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The American Pride Project is Beginning to Sweep the Country

prideBy – Dale Newberry

In 2010, a TV commentator looked straight into the camera on national television and said “seniors, if you want to help America, then you must first educate our youth and yourself about the true history of our country. Get up off your couch and do something! Even if you don’t know what – do something”

On that day, hearing those words I was deeply moved and decided to do exactly that – get up off my couch and make a difference! The words of the commentator had struck my heart and I knew immediately what was needed. With my daughters help, we chose a select team and created a beautiful calendar/tabletop book of our true American history and the principles of our Founding Fathers. It has taken over five years and thousands of hours of research and development to get to this point. Many failures and setbacks came our way as we traveled down this road of determination to “do something”. But in the years to come the American Pride Project will be well worth the efforts.

At first the idea was a simple calendar with a tear out page for each month containing true American history. The history page would encourage the reader to develop an interest in that month’s theme. Short paragraphs of historical facts would generate curiosity in both youth and adults compelling them to learn more about America’s history.

As the project developed, it became clear that this product needed to have more than just a single page of historical short stories per month.  Another page was added about our patriots and their principals and how our nation began. The idea of a “Dare to think…Dare to Question…Dare to learn” section was added. This section includes questions to get the reader to research for answers that might not be provided in the calendar.  Finally, the last two items that were meant to be a part of this unique product fell into place.  The addition of a monthly “Made in America” product discount page and the donation of proceeds to honor and help our Veterans became the final elements, and the American Pride Calendar Project was born!

This inspirational and educational product has become more than the original vision and even more than just a high quality old fashioned wall calendar. It will become a keepsake tabletop book of history for the home or office that your family and friends will enjoy for years to come. You will enjoy giving this unique Christmas gift which keeps on giving all year long. A gift that offers savings on American made products while helping to stimulate our nation’s economy.  You will also be proud to know that 100% of the net profits of your purchase will go to organizations that honor and assist our deserving Veterans.

After all is said and done, the American Pride Project and the American Pride Calendar are really about the rekindling of patriotism and the desire for knowledge about this great country we call America.

Now the American Pride Calendar/Tabletop Book is available for you to enjoy and share with others…

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7 years ago

I too had a similar experience in 2006. It started with the need to find a way for me to learn rifle marksmanship and then pass that skill onto my children once old enough. I found so much more in the Appleseed Project.

They teach two day fundamentals of marksmanship alongside American heritage and the history of the birthday of our country. Using the events of April 19, 1775, the battles of Lexington and Concord as an example of how riflemanship is part of our American heritage, it’s in our blood. Once my skill level improved, I was able to shoot a “rifleman” score of 210 or better on the AQT or Army Qualification Test. This is the same test our military used in the past to train our soldiers. The rifleman score is the highest level of skill the military recognized as “expert”. Once I was a rifleman, I volunteered to make other riflemen out of my friends, neighbors and fellow Americans. My two oldest children are just about up to this level of skill.

I recommend this national program to anyone interested in passing on to the next generation what we have enjoyed as Americans. Whether it is the 2nd Ammendment right, skill at arms, or American heritage, this has been a great program to ensure these don’t die out with my generation. They have a website: Appleseedinfo.org.

Ivan Berry
7 years ago

This advertisement was impressive, but it seems advisable to understand just what it is that is taught, the content not just the intent of the producers. Sceptics abound. We have been burnt too often. Content matters.

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