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Joe Biden, Communist China, and Stunningly Poor Judgement

joe biden

Newly re-purposed as the leading Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden stumbled out of the gate, not kissing the wrong people on the head, but in assessing China.  Naïve – dangerously naïve – is the only word for it.

Biden just assessed Communist China this way: “China’s going to eat our lunch?  Come on man,” adding “you know, they’re not bad folks, folks … guess what, they’re not competition for us.”  Biden stunningly diminished – in one breath – the full economic, military and moral threats posed by China, then skipped on to other topics.

With slightly more circumspection – and focus on China’s economic and military ambitions, as well as moral depravity – let’s review the bidding.  Here are the facts:

Communist China has threatened neighbors and international shipping by building and militarizing “artificial islands” in the South China Sea, is modernizing military forces at breakneck speed, tested space weapons to kill communications and early warning satellites, disavows freedoms of nationalist China, and has begun building infrastructure for military expansion globally.

Communist China has pursued global hacking by militarizing the world’s largest supercomputers, and in June 2015 hacked the US Office of Personnel Management under President Obama and stole 21.5 million personnel records on the most highly cleared people in the US government. 

Communist China is the source of virtually all the fentanyl that comes into the United States, and kills young Americans daily across the country, and in ever larger numbers.  Roughly 600 Chinese producers turn out most of the drug.

On the economic side, Communist China is the world’s second largest economy.  Nevertheless, it ritually violates norms of the World Trade Organization, compels transfer of intellectual property and technology from many transacting business in the country, has been a historic currency manipulator, and violates human rights with impunity, even as it seeks credit for building out so-called “Belt and Road” infrastructure projects around the world.  Even in these countries, new infrastructure often comes at the price of economic control over national interests. 

For moral depravity, just a few examples will serve.  Communist China’s one-child policy, based on 2008 data, was killing 13 million children a year, either through infanticide or late-term sex-selection abortions, on top of ten million abortions with pills.  The goal was, often, to end the life of a little girl.  Boys are viewed as more valuable. 

To this add Communist China’s imprisonment of more than one million non-violent Muslims in the northwest, in prison-like camps for “reeducation” to be atheistic Communists.  Religious freedom has no place in China, as Christians are also systematically persecuted.  

Nor are dissidents or property crimes much tolerated.  Communist China executes more than 2,400 of its own citizens annually, no appeal and no balanced trials – according to Amnesty International.  That is, by the way, more than all the rest of the world combined.

So, for a moment, reflect on Joe Biden’s words: “Not bad folks …” Right, just trust them with your life – and our country, right?   Maybe not.  But then Mr. Biden’s judgement has never been particularly good – and maybe that is the real point.

Joe Biden celebrated the 1979 take-over of Iran by the Ayatollahs, who displaced a longtime American ally, saying it would improve human rights.  He opposed the Reagan defense build-up in the 1980s, which collapsed the Soviet Union.  Specifically, he opposed the B-1 and B-2 stealth technology and bombers, MX missile, and Reagan’s defense programs across the globe.

Notably Robert Gates, former CIA Director under George HW Bush, Secretary of Defense under George W Bush and Obama, wrote that Joe Biden has been “wrong on every major foreign policy and national security issue for the past four decades.”  That about sums it up. 

At least he is consistent, right? Biden wanted to break-up Iraq, opposed the military raid on bin Laden, and supported the misconceived nuclear deal that put planeloads of cash in the hands of Iran for promoting terrorism – and got nothing in return.   He mocked Mitt Romney’s warnings about Russia as a foe, only to criticize Trump’s attempts to create dialogue with this nuclear adversary.

More broadly, Biden has remained weak on judgement for decades.  He has never held a private sector job, never had executive leadership, and never made a payroll.  As Senator and Vice President, American taxpayers disgorged 8.3 million dollars to support his lifestyle – this man of the people.  Most Americans would have happily traded places for a tenth of that largess.

On judgement, Biden was caught for plagiarism in law school, an omen.  In 1985, used a speech by Hubert Humphrey without credit and again in 1986.  In 1987, without giving credit to Robert Kennedy, he did it again.  Later in 1987, he adopted a speech by British Labor Leader Neil Kinnock, even making Kinnock’s family history his own – after which he dropped out of that presidential race. 

So, let’s cut to the chase.  Communist China is not led by “good folks,” and Mr. Biden is not a man of particularly good judgement.  He is friendly, occasionally humorous, but often dangerously naïve.  And speaking candidly, there is nothing funny about that.

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On the one hand, I hope the democrats run Biden. He is such an obvious idiot. On the other hand, it is not clear to me that the American people perceive his lack of abilities. After all. We’ve got a growing list of idiots serving in high offices. Pelosi, Ocasio-Cortez, Omar and Tlaib just to name a few. Admittedly, some are not idiots. They are just enemies of America. I am not sure which is worse.

Frank S.

