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Small Business Impact On November Mid-Term Elections

from Forbes – by Jim Blasingame-

Regardless of political party, history informs that the mid-term election in a second term has rarely been fun for any president. Consequently, President Obama’s party isn’t supposed to do well this November.

But with a Republicans House majority and Democrat control of the Senate now in jeopardy, this election cycle is producing a pitch battle with daggers drawn on every front. And not just because control of Congress is at stake for the next two years, but also six years of Democrat policies must be protected or reversed, depending upon to whom you talk.

In a recent online poll we asked our small business audience how they’re leaning in the November election. GOP responses came in at 63%, with Democrat allegiance at only 3%. The independent “I vote for the individual” got 29% and 5% said they “probably won’t vote.” Even if you give half the independents to the Dems, they still don’t rise to one-in-five among our group.

Republicans leading our sample tracks with other polls of the public. But besides the historic second term curse, there are other reasons small business sentiment skews heavily for the out-of-power party this year:

1. Small business owners do something that’s at once special and difficult: they make between one and four payrolls every month. As a result, this group typically leans toward the GOP as a more business-friendly party. But it should be noted that the spread usually isn’t this great.

2. Small business owners consider many Democrat policies anti-business. For example:

a. Obama’s “America needs a raise” campaign to increase minimum wage is unpopular with small business owners.

b. Recent tax increases have resulted in federal tax revenues at a 40-year record tax pace this year and next. Higher taxes depletes precious small business working capital.

c. Essentially a stealth tax, regulatory compliance has increased significantly since 2009, according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

d. And the mother of all policy offenses: Obamacare. As a class, small business owners do not like Obamacare.

There isn’t room to list all of the things troubling small business owners this year. But these leaders believe Washington policies have contributed to and prolonged the worst post-recession recovery since the Great Depression. And justified or not, President Obama is the face of the Democrat party, which right now is not good news for many incumbent Democrats needing support from their small business constituents.

Write this on a rock … Counting employees, Small Business USA is the largest voting bloc.

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8 years ago

Generally I would agree with this poll’s results that Republican support only slightly edges out Democrat support among small business owners.

While the popular myth is that business owners in the country, both large and small, are all solidly Republican, from my anecdotal experience here in the progressive Northeast, I can say that’s not true. I know a lot of small business owners who complain non-stop about “how endless regulations are making running the business impossible or unprofitable” or how “I spend more time filling out forms to show I’m in compliance with all the regs. That ends up hurting my business,because I don’t have enough time to service all my customers”. There are similar complaints about new and higher taxes and “potentially new mandates coming down the road, that mean I’ll have to put off expansion or hiring plans yet again. It’s killing my ability to compete.”. Yet when asked which party they vote for, a least a good 40 to 45 percent say Democrats, because “they care about us little guys”. Also more than a few have said their families would kill them, if they ever thought they were voting Republican.

Even though the very policies that created the excessive regulations and taxation that is slowly killing their businesses came largely from Progressive Democratic legislation, they can’t or won’t connect the dots. Plus societal pressure from friends and family to conform to the group-think of progressivism, that they’ve been conditioned to accept as “supporting the right positions”, overrides their business logic. They’re making voting decisions, which ultimately will cost most of them and their employees their livelihoods, based on the emotional draw and societal pressure to conform to the Democrat’s message.

Does it make sense? Hell no! Yet it does show the power of decades of systematic progressive indoctrination to convince people to vote against their own self interests. Even as they personally experience the negative outcomes of supporting that destructive agenda themselves. Karl Marx, Woodrow Wilson, Vladimir Lenin, FDR, Joseph Goebbels, Joe Stalin and others would be so proud.

8 years ago

63% ? … Why isn’t it at least 95%? It just proves how many stupid people are running businesses! How many businesses only see the short term fix of low paid “illegal” workers to increase their immediate profits, but can’t see the long term effect of these “illegal” workers being given amnesty and then becoming socialists who will rob their very family’s futures. What’s the old saying about “reaping what you sow”! I grieve for our lost heritage and culture. I’m ready to leave this earth now Lord, just let me take some of these devils with me!

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