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dan-weberAMAC: ‘Realities Of Liberal Policies Provide A Rude Awakening Among Voters’  –

There’s new hope that we can restore the values that made the U.S. the most trusted and envied nation on the planet –

by John Grimaldi

WASHINGTON, DC, Dec 20 – “A variety of new polls show that Americans are increasingly disenchanted with the country’s swing to the left over the past five years.  They provide new hope that we can restore the values that made the U.S. the most trusted and envied nation on the planet,” according to personal rights activist Dan Weber.

“The surveys reflect the fact that the realities of liberal policies are providing a rude awakening among voters.  It’s a bad thing for liberal lawmakers who will face the electorate come November.  It’s a good thing for those of us who seek to reestablish the American democracy envisioned by the Founding Fathers,” Weber, who is president of the Association of Mature American Citizens, said.

He referenced a Washington Post/ABC News poll this week in which 79% of respondents said the nation was still bogged down in recession despite the official indicators which show the country is rebounding.  “The likely reason for the disparity is that the people don’t believe ‘official’ explanations anymore,” Weber explained.

“They learned a lesson the hard way from the botched efforts of government to wrest control of healthcare from the private sector in order to establish a new order based on socialist ideology.”

Reflecting that view, he added, is a new Gallup poll that found a record 72% of Americans believe that the biggest threat the country faces today and in the future is “Big Government.”

Meanwhile, President Obama has succeeded in losing credibility and public approval in the first year of his second term according to other recent independent surveys and Weber believes this will have a significant negative impact on liberal candidates in the mid-term elections.

“Americans have lost confidence in his administration.  They don’t trust the government.  There is a growing wave of dissatisfaction sweeping the country even among those who once vowed blind loyalty.  ‘People feel very disappointed because they expected more,’ as liberal journalist Barbara Walters admitted on a talk show a few days ago.”

The administration is hoping that Obamacare will be up and running in time to allow voters to forget about its “debacle of a debut” well before November’s elections.  “But the fact is that the worst is yet to come as far as the misnamed Affordable Care Act is concerned.  More people will lose coverage or have to struggle with high premiums and prohibitive deductibles as time goes on.  Many of them will have to go looking for new doctors,” Weber said.

And then there are the IRS scandal, the so-called “Fast and Furious” scandal, the Benghazi affair and the various foreign policy failures in the Middle East, he noted.

“It’s gotten so bad that just a few days ago 29 Congressmen got together to sponsor a Resolution in the House of Representatives rebuking President Obama for his missteps.”

Weber believes the turmoil will continue through 2014 and that it will provide enough momentum to propel the Conservative cause.  “It will hopefully also provide the nation with a united Congress able to provide the Executive Branch with a responsible, potent, loyal opposition during Mr. Obama’s remaining term of office.”

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7 years ago

Light snow filters past my window. I look up in the old maple tree at the hole in the large branch and a small squirrel sits debating whether to go out in this weather. How peaceful. We are all looking for peace.
Seems everyone is asking, “Who shall we turn the nation over to in order to obtain that peace? Republicans? Democrats? Independents? Progressives?”

Sorry friends, there is only One to trust. I think we all know the answer. Only when we turn this nation back to God will there be peace. I pray, as the new year begins, that our focus and trust will return to Him and ONLY Him.

Remember, “Where two or more are gathered in My name believing, the Father will hear and answer.”

That is perhaps not an exact quote, but an important part of that passage is that we must believe. We must trust in God. He hears. He answers. When faith is present.

7 years ago

Thank you L for sharing this prayer with us. When I was little my parents made my brothers & I watch his sermons. At the time I resented it but now I am glad she did. Billy Graham has walked the talk and because of this has a great many followers. He has made a difference in many lives.

Merry Christmas everyone & God Bless

7 years ago

Subject: FW: :It may be a little late, but I received the attached from a friend yesterday. We need to pray for this country.

>>> SUBJECT: Prayer at age 93
>>>>>>> THROW DIRT ON . . . AMAZING!
>>>>>>> COUNTRY!
>>>>>>> _AMEN! _
>>>>>>> _With the Lord’s help, may this prayer sweep over our nation
>>>>>>> and wholeheartedly become our desire so that we once again
>>>>>>> can be called “One nation under God!”_
>>>>>>> Think about this: If you forward this prayer to everyone on
>>>>>>> your e-mail list, in less than 30 days it would be heard by
>>>>>>> the world. (It’s worth a try!)
>>>>>>> “One Nation Under God!”

