Many older Americans are disillusioned, often saying things like, “I long for the good old days.” Which of the following is most troublesome today?

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J3ws are behind it
5 months ago

JUDEO Christian values??? YEAH RIGHT

Cynthia Hackett
6 months ago

Ever since they took God out of the schools and government offices we have had Moral decline!! This world turned against God and it now is paying the price. We must try to talk about Jesus to everyone we meet and let them know even know with an immoral society Jesus is there and ready to forgive and Bless our nation,

Reverend Dan Olsen
7 months ago

ALL THE ABOVE! Every point and then some are correct! The Bible says Children “must” respect and obey the parent, this is a sin when they rebel against the parent – period. Our social decline is our own fault because people who know things were forced by various social means to keep your mouth shut – GOD wants us to speak our Truth! when we go silent, the evil has it’s way. IT was made illegal to discipline our children, and people were trained to shut up. let the child dow as they please or we will get you (Child Protective Services) and then it became CPS, State, Local, and School policies for children to tell the teacher if they were disciplined? And we wonder why school boards are having parents arrested for speaking up in behalf of their own children at those meetings? I will tell you why!
Because evil is terrified of the truth, when evil hears truth from even just one person, they go into defense mode and use the law or counter culture methods to put the blame on the person speaking the truth.

ALWAYS SPEAK YOUR TRUTH, and the TRUTH IS the WORD OF GOD. There is no way to speak God’s Word (TRUTH) if you have even the least amount of apprehension about whether or not you are really speaking “YOUR TRUTH”.

kim bowen
8 months ago

The answer to the Poll above is “all the above”. As a nation, as a people, we have become self serving and morally bankrupt. I will vote and pray that we still have time to turn this around.

Calvin Johnston
8 months ago

When it became obvious that it is the government AGAINST the people, instead of government by the people … that was a sign that few could overlook.
When government positions are a guarantee of getting great pay, doing little work and having amazing retirement benefits, it was a step toward tyranny.
When civil servants became dictators.
When it became clear that our government was an organization designed to take the hard earned dollars of the taxpayers and spend that money to benefit the government and clearly to the detriment of the working class.
When mobs are tearing down the statues of the people who freed the slaves, tearing down statues of those who said we had a government of the people, by the people and for the people.
When we who have been around long enough to see the reversal of the direction of government, we who have read the history books and fought in the wars see people elected to office proclaiming that they will make our country better by turning it into a new version of the Soviet Union, we know it has gone past anything reasonable. And when someone who can’t draw a crowd of more than 50 people wins an election over someone who routinely draws crowds of 30,000 people or more, we know something is seriously wrong.

8 months ago

We vote in November or we don’t ever vote again.. You shall know them by their works and the fruit thy bear. What fruit has Biden produced? I think Obama is behind Biden. Make people dependent on govt. Then control by threat of removing support food, fuel, medicine. How much money you make last month govt will take 52 %. Yes I am afraid . The vultures gather at the corpse of the U S A

James Parker
8 months ago
Reply to  Sr

Biden is the fruit of the poison tree.

Esther Thacker
8 months ago

I’m disturbed and mystified by this new trend toward gender disparity. The more serious issue is this trend toward emasculating small children with surgery which borders on Naziism. Less devasting but bordering on the ridiculous is the issue of avoiding any reference to gender. What’s wrong with referring to a woman as a “she” and a male as a “he”?

James Parker
8 months ago
Reply to  Esther Thacker

The theory is that if they can make you lie about obvious things, they can make you do anything.
Thus, you go from being citizens to being subjects. They believe that they can turn you into slaves of the government (fascism). Some of our elected officials even proclaim that they are socialists. They call their enemies NAZI’s but they are too stupid to realize that the NAZI’s were socialists. NAZI was short for National Socialist German Workers’ Party.
Think before you vote.

Barbara Frear
8 months ago

We would have chosen “all of the above” if that was an option! This country is just about gone! We long for the good old days!

Debbie Kill
8 months ago
Reply to  Barbara Frear

Thumbs up Barbara

Fred Noel
8 months ago

The Supreme Court has given back to the States many rights that the Federal Government has taken away from the state. That’s a good thing!

Esther Thacker
8 months ago
Reply to  Fred Noel

I agree. Although I am against abortion, it is an issue that should be decided by citizens of a State, not by a body of life-appointed judges. I commend the court for righting this issue.

D. Weaver
8 months ago

I am very optimistic about our country and do believe we can overcome our problems if turn our problems over to God,and believe he will turn things around. After all folks, who created this planet and is in total control. The answer to all our needs is to trust in our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Wake up America !! Christ is the answer. Trust and believe!!

Martin Griffith
8 months ago

If there was an “all the above” option I would have chosen that. The lack of faith and relationship with God has ushered in both moral depravity and dependency on government. This faith and worship of government has made socialism and collectivism more attractive because government will fill your plate if you are too lazy to do so. Social media and the media parrot the soundbites of whomever pays their salary which is dangerous regardless of who is pulling the strings. Most importantly; the people of this nation have forgotten or become impotent in following the Constitution which granted all power and authority to the governed, and are now allowing the government to be completely unaccountable for violating the Constitution and the rights of the people.

Janice B
8 months ago

I agree!!! All of the above would have been my answer if it were available.

8 months ago

I was looking on how to say “All the above”…that is the best answer of all choices given.

C Crate
8 months ago

All of the above …you needed a line for all of the above!

Richard Eagleston
8 months ago

Everyone should read Sal Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. There you will find the Socialist formula for taking down of this country. The answer to the poll question is printed in black and white. BTW, the first rule is “Control healthcare and you control the people.”

Cissy HH
8 months ago

Agreed! IF you read it you can follow the past and current Agenda of the liberals ! Fact!

8 months ago

All of the above

Martha Hurd
8 months ago

All of the causes shown above are factors. The country has no common cause. Our so-called leaders, rather than rallying everyone together are labeling everyone and driving a wedge between us. One thing I think is especially egregious is the that left enjoys impunity for their outrageous and illegal acts. That’s my biggest beef. The current January 6th hearings are “kangaroo” court. So what if all the things Trump was accused of were true? The list of wrong-doing by the left is 10 times longer. Nothing happening there!

8 months ago

There is much that is wrong with our country and the world these days. People are acting very differently today than when I was young. Today people are much more materialistic, seemingly focused mainly on getting “the American dream,” but if and when we get it, it is not fulfilling. Something deeper and more important is missing. God is absent and not invited into many people’s lives. We are cut off from each other, often do not even know who our neighbors are, especially in the big cities. But though this is true God is still present and wants the best for us. Our country has been through rough patches before and survived. We need to look to God, to our families and to each other, to sincerely reach out and make connections and respect and care for each other. Love is the only real weapon that we have that is also the medicine that we all need. Let us all love our neighbors as ourselves and love God, our country and our world in the best ways that we can.

8 months ago
Reply to  macfish

I agree totally

Mrs Vic
8 months ago

Other should actually say…..ALL OF THE ABOVE.

9 months ago

All of the above! We have lost personal connection with God, family and each other…

9 months ago

I believe the descent into hell on earth is inevitable before Christ returns to earth again. It happened before and almost all life was extinguished by a great flood, but humanity has forgotten this lesson. We must all be faithful and do what we can to ensure we do not our family and friends follow the teachings of Jesus Christ

Eric Bram
9 months ago

It’s impossible to choose the “most troublesome.” Where is “all of the above”?

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