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The Secret Curriculum


School is starting, but don’t count on getting answers about what your child is being taught. School administrators commonly lie or give parents the runaround.

That explains the fireworks over Jeremy Boland, a Greenwich, Connecticut, elementary school assistant principal, bragging about how the school pushes kids to think in a “progressive” way that he hopes will make them Democratic voters.

The school’s hiring process, he explains in a video, is geared to accomplish indoctrination. Prospective teachers who are Catholics or over 30 are disqualified. They’re too set in their ways, he says. Catholics are unlikely to “acknowledge a child’s gender preferences” or go against parents. He says, “You don’t hire them.”

When the video was released last week, Greenwich authorities immediately put their free-speaking assistant principal on leave. But Peter Sherr, who served on the Greenwich Board of Education for 12 years until last December, attests that Boland’s comments are very accurate. “I can say with a high degree of confidence that Mr. Boland is not alone,” he said.

The video, made by the undercover investigative nonprofit Project Veritas, is part of a “Secret Curriculum” series. Another video shows Jenn Norris, director of student activities at New York City’s Trinity School, swearing she’d never allow a Republican speaker at the school. “Not on my watch.”

Secrecy is a problem across the country. Officials discourage parents’ inquiries and throw up roadblocks to those who persist.

Jackie Homan, who has three sons at Greenwich High School, says when she questioned the curriculum at a Board of Education meeting, “they laughed me out of the room.” She filed Freedom of Information Act requests, and after months of runaround, got some information, but not about the class that worried her the most — SEL, short for social and emotional learning.

She was told she couldn’t have a copy of the SEL curriculum because it was copyrighted — a preposterous excuse because all the books students read are copyrighted.

The West Perry School District in Pennsylvania used the same lame excuse to turn away another inquiring mother, Ashley Weaver.

When a Fort Worth, Texas, mother, Jenny Crossland, requested a list of books her children were being assigned, the school district told her she’d have to pay $1,267.50 for someone to compile it.

SEL classes are shrouded in secrecy. It’s no wonder. Originally, social and emotional learning meant teaching children to control their emotions and get along in class. No more. Now, K-12 students are being taught “transformative SEL.” The American Federation of Teachers says the new SEL is aimed at “redistributing power to promote social justice.”

Panorama Education, a for-profit company that produces SEL materials for 1,500 school districts across the country, and the nonprofit CASEL, the largest producer of SEL materials, both encourage students to see systemic racism in their world.

SEL is political indoctrination. In many schools, students have SEL classes several times a week, even replacing math or science.

Last week, the West Bonner, Idaho, school district canceled its English language curriculum in response to parent protests that the SEL component would lead to liberal indoctrination and the teaching of critical race theory.

Parents are catching on, but too slowly. Public education is being hijacked. The American Federation of Teachers, the second largest teachers union, announced its goal is to “reimagine the purpose of education” from learning to social activism. Never mind if your child acquires the skills to succeed.

Teacher training programs and graduate schools of education have stopped focusing on classroom management, lesson planning and pedagogy. Fewer than one in four emphasizes training teachers in the “science of reading.” The new focus is how to turn children into activists.

No wonder Boland said his school will only hire teachers under age 30. They’re ready-made indoctrinators.

Boland got caught in a gotcha undercover video. It shouldn’t be that tricky to get the truth. The heroes are parents who keep demanding the truth, even when school authorities laugh them out of the room.

President Joe Biden told a group of teachers that their students “are not somebody else’s children. They’re like yours when they’re in the classroom.” Sorry, Mr. President. They’re yours to educate, but not to indoctrinate.

Betsy McCaughey is a former lieutenant governor of New York and chairman of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths. Follow her on Twitter @Betsy_McCaughey.


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2 months ago

It might be wise to look at on line K-12 education. A study found that in a normal day student to teacher responses were 3 due to class size and time in each class. While home school environment or K-12 was over 300 interactions in one day.Which education do you want for your children .We home schooled for 6 years and both now have college degrees one with a master. Let’s work for our children and not some liberal programs.Thank you!

2 months ago

 “put their free-speaking assistant principal on leave.” What does this mean? Is he still getting paid? is he still getting the vast benefits most government employees enjoy? Will he be let back in the classroom after this short vacation? He should be FIRED – “YOUR FIRED” with loss of ALL benefits. PERIOD!!!

J. Farley
2 months ago

If we don’t put a stop this crap, by electing strong Conservatives, in just a few short years we will have more MAXIST, and misfits than your Pocketbook can stand, and they will be your grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and you can be so immensely proud how well they did in life.
Vote Republican, like your Liberty, your Property, and your Pocketbook depends on it, because it does!

