOP vs Dems arguments.

            • Ken Schmidt says:

              Thanks Cali Vet for the most truthful comments. Tort reform for limiting malpractice awards is the answer to lower insurance rates. Obamacare with all the pork for big gov & control of our lives that is not related to health care is atrocious & will cost everyone Many $$$. For example, Medicare premiums are doubling already & all other premiums will follow suit. I want my doctor to make my health care decisions, not a gov appointee idiot or convicted felon.

            • Pam S. says:

              The other side of what you are saying is, Florida, better referred to as “Insurance Co. Capitol”, got their tort reform and made it impossible for Doctor’s to get sued even in a clear case of negligence. I found myself hating this law when my brother became a victim at the hands of one of these neglegent doctors and died at 38yrs of age. I am not just mad because he died. It was clear cut negligence and my parents could not sue!

              • Pam S. says:

                ps….I do agree with your….”50s and same rules” rules to bring down the cost of malpractice insurance cost, ect. I just had to voice my opinion about not holding doctors accountable for gross negligence just because of malpractice insurance cost and the government policies shaped by the special interest in power in a state or a whole country.

            • boB says:

              Sooo … fewer states rights, more federal control? Doesn’t that violate the conservative principle of small government and count even more as a “government takeover” of medicine?

              Your solution does not get more people insured than were before ACA. It *may* bring some costs down, but not by focusing on healthcare. What you are talking about is wealth management — which is the biggest problem with the American medical system. It is not a healthcare system, it is a wealthcare system.

              There’s nothing in ACA that prevents the gold Cadillac policy — any person is welcome to buy any policy they want that is better than the minimum baseline.

              The real solution IMO is a single-payer system with a focus on wellness. It is far better for the patient to catch & treat problems early — and it is far better for the bottom line as well.

              Your closing line about big brother amuses me, considering your solution is to force federal control on the existing state-based insurance systems.

        • MM says:

          and AMAC is going to be the benevolent benefactor for all you conservatives and provide you with platinum benefits for pennies on the dollar right ?

          Get a clue it’s marketing pure and simple. Today’s AMAC is tomorrow AARP….

  79. Linda Martin says:

    So AARP thinks we have the best health care in the world? Are they OUT OF THEIR MINDS!!. Blue Cross dictates what pills you can take or not take, regardless of what your doctor says. You don’t want the government to have complete control over your health care, but its ok for the insurance companies to control your medical care? Regardless of what the doctor says? I say give the new health care law a chance and if there are parts that need work, let the REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS work together for once.

    • David says:

      Read the article again, it is the amac that thinks we have the best health care system in the world.
      “AMAC is against the harsh provisions in ObamaCare that gives the Federal government complete control of our healthcare. It destroys the best healthcare system in the world, takes 716 billion dollars out of Medicare, and has the power to restrict and ration our medical treatment.”

      • Art says:

        I doubt that she understood your explanation, but glad that you tried.

      • Larry says:

        David get your head out of the sand and read what Obamacare is all about. My premiums in my Medicare have already effected in increases f $50.00 a month each for me and my wife. My doctor has already informed me that she is losing 300 patients due to Obamacare changes.
        AARP has changed to nothing more than an Obama stepping stone for government control of our health care and destroying SSI.

    • steve says:

      Just one note. If you think the government is going to pay for anything other than the cheapest generic meds, you need to check out medicare. Why should any insurance, private or Gov, pay for $100 plus meds when the exact replica is available for 70% less. It is all in your mind darlin.

    • OnlyTruth says:

      The insurance company decides what it will pay for. You can pay for something else if you want.

  80. AintThatAmerica says:

    I love it when I wake up in the morning and Barack Obama is President!!!!

