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Twitter Knows – Biden is Corrupt

Posted on Tuesday, November 3, 2020
by AMAC, Robert B. Charles
hunter biden
By Center for Strategic & International Studies – Panel 3: Our Shared Opportunity: A Vision for Global Prosperity, CC BY 3.0,

We swim in dangerous waters.  More know it than say.  Twitter – after weeks of blocking the New York Post’s account, saying a story describing Joe Biden as corrupt based on data from his son’s laptop – has relented.  Twitter released the paper’s account – and accounts of others republishing the story.  What does that mean?  More than meets the eye. Think on implications.  See, e.g.,

If the pretense for blocking that story was that a laptop was “hacked,” the rationale for releasing it must be knowledge the laptop was not.  If not hacked, data is likely real.  No kidding: The FBI and US Department of Justice has an investigation open into the younger Biden.  See, e.g.,; see also,

This is a nightmare for Joe Biden’s campaign – or should be.  If the laptop of Biden’s son is real, and DOJ is investigating, the released emails are prima facie evidence of crimes – by Joe Biden.

Specifically, emails from that laptop show Joe Biden as vice president assisting his son in what can only be described as selling influence. They indicate Joe Biden helped his son to profit – through providing access.  Worse, they suggest Joe Biden may have profited.  See, e.g.,; Even some Democrats are speaking up, evincing fresh concern.  See, e.g.,

Capstone is that Joe Biden knew he had conducted these meetings and was helping his son to profit by selling access to him.  He sold his office to enhance finances of family – then boldly lied about doing exactly that to the American people.

Already an eyebrow-raiser, Vice President Biden flew with son to China and Ukraine on Air Force Two, seeming to produce contracts with suspect foreign nationals.  What the laptop demonstrates is that the elder Biden was aware of what he was doing.  And he lied about it.

Perhaps the most breathtaking part of this saga, unfolding on the eve of an election, is the stupendous lack of judgment demonstrated by both Bidens’.  That the elder Biden has a wayward son, personal offenses multiplying, is one thing.  That he is embarrassed is understandable.

But when evidence emerges that a Vice President facilitated – a legal term – contracts premised on selling influence, profited from the contracts, and then denied both facts, all bets are off.

Public corruption is seldom so clear.  It starts with bad judgment, lack of character, amorality, not knowing truth from untruth, not knowing right from wrong, ultimately not caring – which leads to repeat errors in judgment, profiting from breach of public trust.  That is Joe Biden.

From plagiarism in law school and presidential campaigns to saying he is against policies then for them, like fracking, coal, and oil – or then for them and against them, like US law enforcement – Biden is a chameleon, fictionalizing on the fly, “fellow traveler,” fraud.

His moral judgment is deeply flawed, out of sync with most Americans. He is unable to see his own failings, empirically inconsistent and unethical, oddly silent on the most damaging scandal to hit a presidential candidate in modern memory.

Biden broke his constitutional oath, trading public trust for gain, then broke his word, telling the American people he did not do what the unhacked laptop, corroborated by a living witness, prove he did.   See,

At this point, Biden’s history of bad judgment, absence of comment, irrational anger at reporters, conclusory denials of conclusive facts – should give every ethical, honest American … pause.

Bad judgment, cognitive errors, family foibles, and inconsistency are one thing.  But evidence – hard and corroborated – of blatant public corruption cannot be overlooked.  It is arresting.

These facts are compelling.  That is why Twitter lifted the ban on that New York Post story; there was no “hack.”  If no hack, the dominos fall.  Joe Biden is what many suspected, dishonest and corrupt – even as he dodges and weaves, continues excusing no compass, imagining he has one.

In the end, every American must make up his or her own mind.  But this moment is big.  Twitter has effectively admitted bias, or preemptive assumptions that look like bias.  That fact will trigger regulation of social media, ending Section 230’s “hideout” – or liability shield – from the 1996 Communications Decency Act.  But that is another story.

Right now, Twitter has revealed Joe Biden is what many thought – unqualified to be president.  The facts are sobering.  They resonate like a bell in fog; we are in dangerous waters.

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Connie Rushing
Connie Rushing
3 years ago

Is it a coincidence that Twitter now allowed the hunter Biden story to go public after the election??? People already voted.

David Vitch
David Vitch
3 years ago

Sad how the social media companies have broken away from their originalist attitudes to embrace fake news.Twitter, Facebook along with ABC, NBC & CBS (of which I was once employed) have all gone from being somewhat objective to being blatantly biased against Republicans, WOW, will lead to trouble in the streets Especially if the Supreme Court allows Biden to Steal the Election.

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