Which of the following issues would you like to see AMAC Action prioritize? Please choose three.

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8 months ago

I agree with Anna. Election integrity will help get us going in the right direction. We fix the fake elections and we won’t end up with idiot politicians doing this stupid crap of opening our borders and pushing CRT to the future of our country, our kids. All topics are important and need attention but until our elections are fixed to where intelligent representatives of the American people are put in office to do their job for US and not for THEMSELVES and the global elites, then we are never going to fix anything! The key word is integrity…need those in office that know the right things to do for us and our country. God bless America and I pray we get back to where we should be!

Steve Grabowski
11 months ago

Which do I favor? All of the above. But I’m putting the most critical at the moment first – even ahead of my social security, which I desperately need and just applied for, a few days ago, but have received no check yet. We are hanging by a thread in this country, and the world depends on us. Without national repentance, all will be lost.

James Alexander
1 year ago

Stop Critical Race Theory. Critical Race Theory is nothing short of racist totalitarian dogma that has frighteningly permeated every facet of American society. Those who believe in it have been brainwashed, have fooled themselves, or are fools. Perhaps like the Nazis or the Marxists, those who push CRT dogma have succumbed to a subconscious and/or conscious desire for political and economic gain they see CRT may provide them. CRT related jobs often pay very well with moderate qualification requirements. CRT is a fast growing field with the intent to transform America and ultimately undermine our constitution. Altruism is not the true intent or result. Adherents are cashing in. Stop pretending Americans are ignorant of racial issues and suddenly need CRT indoctrination to understand racial issues. Those who push CRT are either ignorant of history and racial issues, brainwashed, and/or are looking to cash in on the new dogma. Remove CRT from all our schools and institutions. CRT violates our constitution and thus our rights and lives as free Americans. Educate people as to its true intent and affect. Teaching CRT to adults is horrid; teaching it to children is demonic. We must turn back the tide of CRT. It is the most dangerous ideology of our time. Support politicians and legal teams fighting CRT. Like the Marxists and Nazis, indoctrinators got to college students who’re now indoctrinating K-12 kids. Many are truly brainwashed and think they must adhere to CRT to fit in socially. It’s truly a cultural revolution causing great harm that threatens our freedoms on many levels, perhaps most of all free speech, by accusing all naysayers as racist. Consider donating to: dhillonlaw.com/first-amendment/.

1 year ago

All of the Above!!!

1 year ago

Ever single issue given is of utmost importance. We have so many issues in this country right now, I honestly believe that it’s going to take a Convention of States or a Revolution to correct.

“If ever the Time should come, when vain & aspiring Men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced Patriots to prevent its Ruin.” — Samuel Adam

Steve Grabowski
11 months ago
Reply to  Mark

People in America are woefully ignorant of the wonderful constitution that we have… and these are the people who will go to the convention of the states, and give us a document vastly inferior to the one we have. The current constitution is totally ignored… what makes us think that a new one will be observed? The only solution is to elect people who know our current, wonderful constitution, and stick to it doggedly. Actually, the only way we survive is to return to our God. The nation has sinned woefully, and prophecy does not look good for us unless we repent and turn from the evils we have allowed – in the schools, and in our society – calling evil good and good evil.

1 year ago

Everyone of the statements is of upmost importance. We need to elect good, strong, courageous people who will stand up for the Constitution and the laws of this country.

1 year ago

All of these relate to politicians and the job they are doing or not doing. (at every level). Which I believe makes election integrity the number one priority. My other choices are not present .

Selecting the correct persons for the political jobs.
Next is taking back control of our education system. (i guess related to CRT). Stop the indoctrination of our children. Help them learn to think for themselves.

It has taken a long time to get us into this mess and will take a long time to get us out.

1 year ago

election integrity isn’t just desirable, it’s essential ! Once the majority loses faith in electing leaders and changing policies, it’s only a question of when not matters we disagree on become street battles and that can only lead to a breakdown, or rather a further breakdown, of our entire national structure. The Dems want to ensure power for a very long time , it’ll be like California, basically a one-party state with an opposition party with almost no statewide power and very little elsewhere .Kamala Harris comes from the California Dem machine , she’ll follow what they want if ( God forbid ! ) she assumes the Presidency. Says here sleepy Joe will very soon be pressured to resign, then…I wish I could see things more positive.

Cindi L Davis
1 year ago

The issue of Critical Race THERORY which is what it means “THERORY” being taught to our Children and Grandchildren. We as Patriotic Americans need to Stand Up against this Racist BS

Jo Campbell
1 year ago

I also found it difficult to choose only three. I do feel that if we elect more conservatives to congress, many of these would go away!

1 year ago

All of these issues are important. Hard to choose just three.

1 year ago

I’d like to see all of these conservative ideals addressed as they are all major issues right now!

sassy spice
1 year ago

Was too difficult to choose just three issues. Every single one of these issues is important and needs to be dealt with ASAP. Each of these issue is itegral of the US. They ALL need to be adressed and the ship set aright for us to go forward. ALL of these issues should be addressed concurrently. We keep being told it ‘can’t’ be done quickly or that way, but we had a president in office that got it done toot sweet!

1 year ago

what a tough survey to answer. So many vital issues even if not all are the domain of seniors only. I want this country strong now and in the future, standing for the Constitution and Bill of Rights. These are crazy and scary times.

Anna Swallow
1 year ago

All of these issues are of immense importance. If we do not have election integrity, we will never be able to make progress on any of the rest! We have to take our country back!

1 year ago

Without Election Integrity none of the rest will matter.

David Smith
1 year ago

Unfortunately, all the issues listed need to be addressed! Very frustrating the way things are going in Washington.

Jesse Holder
1 year ago

Election integrity will give us right people in office to fix all other priorities

1 year ago

SOCIAL SECURITY: Does anyone know why Biden fired Trump-appointed head of SS agency last Friday 9th July after he refused POTUS request to do what??? Biden named Kilolo Kijakazi as acting commissioner. This needs to be watched by all of us

1 year ago

Votes on poll total 121,454 (divide by 3 is 40,484 voters) so out of 2.2M AMAC members, only 1.8% of members voted in this poll. I hope members do a much better job when it comes to voting at elections.

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