The FBI and Biden Energy Department this week stated Covid’s origins point to a lab leak, but the Administration is playing it cautious. With which of these do you most agree?

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7 months ago

IMHO the virus was intentionally taken from the Chinese lab where is was made. In Oct 2019 members of the military from around the World met in China for some athletic competitions. Soon after returning home many of them complained of having a ‘different ‘ kind of Flu. This I believe was a test run. Then as you all know the Covid Virus became world wide. We need to get to the truth of the Virus & I will never believe it was a ‘leak’ it was on purpose.

Dave G
Dave G
7 months ago

Not ONE word out of the Biden regime is true. Why are they telling us this now? They have deceitful motives & are trying to cover up something. THEY ARE CRIMINALS

K Otto
K Otto
7 months ago

The 2nd Amendment was enacted to prevent tyranny, yet “We The People” are allowing a Tyrannical Government to exist, WHY?
The Boarders have fallen, the Rule of Law is 3 tiered & doesn’t exit for the Marxist Royalty of this country.
Is there NO ONE willing to defend Our Constitution, willing to push back as I did when I was healthy & strong?
There are plenty of Marxist openly willing to physically destroy the U.S.A., yet no Patriots to physically push back and save the U.S.A.?

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