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Networks Still Aren’t Reporting on Planned Parenthood Videos

planend-parenthoodfrom – The Daily Signal – by Kate Scanlon

Three major broadcast networks have not reported on the Center for Medical Progress’s undercover videos in one month, according to an analysis conducted by the Media Research Center.

“In fact, the three broadcast networks, ABC, NBC and CBS, haven’t reported on a single video exposing Planned Parenthood’s trafficking of aborted babies during their news shows in 31 days—or one full month,” the Media Research Center’s Katie Yoder wrote in a piece published Monday.

Following the release of the videos, Planned Parenthood faces allegations that it is engaged in the sale of aborted fetal body parts. The organization also faces several state and congressional investigations.

The Center for Medical Progress released a new undercover video on Tuesday of a conversation actors portraying potential buyers from a human biologics company had with Perrin Larton, the procurement manager for Advanced Bioscience Resources, a company that procures fetal organs from Planned Parenthood clinics.

According to Yoder’s study, the most recent report on one of the three networks occurred on CBS on July 31, when the release of the fourth undercover video was briefly discussed.

The last time NBC reported on one of the videos was July 30, the day before CBS reported on the subject.

ABC last reported on the videos on July 16, two days after the release of the first video featuring Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s senior director of medical services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, on July 14.

Yoder added that the lack of additional reporting means “the networks have still only played 1 minute and 13 seconds of footage from these videos on air.”

The Daily Signal previously reported on a Media Research Center study showing how little time CBS, NBC, and ABC had devoted to covering the Center for Medical Progress’s videos.

The networks showed no graphic footage of fetal body parts during their coverage, although two of the videos depict Planned Parenthood staffers dissecting aborted fetal remains.

Spokespersons for CBS, NBC, and ABC did not immediately return The Daily Signal’s request for comment.

The Center for Medical Progress has released a series of undercover videos depicting Planned Parenthood and StemExpress officials discussing the sale of fetal body parts at the organization’s affiliates.

Profiting from the sale of fetal human organs is a felony in the United States.

Spokespersons for Planned Parenthood and StemExpress have denied participation in illegal transactions involving fetal tissue.

“Planned Parenthood adheres to the highest standards and follows all laws,” Planned Parenthood Chief Executive Cecile Richards wrote in a recent letter to Congress.

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More effective than bombarding news stations or government officials is supporting the many pregnancy resource centers that are educating women with truth and compassion. No matter our age or life situation, we can offer support monetarily, volunteer our time or donate items that are given to mothers in need so they can care for the babies they chose to keep. So much more is accomplished this way because if there is no need for a service, it puts the provider out of business. I believe PP is desperate to find ways to increase their income because abortion rates are decreasing. Let’s support life and stop using energy to shake our fists at those who don’t.

Cleo Anderton

We are constantly encouraged by our conservative organizations to flood our representatives in Congress and others with petitions and letters advocating our positions. What would the effect be if we bombarded each network (local affiliate stations and particularly nationally) with petitions and letters clearly stating our opinions regarding the Planned Parenthood situation and demanding that they report it fully. That is one step we can affirmatively do. It would probably be strongest if it were an organized effort so a huge number of letters or petitions were delivered at once or in a short defined period of time. I’m thinking of how Numbers USA has a petition or letter that goes to all concerned parties at once, and you sign it and fax it. Anyone have any ideas on organizing that? But don’t wait for that to happen – write you local stations and write all of the liberal news… Read more »


The next eighteen months will determine whether America is restored or morphs into Obama’s “fundamentally transformed” monster that was once a great nation! With a Trump/Carson White House and several of the campaign hopefuls running government departments (and some departments abolished) and a purging of sell-out/fat cat RINOS in the Senate and the House, the ship can be turned in the water and saved. Go to Youtube, ” Ballad of Barry(BEST VERSION)Obama Song “


As horrific as the “Planned Parenthood” (which, by the way, has nothing to do with parenting) baby massacre is, it’s only one of many terrible things that are going on in America at this time. Same sex “marriage”, gender confusion, extremely high violent crime rate in some of the major cities, the disappearing of many of the daily freedoms we used to take for granted, political correctness, legalized drug use, and many other travesties are a direct result of the loss of our moral compass as a nation. There was a time when most parents took the time to sit down with their children and talk to them about Godliness and their responsibility to honor the rights of others. They used to tell them to respect other people’s property and to treat others as they themselves would like to be treated. Laws are not capable of legislating righteousness, but only… Read more »


All of the comments above are right on point. Planned Parenthood has killed more human beings than all of the past evil dictators combined! Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, Osama Bin Laden, Pol Pot, Yassir Arafat, Saddam Hussein, Ayatollah Khomeini, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and many others. Then there are nations run by “warlords” too numerous to mention…….Libya, Syria, Lebanon, North Korea, to name a few.

Let’s do our talking at the voter booth next year!! And don’t ever watch ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and “PMSNBC.” Spread the word, AMAC members!!

Richard Lemke

Christians in America, take heart! Satan and his allies (Obama and his cronies) may score a few seeming victories,
but God is still in control. That’s the lesson of Revelation. America, if it continues to proceed down its current path
of anti-God actions, WILL BE abandoned by a just God and left to destroy itself. Yet the faithful Christians in it will
be rewarded for their faithfulness. The prayers of the righteous are more powerful and are heard. Keep praying.

Luke Lugnore

ABC CBS NBC and all the other liberal stations should be boycotted.Send these Obama lovers a message.How can we flood the internet with protest

Susan Sprayling

Why the hell do you tell us this and not give us a way to flood these jerks with comments. We are just talking to ourselves.

Pat Conklin

Thank you AMAC for sharing this with your readers. Unless one watches FOX or listens to conservative talk radio, one would have no idea of what is actually happening in our country. Over the years, I have lost respect for ABC, NBC and CBS. They no longer report news, but rather editorialize. Killing 3000 innocent children is barbaric enough, but to gleefully profit from selling these babies’ body part shows the slippery slope that our nation is sliding down.

David Breidenbach

Past history has given us civilizations that scraficed their children to their gods. America’s gods are
Inconvenience, lust, lack of responsibility and chastity, greed and selfishness.
America has murdered over 55 million of their own children since 1973. Those other civilizations sacrificed in
comparison, thousands of children. what kind of judgement will be upon us?
All the past great civilizations have been destroyed.
America was the great civilization on a hill for all to see, it’s lights are very dim now
and fading fast. Our judgement is coming.


Bias sounds more like lying and not doing your job . Something like reporting the truth ! America better wake up or she will be in store for more injustice and someone yelling what does it matter .What matters is it was four American lives who stood up , that’s why it matters .Don’t watch or listen to there programs and hopefully they will all go bye -bye .

Norman Witzler

I thought the invention of the “morning after pill” would put a stop to all this grisly business. Liberals don’t want to see the bloody truth of their pro-murder stance they call “a woman’s right to choose”. It might upset their FEELINGS to see helpless viable babies being torn apart for profit.

james cavali

CBS, NBC and ABC are all guilty of covering up the murder and barbarism that Planned Parenthood perpetrates upon innocent human babies. All will stand in judgment for shedding the blood of the innocent!