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Here We Go Again – Border Wall FY2020

Posted on Tuesday, March 19, 2019
by AMAC, Robert B. Charles
border wall

Here we go again – Republicans seeking stronger border security (and President Trump seeking a workable wall in FY2020), Democrats fighting it tooth and nail, average Americans shaking their heads, too many Washington leaders passing the buck, content to fail.  Let’s return to facts.   

For Fiscal Year 2020, beginning October 1, 2019, President Trump has requested a “border wall” – specifically, $8.6 billion to protect Americans from the continuing flood (up to 2000 persons per day) of illegal immigrants, record drug trafficking (killing more than 70,200 Americans in 2017), high levels of human trafficking (generally girls), and stated terrorist ambitions.  Democrats in Congress say “dead on arrival.” 

The absurdity of this pitched battle for less than 9 billion dollars in a 4 trillion dollar federal budget, Democrats saying this kind of security is not needed – makes normal people laugh, cry or just get sick.    

Facts speak for themselves – and are not partisan.  Crime is inordinately high in and around cities that give “sanctuary” to illegal aliens.  Drug trafficking is on the rise across the southwest border – especially foreign heroin, cocaine, fentanyl, methamphetamines, marijuana, dangerous synthetics and precursor chemicals used to produce deadly drugs inside the United States.  The vast majority of foreign illicit drugs enter over the Southwest border.

Likewise, a 2006 study by the National Institute of Justice found “25,647 females from eight countries” – Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, and Venezuela – “were brought across the U.S.-Mexico border for the purpose of being sex trafficked.”  Higher numbers are likely today, since the average age of illegal entrants is lower. 

Inaction – or politically motivated action undermining compromise on the 8.6 billion dollar “wall” – is objectively unconscionable, morally repugnant, and simply inexcusable.  Yet, here we are.  All over again.  We face an intransigent, indignant, arrogant Democrat House majority, obstinate Democrat Senate minority, no apparent chance for the wall or compromise.

The spectacle is something to behold – especially from Washington DC.   Leading Democrats are convinced they will get more votes in 2020, if not more voters, if they leave borders essentially the same – open – and then advocate that citizen- rights should attach to non-citizens, including illegals.  Mostly, they think they win by opposing the President.

What sticks in the craw, more than any foregoing fact, is that the whole political discussion has become detached from rational decision-making, decoupled from hard, incontrovertible fact.  In this way, it has become decoupled from average Americans, who respect rational decision-making and facts.

The most recent example, which flew from the Wall Street Journal last week:   An article describing in detail how enforcing border sanctity in Italy was actually stopping – dramatically stopping – the upsurge of refugees and bad actors flooding in from Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  

The article, which leaned on maritime rather than land deterrence, was entitled “Initiative Stems Migration to Italy.”  Conclusion:  Migrants crossing a defended zone fell from 13,000 in 2017 to a few hundred this year, down from 5,200 crossing the zone first two months of last year, to 262 crossing same period this year – after ramped up deterrence, barriers, interdiction.  

So, whether migrants enter from sea or land, interdiction works.   Boats, walls, people, deterrence, and interdiction – work.  Do we have to ask again:  How many Democrat lawmakers live behind private walls?  We should not have to ask – because walls, in concert with other security measures, work.

So how do we find ourselves here, again?  More importantly, how do we get out of this witch’s brew of political rhetoric, wrong-headed recitation of non-facts as facts, moral actions called immoral, immoral acts called moral, and obvious endangerment of American citizens, territorial integrity and way of life?

Answer:  Obviously, in the long run – that is, in 2020 – we can vote.  But in the short run, we need to keep coming back to facts – real facts, the sort mentioned above, and speaking up.  At some point, if not in a town meeting, conference or hearing, if only in the quiet of the night, Democrats who oppose onrushing reality, common sense, rational decision-making and incontrovertible facts, will pause, and correct course.  If not, here we go again. 

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Dr. Duane Hooper
Dr. Duane Hooper
5 years ago

Any Texas representative that voted against President Trump on the emergency situation at our southern border will not get a vote from me. Every patriotic American should feel that way about their representatives that don’t seem to care about the security of our country.

5 years ago

How many of us have contacted our congressmen and senators asking them to support President Trump in his effort to build the wall first, and to beef up other methods of deterrence, detection, detention, and deportation? Please do that now, while you’re muttering to yourself, “Yeah, yeah, I know I should do that…”
The only way we’ll be able to keep America great is if we vote for those candidates who promise (and deliver on) their support for the president. Get them to promise that to you, too. Thank you.

Betty J Long
Betty J Long
4 years ago

All the people of America deserve quality security, safe border walls, and this peace of mind. Most all other countries do not want any other countries’ criminals crossing their borders. Twenty countries have completed walls, and about forty are progressing. Most so-called Democrats are inept in caring for their own districts much less their States. Now they already gave way to anti-Americans and anti-Semitist in the United States Congress. Congress dearly needs to be cleaned up. All those fraudsters replaced with America loving and caring representatives. All there tearing down, stalling theatrics, hoaxes, are to undermine, all other people of America, and our great President, who successfully got our country back and on track throughout all. We are all blessed with the right man for President. MAGA is a stronger America. MAGA and KAG.

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