“Unplanned” Movie Is a Box Office Hit and Is Saving Lives

box office movie unplanned hit“If Google thinks being prolife is propaganda, someone make me a t-shirt because I ain’t ashamed,” tweeted Ashley Bratcher, the actress who played Abby Johnson — a former abortion clinic director — in the hit movie Unplanned. Bratcher was responding to Google choosing to call the film a work of “propaganda.”

Regardless of what Google and other pro-abortion critics have said about the movie, it has exceeded expectations at the box office — raking in millions of dollars in the face of a major media blackout effort — but most importantly, it has saved the lives of unborn babies.

Bratcher told Fox and Friends on Monday, “The response has been incredibly positive. I mean, through it all — this has been the most rewarding and fulfilling role I’ve ever had in my entire career. To be able to hear someone come up to you and say, ‘I was so affected by your work that I decided instead of having an abortion, that I’m now going to have my child’ — I don’t know how to really explain the way that feels to know that you could potentially just have saved a life.”

Bratcher added, “There are not a lot of actors who get to say that, and I am so honored to be able to have a part of this.”

Unplanned is a motion picture based on the book by Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood “employee of the year” who became a pro-life activist after seeing an ultrasound of a baby moving in a mother’s womb, trying to escape the abortionist’s suction equipment, before the baby is sucked out, leaving a blank space on the screen where the baby had been moments before.

There are other powerful scenes in the movie, as well, such as the one depicting a teen-age girl who almost died from an abortion and the clinic refused to call an ambulance, and the scene where Johnson’s own RU-486 induced abortion is depicted by Bratcher, complete with copious amounts of bleeding.

Many women who seek and receive abortions are woefully ignorant of what is actually involved in an abortion, but anyone who sees this movie will now know. The scene in which Johnson, played by Bratcher, sees the ultrasound in which the unborn child is sucked to death from a mother’s womb, demonstrates powerfully why many women who see an ultrasound of their own baby in the womb opt not to go through with the abortion.

It also explains why the pro-abortionists fight ultrasound laws.

Bratcher told Fox and Friends that she has been inundated with support from women sharing their own personal stories. “It’s literally incredible that people are being affected this much — this is why we did this movie,” Bratcher said. “And not only that, but being able to share my story with you guys — it’s not only the movie, but being able to share my heart and the fact that I care so much and that, we really do want to help women that we’re here to walk alongside of them.”

Helping women who are struggling with whether to abort their own child has been a cardinal point of the pro-life movement since its inception. While the unborn child is the primary victim of the abortionist, millions of women suffer tremendous guilt after undergoing the grisly procedure, and are clearly a second victim.

When I ran for state representative several years ago, I knocked on the door of a woman who asked me my position on abortion. I told her that I was pro-life, and her response was, “Well, I had an abortion when I was 17 years old.” I then expected to be verbally assaulted, but instead she told me that she had nightmares for 10 years after having had the abortion. Even after she became a Christian, she said, she continued to feel guilt at having had an abortion, until one day she felt God had forgiven her.

Such stories are no doubt part of the reason that Unplanned has been so successful, despite the efforts of the media and tech giants Twitter and Google to thwart its effectiveness. Samantha Bee, a liberal comedian, called it “anti-choice propaganda.” This seems to be the pro-abortion talking point, as Google refused to take any advertising for the film and classified it as “propaganda.” It told the writers of the movie, Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon, that the movie was being denied because it took the pro-life side of the abortion issue. Konzelman and Solomon predicted that Netflix and Amazon Prime will refuse to have anything to do with the movie, as well.

Twitter suspended the movie’s account, erasing 50,000 followers shortly after the film debuted. A spokesman for Twitter claimed it was a mistake.

Even before the film hit the big screens, efforts to diminish its impact included its being assigned an “R” rating.

Despite all of this, the movie has remained in the Top Five at the box office, and is both making money and saving the lives of unborn children.

Reprinted with permission from - The New American - by Steve Byas

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This movie was very hard to watch because it’s so very true!!!!!! I believe ALL schools should be showing this, especially since the liberals feel it’s okay to teach sex education there. It got the point across to any viewer watching and it was very well done. I am sick and tired of how the left glorifies abortion and is brainwashing others to believe the lies they spew. It’s a movie based on facts and truth, so this is just another reason the liberals are trying very hard to keep this movie out of the theater.


Every truth has become propaganda to these people.

The border crisis is propaganda.

The dire issues created for citizens of ‘Sanctuary Cities’ is propaganda.

The abject failure of socialism all over the world is propaganda.

The increased health of our economy and employment numbers are propaganda.

The threat of Islam and Sharia Law to the world is propaganda.

