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Tag: border wall

immigration numbers America alien kids separating 1

Cost of Border Wall Less Than Cost of Illegal Immigration

Trump trade deals energy military resources border 19

Trump’s Idea of Using Military Resources for Border Wall Isn’t Unprecedented

mexico-cartel-avocado-agriculture-police 1

“Hold the Guac”- How Cartels are Controlling the Mexican Agriculture Industry

sanctuary-cities-cartel-map 4

Why are Sanctuary Cities Helping Mexican Heroin Cartels?

Trump approval happy rating healthcare courts 18

Trump Executive Orders Aimed at GOP Promise to Provide Better Access to Healthcare, Says AMAC

opioid-pills-abuse 19

Busted: Origins of America’s Opioid Epidemic Revealed

trump accomplishments media bias policy 2

Trump: “America Is a Nation of Believers … Sustained by the Power of Prayer”

Israel US Jerusalem 3

US Withdraws from UN’s UNESCO Organization, Citing Anti-Israel Bias

Trump UN speech freedom healthcare illegal drug prices medicare 8

Promise Kept: Trump Administration Protects Americans’ Religious Freedom

us military serving 2

Failure to Adequately Fund Our Military Puts America at Risk