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America on the Brink

Posted on Friday, June 9, 2023
by Dr. Sebastian Gorka

– Operation Cross-Fire Hurricane: the first ever covert tri-agency intelligence operation against a Presidential campaign.

– The Mueller Probe: 20 months, $30 million to substantiate “Russia collusion.”

– Impeachment One.

– Impeachment Two.  

– The January 6th Congressional Committee. 

– The Mar a Lago FBI raid.

– The Alvin Bragg Indictment. 

And now the Special Counsel Indictment over classified documents. 

Never before has one man been so incessantly targeted by America’s intelligence services, the FBI, the DoJ and rogue local prosecutors. Why? Because he cannot be controlled by the establishment “elite” and cannot otherwise be stopped from running for, and winning, a second term as President. 

There are two ways to look at what happened to Donald Trump last night: legally and politically.

Legally the state has no case against the former President allegedly “mishandling” classified documents. 

Firstly, every President maintains the highest security clearance, Top Secret/SCI, when they leave office and until the day they die. That includes Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Obama, and yes President Trump. 

Secondly, and with specific reference to the most important documents pertaining to the “Steele Dossier,” the so-called Russia Hoax, and Operation Cross-Fire Hurricane, the surveillance of the Trump campaign whilst President Obama was in office, as this 2-page document in the Federal Register details, on Jan 19 2021, on his last day in office, President Trump declassified ALL documents pertaining to the smear campaign and illegal surveillance operation. Therefore there weren’t classified any more. 

And lastly, the internal logic of the indictment is fatally flawed. Let me explain. 

Even if the 45th President had “mishandled” classified documents he has every right to keep, such an infraction would be regulated by the 1978 Presidential Records Act pertaining to all former Presidents. This is a Civil Act, not a Criminal Statue, therefore, no criminal charges can be brought based upon it. As a result, Jack Smith special counsel has been forced to tenuously argue that in his dealings with the Federal Government, the former President “obstructed justice” because he was in some fashion uncooperative with the National Archives and the DoJ. The problem with that argument, as legal scholar and author Gregg Jarrett has pointed out on my show, for an obstruction charge to be brought, the Supreme Court has ruled that malintent or an “evil motivation” has to be demonstrated on behalf of the accused. What “evil intent” is Jack Smith positing? That a man who destroyed the ISIS Caliphate, canceled Obama’s disastrous Iran Deal, prevented the eruption of any new wars during his tenure, suddenly decided to betray America and gave away classified documents with the intent to harm the nation he was President of? There is no legal foundation for this indictment.   None. 

The second way to understand last night’s news is the political prism, and it is the only one that makes sense. The DoJ’s unprecedented indictment must be understood as part of the fact-pattern enumerated above: 7 years of one man being systematically persecuted by the state.  

Thanks to John Durham, we now know that the Steel Dossier was a smear campaign initiated by Hilary Clinton and utterly without factual merit. Nevertheless it was used by the Obama Administration to acquire secret FISA Court warrants to spy on Carter Page, General Mike Flynn, and many others. But it didn’t work. Subsequently, another method had to be found to neutralize a President committed to “draining the swamp” and who wasn’t beholden to the established interest groups of Washington DC. Thus was born the Mueller Probe to substantiate “Russian collusion.” This too failed despite tens of millions of dollars spent, hundreds of subpoenas and witness interviews. Yet Trump had to stopped, and if not via the FBI, DoJ, or CIA, via Congress. Thus was born Impeachment One and Impeachment Two. 

Even after he left office, President Trump remained a threat to the entrenched forces that be. Why? Well, because of his historic popularity and eligibility to serve again. Despite the cover of 81 million mail-out ballots that the Democrats justified under the veil of “COVID safety,” President Trump still received more votes than any other incumbent President in history. Not only that. Despite 4 years of rank calumny, persistent libel by the legacy media labeling him a racist, fascist, white supremacist, and even a “NAZI,” incredibly President Trump garnered 10 million more votes in 2020 than he did in 2016. He had to be stopped. Therefore the Mar a Lago raid, therefore the Alvin Bragg indictment, and therefore the DoJ’s assault on our system of justice yesterday. 

And then there’s the timing. 

Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer has been in a running political battle with Biden’s FBI Director Christopher Wray to obtain a copy of a very special document. That document, from an established FBI confidential informant of many years, details a $5 million bribery payment to then Vice President Joe Biden to change US national policy. After months of back and forth with the Bureau, and only after Comer threatened to hold Wray in contempt of Congress, did the Bureau provide the redacted document yesterday to the members of the Committee. And within just hours, the news of the indictment of President Trump was leaked. 

There are no coincidences in timing in Washington. The nation had to be distracted, and Obama protected. Obama? Yes Obama. 

As my friend Dan Bongino, who served in the Obama White House as a Secret Service agent has so vitally pointed out, the bribe is meant to have been paid when Biden was Vice President, and as we know, VPs have no Constituonal powers to affect policy. So if a foreign businessman did indeed pay to have the White House illegally do something on his behalf, Biden would have had to have Obama make the corrupt change. Last night’s indictment of President Trump was timed to protect Biden, and more importantly Obama. 

President Trump is the effective leader of the opposition and he is double digits in front of any challenger on the right. He is beholden to no man and no interest group. Except the 74 million Americans who love American and want it to be free. That is while they must stop him. 

Sebastian Gorka Ph.D. is host of SALEM Radio’s AMERICA First and The Gorka Reality Check on NEWSMAX TV. A former Strategist to President Donald Trump, he is a member of the National Security Education Board of the Pentagon. His latest book is The War for America’s Soul. Follow him on his SubStack page and website

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