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Support of the H.R. 3006, the Health Care Choices Act of 2015


June 14, 2016

The Honorable John Fleming
4th District, Louisiana
2182 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Congressman Fleming,

On behalf of the 1.3 million members of AMAC, Association of Mature American Citizens, I am writing in strong support of the H.R. 3006, the Health Care Choices Act of 2015. This important piece of legislation goes a long way in restoring Americans’ control over how their healthcare dollars are spent. H.R. 3006 will lift restrictive burdens on Health Savings Accounts (HSA), HSA holders, and the way in which contributions are made to HSA accounts.

HSAs play a vital role in providing financial security when making healthcare decisions. The Health Care Choices Act seeks to remove unnecessary and overburdening regulations currently imposed on HSAs. Under current law, HSA owners are barred from using HSA funds to cover insurance premiums, direct primary care costs, over-the-counter drugs, and several other commonsense expenditures related to their health. H.R. 3006 is a practical and expansive solution that remedies the above mentioned issues with HSAs—making HSAs more efficient, more versatile, and better-suited to meet the needs of their owners.

Americans, and particularly, senior citizens, should have complete and total control over the purchasing and saving powers inherent in an HSA. This bill puts the decision-making power back in the hands of account holders by doubling the contribution limit—empowering individuals to determine how much money they need to save for their healthcare. This bill is a commonsense, practical, and forward-thinking approach to help HSAs reach their full and uninhibited potential.

As an organization committed to representing the interests of mature Americans and seniors, AMAC is dedicated to ensuring senior citizens’ interests are protected. We applaud Congressman Fleming and his staff for their thoughtful and innovative solution to improve every Americans’ healthcare. AMAC is pleased to offer our organization’s full support to the Health Care Choices Act of 2015.


Dan Weber
President and Founder of AMAC

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4 years ago

HSA’s are good for the young & healthy. Not so much for those who are not or who can’t afford to fund one up front. From what I have read, to have an HSA you must also have a hospital plan (purchased separately) which has a high deductible. I assume that is the trade off for the tax exemption usually given for an HSA. (The assumption is that a tax exemption will be given which has been the case in the past). Also from what I have read, other plans are still basically catastrophic (just like Obamacare) because you have… Read more »

Claude Stahl
3 years ago

Dan, we need more people like you fighting for mature Americans everywhere. I can tell you from first hand experience that health for the aged is declining in quality and it must stop now. We need to do everything we can to promote a conservative agenda and have health choices be the norm. Obamacare MUST be repealed. Please continue to fight not only for the mature American but for a conservative agenda for the American people. Thank you.

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