    • Jonathan Swift says:

      I have let my membership with AARP expire this year, mostly because I rarely take advantage of the “wonderful benefits” of its membership. But I do have a few questions I would like to direct to liberals and conservatives alike. I’m not much of a liberal or a conservative — I’m a Vietnam-era veteran who gambled four years of my life so I might get a college education. And so the truth be told, I have been a recipient of a few government handouts — free school lunches when I was in high school (shouldn’t say free because I washed dishes to get them). I’ve been paying my way in this work-world since I was 14 (chopped weeds in my uncle’s soybean fields for fifty cents an hour and bought my school clothes with the money — I’m the oldest of eight, I knew I had to help my folks out in trying to get ahead.) It seems to me that a great many folks rail against social welfare programs because of the money wasted on a great many “lazy asses” who refuse to bust through their situation and try to get ahead. Where were these same people when the Bush/Cheney folks were handing out no-bid contracts and corporate welfare programs to “connected” lazy asses more worried more about serving their egos than serving our country? I voted for Nixon in ’72 and for Ross Perot twice, but it seems to me that conservative-backed candidates have a helluva time handling money honestly. Reagan and GHW Bush were involved with the Iraq-Contra embezzlement scheme — which also violated the Constitution (seeing that wars are funded by the Congress, not by surreptitiously taking arms payments from Saddam Hussein and applying them to buy arms for the opponents of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua.) Where was the conservative uproar to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States? What in the world was Clinton thinking when he allowed Gingrich and his “Contract for America” gang talk him into rescinding the Glass-Steagall Act? Contract for allowing the big financial corporations — whether they be run by Republicans or Democrats — to bankrupt the American middle class! And talk about showing some financial responsibility — where the hell was the conservative movement when the Bush/Cheney administration led this country into three wars (terror, Afghanistan, and Iraq) while cutting taxes? And after reading all this gibberish of tangent arguments being thrown about by conservatives and liberals alike, I only wish that I could offer “A Modest Proposal” to the stalemate on moving this country forward, as Jonathan Swift did so many years ago when the English were arguing what to do about “the Irish question.” The sad thing about this whole recent scenario of American history is that, once again, our finest young people — young people who believe that one has a duty to render SERVICE to their country — will continue to get the short end of the stick while corporate and domestic lazy asses suck this country dry for their personal benefit. Healthcare, physical and mental, is just the first step to help these folks re-assimilate into being as productive in civilian life as they were in military life. AMAC and AARP both need to step back from their selfishness and “smell the coffee”.

      • Neil says:

        You say you’re not much of a liberal or conservative, yet all the things you cite in your message zero in on conservatives. Sending a mixed message, aren’t you?

        • Carl W says:

          Jonathan has a bad malady called blindness to the evils of the Liberal socialists of both parties.

    • Jon Hart says:

      I will love it when I wake up in the morning and learn that our President has been impeached or thrown out of office. He is one of the worst most inexperienced Presidents we have ever had in this country. His followers clearly have no vision or understanding of his ultimate agenda.

      • Judith says:

        To Jon:

        Maybe that’s the problem: They do have a clear idea and from the beginning, they have been hard at work implementing it.

      • Thom says:

        Jon impeached and thrown out of office are 2 entirely different things. The President will need to be impeached by the House of Representatives before he can be tried by The Senate and then if found guilty he will be thrown out of office. Being impeached is the start of a process not the end.

    • Bruwat says:

      I bet you are michelle

    • Anotherdaywanigtindawhitehouse says:

      All I can say is that it’s one less day for you to be stealing air from this earth…. maybe that won’t happen much longer

  81. Edward Carpenter says:

    The medical supplemental insurance program of AARP is what keeps me reluctantly with them. If your program was competitive I would change in a moment, however from what I read on your web site, it is not as good or as flexible.

    • Carl W says:

      AMAC has far fewer members than AARP and they’re still growing so they’ll soon be able to offer better plans. I didn’t buy my insurance through either organization and certainly wouldn’t have through AARP. Knowing their liberal views and support of socialist programs such as Obamacare, wrongly called Affordable Healthcare Act, I want nothing to do with AARP. I was a member over a decade ago but quickly left them.

    • wayne says:

      I had aarp supplemtal insurance for years for $190,00 a month for years. I finally smartened up and quit. I now pay $49.00 for gust as good insurance. I also changed my auto insurance to someone else and saved $620.00 a year.
      I am 72 and joined when I was 50. So much for being for seniors. No longer a member.

    • Darrell Hilman says:

      Edward, go back to the drawing board.. if you own a medigap plan, its one of the 10 STANDARIZED PLANS

  82. Ken says:

    The logic is very simple. You see most people do not verify or research things they are told. They just take the word of others as the gospel truth. Many Seniors have no idea that the ACA or “ObamaCare” will benefit them also by reducing their health care cost while also providing some preventative care at no charge to them. In short, YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID. These people do not realize they are supporting the Republican health care plan which is, IF YOU GET SICK, DIE QUICKLY. It’s cheaper. I’m not saying the Republican plan is not the best plan but that people should do more research for themseelves and not just research the info provided by the right but also by the left. They should learn to read and understand that which so greatly affects them. If they cannot do that then again I say, “YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID”.