Ann Ritterbush
2 months ago

As repulsive as this not-so-secret education agenda is, it should not be a surprise to Americans. Since the 1960’s, radical “professors” at colleges and universities have been training future teachers in the systematic indoctrination of our children and young people in Marxist and the most bizarre anti-Christian dogmas. Now that the “progressive “ ideology is fully and rabidly supported by the people in charge of our nation, many teachers, and those with the responsibility to select and lead them at every level of the education establishment, feel the freedom to “come out “ and publicly proclaim (with great pride) their perverse program.
God will judge them (millstones around the neck are involved – see Matthew 18:6/Mark 9:42/Luke 17:2). Until then, we should protect our young people by providing them with TRUE education that meets their needs without corrupting their minds and hearts. Home schooling is the best (and most personally rewarding) answer to this destructive assault on our children.

2 months ago

There are twenty to thirty kids in each class. Parents need to rotate monitoring their children’s classes on a daily basis. One parent in there every day actually seeing and hearing what goes on is the only way for your kids to survive this take over. Yes, it’s inconvenient, yes, it should be unnecessary, but do you want to stop it or not? I’m a retired educator, I know how these things sneak their way in by way of teachers who are poorly educated but very determined. You have a right to be there, you have a right to know what is going on…so do it, or turn your kids over to people who only want to use them.

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
2 months ago

To all you young folks pout there. Take it from a ole man who schooled in the 450’s and 50’sd. Home school or private school if you can. Kyle L.

Michael Lewis
2 months ago

My father’s generation would have driven these “educators” out of town on a rail and there would have been no one they could turn to for relief. My parents were and I am a free American who loves America and lives under a Bill of Rights and Constitution. When I attended high school, students were taught classes how to recognize anti-American, communist “progressive” propaganda!

You need to stop this assault now.

2 months ago

Our schools are infested with these vermin, I don’t see a very good long term outcome for our nation.

Patriot Will
2 months ago

Children should be able to learn certain disciplines — reading writing, math, and science. They should be able to learn in a political free zone of acceptance and emotional warmth. They should be able to be treated as children, not little far-left pawns who parrot the Democrat Marxists and Communists. Forcing children to be exposed to fringe sexual discussions and racial equity concerns is abusive and evil. Loving parents need to regain their roles as loving parents.

Stephen Russell
2 months ago

To Transgender kids?? Scary
Get moving parents

Mary Ann Rutherford
2 months ago

When parents go into Parent Teacher meetings ask to see the Teachers manuals and reading materials for each subject. Compare what is given to kids and what teachers verbally teach. I was fighting this 25+ years ago! Sex ed curriculum, self esteem counselors, library books on porn and torture all the abhorrent things corrupt children. I went to school board meetings, was PTA pres, homeroom mom, wrote letters to editor, did TV and radio interviews and because parents, churches, politicians and community didn’t get involved morality in the classroom was censored. As much as the Progressive educrats are to blame so are the said mentioned who were too busy and thought someone else would fight for their kids.

William Hodge
2 months ago

It’s time, past time, to eliminate this socialist plan to remake our kids into followers rather than thinkers. I’d much rather have an engineer, a police officer, a shop owner or a housewife teach our kids rather than these crazy social engineers. Boot them all to the curb. Then run them over.

2 months ago
Reply to  William Hodge

Hmmm! “Followers” are the types of adults the DemocRat Party wants to have as a majority type character in the population. The DemocRats like this “donkey” quality in the citizenry … it gives them control!!!!

2 months ago

Communist takeover.

anna hubert
2 months ago

Lessons taken straight from Soviet Union and Nazi Germany

2 months ago

This moron should be arrested for sedition who does he or it is I’m sure he doesn’t have any children of his own doesn’t have a clue about parenting how did that person ever get hired for an educational position

2 months ago


David Millikan
2 months ago

The FASCIST liberals continue to FORCE their NAZIS agenda on America’s education system.
Today’s society proves how the DUMBING DOWN of AMERICA works so the FASCIST liberals can maintain CONTROL over you so you will believe ONLY one side…THEIRS.
It became full force when HILLDOG clinton said the government can raise your children better than you.
Look at today. How WRONG it was and is.

Michael J
2 months ago

California has been doing this for years. It is also hidden in the text books.
Schools are the premier source of indoctrinating children, no longer a college phenomenon. Why is there such an interest in getting children into pre-k? The left is sinister with plenty of minions to change the face of this nation. Their shadow policies are now on display.

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