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Men Posing as Women Have the Edge in Women’s Sports


WASHINGTON, DC, Nov 18 — “In terms of absolute strength – that is, without regard for body size, weight or composition – the average man tends to be considerably stronger than the average woman. Specifically, the absolute total-body strength of women has been reported as being roughly 67% that of men,” according to the experts at Princeton University. It’s a fact. And it begs the question, who has the advantage in an athletic competition in which a real woman is pitted against a man impersonating a woman?  “Such a situation was unthinkable throughout history but it has emerged as an issue in a 21st century, anything goes, transgender world,” says Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

In her AMAC Better For America podcast interview with All-American University of Kentucky Swimmer Riley Gaines, the top female swimmer in America, Weber dug deep into this subject. Gaines lost out to a fellow who calls himself Lia Thomas who, presenting himself as a woman, became the first transgender swimmer to take the NCAA National Trophy away from a biological woman.

In her words, “it’s been a lifelong journey for myself and every other athlete at that elite level. It’s not something you can just jump into. This is something we’ve been doing for 20 years. And so to be there and have the NCAA choose a male over a woman … it’s a slap in the face”

Gaines warned that it has opened the door for future mischief. As she put it, “men who aren’t the best in the men’s category [can] come in and win national titles on the women’s side. And so I think this is a slippery slope for sure. And I think that’s something we’ve seen over the past couple of months. This is rampant. It’s happening daily across all ages.” And as an example, she went on to cite the case of a transgender athlete who placed first and stole prize money away from a female competitor.

Gaines said she never thought of herself as a feminist, pointing out that she is happily married and devoted to her husband, but she added that perhaps it is time to redefine modern-day feminism. Her focus is now on becoming an activist. “We’re endorsing candidates who are willing to acknowledge that biological women deserve fair competition and spaces of privacy for changing [their clothes] where they don’t have to worry about being exposed to men. We’ve been doing a lot of really, really awesome things and we’ve made changes, which is ultimately the goal. So I’m thrilled with the direction that it’s going and I’m excited for the future.”

Gaines explained that she was all set to enroll in dental school but it has been put on the back burner for now. “I realized that dental school will always be there. But the relevancy and importance of this issue and having this platform and not being afraid to use it and speak my voice, that’s not always going to be there. And so, speaking out has thrown a wrench in my life’s plans. But I’ve realized that if we, as women, are not willing to speak up for ourselves, how can we expect other people to do so? That would be wrong to do. So I’m willing to take a stand because I have seen the implications.”  

Gaines pointed out that women fought hard to achieve Title IX 50 years ago, the federal civil rights law that prohibits sex-based discrimination. She noted that while those who see themselves as transgender are, themselves, oppressed, women were and still are an oppressed group.

“I think initially before I spoke out, I was so worried about the backlash, and I was so worried that people would think I’m hateful or transphobic or whatever other term they would call me. But since speaking out, I have had so much support across the globe, not even just locally. This is something that people all across the world are thanking me for. And it’s crazy to even say that it requires courage to use your voice, but I’m acknowledging that it does.” 

Her message to women, whomever they are and wherever they are is to “Be brave. Use your voice. This is something that needs to be handled with volume and quantity. And the more female athletes that are willing to use that voice, that’s how this issue is going to stop [and make] a change that needs to be made to ensure fairness and privacy to female athletes who deserve it.”

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Robin W Boyd
10 days ago

Of course they do; they are men! Allowing men to compete in women’s sports completely negates women’s sports. Why should women strive to compete in sports when they have little chance of winning because men are being allowed to compete?

12 days ago

Keep the lawyers & courts out of this. And keep men out of women sports.

John Riley
13 days ago

Assign handicaps as in horse racing and golf.

Valerie Derendinger
14 days ago

These Transgender athletes will always be male by their DNA and nothing will change that so the need to be put out of women’s sports.

Bob Chase
16 days ago

I submit that men posing as women are poor examples of men choosing to best the women in the women’s category. Does not make sense and should not be “officially” condoned and permitted. If there is a will to support transgender sports let that be a separate category rather than to spoil the women’s.

