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What Can You Do About It?

Posted on Tuesday, June 18, 2024
by AMAC Action

Simple actions you can take to positively influence the course of our nation.

Positive influence is the most powerful form of power that there is. It may take the longest to reveal an effect, but its results will last longer than those caused by punishment, reward, “legitimate,” or expert forms of power. With punishment, people will eventually become “fed up” and they will revolt against the punisher, think: the American revolution. Reward feels good in the moment, but eventually the moment passes and the power effect diminishes with that passage. Reward can also backfire if the behavior rewarded to one person is not consistently applied to everyone. “Legitimate” power, like that of a person possessing a title, badge, or uniform, or other such symbol of power only lasts as long as respect for the leader in question is maintained. One may actively reject a person who has abused their power over them regardless of the symbols the oppressor wears, again, early Americans rejected “the crown.” Expert power, assigned to a person of deep knowledge in an area has a more lasting effect, but evaporates completely when the “expert” is exposed as wrong; think Dr. Fauci, or a corrupt judge.

Positive influence is a completely different type of power. Positive influence stands on the foundation of relationships between people. A ready example can be had when considering word of mouth advertising. If I like a product and I tell a friend, they are likely to try it, and recommend it too. In this case I would have used the power of influence to cause others to purchase a product I like. Or, maybe a likable person shares an opinion on the state of some political effort or another. Because that person shared their thoughts with folks they have a relationship with, that opinion is more likely to have an effect and spread. The single most influential person I can think of is Jesus Christ. He did not brow beat others into following him… He set an example for others to follow, and then invited them to follow him. Well over 2,000 years later, His positive influence can still be felt as people still choose to follow Him.

Positive influence can be used to change behavior in those both above and below someone in a hierarchy. I can influence my boss to make decisions, or I can influence a person who follows me to accomplish a task; and I do so by developing with them a relationship of mutual trust and respect. I can even write effective letters to influence my elected representatives by developing a relationship with them and their staffs.

From time to time I have the pleasure of talking to our members directly, on the phone or in person, about their political and legislative concerns. These numerous conversations reveal a common thread when viewed from above and I’d like to share that revelation with you. That is, regardless of the topic at hand, folks I’ve talked with indicate that they feel powerless to change anything in government; they feel as if any actions they take will be pointless, ineffective, or ignored. They feel that they have no influence to apply. More often than not these conversations include frustration that elected representatives don’t listen, don’t care, or are operating so far from the political perspective of the frustrated that they feel like giving up.

So, what can they (you) do about it? Here are some thoughts in order of application:

You can identify the issues with which you are most concerned. You can research, fact gather, and learn more about them. Talk with your friends, your family about these issues. Always keep your words true, kind, and necessary; remember to love your neighbors as you build your relationships. Read the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” it is literally a road-map for building relationships as the basis of influential efforts. You can then identify and learn more about your elected representatives. You can send letters, but importantly, you can meet with your elected representatives, and their staff members; no person in this quest is unimportant! When you schedule a meeting, whether you are on the same page politically or not, use positive language and have respectful conversations. You may not win the day but you will have leveraged your best influence as you try to change the path of our nation.

There are other things you can do with influence as well. Vote, and encourage others to vote. Talk about who you are voting for and why (try to avoid negative language), you have that First Amendment right. Attend and participate in city council and school board meetings, and meetings organized by your local AMAC Action volunteers. If you find that you are successful at implementing influence to bring about change, consider running for political office so you may magnify your effect. These ideas are just a start, and they are all based on the successful use of the sovereign power that We the People have, and that is positive influence.

If you have done all these things, as best as you are able, you can go to sleep at night knowing you have done what you can. There, of course, will always be more to do; and using positive influence, a steady gentle breeze toward your cause, you are most likely have a lasting effect.

Hailing from Florida by Alaska, Michael Teninty is a Husband, Father, and retired Naval Officer who continues to support and defend the Constitution of the United States as AMAC Action’s Chief Policy Analyst, a Conservative Political Philosopher, and most importantly, a servant of Jesus Christ.

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1 month ago

It’s a well-written and thought-provoking article, though, large amounts of congeniality won’t help when so much of the opposing side is purposely and constantly unscrupulous.

Rob citizenship
Rob citizenship
1 month ago

Very good article Mr.Teninty, the mention of always keeping words true, kind and necessary . – that is the right spirit for accomplishing an understanding based on respect..The example of Christ setting an example of positive influence , is a great example of the concept involved. There are many aspects of positive influence – depending on the circumstances and a foundation that is well established will help to bring about the right decision at the appropriate time. Your mention of sovereign power that We the People have – that is surely inspiring. This article should be greatly appreciated Michael, Well Done with it !

Pat R
Pat R
1 month ago

Nothing will ever change for the better if Constitutionalists, conservatives, true patriots don’t band together to advocate for our Constitution and our Bill of Rights to once again be the “law of the land” we cherish.
This article lays out simple steps that are more attitude and determination to do something positive. I would suggest those of us who are servants of Jesus Christ begin with what is written in 2nd Chronicles 7:14. Our nation needs it; we need it.

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