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Stop Ignoring My Voice

stop ignoring my voiceIn an effort to bring change to our economy and roll back intrusive government regulations, AMAC has partnered with the Job Creators Network (JCN)—the country’s premier small business advocacy organization. Together, we have launched a new campaign to drive supporters of free enterprise to congressional town hall meetings across the country.

The campaign, aptly named Stop Ignoring My Voice, aims to ensure that town halls remain a valuable space for voters to exchange ideas. Town hall meetings are a vital part of American democracy and civil discourse– however, in recent years, these exchanges have been anything but civil. Aggressive protesters and raucous spectators have turned town hall meetings into forums for partisan bickering, aggressive accusations, and in extreme cases, threats. Our goal is to change this and restore the integrity of town halls across the nation.

You can help us make this goal a reality. We’re asking devoted Americans who voted for change to show up at town halls and make your voices heard. Visit to find a town hall near you where you can express your views and be a patriotic proponent of the free-market principles that make this country so great.

Let’s amplify the voice of small businesses and hardworking taxpayers like yourselves all the way to Washington DC. Together, we can bring about real, meaningful change—so no voice is ignored.

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The part that concerns me is the text stating “vital part of American democracy” America IS NOT and Never wants to be a democracy
The United States of America is a “REPUBLIC” read the Constitution. American may practice a form of democracy but democracy is NOT a beneficial form of government. Read exactly what a “democracy is” and you will find it to be terrible.

Thank you JCB for stating what should be obvious to anyone who understands our founders’ purpose. Democracy was reserved for the local and district level for immediate leaders, the House members of both State and Federation (general government) level. The Executive was to be chosen by the people of the Several States through the Electorial College, not through a democratic popular vote. The Constitution was ratified by the States, also not by popular vote, but by the people of each State. The U.S., being too large and divergent, was not suited for being a pure Republic nor for pure democracy where the majority could disenfranchise the minority. A mixed government of Soverign States Federated in a Union, one with another, by delegating certain duties and powers to the Union to accomplish those needs that were difficult or impossible to obtain at the individual State level. Those powers and duties not… Read more »

Nicely said Ivan. Now to sit back and see how many disagree with that well-stated explanation or to chime in on “how things should be instead in order to be “more fair””. Enjoy the weekend.

Thanks. You too.

Thank you. I don’t believe I have ever heard it so well said. The Democrats are aptly named and they act like a mob.

And thank you too, Rosemary.

JCB is correct! America IS NOT a democracy, we are a REPUBLIC. The problem is — no one wants to discuss issues any longer, so the discussion quickly devolves into a screaming match or gets physical if people are close enough to get physical. I have seen four letter words on response boards, and they DO NOT BELONG THERE. The attitude of most posters is that, “You either believe what I believe, or your opinion is worth nothing!” So, I tend to stay away from these exchanges.

I imagine words with four letters to be an intellectual stretch for some folks who write on response boards! One can just look at response boards for some YouTube videos. I’m amazed that some people actually eat with such dirty mouths. (Sometimes I wonder what their food tastes like.😣)

You are so right. Ignorance is an enemy that we are fast finding to be true. The Consitution is not taught to our students but only touched upon. It would be so good if it were taught instead of Sociology.

America is a Representative Republic. That’s the democratic part of it. You are right, however. Pure democracy is merely anarchy.

Hear, Hear JCB,

It should have said, “a vital part of American republicanism and civil discourse”. The MSM wrongfully identifies our form of government as the ‘D’ word too.

Agreed, JCB.
However, I believe the proper word that should have been used is …. LIBERTY.
After all is that not why America was founded , LIBERTY from a repressive government ?
I’d say so.

Job Creators Network – What a great name.
The thought that many small business owners, those that really want to make a strong, productive, caring difference in our communities, would show up at town hall meetings all over this country, greatly outnumbering those that yell and scream, would be a dream come true. Compassionate, thoughtful adults taking over the town hall meetings. Awesome! Power to the Adults!!!
I am going to be there and I will bring others.
Tom Lanphier

JCB is so correct — that terminology fills me with ‘fear and trembling’ also – when I read it. Those sending out articles to AMAC members need to stay on their toes and keep that in mind. I’ve learned that AMAC members are VERY savvy on our history and Constitution — and can spot wording like that very quickly. It’s a privilege to be a fellow member!

Nancy you are dead on ,America really needs to wake up! I believe most of our problems of TODAY are based in the liberal educators who are brainwashing our future generations, In Waring against any enemy ,one must recognize first, who to direct the confrontation. I have watched many very young men die for rights we are allowing others take from us. AWAKE AMERICA !!!

You are so right. Unfortunately it seems that the minority seems to always have their voice heard and responded to by giving them their demands leaving the majority out in the cold with no recourse.

I am old. Some days my knees hurt so bad it is difficult to walk. And I have the usual list of aches, pains and parts that do not function well.

But what is happening to our nation and the people I love is just plain wrong. Failure to act lets evil win.

So I will lift my voice in protest until the good lord opens the golden portal.

I have been to Town Hall meetings and other “citizen input and opinion” meetings. I have found that most of the agenda is set and decisions made. All the powers that be are wanting is a “YES” to what they propose. They do not like anyone to offer any opposing views. In my residential neighborhood, the city is proposing a zoning change that will allow buildings to rise above 3 stories. That would mean apartment buildings 4 or more stories high blocking views and the sky from my windows. We have a lot of vacant land that can have regular houses or three story buildings constructed on them. We do not need to go higher. Also, new apartment buildings get a 1 year tax abatement. I wonder if they would be worth much after that time for as cheaply and shoddily as they are built, and usually “ugly”.

It is a 15 year tax abatement. Somehow I missed the 5.

I agree that “a vital part of American Democracy” is an oxymoron. America was founded to be a Republic, and is specifically and deliberately NOT a democracy. Our Republic was founded on Christian Biblical “natural laws”, and no laws are supposed to be made that contradict any of these natural laws. Here is a link to an article that clearly explains the difference and has many quotes of our Founders which clearly reveal their intentions, including this quote from James Madison, the “Father of the Constitution”:
“Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security, or the rights of property; and have, in general, been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”

The link is:

you need to put some meetings in the north suburbs of Cincinnati…look at zip code 45246