7 years ago

In the private company I worked for, you were only 20% vested in your retirement pension after you worked for the company 5 years & another 20% for each 5 years thereafter until you were 100% vested for full benefits. You were not “eligible” until your years working for the company & your age equalled 70 but could not actually “draw” on it until you were age 55. If you left before being fully vested, you could not draw until you reached age 62 and only on the percentage vested.

I believe Congress’ pension/retirement should reflect the same as what is available in the private industry. Private companies appear to be moving away from pensions, towards 401Ks, therefore Congress should be moving in the same direction. If private industry offered lifetime retirement to an employee after only working for thier company 4 years they would go bankrupt. We can’ afford this generous perks our congressmen & women have voted themselves.

If you want this changed, the only way is if WE demand it and vote them out of office until they understand we are angry about this and let them know it’s Of NE of the reasons we are voting them out. They don’t seem to listen until they fear losing their job. It will take dedication on our part to make them aware and must continue in the same manner each election until they get the message and reform their retirement plans.

7 years ago
Reply to  HAM

Yes. We must make sure that ALL the politicians in Washington understand we expect REAL accountability and results for our votes. By voting them out until they get that message and start acting accordingly, is the ONLY way to create the positive change we all want and need in this country.

By the way, I agree HAM that no politician should be entitled to a lifetime retirement check for serving only one or two terms in office. Congress and the Presidency was never intended to be a vehicle towards a lifetime pension check. It was supposed to be a short-term stint of public service to be followed by a return to the private sector, where the individual made their living to start with. The notion that people go to Washington with a net worth slightly above that of the average person and within one or two terms magically become millionaires, that are also entitled to lifetime retirement checks, is absurd. Then again, the American people created this mess by not voting intelligently and holding politicians accountable in the first place. So yes, the voters have to really want to change the system for the better by changing how they view politics and voting. Not just simply talking about it.

Edward Wilson
7 years ago
Reply to  HAM

I am with you and think that them congress should have to live on the average working wage and not the perks the get
while in congress.

Scott Berg
7 years ago

Face it until a Really Hard line is taken on election fraud, Polling place intimidation, The removal of the electoral collage, Vote collection and registration immediately being taken away from the off shore firm that presently holds it , All elections to be based on the national popular vote, Until these changes are gone about with Real Brass Tacks , We will only be fooling ourselves !

For reasons I’m sure is evident, we need to force term limits on all positions in government along with eliminating the lifetime benefit ” Realistically after four years they become their own special interest group removing their concern for the well being of US ! Our nation needs to return to the requirement of citizen legislators”, do your term and get back to work and hopefully become a viable part of society !

“The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

— Thomas Jefferson

Everybody's Shrink
7 years ago
Reply to  Scott Berg

Scott Berg, you do NOT want to get rid of the electoral college. This device was put in the constitution by the founding fathers to preserve the rights of small states to have a say in presidential elections. If the Prez were to be elected by popular vote only, then just a handful of large cities would be all that is needed to get into office. Where do you think the vast majority of Demo voters live? It sure isn’t in small-state flyover country.

Eliminating the Electoral College would be the the Presidential election parallel to the constitutional amendment that did away with state legislstures appointing Senators and making them elected by pure popular vote. This was a major victory over states’ rights and an acceleration of the drift toward the over-arching FedGov brought to us by the Progressives. Senators were supposed to represent the states, and Congessmen in the House were supposed to represent the individual. As it is now, the states have no representation in the FedGov and we see the results.

7 years ago
Reply to  Scott Berg

Funny how Thomas Jefferson knew about socialism before Marx was born!

7 years ago

New hope? Dream on. What the polls reveal is rarely reflected in how people vote. People are going to continue to vote for their individual benefits (and there are more people benefiting from big government than not) or their one issue (gay marriage, abortion, the environment, etc.). I WISH I could have hope, but I have none. We have lost this battle and the country our forefathers envisioned.

7 years ago
Reply to  Ellen

I agree with Ellen. There will not be much hope as long as the media and most of our educational institutions remain very liberal.

7 years ago

Correction: The Party who works TOGETHER, stays together. Sorry, the omission of this word changed the who meaning.

7 years ago

The only way we are going to accomplish what you are all saying here is to stick togethet as ONE party. If we don’t work together as a UNITED party the Republican Party will accomplish nothing in 2014 OR 2016. I’m going to take a little liberty here on a saying I was taught in Sunday school growing up – The Family who prays together, stays together – well “The PARTY who WORKS stays together”. We all know the Republican Party has gotten bad press because of the divide in the party and this view needs to be reversed.

