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Even though the inauguration was last week, 5,000 armed National Guard troops are expected to remain in Washington, D.C until mid-March. Do you believe their presence is necessary?

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Michele Fry
1 year ago

The fence is up and guards present to prevent conservatives from stopping the coup that is going on inside as we speak. Pelosi is using the stupid capital invasion as a springboard to protect themselves as they take over our country. It’s pretty obvious who benefited from the rioting, so we can safely surmise the inner circle of dems engineered it. They spent 4 years whipping conservatives into a frenzy of outrage, and are continuing to do so, so they must fortify themselves. Follow the money. Follow the benefits. Follow the power. We need to adjust our constitution if it is unable to prevent such a coup as this. No committee meetings? No discussion? Everything by Executive Order? Where do “minority rights” figure in here.

1 year ago

relocate the stupid wall to the border … better yet, get rid of biden harris pelosi schumer kobishar … whatever her name is … etc. etc. and you won’t need a wall in washington

Victor Interiano
1 year ago

all this is no respect for America Constitution playing games with our lovet Army intimidating some people and spending millions of taxpayer money printing without producing as we still depending from China goods

1 year ago

After Sept 6th, I think this will be a permanent Capitol protection. This week, a Pentagon official on news told it like it is “What if this group had 40-50 well trained military types, there would have been hundreds of deaths” . The group in Capitol that day included VP Mike Pence & our Senators & Congressmen…..and this is group that makes this country run. We showed a chink in our armor & we cannot let this happen again in our nation’s capitol. The added troops are not due to Democrats as this poll indicates, it is real.

Patrick HARRIS
1 year ago

If we have an open border, we need an open Capitol!

Pugnacious Patriot
1 year ago

The military leaders need to DO THEIR JOB: ie> arrest Pee-losi, Biden, & the whole stinking gang of communist traitors! We all KNOW the troops are there ONLY because the insurrectionist traitors in ALL 3 BRANCHES of govt are scared stiff that Americans will take them out & give them the traitor-death they so richly deserve!

1 year ago

I visited DC when I was 12 and again at 20. There were no guards anywhere. After 911 visited again troops with auto weapons roamed the Capitol
BUSH screwed us with the start of this communist state. We need 2 be vigilant our votes and make sure we r informed. Speak 2 our local news outlets when they lie.

Pat Qualter
1 year ago

This is a stunt masterminded by Pelosi to make Trumpsters appear as villians. Makes no sense, we need a fence and guards around our nation’s Capitol but we don’t need any fence or guards on our border with Mexico???

1 year ago

The only reason they would be necessary would be to arrest all the garbage in Washington. Please do a massive cleanup. Keep draining the swamp!

1 year ago

Why aren’t they in Texas helping people?? So it is OK to protect the few, the entitled, but not the citizens of TX without power and water?

1 year ago

The National Guard would not be necessary if it weren’t for the intentional efforts by the Democratic party and their supporters to create a narrative for their position. They encourage their supporters to “keep the pressure on” those that support Trump… in whatever form they think will be effective. It is why Antifa and other leftist groups remain as a tool… and why members of Congress sometimes “call” on them to go after Conservatives. THESE are the groups that we ALL need to be protected from. The Democratic party IS the party of fear. It uses fear… it promotes fear and it believes that the only way to “control” the populace is to create the atmosphere of fear. Why do they feel the need, you say? It is because they KNOW that what they are doing is wrong… and that they fear the people in this country who also know it, and whose lives are being impacted might eventually stand up and say…NO MORE! Those who support former President Trumps policies and agenda as well as most of the Conservative agenda WILL follow the law and that of the Constitution as long as those rights are protected. CONSERVATIVES WILL NOT BE THE ONES COMMITTING VIOLENT ACTS! We support and value law enforcement… and the rule of law. We do not seek to break either!