    • Ed says:


      I am not a Senior yet, but I do buy my own private health insurance for my wife and I, coverage that now exceeds $1000.00 per month for HEALTHY people. When I question the 15% increase every year, I am told “OBAMACARE”, so you can shovel your BS somewhere else. Obamacare is a bad idea I don’t care who came up with it.

      By the way, I get to write a check every month so my research is extremely through. your right about one thing “YOU CAN”T FIX STUPID”

      • heavencent says:

        ACA(so called Obamacare) has not been implemented yet… I would take up your current monthly premium and 15% increase with your “private” health insurance company,Inform yourself and stop being such a tool.

        • Dar says:

          Your Right it has not been implemented yet, but we started paying for it last year. Oops, that is where our private company insurance rates are rising for payments and co-pays.

          I have a $100.00 copay just to go to the emergency room. Nice ehy? probably would have been $25.00 if Obamacare hadn’t of been passed

          • Liz says:

            Like Heavencent said….ObamaCare hasn’t been implemented yet If you’re getting gouged for your health care, then it’s the greed of your carrier NOT the new Health Care laws. Another factor in the premium wars, is whether you live in Republican State where they have chosen to obstruct the law. Those States, like GA and FL, don’t give a fine flying fandango how much it costs their constituents as long as they can manipulate the numbers into looking like they were right. States that have cooperated are actually seeing DECREASES in Premiums. If I were you I’d start shopping insurance carriers, js

            • SDM says:

              Are you stupid?
              “ObamaCare hasn’t been implemented yet If you’re getting gouged for your health care, then it’s the greed of your carrier NOT the new Health Care laws.”

              Did you know that there is a whole industry that makes money speculating on what is likely to happen? How about the way an upsurge of unrest in the Middle East causes gas prices to rise??
              How about all the full time jobs being lost because of the new regs which HAVE YET TO BE IMPLEMENTED.

              Pull your head out of your butt.

          • Linda Martin says:

            scare tactics from the insurance companies. They use any excuse to raise premiums.

          • David says:

            “Covered California, the agency responsible for implementing President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, announced on Thursday that premium rates submitted by insurers for the state’s health care exchange are lower than estimated.”

            It seems that Obamacare is costing less than expected

            • Neil says:

              Well, as long as Obama’s agency says it’s costing less, then it must be so, right? You’ll find out soon enough what is a myth and what is not and I doubt your children or their children will be praising those of you who supported this so called “affordable care act”!

        • Linda says:

          keyword is YET….mine went up so high in the last 8 months…I can no longer afford it.. .I am disabled and terminal and because my husband works I do not qualify for medicaid or medicare…Now what???

        • Dian says:

          Actually some parts of it have been implemented. And while my premium did not go up this year, my co-pays did…. a lot. The affordable care act is one big bust. If you don’t think so, ask any of the many people who have had their hours cut and lost their benefits because of the changes coming. Look at the number of layoffs because of it. Yeah, its going to be successful – .NOT

      • Linda Martin says:

        I know several people with pre existing conditions that are benefiting from Obama care. Just because your healthy and have to pay more, don’t blame the sick for wanting something better. And, Insurance companies are using the scare tactics of “its because of Obamacare” to raise their insurance premiums. Don’t trust what the insurance companies tell you.

        • Dian says:

          But trust what the government tells you, when they don’t even know what all is in the bill? That they have to pass to see whats in it? OMG.

        • margaret says:

          My husband and I always had “pre-existing” conditions; and, were NEVER denied insurance. We DID pay more than a healthy person would; but, to say these people could not get insurance was a deliberate lie. Another ruse. Wait til these people have to start paying. I KNOW I am in trouble. They are not in the least prepared.

        • SDM says:

          Yeah….that program has been suspended. It ran out of money, surprise surprise…

      • Holden says:

        My wife and me, the object of a prepositional phrase. The word is thorough. Finally the contraction for you are is you’re .
        Is English your first language?
        I wouldn’t talk about stupid if I were you.

