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Tag: First Amendment

free-speech-joke-sensitivity first amendment college students 18

Support for First Amendment Eroding Among College Students

money-wallet income money tax cuts Trump basic universal 22

Trump’s Corporate Tax Cut Will Boost Household Income $4k-$9k Yearly


Dan Weber Delivers Speech at Values Voter Summit 2017

trump accomplishments media bias policy health insurance affordable 2

Trump: “America Is a Nation of Believers … Sustained by the Power of Prayer”

trump-defensive-gop-debate 29

Executive Order Promotes Healthcare Choice and Competition Across the US

medicaid abortion Planned Parenthood death abuse 38

You May Not Support Planned Parenthood…But Your Favorite Companies Do.

Israel US Jerusalem 3

US Withdraws from UN’s UNESCO Organization, Citing Anti-Israel Bias

American flag knee activist millennial democrats 131

Take a Knee?

California gender pronouns future 9

California Can Now Jail People for Misusing Gender Pronouns

protest violent Antifa 321

Antifa Plots Mass Uprising, Showing its True Communist Intent