Cynthia Bergeon
1 year ago

I find it interesting that
1. There was a threat the day before of flying a plane into the Capital Building on Jan 3rd while Congress was in Session. The Capital Building was out on High Alert. We’re was the security just for this? The FBI reported it to the local Police.
2. On January 2, The Mayor had the Capital police escort (with their lights in) a caravan of approximately 250 Antifa members into DC and put them up in Hotels. She didn’t have the Patriots escorted in… One of the Patriots videotaped the police sitting in front of the caravan and then turning on his lights and they drove on. Have you ever heard of a Mayor welcoming a terrorist group into their city and putting them up into a hotel knowing they are known for causing damage to your town. Violence, destruction, rioting, looting even killings? Knowing there probably will be white extremists groups show up that they will clash with as well as black lives matters in addition to approximately a million people?
3. On the day of expecting possibility a million people attending the rally, why was there no security?
4. This timeline is intended to memorialize the planning and execution efforts of the Department of Defense to address the Violent Attack at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.
The timeline is as follows:
Thursday, December 31, 2020 (New Year’s Eve)
• Mayor Muriel Bowser and Dr. Christopher Rodriguez, D.C. Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency, deliver a written request for D.C. National Guard (DCNG) support to D.C. Metro Police Department (MPD) and Fire and Emergency Service.
Saturday, January 2, 2021
• The Acting Secretary of Defense (A/SD) confers with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) and the Secretary of the Army (SECARMY) on the Mayor’s written request.
Sunday, January 3, 2021
• DoD confirms with U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) that there is no request for DoD support.
• A/SD meets with select Cabinet Members to discuss DoD support to law enforcement
agencies and potential requirements for DoD support.
• A/SD and CJCS meet with the President. President concurs in activation of the DCNG to
support law enforcement.
Monday, January 4, 2021
• USCP confirms there is no requirement for DoD support in a phone call with SECARMY.
• The A/SD, in consultation with CJCS, SECARMY, and DoD General Counsel (GC), reviews
the Department’s plan to be prepared to provide support to civil authorities, if asked, and approves activation of 340 members of the DCNG to support Mayor Bowser’s request.
o Support provided in response to Mayor Bowser’s request includes support at:  Traffic Control Points: 90 personnel (180 total/2 shifts); Metro station
support: 24 personnel (48 total/2 shifts); Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team: 20 personnel; and Internal Command and Control: 52 personnel.
o A/SD also authorizes SECARMY to deploy a Quick Reaction Force (40 personnel staged at Joint Base Andrews) if additional support is requested by civil authorities.
Tuesday, January 5, 2021
• Mayor Bowser delivers a letter addressed to the Acting Attorney General, A/SD, and SECARMY confirming that there are no additional support requirements from the D.C.
• 255 DCNG arrive in D.C. and begin to manage traffic control points alongside local law enforcement.
Wednesday, January 6, 2021
0830: A/SD and CJCS review DoD plan to support law enforcement agencies and request an exercise regarding DoD contingency response options.