John Davis
16 days ago

Let’s not forget this also gives access to girls locker rooms.
This has been my biggest fight.


For the restoration of our society.

Dan W.
15 days ago
Reply to  John Davis

There are many more women who are attracted to other women in girl’s/women’s locker rooms than there are trans-women who may or may not be attracted to other women in girl’s/women’s locker rooms.

How are you going to fight that ?

Larry W.
16 days ago

Whatever you think you are doesn’t always make you what you really are. You just think you are.

17 days ago

Where are all the women’s rights activists on this no brainer issue…..crickets……

Valerie Derendinger
14 days ago
Reply to  nate

I agree why aren’t they fighting for these women rights?

17 days ago

Men should never be allowed to participate in women sports. It has taken many years for women to reach the level of competition they have & so why ruin in my letting the opposite ruin sports and set records. Trump is politically correct on this one.

17 days ago

“She noted that while those who see themselves as transgender are, themselves, oppressed, women were and still are an oppressed group.” Women an oppressed group? Even though you understand the damage the trans have done to women’s sports, you do not understand the opressed-oppressor nonsense you have evidently been taught, is a very old Marxist con game designed to divide and conquer.

Enuf Said
17 days ago

Does a person want to be politically correct or of Biblical morally? If I had a daughter in ANY sports where a individual that is male -attempted to compete against her- I would tell the coach- NO THANKS!! If that make me homophobic -then SO BE IT!! I have been called worse by loser liberals and that did NOT bither me then, and certainly does not bother me NOW!! I can EITHER descend to their level and let Satan have it’s way, OR I can continue to follow the Bible and be one of God’s children. There is NO gray area.

17 days ago

According to the Bible, God made man and then he made woman, and he did not intend for mankind to interfere with or change his creation. For a male to say he is female or for a female to say she is male is a falsehood and a travesty on God’s purpose for mankind.

17 days ago
Reply to  Howard

Hurrah for Riley Gaines and all the others who are fighting this battle against this evil!

17 days ago
Reply to  Howard

Well said Howard & the US should respect women rights & not bow to countries like Afghanistan atrocities against women. Let’s win one for all of the mothers in the world.

heil biden
17 days ago


David P. Nelson
17 days ago

I am not understanding how the ‘Powers that be’ allow a guy to pose as a female and compete in a female designated sport. What is their thought process???????????? This is more than sad.

Sean Richman
17 days ago

Sick people,sick country,make AMERICA the real AMERICA again,before it’s too late,maybe it already is.

teresa Ann d'alessandro
17 days ago

all the mother of young girls and all the girls in college should refuse to aompete – maybe get together a private team with funds from go fund me – i would give. let no one in who isn’t a biological female, all the real parts and monthly issues to, having babies and menopause – you don’t have that you don’t complete. they take you to court you can bet every feamle and many dads will do a go fund for your court dates. it’s effin ridiculous

17 days ago

How about I identify as a billionaire, and file for discrimination when the dealership won’t sell me a Ferrari? lol

17 days ago

The only reason men compete against women is because that’s the only way they can win. I don’t believe they are transgender for a minute. They just want to win, whether it’s for glory or money. They must not have received enough loser trophies when they were little kids!! Let’s let all the “transgender” athletes compete against each other instead of against biological males and females. See how many of them still claim to be trans…

17 days ago
Reply to  VikkiC

Took the words right out of my mouth, Exactly

Philip Hammersley
17 days ago

Using Marxist logic, a twenty-one year old who “thinks” he’s 14 could join a little league team, correct? That would be really fair!

teresa Ann d'alessandro
17 days ago

right – im a senior citizen and i want to get money to pay my bills like others who get help and lie to get the help – they know who they are

17 days ago

When a transgender enters a woman’s race maybe all the biological women ought to remain at the starting block when the gun goes off, and let the transgender boast his triumphant shamed win.

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