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We Are Not Done

we are not done

Let’s face it – we are challenged, politically, economically, and culturally; while watching ridiculous appeals to communism, socialism, racism, street violence, and rank partisanship. We reel at media and social media, dystopian nonsense, and people rewriting history and science. We are tired. BUT we are not done.

Think about history, war and peace, advances and back steps, triumphs and tragedies. George Washington lost almost every battle of the Revolutionary War, until he swept in – with power and resolve – to win first at Trenton, then Princeton, then Yorktown.

In defense of liberty, Washington fought 17 battles in seven years, holding an unpaid rabble together, bound by love of freedom, resolve not to lose, and old-fashioned American cussedness. 

Those battles were decisive and mounted despite the expectations of tyrants, mercenaries, and organized adversaries – that America could not, would not, and dared not try to win. Washington disagreed.

Fast forward to freedoms’ call in the War of 1812, Civil War, Spanish-American War, WWI and WWII, and every war since, at home and abroad. In each, defeat seemed certain, odds long, hope distant, but we won.

Books like “Miracle at Philadelphia,” “Killer Angels,” and “With the Old Breed” describe the challenge to liberty. In the end, liberty prevails because of those who say when utterly exhausted, “We are not done.”  They understand it, do not lose sight of it, do not abandon it, keep fighting for it, and win.

General Ulysses S. Grant, wrote: “In every battle, there comes a time when both sides consider themselves beaten, then…he who continues the attack wins.” That is what victory looks like. 

We are in such a battle, one that may not look like the War of Independence, Civil War, WWI, or WWII, but in many ways is no less significant – to the future of the Republic. In 2022, the resolve, regardless of noise, nonsense, attacks, and unknown odds, that the right matters – is everything. We who believe in the Bill of Rights, in history and science, culture and competence, must resolve: We are not done.

This principle is timeless, not soft, not conjectural, not a backward look that favors the victor. It is a rock-solid reality, that when you resolve to win by holding firm to principle, when the principle for which you fight is vital, itself timeless, and amounts to defending life, truth and liberty, things do change.

When Winston Churchills’ life was recounted, little got made of his failings – failing at Gallipoli, stumbling on Ireland, economic policy, India. His strength was learning from mistakes, never losing his compass, hope, or courage. He was never done. 

To what end? Churchill failed at almost everything, until his resolve saved the Western World in WWII, after which he senselessly lost an election, stayed engaged, won, and rebuilt his nation. “Success,” he quipped, “is the art of going from failure to failure, without loss of enthusiasm.”

Later he wrote: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.” That is true in war, also at home – when battling for history, culture, and freedom. Not giving up, in the end, is the talisman of the victor, of the societal force which will carry the day, define what lasts.

So, where are we in America? We are in a place where truth is challenged, when our sanity is tested by insane notions – things like defining boys as girls, parents as terrorists, police and borders as unnecessary, life as not sacred, language as changeable – for politics. 

Republican President Abe Lincoln believed in freedom, equality, compassion, and order, but he did not think much of ransacking the language for the sake of politics. He said, “How many legs does a dog have if you call his tail a leg? Four. Saying the tail is a leg does not make it a leg.” Bingo!

The challenge we face today – is chiefly about staying in the fight, since we know the truth, as does the Supreme Court, more than half the nation, all those who came before – who guide us now. The battle before us – as 2022 moves into its second, consequential half – is not that complicated, even if it takes heart, confidence, courage, and stamina. It is to say, with resolve: We are not done.  

So, stay strong. That is what those who preceded us did when odds were long, victory elusive, with freedom and truth unclear. They stood up, believed in the future, stayed focused, and said “We are not done.”

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8 months ago

not done but it’s getting bloodier by the minute.

8 months ago

I agree with Stephen Russell ! Keep your guns and ammo ready at all times!

Bill on the Hill
8 months ago

RBC… The story of Washington crossing the Delaware after procuring enough boats is a great story in of itself on X mass eve no less, getting all of his men across the river in the dead of night, making the march to Trenton, catching the Hessians, i.e. professional German soldiers working for the British by complete surprise after a night of drunken partying, only to be awakened in a state of hung over drunkenness’ & as I remember it, not a single American soldier lost his life after a brief skirmish, effectively accepting their surrender from their commanding officer whom was wounded & died that morning sometime later after relinquishing his sword is one of my favorite stories of the American Revolution as after that all important Hessian defeat, Washington continued on from there with more wins moving forward with Princeton, NJ & onto Yorktown, all wins…
Once again, a great article that serves to remind all of us just how precious our freedoms truly are…
Bill… :~)

Karen Knowles
8 months ago

We have sacrificed far too much blood and treasure to give up now.

Linda Sweet
8 months ago

First and foremost,let’s put the Lord first, one nation under God. Repeat law 230 which protects socialist media and ban George Soros from the USA, as six other nations have already done. These would be wonderful first steps to restoring our liberty!

8 months ago

Someone once said ‘the first rule in a gunfight is to bring a gun’. In our existential fight with communism we’re still sending in rinos who have no intention of fighting communism. That we’re still electing rinos means our voters dont yet understand this war. Its an armchair affair to them. They say that in the revolution, 33% were patriots, 33% were loyalists and 33% were apathetic. Sounds about right when applied to our situation. We need to try to motivate those who dont vote and dont seem to care.

Patriot Will
8 months ago

I am surrounded by relatives and friends who are ignorant lefties. They refuse to listen to reason and get mean if I openly question the Biden administration policies. However, even though I am a political leper in my own family, I still openly disagree with them when they start talking their words of hate and division. We usually do not talk politics, but I refuse to keep my mouth shut if they openly peddle stupidity and Marxist propaganda in front of my face.

8 months ago
Reply to  Patriot Will

Good for you!!

8 months ago
Reply to  Patriot Will

Good for you!!!

John D. Beach
8 months ago

What self-serving politicians and immigrants, legal or illegal, need to understand is that they can not and will not be allowed to denigrate the sacrifices of past generations of American citizens with actions and policies which mock the rule of law. Although there was hypocrisy and inconsistency of adherence to moral principle with respect to the created equality of all men at the founding of the country, those errors of economic expediency were paid for with the blood of hundreds of thousands of American men. All the current brouhaha falls, rightly, on deaf ears because it is, literally, much ado about nothing. Freedom of choice and opportunity are available to every American and politicians who pander to people who make wrong choices and suffer discrimination, as a result, need to be called out for their stupidity!

Stephen Russell
8 months ago

Rev & Civil War 2 ahead

anna hubert
8 months ago

Those were hard times that bred men we have it nice and easy and breed pansies

8 months ago

What a motivational article. There is a reckoning day coming for our country. I just hope they don’t come up with a vaccine for “Donkey Pox” before then. My belief in the people of our country to right the ship is unwavering.

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