1130: A/SD participates in table-top exercise regarding DoD contingency response options.
1305: A/SD receives open source reports of demonstrator movements to U.S. Capitol.
1326: USCP orders evacuation of Capitol complex.
1334: SECARMY phone call with Mayor Bowser in which Mayor Bowser communicates request for unspecified number of additional forces.
1349: Commanding General, DCNG, Walker phone call with USCP Chief Sund. Chief Sund communicates request for immediate assistance.
1422: SECARMY phone call with D.C. Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Dr. Rodriguez, and MPD leadership to discuss the current situation and to request additional DCNG support.
1430: A/SD, CJCS, and SECARMY meet to discuss USCP and Mayor Bowser’s requests.
1500: A/SD determines all available forces of the DCNG are required to reinforce MPD and USCP positions to support efforts to reestablish security of the Capitol complex.
1500: SECARMY directs DCNG to prepare available Guardsmen to move from the armory to the Capitol complex, while seeking formal approval from A/SD for deployment. DCNG prepares to move 150 personnel to support USCP, pending A/SD’s approval.
1504: A/SD, with advice from CJCS, DoD GC, the Chief of the National Guard Bureau (CNGB), SECARMY, and the Chief of Staff of the Army, provides verbal approval of the full activation of DCNG (1100 total) in support of the MPD. Immediately upon A/SD approval, Secretary McCarthy directs DCNG to initiate movement and full mobilization.
In response, DCNG redeployed all soldiers from positions at Metro stations and all available non-support and non-C2 personnel to support MPD. DCNG begins full mobilization.
1519: SECARMY phone call with Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi about the nature of Mayor Bowser’s request. SECARMY explains A/SD already approved full DCNG mobilization.
1526: SECARMY phone call with Mayor Bowser and MPD police chief relays there was no denial of their request, and conveys A/SD approval of the activation of full DCNG.
1546: CNGB phone call with the Adjutant General (TAG) of Virginia to discuss support in Washington D.C. TAG said Governor had ordered mobilization of forces at 1532.
1548: SECARMY departs Pentagon for MPD HQ.
1555: CNGB phone call with TAG of Maryland to discuss support in Washington D.C. TAG said governor ordered the mobilization of the rapid response force. TAG reports Governor had ordered mobilization of the rapid response force at 1547.
1610: SECARMY arrives at MPD HQ.

1618: A/SD, CJCS, SECARMY, and CNGB discuss availability of National Guard (NG) forces from other States in the region. A/SD gives voice approval for out-of-State NG forces to muster and to be prepared to deploy to D.C.
1632: A/SD provides verbal authorization to re-mission DCNG to conduct perimeter and clearance operations in support of USCP. SECARMY to provide public notification of support.
1640: SECARMY phone call with Governor of Maryland. Governor to send Maryland NG troops to D.C., expected to arrive on January 7, 2021.
1702: Departure of 154 DCNG from D.C. Armory in support of USCP. Arrive at Capitol at 1740, swear in with USCP, and begin support operations.
1745: A/SD signs formal authorization for out-of-State NG to muster and gives voice approval for deployment in support of USCP.
1814: USCP, MPD, and DCNG successfully establish perimeter on the west side of the U.S. Capitol.
1936: A/SD provides vocal approval to lease fences in support of the USCP for security of the Capitol building.
2000: USCP declares Capitol building secure.
Note: This document has been updated to more appropriately reflect the characterization of events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th.

1 year ago

Piglosi is a power hungry witch. She is a hateful woman and should be gone. The military isn’t needed in DC. It looks like china.

Alan Blair
1 year ago

There are theories that President Trump dissolved the corporation that is the US Federal Government, because its policies are anti-American and anti-constitution. If this were the case, that would make D.C. a foreign country. Many believe that Trumps dissolving of the corporation mandated the military to shut down D.C. and isolate it from America. Many believe that Biden is not even in the White House. If this were the case, I am for the soldiers being there to stop the tyrannical fake government that is the Biden Administration.

Charles Vanover
1 year ago

It is ridiculous for ourweekend warrior” to be away from their families simply for the Democrat party to play political games.

Jon Poe
1 year ago

I still want to know who authorized the call-up of the Guard, and why the State Governors allowed the call up of their Militia! Also, under what United States Code was the call-up allowed? As a former Guardsman, I don’t believe the call-up was entirely legal!

Don L
1 year ago
Reply to  Jon Poe

The Demoncrats, like AOC(ry baby) will use the continued presence of the National Guard to justify personal security for the members of Congress for life by the same folks who protect the POTUS.

1 year ago

praying it is military preparedness to arrest biden , his handlers and 90% of congress

1 year ago

Are we sure that’s the real reason they are still there?!

No name thank you
1 year ago

Your questions are too slanted. You don’t give enough options.

1 year ago

Which is why there is an area to comment. So…. actually articulate. How would you answer the question?

Jesse Church
1 year ago

Don’t Communist countries do the same thing?

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