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AMAC members have told us of their concern about the Critical Race Theory (CRT) curriculum insidiously making its way into grade schools, high schools, college campuses, and public and private sector establishment training sessions. They are especially concerned for their grandchildren’s exposure to this Marxist, state sanctioned racism in grades K – 12, and they insisted that AMAC Action add opposition to CRT to our legislative portfolio earlier this year. As an advocacy organization dedicated to following the direction of AMAC members, AMAC Action was happy to comply with their request.

We have developed resources designed to guide you in deepening your knowledge of CRT and how you may get involved to stop it from spreading in your community. One of the best ways to stop CRT in your community schools is to get elected to your local school board. AMAC Action is pleased to present AMAC members with the Leadership Institute’s School Board Campaign Training, created to increase engagement in school boards among conservatives throughout the nation to ensure our schools focus on the academic priorities that lead to our children’s future success. This training will provide candidates with the skills training necessary to launch and win successful campaigns for local school boards.

The Leadership Institute was founded in 1979 and teaches conservatives how to succeed in the public policy process. Many current and former Members of Congress are graduates of the Leadership Institute. We at AMAC Action constantly hear from our members questions about how they might get involved to stop the assault on our country by the Left. Here is an opportunity to learn the nuts-and-bolts of running a successful school board campaign with the goal of actively participating in the education your community’s children receive from their local schools. We hope you consider getting involved in this important mission.

The School Board Campaign Training is free of charge for a limited time. Please click the button below to learn more and enroll in the training.

Learn More and Enroll in School Board Campaign Training

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Jerry L Caruthers
1 year ago

If the GOP wants to negate votes of woke voters and the socialist, it has got to muster its forces and saturate the streets and go door with volunteers in rural counties and towns throughout the United States! I have friends who won’t vote because of their distrust of government. Like minded rural conservatives throughout our Free Republic feel disenfranchised by politicians and government. This is a generational mind set and they must break through that barrier and gain their trust. If every potential registered GOP voter came out to the polls we can and will neutralize the corrupt socialist currently holding office and save the misinformed and indoctrinated woke citizens from a life of servitude.     
Jerry Loyd Caruthers
Americans Against Socialism  

1 year ago

The only way the wicked Democrats can win any election is to lie about America as a racist nation. The lie is that Republicans are racist when in reality the Democrats are thoroughly racist with their censoring anyone who tries and tell the truth about their wicked scheme to destroy America, forcing illegal vaccine mandates, calling people terrorists for exposing the Democrats lies, stolen Presidential election, unproven vaccines, Biden’s mental capacity or lack their of, CRT, BLM, Antifa, CCP, America is destroying the planet when China and India are pumping pollution into the air like there is no tomorrow and we are curtailing ours substantially, electric cars which take more energy than gas powered by far and cause more pollution by disposing of the batteries. Democrats = BOLDFACE LIES

1 year ago

Any LIBERAL SOCIALIST school that wants to teach CRT ,,, should have ALL the parents lined up to kick out the whole school board and replace them with common sense people .

R. corcoran
1 year ago

Unfortunately I think this began a long time ago like in the late 50s and 60s when people my age got into college and were brain washed and became teachers???? of our kids and grandkids. this could be a hard one to stop. But I’ve always been an optimist so let’s put up a good fight . AMAC what a great program.

1 year ago

However, when the children return home the parent(s) or whoever is in charge of “raising” them will most likely brainwash them to the “reality” that in life you’re either a victim or privileged so the insanity will continue into perpetuity!

Eddie Van Halen
1 year ago
Reply to  AjB

I’ve seen this happen to close friends in having their KIDS go to these communist dump holes called “universities.” They return, to LIVE AT HOME, and then tip their hand that they are now communists.
Social science, political science, and “philosophy” are nothing but communist training grounds now.

Jim Jolly
1 year ago

Hopefully a lot of retired persons will do this, I know when things slow down from move I will definatly consider it. There is always some Commuist trying to alter our freedom.

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