I pray we will find candidates for the seats in the House & Senate in 2014 who will represent the best interests of the people & not their own personal agendas.

7 years ago
Reply to  HAM

I agree with HAM wholeheartedly. The ONE and ONLY thing that one can admire about the Dems is that
they stick together (or have until maybe a hiccup here and there lately within the party lines)! The presidential
election was an excellent example of 2 huge egos competing on the liberal side, BUT when it became obvious
that Hillary could cause a division in votes, the “powers that be” decided she needed to step aside…and she
did! On the opposite side, in the conservative camp, Ron Paul had a decisive following but was not strong
enough to win. What did he do?…,Well, he didn’t step aside and for every vote he received, it was a vote for
the other side. I liked Ron Paul and still believe him to be a good man but I lost respect for him when he
doggedly persisted in doing his own thing to the detriment of the Republican Party. This is not about individual
egos or beliefs as much as it about America, our Constitution and all it stands for. I may not necessarily like
the Rep candidate running for the Presidency, Senate, Congress, House etc., but I will vote the party at this point and time instead of the individual. Years ago, I felt differently and voted for the individual but we can no longer afford that luxury….every single thing we hold dear and sacred is at stake. It will take a singleminded “do or die” attitude of Rep voters in huge numbers to make it happen and I’m fearful that there are still a greater
majority that are too lethargic and uninformed to bestir themselves. Dear God, I pray I’m wrong!

Gunny Bill
7 years ago
Reply to  Marty

I voted for McCain. But, have lost respect for him as he attacks conservatives in our party. Like Marty stated: at least the Dems stick together. Rino’s like McCain do as much or more damage to our party as the attacks from liberals do.

We need to replace the Rino’s and get conservatives that believe in the Constitution during the 2014 election (especially in the Senate). Or there won’t be a 2016 election. Obama, the 51 vote senate and the radical left federal judges that Obama is appointing in office will change the constitution and laws so only they can win anything.

Ivan Berry
7 years ago
Reply to  Marty

Mit was the nominie, Ron Paul did not take any votes away from Romney who won the Republican primary.
And don’t forget, the national Republican party through rules changes elimated seating the Paul delegates.
It’s the national Parties that are the evil. Both of them. We need the States more involved.

Edward Wilson
7 years ago
Reply to  Ivan Berry

The Republican party has to vote all on the same party.

Robert A Hirschmann
7 years ago
Reply to  Marty

If McCain had stepped aside maybe Ron would have been president.

William Lee Kohler
7 years ago

This is such a refreshing forum free of the liberal morons I see on most every forum that deals with politics. What everyone else seems to say here I great, honest and patriotic and folks I’d like to call friends. As for me I was thrilled when the Tea Party surfaced as this ideology is the TRUE Republican stand and is what I had been saying for years to many I talked to. Also glad to have AMAC for the same reason.
The one thing I’d add is that all of us who are believers need to fall on our knees and beg God for mercy for our country and for our laziness and neglect to allow this to happen. OFTEN! I am as guilty as anyone!
May Almighty God have mercy on us and help us to once again make this a Great Nation.

Kevin Seitz
7 years ago

What we need is to have elected representatives who see George Orwell’s prophetic novel “1984” as a warning, not as a guidebook. And while they’re at it, they could try reading Washington and Jefferson instead of Marx and Lenin.

Hill Byde
7 years ago

I personally believe the Constitution of the U.S. is a God inspired document and only by adhering to it will we remain
a free and independent nation and people. We the people need to be diligent in electing those who will honor the
Constitution and obey the laws of the nation. We were founded on Judeo-Christian values and unless we honor those
values and honor He who gave us those values we will fail as a nation.

We have to be attentive to and support those who will represent us as we want to be represented. We need term limits
on all political offices and we need to make sure that those who make the laws are subject to the same. We need to
repeal the special retirement and insurance benefits that legislators get for serving as our representatives and become
part of the Social Security System like everyone else. If you don’t pay into the system, you get no benefits out of the system. Our tax system is very unfair and we need a flat tax so EVERYONE pays taxes according to his/her ability.
EVERYONE should pay something. God expects a flat 10% of our increase. If everyone paid 10% of his/her income
to the government and it was spent judiciously we could eliminate our horrendous debts and have money to spare.
A little common sense would really be welcomed. We need the Federal Government to do what it’s supposed to do and leave the individual states in charge of their own citizens and take care of education, health care, transportation, and other things that are needed in their own individual states without Federal intervention.

