Who would you prefer as the next Republican Presidential nominee?

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15 hours ago

I’ll always vote for Trump or Desantis, too. But I’d also vote for Mike Pompeo or Nikki Haley in a heartbeat!!!!

3 days ago

Senator Cruz is every bit as capable as Gov. DeSantis and President Trump. Go with the momentum.

5 days ago

Pence is horrible – i believe he was one of the LEAKERS

James Kopplin
6 days ago

I would never vote for Pence, he is turn coat rino republican.

8 days ago

Former President Trump’s policies were so good for our country. I am thankful for all he has done. However, he has way too much baggage which can and probably will hurt the republican party. Knowing this he still is giving the radical democrats ammunition to use against our party. Is it fair? Hell no but his running for a second term is a risk that the American people cannot afford to take. If we lose in 2024, our country will never totally recover. President Trump should back someone like Ron DeSantis and encourage all in our party to do the same.

Cheryl Whiteley
8 days ago

President Trump’s

8 days ago

Trump can get the nation back on track. DeSantis is needed in Florida for now. He’d make a Great President after Trump.

8 days ago


America First!
10 days ago

Trump and DeSantis as VP. It’s going to take the most ferocious Patriots we have to return the power to We the People. Only the most experienced and fearless warriors (figuratively, of course!) can undo the damage of the Biden Crime Family and the Deep State that backs them. Yes, Both Trump and DeSantis have been brash and argumentative and confrontational. I find that encouraging since there are SO MANY RINOs in Congress who will not stand up to the evil that surrounds them. In fact, they are profiting from the democrat/communist schemes to the destroy America. They are all-in with the CCP and want nothing more than to create a “New World Order,” a globalist Utopian dream as espoused by Klaus Schwab. Do I sound angry? I AM angry! I do not want to live in an America run by Communists. BTW – if you’ve been paying attention, the Marxists are terrified of a Trump/DeSantis ticket. The are terrified by Trump alone. Why? Because he literally knows where the bodies are buried and knows who was on Epstein’s flight log. He is also anti-war, which cuts DEEPLY into the money laundering by democrats and RINOs.

8 days ago
Reply to  America First!

AGREE AGREE AGREE Every Word Stated Here

8 days ago
Reply to  America First!

YES, you are 101% correct and those are real facts NOT fiction. Thank you so much.

10 days ago

Trump and DeSantis as VP, They as a team could get our country straightened out, particularly if DeSantis had 8 more years. Pence, no way. He’s too weak. They would walk over him. Pence is the only Republican that I wouldn’t vote for.

Judith Ann Muenks
10 days ago

Rand Paul & Mike Pence. I like their down to earth approach and honesty.

Al Wunsch
10 days ago

There is legitimate concern over the “baggage” that comes along with Pres Trump and Gov DeSantis is certainly a prime candidate as well. However, whomever ends up in the W/H (republican) will face an enormous challenge with the democrat/deep state threat. Can a DeSantis survive that? Best bet is Pres Trump and DeSantis as VP. Let Pres Trump handle the Wash dc crowd and DeSantis to carry on the America First agenda. Just a thought.

gina Warkentin-knight
10 days ago
Reply to  Al Wunsch

DeSantis is better at showing up the bad guys and making the news look like the partisan hacks they r.

10 days ago

DONALD JOHN TRUMP THE GREATEST PRESIDENT SINCE LINCOLN. The so called baggage has been proven false and is being pushed by the media, Democrats, and RINOs who are democrats that ran as Republicans. EXAMPLE Mike Pence, Mit Romney, Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins, Tim Scott.- Love DeSantis by we need him to continue as Governor until PRESIDENT Trump finishes then it’s RON DeSantis all the way.

10 days ago

I would like to see the Trump/DeSantis ticket. That would set up Desantis for an 8 year run in 2028

James McClure
10 days ago

Trump is the only man who is financially able to fight the Democrats plus he already has the Majority grassroots support system in place, he is the only one I am willing to hit the streets for.

11 days ago

I choose Ron DeSantis because I feel that he would be a great and patriotic President but also because I think that the baggage that Trump bring may scare others away.

13 days ago

Blacks for TRUMP! OH YEA!!!

Dave R.
13 days ago

President Trump from 2024-2028 w/ Desantis as VP! Then Desantis from 2028-2036 as president. Dems need to be demolished at the polls, from 2022- infinity!

El Ey
10 days ago
Reply to  Dave R.

Dave R. That’s my prayer, wish and hope. No more democrat administration forever!

14 days ago

I’m voting for President Trump if he runs again. He was robbed in the last election. He did a wonderfutl job with the border, lowing unemployment and showed what the dems and rino’s were all about.

Lisa Skinner
15 days ago

I think Trump should be in for another term since the election was indeed stolen from him. I would love to see Desantis in there after that for another 8 years.

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