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Republicans Celebrate Trump’s Achievements on Night One of RNC

Posted on Tuesday, August 25, 2020
by The Association of Mature American Citizens

Trump1. Opening video of the 2020 RNC – narrated by Jon Voight:

“Four years ago we faced a historic crossroad, career politicians promising change every election, but delivering emptiness…We chose a different path, a man who is not a politician, a man who cares, a man who loves America, and all Americans — a man who works tirelessly for you.”

2. Opening Prayer at the 2020 RNC done by Cardinal Timothy Dolan:

“Let us pray. And pray we must, as grateful citizens of a country we boldly claim to be one nation under God…Pray we must, praising the Lord for a country where freedom of religion is so cherished.”

3. Turning Point USA President Charlie Kirk’s full remarks at the 2020 RNC:

“We may not have realized it at the time, but Trump is the bodyguard of western civilization.”

4. Veteran California school teacher and school choice advocate Rebecca Friedrich’s full remarks at the 2020 RNC:

“President Trump isn’t afraid to fight for what’s right. He won’t back down. His courage gives great teachers renewed hope…President Trump stands with America’s families, great teachers and, most importantly, our children.”

5. Mountain Mudd Espresso (coffee shop in Montana) owner Tanya Weinreis’s full remarks at the 2020 RNC:

“My company was one of the first to receive a PPP loan, and praise God it has been a lifesaver…Mountain Mudd Espresso is the American story, a story not just for entrepreneurs, but for millions of hardworking men and women who are working to build their American dream every day.”

6. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL-01)’s full remarks at the 2020 RNC:

“Americans don’t settle. We advance. We don’t live in basements. We explore the frontier, the horizon, and the stars…America is the greatest country that has ever existed. Don’t let any celebrity, athlete, or politician tell you otherwise.”

7. Kim Klacik’s (GOP Congressional Candidate in MD’s 7th Congressional District) full remarks at the 2020 RNC:

“The Democrats still assume that black people will vote for them, no matter how much they let us down and take us for granted…We’re sick of it. We’re not going to take it anymore…The days of blindly supporting the Democrats are coming to an end.”

8. RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel’s full remarks at the 2020 RNC:

“Tonight begins a new chapter in the Great American story — a story that has inspired the world for generations and a story where the best is yet to come!”

9. West Virginia Registered Nurse Amy Ford’s full remarks at the 2020 RNC:

“As a health care professional, I can tell you without hesitation Donald Trump’s quick action and leadership save thousands of lives during COVID-19…and the benefits of that response extend far beyond coronavirus.”

10. Chancellor of LSU’s Health Science Center Dr. G.E. Ghali’s full remarks at the 2020 RNC:

“President Trump truly moved mountains to save lives, and he deserves credit…Thank you, President Trump, for providing timely access to critical diagnostics and therapeutics during this pandemic. Thank you, Mr. President, for your strong leadership during these challenging times.”

11. President Trump makes a surprise appearance to meet with front-line workers:

“I want to thank you all very much. It’s an honor to have you at the White House…You represent an incredible group of people and we love you all.”

12. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH-04)’s full remarks at the 2020 RNC:

“Democrats won’t let you go to church, but they’ll let you protest. Democrats won’t let you go to work, but they’ll let you riot. Democrats won’t let you go to school, but they’ll let you loot. President Trump has fought against their crazy ideas.”

13. NFL Legend Herschel Walker’s full remarks at the 2020 RNC:

“Growing up in the Deep South, I have seen racism up close. I know what it is. And it isn’t Donald Trump.”

14. Natalie Harp’s full remarks at the 2020 RNC:

“And when I failed the chemotherapies on the market, no one wanted me in their clinical trials—I’d make them look bad…They didn’t give me the right-to-try experimental treatments, Mr. President. You did. And without you, I’d have died waiting for them to be approved.”

15. Georgia State Democratic Rep. Vernon Jones’s full remarks at the 2020 RNC:

“The Democratic Party does not want Black people to leave their mental plantation. We’ve been forced to be there for decades and generations…But I have news for Joe Biden: We are free, we are free people with free minds. I am part of a large and growing segment of the Black community who are independent thinkers.”

16. Parkland Dad Andrew Pollack’s full remarks at the 2020 RNC:

“I truly believe the safety of your kids depends on whether this man is re-elected. I hope you’ll join me in helping to make that happen.”

17. Mark and Patricia McCloskey’s full remarks at the 2020 RNC:

“These radicals are not content with marching in the streets…They want to walk the halls of Congress. They want to take over. They want power.”

18. Kimberly Guilfoyle’s full remarks at the 2020 RNC:

“In President Trump’s America, we light things up, we don’t dim them down…We build things up. We don’t burn them down. We kneel in prayer and we stand for our flag.”

19. Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA-01)’s full remarks at the 2020 RNC:

“The left wants to defund the police. This is personal — I wouldn’t be here without the bravery and heroism of the men and women in law enforcement who saved my life.”

20. Sean Parnell (decorated Army Ranger who served in Afghanistan and is running to represent the people of PA’s 17th district)’s full remarks at the 2020 RNC:

“I do not see a Party that wants you to pursue your dreams. I see a Democrat Party that wants to dictate what those dreams are.”

21. President Trump speaks with former American hostages his administration brought home:

“Thank you, President Trump for getting us out and getting us home. In the darkest moment of our whole time together, your letter to my wife Kay, it really gave her the hope and peace.”

22. Maximo Alvarez’s full remarks at the 2020 RNC:

“But my family is done running away. By the grace of God, I have lived the American dream — the greatest blessing I’ve ever had. My dad, who only had a sixth-grade education told me, ‘don’t lose this place. You’ll never be as lucky as me.’”

23. Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley’s full remarks at the 2020 RNC:

“In much of the Democratic Party, it’s now fashionable to say that America is racist. That is a lie. America is not a racist country.”

24.Donald Trump Jr’s full remarks at the 2020 RNC:

“America is the greatest country on earth, but my father’s entire worldview revolves around the idea that we can always do even better.”

25. Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC)’s full remarks at the 2020 RNC:

“Our family went from cotton to Congress in one lifetime. And that’s why I believe the next American century can be better than the last.”

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3 years ago

There are a few words that come to mind while listening to several of the speeches at the DNC and the RNC.

For the DNC: despair, hate, failure, oppression, surrender.

For the RNC: optimism, love, inclusiveness, prosperity, inspiration, opportunity.

The choice is clear, America. Please, PLEASE get out this November and vote!

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