League of Women Voters Gets Humbled by True Americans

from Vision to America
At a recent debate between lefty Rep. Melissa Bean and her GOP challenger Joe Walsh, the League of Women Voters didn’t want to begin the proceedings with the Pledge of Allegiance. The audience had a different view of things…(something is brewing, people).

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LizandClayton on September 4, 2011 I love their website! Love that they do cstuom orders. I really like the toddler (1-6) hoodie towel. It looks so soft and actually big enough to cover a toddler. I also love the printed blankets! ENTER ME


Proud of them.

Bill S--Ohio

I’ll be darned I think I found some TRUE Americans…They are in Illinois………

Way to go folks…Take that League Of Women Voters

God Bless America


My suggestion is for the League of Womwn Voters to amend the pledge to add “for the born and unborn” at the end. Time has change into the majority not follow the minority.

Ron James

We are taking our country back. GOD BLESS AMERICA.In GOD WE TRUST

Dr. Charles

Our great Country accepts everyone, idiots, morons, stupid and political airheads. Thank G-d
the awakening has arrived. Enough is enough. They need an eyeopener, the election was only the beginning.


…One Nation, Under GOD, Indivisible…
The Liberals will now have to start to pay attention now that “the sleeping dog” of the silent majority is finally starting to move. Enough is enough!

God Bless America, because as we started and still believe as a majority …In God We Trust!

Vote today, and tell the silent majority to get out and vote too. We WILL regain our great. country.


Just another group that want to advocate THIER causes and NOT for all women… hypocrite liberals. Thank goodness we still have people who want to restore America!!

No better than the hoes on the view, can’t stand those gossiping bitches.

Joe Black

When God blesses America even the LOWVs gets blessed. God bless America!

Gail Hagen

Americans speak and recite the fiber of our nation and freedom that allows others to misrepresent and disrespect what we stand for. Let the graves of our fallen heroes be our strength.

Kay Greenwood

WONDERFUL! There is not stopping us from taking our country back! The silent majority are silent NO MORE! Now to get the pledge to be said every morning on the TV and radio programs. God Bless America!

Texas Rebel

American Citizens shut down the communist League of Women Voters! Hahahaha!! You say you what a Revolution, well it is already here!! We must never except the so called authority figures who don’t up hold our values. Never forget we are the Boss not them! After this election let’s pressure them to impeach federal judges and the so called “Supreme Court” judges that keep overturning legislation designed to protect our country and liberties like the communist judges who have been overturning citizen passed laws in Arizona, California, Texas on so on. We can never again go back to just excepting any politicians (R, D, or otherwise) and judges both state and federal to run over the American people again. If needed in order to break the laws that imprison us all by unconstitutional legislation let each state secede from the federal government until we rewrite the rules for a very… Read more »


God Bless all the people who stood up to recite the Pledge. This is the hope that we all need and the change is coming on Nov, 2nd.

Mary Fox

Thank God for true proud Americans standing up! America’s Value System (e pluribus unum, In God We Trust, and Liberty) will prevail!!!

Terry Bascom

Woo hoo!!

Greg Zimmerman



Maybe someday we could get event leaders to allow prayer AND the pledge to start civil events! Perhaps then things would be more…well…civil. Maybe then we’d have a bit more honesty, integrity, etc. that are so lacking in our present government.


This was delightful to watch! Always knew the League of Women Voters was liberal and this sure brings it home! So proud of the audience to making it happen! Wish I’d been there to participate.


I was impressed by the audience here. This shows what happens when good people do something.


I think the league of soros women should learn The Pledge.They get the right to speak from it.