Of course, man made global climate change is pure, undeniable fact, abortion is a ‘Right’, and President Trump is the modern Hitler!

Keep telling the truth and pray that, at some point, people will listen.

Katherine Teissere

The movie was well done and graphic enough to get the point across. So glad it is doing well with all the “forces” that seem to demonize this type of movie.

Mary Aslin

So many women today have had an abortion or know family or friends who have had abortions….. so this movie is very timely. Women are purposely kept ignorant of what the procedure actually entails. I suppose there may be some women who claim to feel no remorse for having an abortion, but I am convinced that the overwhelming majority of women suffer much pain, emotionally as well as physically. The abortionists refuse to acknowledge that part of the issue. I personally know a man who was devastated when his girlfriend chose to abort their baby. He and other caring men, who have no voice in the decision, are also victims of the evil abortion industry!


Abortion is child sacrifice, plain and simple ,but the good news is that God forgives!


I had seen the movie and it was really well done. My fried came with me and at first she was pro-choice, but now since she had seen the movie, she realized what she saw and perhaps this will change her mind and be pro-life. I recommend this movie to all the young people as they needed to see this and know what these abortion procedures is all about.


I saw the film with a Christian friend and we thought it was first rate!! We go to every Christian movie we can to support the filmmakers of faith based movies. After the movie is over we ask to speak with the manager. You should see the look on their faces when they walk up to us, but instead of complaining we praise their theater for showing faith based movies. Then comes a big smile!! Let the theater manager know that you appreciate the courage it takes to do what is right. They really appreciate it.

Paul W

A movie that enlightens and saves lives…what more could you want? Well done!! Can’t think of one thing that the left does that could make that claim. To paraphrase Dennis Prager, everything the left touches turns to crap.

Susan, RN

Beautifully done, factually accurate movie. Made me cry. It was very powerful and insightful. I am so glad someone was brave enough to go against the liberals and Planned Parenthood (who use our tax dollars to perform infanticide) to make a movie like this. Bravo to all of the actors and film-makers who stood by their beliefs and conscience to put it all out there! They may have put their careers in jeopardy by not toting the party line of abortion. I plan to go to all of their movies in the future to support them. (I have already boycotted the liberal actors who spew their hatred)


I love that this pro-life movie is doing so well. Also movies about God, Jesus, spirituality, faith, do very well. Not like the narrative most media outlets say Americans feel about their lives and their families.


Can we make a movie showing the I’ll-effects of transgenderism? Let’s root out the evil plaguing our society.

Phyllis A.

Isn’t it remarkable how the radical left loves to reconfigure and manipulate words to suit their evil agendas.
No, propaganda is when Al Gore puts out a film crying about how we are destroying the world and AOC
predicts 12 more years of life for the planet. Yep, their whole philosophy and ideology is based on
baseless propaganda and ungodliness.

Frances O'Toole

The movie was excellent. Difficult subject but it truly showed how vulnerable women in that situation are. The last thing they need is irresponsible people, with power, to lie to them. It showed the lies of Planned Parenthood from someone who had abortions and worked for the organization. These are human children being murdered. They feel PAIN. During the process. Praise God this film was made. Dispute all their propaganda God proved light overcomes darkness.


Since I don’t go to movies, I won’t be seeing it, but happy to see it is having a positive effect on some folks.


Abort Google by using other search engines and non-android phones. Having a hard time justifying a Russian immigrant having the guts to tell we Americans what and how to think. #Breakthemup !

Jeffrey Cantelope

saw the movie with my wife and a member of our bible study. It is powerful. Every parent and grand parent should encourage their teen age children and 20 somthings’ to go see this movie and then decide where they stand on abortion


I have been so disappointed in movies for a long time now but my faith has been restored. They sell sex and violence most of the time and even their comedy is getting distasteful. But here comes a movie that shows it can be a positive experience. Fantastic, and when the criticism comes, and it will, you will have proof that what you knew to be true was. They can actually be a positive force for good but, good luck with that!


It can be very easy to live in a sort of self imposed ignorance of what is actually involved, as i did for many yrs. After watching Dr Levatinos yt series, all fuzziness vanished. This man was a serial abortionist, but had a major change of heart. Folks, its one thing to be against abortion. Its another to be able to discuss the proceedures in detail with others, particularly the young, who are victims of unceasing propaganda.

David G. Reis Sr.

I am Proud to say that I have two Grand- Daughters that have become pregnant out of wedlock and they chose to have their babies. Now two of them are three and five and another one from another Grand- Daughter is seven years old and they’re lovely vibrant kids. I love them to death.

Tricia Young

It says on my IMDB app. That the movie is not playing anywhere near me. I wish someone could tell me where I could see it in the San Francisco peninsula