Last Fall I delivered a local presentation on U.S. Global Engagement and the Military, part of the Great Decision lecture series sponsored by the Foreign Policy Association (look up this organization–they put out some interesting information). I conducted some pretty in-depth research for my presentation. Of all the research I did, I read two books that were particularly enlightening. They were The Hundred Year Marathon: China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower, by Michael Pillsbury (2015); and Destined For War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides Trap?, by Graham Allison (2017). Folks, please read these two books (or at least go on line and watch some You Tube interviews with these two men)…you will be shocked at what China is planning on doing. China isn’t even trying to hide their intentions anymore. They will, at best, always be a hostile competitor (the degree of hostility may fluctuate),… Read more »


Just what we need, another zerobama. If Joe had a brain, he still wouldn’t be smart. Move to China, Joe, since they are so friendly and, like zerobama, you hate America. Wouldn’t it be nice if all our America hating politicians would move to China and Russia?

B. T.

Is there a way to impeach congress members! As far as I can tell, those who want impeachment of President Trump should be looking much closer to home. Texans were able to defeat Beto but the margin was too close for comfort! And Texas has had the economy to attract thousands of Californians who have apparently brought their socialist attitudes with them. And we are required to let them vote here. The same of true with citizens coming here from the north. There was a time when they were called Yankees. They have come to a state with no state income tax yet they want to impose the same economy here that they have fled from. Apparently, there is no easy cure for stupid.


Biden is a traitor and learned well from his mentor, Imam Obama. Educate yourselves people. This guy is worse than the Chinese and Russian regimes combined. He speaks with a forked tongue. Beware.

Aaron Lopez Sr.

When is America going to wake up ! These buffoon candidates are pandering to the weak minded. One only has to look at the great world empires in how they collapsed; we too will fall if we continue this insane path. WAKE UP AMERICA ! We’ve seen the enemy, it is ourselves !!


Anybody else talk like that and they’d be in a nursing home being treated for Alzheimer’s. Put him, Pelosi and Schumer in the same room.

Joseph Morgan Sr

Demo-RATS backing of this IDIOT is pure PROOF that they are the most dangerous social liberal group to this nation. They are POWER HUNGRY, GREEDY, and are willing to destroy our GREAT country to get CONTROL. They are also self destructive by pushing the killer muslim islamic invasion of our country by FIGHTING AND NOT SUPPORTING THE BUILDING OF A WALL ON THE SOUTHERN BORDER AND CONSTANTLY UNDERMINING THE PRESENTS EFFORT TO STOP PEOPLE FROM TERRORIST COUNTRIES FROM COMING INTO THIS COUNTRY. “WAKE UP AMERICA” before it is too late!

Brad Krones

Biden is also astonishingly corrupt, as his machinations in the Ukraine demonstrate. Of course, he does get a free ride from the so-called “journalists” in the media. I was a Senate staffer during some of Biden’s early years in the Senate; he was a dope then, too.

John C. D'Amico

Biden carries heavy baggage. President Trump carries private heavy baggage but has proven accomplishments. Big positive difference from Biden and the rest of the candidates. Trump 2020!!

General Patton

Joe Biden is dumber than dirt!!!! Obama selected him so he would feel intelligent. Unfortunately, they both are buffooons.

Patrick McClurkin

Biden is a typical career, ride the gravy train politician. He tries to act like he’s a regular guy next door type, but he never was! At this point, I believe he is senile and in early stages of dementia. Even if I am wrong, he is dangerous and should not be running for POTUS!


Here we go again! More Obama era appeasements of our known and acknowledged rivals. He was part of the same administration that snickered when told that Russia was a threat to our security.

When he is not mauling women he continues to spew stupidity.

We can only hope he is the Dems. nominee. Trump (for all of his personal faults!) will slaughter him in the next election!

Paul W

He dismissed it because of more than just bad judgement. His son Hunter (of the Ukraine debacle) is deeply invested in China’s mass surveillance program. This guy is not only creepy and dopey…he’s extremely corrupt. Should he become the DNC’s candidate in 2020, he must be exposed! Actually, he should be exposed (not the way he likes to)…period.

Anthony Rubio

Wouldn’t make a door Greeter at Walmart.

Ralph Wilson

Biden proves to be the same incompetent moron he has been for 40 years. Do we really want a moron like this back into the White House after we finally got rid of the other moron Obama.


if Joe had a brain he would be dangerous
OH WAIT he is dangerous with out one just think how much worst he can get

Stephen Russell

Examine Biden as VP with China prior Pres Trump election, China Joe & we lose & He plays lame about China on deals He made then as VP.
See NextRev on FNC, Steve Hilton, May shows.
“China Joe” segment.
See Next Rev Swamp Watch.
& he thinks we voters are lame??

Anita Carlin

Shouldn’t we see this in the media!!

Alexander Love

Just looking at Joe Biden face, it’s easy to conclude he’s Stupid.