If people were honest and law abiding most of our problems in the country would be taken care of. It’s the greed and
dishonesty that is wrecking our republic. Rush is right….abortion and the breakdown of the family unit is the root of
most of our problems along with all our crooked politicians.

7 years ago
Reply to  Hill Byde


7 years ago

The Democrats in Washington are not the same Democrats as the average American citizen in heartland America. My parents were Democrats. Their parents were Democrats. They were proud of it. The Democrats in Washington are not true Democrats. They are socialist, fascist and communist who some sixty (60) years ago infiltrated and highjacked the Democrat party. Some of them will even admit this and appear to be proud of it. Many in Hollywood have strong communist leanings. They really should be referred to as infiltrators. Because that is what they are. Some of them have also infiltrated the Republican party. My hope is that come the 2014 elections, the people will closely vet the candidates they are voting for and remove these infiltrators. It’s our only chance of cleaning out these wolves and restoring America to its rightfully glory. We are the United States Of America. We are the greatest nation this world has ever known. No other nation or peoples have come anywhere close to achieving what we Americans have in less than two hundred (200) years.

7 years ago
Reply to  PHIL

It would be my hope and prayer that a few “brain cells” would exist in the midterm election.
I agree the egomaniac Obama “bin Lyin” must go.
BUT ! Study the candidates, check their actual voting records not rhetoric.
DO NOT BLINDLY VOTE any party line.
Party line voters are basically brain dead sheep.
My family was also democrat for generations. I am now independent.
I study their records on an individual basis.
There are a few democrats with high morals, but most need to go.
Sadly Speaker Boehner has failed America and the voters also.

7 years ago

Isn’t it great that obamacare totally destroys our health insurance,causes people to lose the coverage they had, and now their going to not fine us for that.. Thank You Obama but I need to replace my insurance with something, before I lose everything I have.

7 years ago

the terrible tragedy is that american voters do not realize that a vote for any democrat is a vote for the democratic party, which has been pushing progressivism and socialism since fdr. and so has the american entertainment industry beginning with sid ceasar in the 1950s (read ben shapiro’s book, primetime propaganda). this all has affected our culture and schools in a near runaway fashion and thus many young minds. maybe the foks are getting fed up but they and we have a lot more homework to do to really understand what the democrats have and are trying to do to our constitution and culture.

7 years ago

We definitely have a chance…but, please…republicans…don’t fight and attack! Stand for something noble and go with it!

Bob Grantham
7 years ago

The real tragedy in all this is there is no punishment for lying to the American people time after time after time. There are no consequences for these “we know better than you what’s good for you because we are so much smarter than you” hacks. I have to believe that the Senate will change hands next election cycle but we are still stuck with the wishy-washy Republican careerists who have no fire in the belly and go along to get along. It is irksome that Obama and his crowd will retire and continue to be parasites on the American tax payer for years to come. I’m sure we will also have to pay for Barry statues to be erected along Obama Bvld in every city in the country. That should feed his ego for his remaining years.

P Campbell
7 years ago

All the comments I have been reading the last several years, give me a strong sense that our nation is waking up to the fact we are methodically and ever so intensely, being overrun and taken over by our own government. Watching Barbara Walters make the comments in such a humble fashion, is quite a good reason to think we may soon have an honest news media dispersing the truth, even if it comes out slowly piece by piece. I have agreed with all the comments I have read here and it is heart warming.

