Many older Americans are disillusioned, often saying things like, “I long for the good old days.” Which of the following is most troublesome today?

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Martha Hurd
1 hour ago

All of the causes shown above are factors. The country has no common cause. Our so-called leaders, rather than rallying everyone together are labeling everyone and driving a wedge between us. One thing I think is especially egregious is the that left enjoys impunity for their outrageous and illegal acts. That’s my biggest beef. The current January 6th hearings are “kangaroo” court. So what if all the things Trump was accused of were true? The list of wrong-doing by the left is 10 times longer. Nothing happening there!

16 hours ago

There is much that is wrong with our country and the world these days. People are acting very differently today than when I was young. Today people are much more materialistic, seemingly focused mainly on getting “the American dream,” but if and when we get it, it is not fulfilling. Something deeper and more important is missing. God is absent and not invited into many people’s lives. We are cut off from each other, often do not even know who our neighbors are, especially in the big cities. But though this is true God is still present and wants the best for us. Our country has been through rough patches before and survived. We need to look to God, to our families and to each other, to sincerely reach out and make connections and respect and care for each other. Love is the only real weapon that we have that is also the medicine that we all need. Let us all love our neighbors as ourselves and love God, our country and our world in the best ways that we can.

Mrs Vic
1 day ago

Other should actually say…..ALL OF THE ABOVE.

5 days ago

All of the above! We have lost personal connection with God, family and each other…

5 days ago

I believe the descent into hell on earth is inevitable before Christ returns to earth again. It happened before and almost all life was extinguished by a great flood, but humanity has forgotten this lesson. We must all be faithful and do what we can to ensure we do not our family and friends follow the teachings of Jesus Christ

Eric Bram
6 days ago

It’s impossible to choose the “most troublesome.” Where is “all of the above”?

7 days ago

Not to be a whiner but I feel like our generation is completely missing the “fun” of retirement. I retired 4 years ago due to events beyond my control – but thought “oh well it’s okay”. I then moved across the country to an area where my money would go further. Then they locked us down and continue to scare us. Now with out of control inflation I don’t feel safe spending a few dollars and even going for a 2-3 night local trip! THIS is NOT what I worked my entire life for! When do WE get to enjoy retirement?

8 days ago

Decline. Consider the case of AG Garland. He missed out appointment as a Supreme Court justice due to Republican opposition, then missed out a Biden appointment for being the wrong gender and race.

Perhaps the only way Garland can get a Supreme Court appointment as a justice is to support the lawlessness of the Biden administration, including ignoring the federal law that requires protection of justices Barrett and Kavenaugh from fanatical demonstrators at their homes.

If either conservative justice is assassinated before the midterm election, Garland may get his Supreme Court appointment. After the midterm red tsunami, Garland will be shut out from the Supreme Court for the rest of his life.

Kathy Peatfield
10 days ago

We as a nation have turned our backs on God. He designed us and our world, and if we ignore Him, He will leave us to our own consequences for our actions. We all will give an account to the Lord Jesus Christ when we die. (Hebrews 9:27-28) 27 And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment, 28 so Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many. To those who eagerly wait for Him He will appear a second time, apart from sin, for salvation.

11 days ago

democrat = degressive, divisive, liars, corrupt/criminal, useless, godless, BABY KILLERS, fruits and nuts that don’t know which restroom to use, radical socialist/communist/marxist craving total absolute raw fascism POWER to CONTROL everybody and everything to ENRICH themselves and FORCE their evil reprobate ANTI-CHRISTIAN lifestyle agenda on children and society. Yes, the USA is divided, good will not unite with evil and right will not unite with wrong!

Sam Anderson
11 days ago

There are so many different things that are the cause of way our culture has become so dark but a couple of them, in my opinion are; churches generally speaking and become no different than an entertainment center. Secondly, I feel that most people by not being 100% involved in what our school boards and our local officials are doing, are totally responsible for our country moving towards socialism.

11 days ago
Reply to  Sam Anderson

Right on Sam. Lady Liberty’s moral compas has gone askew, and I don’t just mean sexual morality. There is much more to morality than just sexual morality, and as a nation, methinks we have lost our way. I fear we are near our God administered comeuppance just as was Ancient Israel more than 2000 years ago. I think that comeuppance is nigh

Daniel B
11 days ago

Hard to choose but kicking God out of everything has had disastrous repercussions

11 days ago

I’d have to say all of the above

11 days ago

Remember that our only chance to change the direction of the POTUS policies will be by voting in November.

11 days ago
Reply to  Tony

Tony, sadly voting seems to mean nothing. In light of the last election, I’m reminded of the words of Joe Stalin. “Those who vote decide nothing; those who count the votes decide everything.”

12 days ago

SLEEPY JOE claims to be a good “Catholic” but, he is the most godless man ever elected President. The Pope should ex-communicate him and Pelosi but, sadly he won’t.

11 days ago
Reply to  Mike

Actually, Mike, I think the Pope should also be de-throned. From what I’ve seen of his actions, I doubt if God is very happy with him (the Pope) either. Isn’t the Pope soft on abortion, or have I read him wrong?

16 hours ago
Reply to  Liam

Liam, I (Jonathan) am a Catholic, and I do not think Pope Francis is “light” on abortion. Many of the things I have heard about him over the last year show that in many respects his views are in line with most bishops and the Catholic faithful like that only men can be priests, requiring celibacy for priests. I do not think the media generally report on any views he has which are contrary to theirs. They do, however, make a huge deal about his views which seem to mirror theirs like “climate change is real,” the unfairness of rich nations like the U.S. versus the conditions of so many others around the world who live on and have so much less than we do. In some respects he seems more liberal and in others he seems to be pretty traditional. I am not always happy with things he has said, but to be honest he has also said (good) things which I thought he did not support.

Jack Johnston
12 days ago

This is the reason I like AMAC. You print the truth and give us old folks a platform. I agree with just about everything posted and want to emphasize can not trust the government, the military is no longer military, and the press has been taken over by the liberals.

13 days ago

I agree. The country I grew up in no longer exists. The leftists have destroyed everything they touch with the goal of total domination over the rest of us.

13 days ago

I wanted to vote for all of the choices but there wasn’t a all of the above choice.

13 days ago

I couldn’t decide bcuz America is ALL of the above. It’s pathetically being ruined by the Biden Admin. They are EVIL! Moral decay is the worst. If God isn’t put at the helm, nothing will ever be good again! ????????

Anthony Dellisola
13 days ago

No one wants to be responsible for tier own actions. They always want to put the blame on someone else, and or have Government solve their problems!

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