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Video – AMAC’s Social Security Advisory Service Helps Thousands

The AMAC Foundation recently held a public seminar on Social Security basics. Along with introducing the AMAC Foundation’s Social Security Advisory staff and discussing some of the most frequently asked questions they receive, the presentation covered a series of common misunderstandings about Social Security, providing attendees with factual information to dispel these myths. The Foundation filmed this event for the benefit of those unable to attend.

For guidance on Social Security matters, contact one of the AMAC Foundation’s certified Social Security Advisors via email at [email protected], or by phone at 888-750-2622.

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Barbara Willkie
3 years ago

Is there a seminar coming to San Diego area anytime soon?

Karen A Allen
4 years ago

I will turn 70, Sept.27. I believe I need to apply for my social security in July. I have been told by the local SS office I should receive $700 more when I switch from my widows benefits to my social security. Is this information true. When would I receive my first check? On October 3?

4 years ago
Reply to  Karen A Allen

Karen, please email your question to [email protected], or call us at 888.750.2622.

4 years ago

Am holding on to this video. Great information. Answered some of my questions at this stage of my game, so to speak.

4 years ago

I would like to see AMAC fight the latest proposal to include everyone from 55 up in Medicare as we keep being told that the program is going broke and Seniors need Medicare as they are no longer working and being covered by employer insurance programs. It would be a terrible mistake especially since so many are still working and paying into the program to keep Medicare going in the same manner as they do Social Security. We need the Federal Government to pay back the money that was taken from the Social Security Trust Fund and used for purposes that it was not intended for and to keep the program from failing.

4 years ago
Reply to  Janet

I would like AMAC to get legislation to completely stop the taxation of every one Social Security benefits. We all paid into the “system” for many year. 50 in my case. Why should we be taxed again for the money that was totally promised to us.

It all came be blamed on FDR. If anyone does not know who FDR are is, you are either too young or just plain stupid.

We can also blame LBJ for the fiasco that Medicare currently is. When I was growing up. if a parent or grandparent needed and could not afford medical care there were many places to turn to if family members were not able to.

Rant over.

Maria Gregory
4 years ago
Reply to  Janet

I don’t mean to sound “selfish” but 55 is still a young age where most people in that age group are still working, so why even consider putting them on Medicare so young? I wasn’t eligible, as did most people then, until I turned 65 and it should stay that way. I can see that IF America is “rolling in money” to have people at age 55 added to the program, but this country is barely digging out from under the massive debt it has, and they say Medicare is going broke, so why add more “salt to the wound?” If they stop altogether from supporting all illegals who cross our borders, that money could easily be put back into the Medicare and Social Security funds as I believe the US was spending a few billion dollars on the illegals a year. Sure doesn’t sound fair when we paid and earned our benefits for our retirement years, and it was used for other purposes.

Pissed of senior
4 years ago
Reply to  Janet

i believe that , what ever senator Rep or Dem . Voted to take money from S.S.I. leaving an IOU should be striped of all there money and assets to be sold and put back into S.S.I. That was not there money to use , then kick the can down the road for future generations to worry about ! Try doing that to there banker buddies !

John Ryder
4 years ago

Thanks for a great newsletter look forward to the growth of “Amac”.
The polls are good ones.

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