Liberal Professor Warns: Google Manipulating Voters ‘on a Massive Scale’

Dr. Robert Epstein told Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Tuesday that Google can manipulate votes by using tools that they have at their disposal exclusively, and that no one can counteract them. Epstein warned the senator of big tech election meddling during his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on “Google and Censorship through Search Engines” on Tuesday.

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Terry Madeleine Dillon
2 years ago

I don’t know how to vet this to test the reality. Does anyone have peer reviewed, scientific links?

Enzo F Cannizzo
2 years ago

One must ask … Why ? Why are there individuals, organizations and even instruments and agents of the Executive and Legislature branch that are waging a political war against Donald Trump . We can replace “ Trump “ with Jones , Smith , but the facts are pointing that there is something dark afoot in our nation . Yes, we can look at influence by Russia , China .I personally believe there are actors in that venue too BUT we need to take a good hard look at ourselves in OUR Mirror. My opinion Dr . Epstine , an avowed Liberal , are those modern day Paul Revere ..with his message ? If one is a true American that believes in freedom , liberty with NO regard to any party they MUST stand and not be manipulated by Masters of Technology ie, Facebook, Google et.al Those Americans that came of age before the internet revolution MUST , if they care , express there opinion , concern to the young .. in that the answers to life are not on Google , Facebook , Tweeter . In conclusion there are many that may not agree with the methods ,projections by Trump , but many would give thumbs up with a president playing basket ball with rolled up sleeves . In conclusion is Trump a new type of modern day Paul Revere ?? Folks keep your eye on the ball … and Freedom is NEVER Free !

michael failla
3 years ago

This guy is correct. Here is your warning. TAKE HEED!

3 years ago

-very powerful and scary testimony. I love the closing “if any headline will come from this that should be it”. Funny I follow headline news daily / hourly and haven’t heard a peep. This video was posted 1 month ago and we have 2 comments here! Why is nobody talking about this

Linda S Rhodes
3 years ago
Reply to  Justin

Yes, I have heard things concerning dr. Epstein but not on mainstream media. Haven’t heard anything for some time and we are coming up to 2020 elections. I hope and pray the ones who need to be informed remember these warnings!!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Justin

I got this today and forwarded it to 20 others. Unfortunately, not much we can do except prod our reps to do something about it. Can’t even shun Google as they’re so predominant.

Jim Loftus
3 years ago

“Outside Contributor” author
What’s that mean? Q authored it?

Maritza Soto
3 years ago
Reply to  Jim Loftus

I JUST heard about this TODAY… I don’t care who you vote for this information is extremely important and vital to the lifeline of our democracy. Of course if you’re a liberal and it works in your favor then you’re not really going to care. But one day you will care and it’ll be too late to stop it

Ryan Gussman
2 years ago
Reply to  Maritza Soto


Ryan Gussman
2 years ago
Reply to  Ryan Gussman

We have to stress the fact, that any VOTER Violation is a “FELONY” and will be punished with 5 years in Jail and a $10,000.00 FINE

Jack Thomas
3 years ago

For two and a half years, starting in 2016, Americans were continuously subjected to the political soap opera of the Mueller investigation into Russian election meddling — ad nauseum — reinforced by the daily whining and grumbling of liberal mainstream media pundits, congressional Democrats, and ex-intelligence agency figures who sought to undermine and destroy Donald Trump’s presidency. They came up empty because the Mueller probe came up empty. No evidence of “Russian collusion.” No evidence of “obstruction of justice.” The Mueller Report failed to deliver the much-anticipated result. The Democrats and the mainstream press went INSANE . . . and even now they’re still beating the same drum . . . still trying desperately to keep the Russian hoax alive . . . still grasping at straws in the wind . . . hoping to run out the clock into 2020.

Meanwhile, in the recent U.S. Senate Judiciary Sub-Committee hearings chaired by Sen. Ted Cruz (R) a self-avowed liberal psychology professor and former Hillary Clinton supporter blows the whistle on Google, Facebook, and Twitter with his stunning testimony that these social media giants possess the power and the tools to manipulate election results! Not only can they “influence” voters to favor radical Democrat candidates, they also allegedly master-minded a method to create an additional 2.6 million votes for Hillary Clinton in 2016.
And even more alarming, they will go full throttle again in 2020 according to the good professor. Worse, there is apparently no paper trail . . no way to hold these tech giants accountable.

For those Americans who may shrug it off and pretend they’re not concerned, they should be.


3 years ago
Reply to  Jack Thomas

Can you really say that with a straight face? “Swallowed their lie”, “believed their lie” or that there possibly is a form of debauchery called self-deception? Rather we should say they incriminated themselves.. As far as Russian tampering to me this is clearly a smoke screen. I was a registered Democrat in 2008 and decided the vote would put Obama and my party commitments to the test. Boy was I right but guess who got shafted? At the polling station where I’m registered I arrived before work at the opening of the station. I lived in a predominantly 99% (?) Black (mostly Jamaican arrivals), I was well back in the long line so upon entering some voters were already exiting.. i was passing a Black couple who evidently had just finished voting.. seeing me, (White?) turned and said confidently “Oh, (you needn’t vote at all) we don’t need the White man’s money OUR CONSPIRACY IS OVER.” i won’t go into what that meant for me months later registering as a Republican except to say doesn’t that say that there was word out that Obama’s “win” was “in the bag” even before the polling began???? They knew he would be elected and this was approximately at 6:30 am Eastern Time before any votes had been counted.. Seemed like the “inside word” and as White I had been successfully excluded from Party intelligence.

Jack Thomas
3 years ago
Reply to  Peter


Yes, I can say the mainstream media “swallowed their own lie” or “believed their lie..’ And I meant it with a straight face. If they “incriminated themselves,” it’s because they believed the BIG LIE promoted by the Democrats and the so-called Deep State that Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia. That’s what they wanted the public to believe. Tell the same lie enough times, eventually people will start to believe it. You’re right about one thing: Russian meddling was a smoke screen to disguise the real culprits —- Hillary, the DNC, the FBI, CIA, and even Obama himself.

Obama won in 2008 and 2012 because he had the support of the liberal media and the Millennials (“Just give me my free stuff!”).

Your anecdote about going to vote in 2008, while interesting, pales in comparison to what Google and Facebook are doing today to censor free speech and manipulate voter attitudes.

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