        • Parker says:

          Holden, Those mistakes only prove a bit of ignorance, probably from working and not completing their schooling. This can be fixed. Don’t be so quick to ‘correct’ others mistakes until you have corrected your own (which, in case you cannot figure it out, is your overwhelming sense of superiority). Do you have nothing better to do with your life than to spend time condemning others for their mistakes? I hope God grants you a full and complete life, one where love and consideration of others rule.

    • bkinser says:

      Take your own advice and read the ACA or “Obamacare” and then decide where the “stupid” lies.

    • David says:

      You obviously drank too much of the Kool-Aid. We have yet to determine the full ramifications of ObamaCare. If you think health care costs are soon to be reduced for anyone, you’re an idiot.

      • Linda Martin says:

        and youre a moron if you believe anything the insurance companies tell you………

        • Neil says:

          Thing is, we’re being bent over by both the insurance companies and obamacare. The question is who is screwing us the most. Sad position we as Americans have allowed ourselves to get in!

        • George Smith says:

          Wow the shortness of the memories, perhaps dementia has begun its effects; The INSURANCE companies AND the GOVERNMENT pushed for ACA (ObamaTAX) The government gets to control you as they FORCE you to PURCHASE insurance, the design of which is determined by congress who makes those decisions based on the amount of money lobbyists donate to the politicians and the Insurance companies are rewarded with a cool 30 million new customers;
          The Affordable Care act was never about being affordable or about caring for anyone it was always about controlling peoples insurance and new taxes they should have called it the “Controlling The Citizens Insurance tax (CTCIT) but then the PROGRESSIVES wouldn’t have been able to get the votes in order to get the bill to the president; as it sat it took passing it in the middle of then night on a holiday weekend so the citizens wouldn’t revolt.

    • Andy says:

      Why would we want to listen to anyone? Let’s do something the idiots in Washington failed to do and that is read the health care law. They are still debating things and if it is so good for seniors Ken, why is our congress exempt. Why are so many getting exempted, including unions? You can’t possibly tell me that something that is supposed to be so great can cause so many to want to evade it, can you? Really? There are so many horrible loopholes and strings attached to this thing that make it not only a dangerous law, but a complete stupid one, backed and supported by idiots like Pelosi and others. Remember her saying, “If you want to know what’s in it, you’ll have to pass it.” How completely arrogant and unserving is that? These politicians are doing nothing but working to destroy our country. Don’t come in here preaching to any of us about there being any good in piece of garbage law. If you like this ridiculous law after hearing so much of the bad in it, then Ken, you are certainly right, you can’t fix stupid.

    • Ken says:

      Ken, Sir, Are you saying that we should do what our elected reps did not do? Read before you vote.

    • Dana says:

      What planet are you on Ken?

    • Judy says:

      That’s right you can’t fix stupid and you seem to be on the level that needs it. I am a senior and have seem my medical go up already. I am on oxygen at night for a heart-Lung problem that I inherited from a parent. I have now seen my cost for the oxygen double because my provider was dropped from Medicare and was replaced with a more expensive provider. The co payment for Doctors have been increased and I am sure that is the beginning. You need to talk to Seniors that are affected not just your point of view. It seems you have bought onto Obama’s lies. You need to look some where else for your research.

      • Linda Martin says:

        sounds like the insurance companies are milking everyone as fast as they can before Obama care goes into effect…….Obama said (I heards him myself) that the law isn’t perfect but he wants the republicans to work with him to weed out the bad parts…..But as you know, the republicans won’t budge. No matter what he wants, they are against, and what he’s against, they want. They remind me of a bunch of 4th graders.

        • Dian says:

          Sad, sad, sad. that you can sit there and actually type those replies. When democrats (not a single republican) voted for a bill they did not read. That they had absolutely no idea what was in it. Then when they found out, boy they were quick to exempt themselves were they not? Oh and lets exempt the unions that helped put us in office, and oh yeah, now the federal government employees don’t have to have it either. so who gets screwed with it? All the middle class. That’s who. And not a single republican had anything to do with it getting passed. So it’s minions like you that I get to blame for my insurance going to crap. Thanks for nothing,.

        • Art says:

          Sad to say, but the 4th graders are currently occupying the Whit House.

