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Our Mission

To help America’s seniors understand the Social Security system by providing breaking news, answers, and support. AMAC Foundation’s Accredited Social Security Advisors are here to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Social Security Report

AMAC Foundation's Social Security Report website is designed to serve as a resource for anyone interested in the state of our Social Security program. By providing daily updates on major, breaking news and legislative developments affecting Social Security, by reprinting quotes and comments that reflect the insights of key political figures involved in shaping Social Security policy, and by maintaining an on-going catalog of questions and answers relevant to topics of interest to the public, the Foundation seeks to keep all Americans up-to-date on the Social Security and retirement landscape.

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Social Security Advisors

Several AMAC Foundation representatives have earned accreditation as National Social Security Advisors, qualifying them to counsel retirees and pre-retirees on questions and issues pertaining to Social Security. The training associated with the qualification process equips these Advisors to provide guidance to clients on the many Social Security options available, and enables them to provide a trusted service to the public. Accreditation is earned through the Ohio-based National Social Security Association, LLC (NSSA).

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