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War With Communist China May Not Be A Sure Thing, But It Has Created A Rush Of Political Posturing At Home And Abroad


WASHINGTON, DC, Dec 16 — Is the U.S. about to go to war with China over the independence of Taiwan?  It might look that way, as the Communist Chinese super-power overtly threatens the island nation with warplane overflights. They’ve been at it for quite a while since President Biden took office, perhaps because Beijing sees the Biden administration as a weak sister.  But Mr. Biden has said that America will help defend Taiwan in the event of a shooting war.

One can only question what the president told CNN’s Anderson Cooper in an October interview.  He sounded pretty determined that the U.S. would, indeed, come to the aid of Taiwan.  Cooper asked, “are you saying that the United States would come to Taiwan’s defense if … China attacked?” To which the president said: “Yes, we have a commitment to do that.”

In a separate CNN interview with Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen, she said she has “faith” that America would come to the rescue should China trigger a shooting war.

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, speaking at a conference in California, said that the Chinese warplane incursions look “a lot like rehearsals” for war.  Shortly after that, Secretary of State Antony Blinken seemed to minimize the potential of the U.S. going to war with China.  He told Reuters: “We’re committed to helping Taiwan develop and maintain the capability to defend itself.  Nobody wants to see this develop into a conflict in this region, so we’re going to do everything in our power to help prevent conflict and dial down the temperature whenever possible.”

Over the past several months, as the ruling Communist Chinese Party [CCP] continues its war-mongering Taiwan fly-overs grew more frequent and more aggressive, Congress has been kept busy considering a variety of bi-partisan laws that would make it easier to lend help should the Chinese Communist Party [CCP] attack.  So far, none of them seem to call for the U.S. sending troops to help repel an attack on Taiwan, but some of them potentially infer a shoulder-to-shoulder defense if it becomes necessary.

As Newsweek put it just last month, “Pending in the Senate and House of Representatives of the 117th Congress are more than five dozen bills with the potential to boost Taiwan’s chances of maintaining deterrence across the Taiwan Strait and prolonging the status quo that has held for over seven decades.  Many revolve around the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA), the central piece of legislation guiding U.S.-Taiwan relations since 1979, also aiding Taiwan’s development of a credible self-defense capability over the years.”

Among the legislative initiatives is the Taiwan Defense Act [TDA], which was introduced in both houses of Congress in June.  In a statement she issued when the bill was introduced, one of its sponsors, Representative Vicky Hartzler [R-MO], a member of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, had this to say: “It is paramount for the United States to do everything possible to combat the CCP’s threats towards Taiwan and its autonomy. As a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, I stand committed to supporting efforts such as the Taiwan Defense Act, which identifies our military capabilities against China, pushes back on their aggression, and stands up for freedom and liberty.”

It is interesting to note that the TDA, too, is vague, at best, when it comes to the notion of committing U.S. armed forces to defend Taiwan should the Communist Chinese Party decide to launch a strike on Taiwan.  It doesn’t say we will, nor does it say we won’t. It’s called “strategic ambiguity.” Thus, China can only assume that they would face the U.S. if they attempted to invade.  It also prevents Taiwan from thinking they should declare its independence.  Taiwan may be self-governed, “but a formal declaration of independence would almost certainly trigger a crisis,” according to a report by NPR.

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4 months ago

Today, China is where the most photovoltaics products are manufactured. These make up the majority of solar panels sold in America. Did you know that? Who is pushing solar power in America when we only make 6% or less of the photovoltaics being manufactured world wide, and why is that?Why hasn’t photovoltaics development happened here, in the US, if this is the coming technology. The only solar power company supported by the government was by Obama, but it failed, why? Basically, government oversite restricting development. Wave one hand in favor and sign restricting mandates with the other. NMP says we are going to stop the Chinese from taking over Taiwan, then we legislated new energy restrictions to force Americans to buy photovoltaics products and solar panels from China, hocus-pocus.This is the greatest hocus-pocus act ever developed and who is getting paid? If we converted to solar today we simply convert wealth in America to China. What is NMP Biden’s family invested in, where water color paintings are sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the government is forcing oil and coal companies to colse and go out of business. To force, NOT VOTED CHANGE, but forced change on every American to pay more on gas and utilities, under the pretense of global warming. NMP Biden would have solar power in cars, homes and buildings converted using photovoltaics products manufactured in China. Why, this is 2nd grade math, power and wealth, and it started with the DNC and Obama. Watch what happens next, new resident voting laws, not Americans voting in American elections.

4 months ago

China definately sees Biden as an opportunity to “reunite” Tiawan. We have long standing treaties to defend Tiawan if attacked. Many wars occur because of miscalculation and appearances. Biden is definately weak, which encourages China to believe we (Biden and his leftist puppeteers) would ultimately back down, and he might, but it is more likely things would happen automatically and boom (literally), war.

Phillip Ridenour
5 months ago

Chinese people are pretty smart. If these overflights are a rehearsal, perhaps the Taiwanese can get a glimpse of the PLA’s tactics and hand the attackers their dix in a hot dog bun.

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
5 months ago

Now we are gonna help Tiawan defend its self. Does that mean a gun in each hand. ??? Against hordes of China Troops pouring ove the boder ?? We need troops nearby. Kyle L.

5 months ago

The deeper question, now that we know that people behind the scenes are running the country is are soros et al satisfied with the pace of destruction or do they want our wings clipped so the country recedes from the pacific. Theres nothing quite like military defeat to crush morale. I pray the response to the ccp is ‘yelp but do nothing’. Btw, what the eff would be the point of authorizing troops to taiwan if the ccp is already there. I doubt very much the ccp will settle in for a long seige. If they go its gonna be france 1940.

Stephen Russell
5 months ago

Been at war since 1953 with Korean War truce to date
Biden wants WW3 ahead

Eddie Van Halen
5 months ago

And is ‘trailer trash’ ‘Hunter boy’ going to don his Naval officer uniform to lead the charge ?

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
5 months ago

Lead the charge to where??? Wal-Marts. LOL Kyle L.

Phillip Ridenour
5 months ago

More likely the charge will be to the seedier side of town to pick up some crack.

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