Russell Errett
7 years ago

Ignoring history
What type of government will give the most longevity to it’s principle?
When we look at history, we see that the demise of all governments has been for the same reason, greed. Taking too much from the citizens for what ever reason. In ancient history a great amount was taken for large armies for either offense or defense and to build the kings treasures. Today too much is taken to aggrandize government workers and to provide excessive amount of welfare and subsides. Greece and Spain and other nations can attest to this. The United States is headed in this direction with its 16 trillion debt.
Is there any thing we can do to keep the Republic which our founding fathers gave us.
Did the founding fathers write anything into the constitution that would hold greed at bay? “It is not worth while to try to keep history from repeating itself, for man’s character will always make the preventing of the repetitions impossible” Mark Twain If Mark Twain is right, then all we can do is sit back and let nature take it’s course.
The framer of the Constitution provides three branches of government, Legislature, Administration and Judicial, in the theory that each would keep an eye on the other two branches. Boy were they wrong. Congress and the President have thumb their nose at the constitution while the judicial has fallen asleep while collecting money from the taxpayers. The SCOTUS would rather side with someone who denounces the first amendment than to chastise Congress and the President for making laws that is destroying the economy that is putting our country into bankruptcy. Is that promoting the general welfare.
Does anyone oppose to having, or close to having, just compensation? Economy revolves around the production and distribution of goods. So how do we determine what is just compensation for workers pay or what consumer pays for that goods.
“The five justice majority held for the first time, that money is “property’. Well duh, it was established that wampum was a medium of exchange way back in the stone age. We can say that money is property, real or personal, in limbo. It is up to the possessor of that money as to what that money represents.
What does this say about the five to four decision of the scotus. Certainly diversity is fine in the area of food, clothing and religion etc., but when it comes to law and an economic system it becomes a travesty.
Charity is not an act of just compensation. There is nothing in the constitution that prevents an individual from using their own money for charity purposes. The individual can put restriction and obligations on the receiver of their charity. The government is a different story. Congress was given the right to tax and spend and borrow. But what in the constitution that would limits congress, as they are doing, from over spending and taxing and borrowing that is putting our republic into near bankruptcy.
One little phrase in the constitution that would prevent governments from becoming a charity institution. That is JUST COMPENSATION. That is no money would leave the treasure unless a goods or service was obtained. Where is the compensation in welfare and subsidies.
Are we really a nation of compassionate people? Does this hold up when we continue to place politician in office that promise to take other peoples money to take care of the poor?
What is the roll of government? 1 Provide for the defense. 2 Make rules and regulations that concerns the obedience of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 3 Provide and regulate interstate transportation.

In the primitive stage of society very few laws and rules were present. As time went on, more and more laws and rules were added to enhance the common interest of the community. The test of time removed some laws and rules because of the adverse effect on the common interest

The prohibition is a good example. The 18th amendment outlawed the use of alcohol and then the 21th amendment removed the restriction of alcohol.
Another example is the congress placing a high sales tax on pleasure yachts with the result that customers quit buying, the company s quit producing, some went out of business, and workers lost there jobs. Congress woke up and removed the tax.

7 years ago

There is nothing more that I would like to do than join in this enthusiasm, but realistically we have deviated away from our maker too far, there is no reversal. Prophesy has explained very clearly the consequences of an “un-repentant” society and so here we are, facing the devastation of the “Last Days”.

7 years ago
Reply to  Robert

Good statement, as it is said the handwriting is on the wall and as a society the USA is destined to fall just as Rome or even worse Sodom & Gamorra (sp) they were as you know destoyed by God for the unrepentent and constant sin going on but when this will happen is the question we cannot predict that and with how things are going it could be anytime.

Ivan Berry
7 years ago

Yep,PaulE. Poles lie. Yep, politicians lie.
And in respones to the article, everyone keeps referring to our form of government as a democracy. It wasn’t founded as a democracy; it was founded as a republic, Even Plato said that democracy led to totalitarianism. That’s one of the few things he got right. And not here, at least this time, no one has reiterated that the government was run by a separation of powers consisting of legislative, executive and judicial. At our founding, those were not the only only separations. States, counties and local governments also had a role. We keep calling it a Federal government. There is no longer a federation that once consisted of a number of soverign states who formed a central government to accomplish those limited and enumerated powers that the individual states could not provide. They were, those powers, supposed to protect the states and the people in maintaining their lives, their liberties and their property.

Yes, both main political parties are and have been to blame. And today, even Ted Cruse is supportative of the pending trade inititives in the Atlantic and Pacific partnerships that will tie us in even deeper to the World Trade Organization, bringing on another Nafta type union. Remember the EU originated as a trade partnership. We see where that led.

So long as we get bought and paid for politicians (I have a hard time calling them leaders) we will continue to “Progress” into a totalitarian nation. Socialism devolves into a rule of the elite, the banking and major marketing firms and politicians are just “gentry” who suck off our remaining wealth as a nation.
The leaders are more or less in the shadows. Front men like Soros are just that–front men.

I don’t have any answer other that to keep trying to wake up the people to what is happening. Revolution in the militant sense is unlikely. You can’t fight F16s and drones and gunships with hunting rifles. Not, that is unless you live in an area that looks like Afganistan with all those mountains. Some people might think of our “Rockies,” but the population base and communities are too sparse. Keep posting with new and better ideas; keep educating the youth; keep trying to bring back the united States of america. I thank all you and appreciate your ideas. I hope Amac does too and is not just another economic concern, like the Nat’l Republican party.

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