        • Dennis says:

          Linda you’renot only drinking the koolaid…you’re spiking it with whatever Pelosi has been drinking

    • johnnyreb says:

      Stupid like “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it”? kinda stupid you mean?

    • Art says:

      Is that why you have not been fixed?

    • Carl W says:

      We’ve seen both sides of the argument, Ken, so we aren’t stupid at all. As a retiree on medicare we’ll soon see increasing costs of Medicare part B and likely reduced benefits as well because BHO raided Billions from Medicare to prop up AHA or Obamacare. Just keep walking with the other sheep and you may find out the wonderful healthcare you think AHA is may well be the worst nightmare you’ve ever seen.

    • ANITA MURPHY says:

      /PERSONALLY i DON’T WANT ANYONE MESSING WITH MY HEALTH CARE, My husband & I worked out our own healthcare when we first got married and believe me we reasearched every option, we planned from day one how our future heltcare would be best handled, We did not rely on who was in office but took responcibility for looking after our own selves, todat I am a widow and have several health problems but we worked it out so that I end up with pied up for life health insurance 7 not through managedcare, today I see who ever I wish any time I wish mt medications ate paid for and I have no co-pays & I have dental coverage as well, the only thing I pay is my reg. medicare premiums but that is all, we were not rich, we were middle class while he wad alive but we took it it upon ourselves to look after our own future, not to rely on goverment programs or assistance to look after us… to mant people have done very little to plan their futures and now are crying for ther goverment to look after them.. it is not goverments responcibility to plan your health care or your retirment ( other than the social security we paid for ourselvesd) People need to learn to look after their own futures and stop expecting everyone to look after them,,

      • Parker says:

        Thank you so much Anita, for your wonderful reply. My husband and I are in our early sixties and although we do have some health insurance, for the main part we take care of ourselves, pay our own bills, keep ourselves out of debt, and we seriously wish that everyone else would do the same. But sadly, people have become accustomed to the ‘quick fix’ (ie. I WANT IT RIGHT NOW!) and ‘meitis’ (I consider me, me, me first, second, and third). Hope you grow some of your own food. We surely do!

        • ANITA MURPHY says:

          Sadly it has become a me, me , me society, everyone seems to have their hands out looking for a free ride at the expense of those of us who have worked hard to stay out of debt & do everything possible to take care of our own futures from health care to retirement. my husband passed away several years ago & I have several health issues but I will do what ever it takes to stand on my own two feet, I have never even taken unemployment because I don’t believe in hand outs while I watch other work just long enough to collect and they only go back to work when that benefit runs out, till the next time.. Disgusting.
          And yes, I do grow most of my own food & what I can’t grow I go out to the area farms and do U-pick, & then I either dry or I can my own food.
          The saddest part is that our generation raised children without any manners or work ethic, I dare say I fear what their children will be like when they grow up. between lack of education from our schools, drugs and their hands out I feel sorry for the children they raise and the world they will leave behind

          • Brenda says:

            You are to be lauded for living a decent life Anita, but what happens when you can’t stand on your own two feet? What about people who due to social status, education etc cannot buy the best insurance policies etc? I urge Republicans here to go thru history & read again what caused the major revolutions in the world, poverty. Especially the French & Russian. Any of you had your medical treatments denied by insurance co.? I have & it wasn’t the government. All this talk about the government being the evil entity, well in our democracy, we are the government. As someone who lived in a socialist country, France in the 80s, I always had medical care & good quality too for very reasonable cost, it included alternative care also. Yes taxes were higher, but women had 3 month PAID maternity leave, plus a job to come back to. Child care was available from whenever the time was you needed it. All jobs were required to give their workers 6 weeks vacation a year (this is a rule in most European countries). The real evil in this country are the corporations & it appears the both parties are letting them get away with stealing workers rights for overtime & control of work place safety. These same corporations think they have the right to destroy the environment & give us p.r. That it is about job creation when their CEOs. Need new corporate jets every year. I’m believe health insurance is NOT the responsibility of the employer & we should have a single payer system. I am an Independent & resent any religious interference in governmental policy.

