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Latinos Leaving The Democratic Party in Droves

Posted on Tuesday, July 5, 2022
by AMAC, Bob Carlstrom

The news keeps getting worse for Democrats across the U.S. For decades, Hispanic voters have traditionally aligned with the Democratic Party, despite years of broken promises on key issues like immigration reform. But in the 2016 and 2020 elections, we witnessed large numbers of Hispanic voters shift toward Republican President Donald Trump, who drove a striking wedge in the historically left-leaning voting bloc the second time around. Since then, Republicans have continued to make gains right in the Democrats’ own backyard. It looks like Latinos are leaving the Democratic party in droves. Here’s what the latest numbers say.

The most recent sign of peril for Democrats heading into this year’s midterm elections came last week in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley where Republican Mayra Flores flipped a Congressional seat held by Democrats for over a century. “Mayra Flores is testament to what we’ve been saying since 2020 and even before then— that the Hispanic vote is moving to the Republican party,” said Macarena Martinez, a spokesperson for the Republican National Committee in Texas. Texas’ 34th District is the second largest Hispanic-majority district in America. 

Ms. Martinez is right. In the 2020 presidential election, support for Donald Trump was up 8% among Latino voters versus his historic win in 2016. Democrats have taken the Hispanic vote for granted for years, and Latinos across the country have started to signal their discontent.

Latino Americans, like all Americans, care most about kitchen table issues that affect our daily lives. Things like the cost of gasoline, the price of milk, eggs, and beef, higher electricity bills, and sky-rocketing rent are making all voters, especially Latino Americans, uncomfortable with Democrats’ handling of the economy. In fact, a May 2022 poll from Democratic-aligned Future Majority showed that “inflation” – which is up nearly 10% over the last year – was the number one issue for Latino voters. The poll was conducted in the key battleground states of Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

Even in places like Florida, where Hispanic voters make up 17% of the electorate, Republicans are making big gains. For the first time in history, the state’s Republican voter registration surpassed Democratic voter registration, and then boasted a 100,000+ voter advantage. In Florida, “unemployment is lower than the national average, our schools are open, there are no lockdowns, and there are no masks. Voters recognize the governor [Ron DeSantis] is a champion for families and businesses alike,” Florida Republican Party executive director Helen Aguirre Ferré said in a statement to Fox News Digital. “Our voter registration numbers are impressive, but a 363,000 net change? That is unprecedented,” she said.

Congressional Republicans are keenly aware of this historic shift and are seeking to capitalize on it. Last month, Reps. Mario Diaz-Bolars (R-FL) and Tony Gonzales (R-TX) launched the Hispanic Leadership Trust, a House GOP campaign arm whose mission is to recruit and elect conservative Hispanics to Congress.

“We’re talking life-long Democrats that feel abandoned by this administration,” Gonzales said. “That’s not enough for them to come over to the Republican Party. We have to show up. We have to deliver and we have to offer a different solution.”

Indeed, the Republican National Committee, Congressional Republicans, Republican Governors, and grassroots conservatives across the country are spreading the message of more freedom, jobs, fiscal responsibility, cutting spending, reigning in government, and traditional family values. This is the formula for success, and when you look at the alternative, as Rep. Gonzales says: “Democrat policies have failed time and time again. Hispanic communities have had enough.”

Bob Carlstrom is President of AMAC Action 

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1 year ago

Well why wouldn’t they? Most Latinos don’t support abortion, right? So why on earth then would any of them vote Demoncrat supporting abortion when the earliest premature baby born in Guinness Book is 4.5 months old? Think about it.

1 year ago

Latinos are not stupid immigrants. ANY citizen or immigrant of any nationality coming to America (and the illegals) should be given the good news of freedom that OUR constitution provides. They should be told the TRUTH of what the democrat party has in store for this nation if left in power. The truth WILL set you free! The democrats have NOTHING to offer.

1 year ago

Latinos for Trump 2024…YES!…As a Latino, most Latinos I know have left the Democrat Party because of its Communist leaning….
Good reporting countering the Democrat media propaganda machine that says all Latinos think alike

David Millikan
David Millikan
1 year ago

Glad to see that they are WAKING UP .

Bill on the Hill
Bill on the Hill
1 year ago

Great story on the Hispanics going the GOP route & more of the same with the black community, they certainty deserve a mention here. Trump got their vote both times & importantly he kept his promises during his 1st term as that would have continued into his 2nd term overwhelming win as well, as we all know how that turned out, don’t we?
They aren’t done with us yet folks, man made shortages of nitrite for the making of fertilizers, a deliberate global shortage by design… They weren’t able to kill us off fast enough with the poison vaxxines, so their next plan is to starve us to death, i.e. look at the Netherlands & Sri Lanka…
All of this was discussed at the WEF in DAVOS Switzerland & now we have Bill Gates buying up 240,000 plus acres of farmland in N. Dakota & just sitting on it…
Bill… :~)

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