            • ANITA MURPHY says:

              I lived in Europe, & england & yes they have medical coverage, but it is not like our medical care, iy is all goverment regulated, doctors pay nurses pay & you can’t just see a doctor when you want or pick your doctor, you can also forget privet rooms & bath facilities even, and yes the taxes are very high, they take almost half your salery, I don’t know of anyone here in the US willing to give up half of what they work so hard for.. Yes our corporation heads are over paid but so are our actors, sports figures & politisians but unlike actoes & footbal players they at least provide jobs & donate to retirement accounts & medical care.. our system may not be perfect but it is still better than any other countries

    • Per says:

      Ken, google for the cost of insurance under Obama. 40 year old $330.00, 60 year old over $ 600.00 a month. If you smoke, another $5,000.00 a year. Check it out and quit blaming others for not reading. First year will be credits making it cheaper, so they can get as many enrolled as possible quickly. Not for the people.

  83. Ron says:

    As long as AMAC aligns itself with the irresponsible policies of extreme conservatives that have for the past six decades only increased the wealth and income equity gaps of Americans, marginalized working and middle class families who are responsible for productivity increases over the same time window, passed voter disenfranchisement and deregulation laws responsible for increased strained racial, immigrant, marriage, gender relationships and left millions of Americans without adequate health insurance, then the AMAC can GTH (go to hell) for all I care.

    Now on the other hand, if the AMAC is working to unhinge itself from those nation busting policies, then I’m all eyes and ears.

    • Kim says:

      Ron, you have some serious problems, not the least of which is blaming the wrong people for the wrong things.
      In the first place, in the last 60 years, while some people have definitely gotten wealthy, (on BOTH sides of the aisle), we have spent trillions on educating the poor in the ‘hopes’ of helping them out of poverty. We have spent trillions giving them healthcare, food, child care, education, housing, utilities, phones, computers and internet services, etc.
      The middle class has not been disenfranchised by conservatives at all. They are paying more and more to support more and more poor. Milions here illegally. Million who make more sitting at home being supported than if they got off their butts and got jobs.
      If you are talking about Wall St., don’t stop at conservatives. Keep right on marching over to your own Sen. Chuckie Schumer. Hell he even made the Rolling Stone and NYTimes for his incessant deregulation of those big banks and hedge funds. Received more in campaign money from them than anyone else except Obama, too.
      And it is conservatives fault that people have no health insurance?
      Did they not vote to make sure that Emergency Rooms cannot refuse to treat the uninsured? But they have to pay for everyone’s health care too?
      Isn’t it enough that they pay for over 100 million people through medicaid and medicare? And not just insurance, but ALL the costs?
      It isn’t enough to pay for healthcare for the poorest, now we must buy their insurance too?
      When exactly are these folks responsible for any part of their own lives?
      And why is it conservative fault that some people have no health insurance? Why not libs? Are you paying for everyones insurance? If so, then how is it possible that some people have none?

      • Lee says:

        Amen to that Kim!

      • Liz says:

        Hmmmm the most curious fact about your rebuttal Kim, is the continual use of the the words “US” and “THEM”. That, my friend, is the root of the problem with American Conservatives….There is no “WE” just “us” who have and “them” who do not.

        Somehow, you also allude to conservatives being the ones who are all mighty and omnipotent providers who vote to throw a pittance to the poor and now “they” want more! lol It’s a joke that conservatives think they are the ONLY ones who contribute by paying taxes. Somehow you have the mistaken concept that if you are a liberal or compassionate, it must mean you are unemployed and sucking off the taxpayer tit. That’s an ignorant standpoint. NEWSFLASH not everyone who works and pays into the tax system is a conservative nor do you hold the market on who gets what and when. This is a Democracy where majority rules. Sorry if you are the minority at the moment but that’s the way the cookie crumbles in a D E M O C R A C Y.

        • Tim says:

          Kim it is a democratic Repulic. NOT A DEMOCRACY.

        • Linda Martin says:

          love your post. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

        • linda says:

          Liz……….The majority doesn’t rule, are you saying that congress (or any politician) votes the way the people they are representing want? I don’t think so.

          One thing is true though, the dems and reps do nothing but fight each other. And the country suffers.

          And obamacare I doubt very much it anyone really knows what it says.

          And seniors paid for medicare, it’s not a hand out. Thins were going fine the way they were. People on welfare got taken care of, people could go to emergency rooms, Doctors don’t like obamacare and that should tell us something.