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It’s Not Just CNN+; The Entire Liberal Media Ecosystem Is In Freefall

AMAC Exclusive – By Shane Harris


In news that sent shockwaves through the media world, it was announced last Thursday that CNN’s $300 million streaming platform, CNN+, will cease all operations and stop broadcasting at the end of this week, just one month after its launch. But while the CNN+ flop is the most high-profile failure for mainstream news outlets recently, it’s hardly the only one, raising questions about just how fragile the liberal media ecosystem has become in a country that has grown increasingly skeptical of the lies and deceptions emanating from our screens.

After a highly publicized unveiling at the end of March, CNN+ was on air just over three weeks before CNN parent company Warner Bros. Discovery (formed after a merger between Discovery and WarnerMedia, CNN’s longtime owner) announced they were pulling the plug on the nascent project. Executives at CNN immediately tried to spin the fiasco as being due solely to a lack of support from Discovery leadership, but according to internal figures, the platform had just 150,000 subscribers, and fewer than 10,000 viewers were watching at any given time – far below viewership numbers for even moderately popular podcasts or YouTube livestreamers.

The failure of CNN+ is also another embarrassing chapter for a network that has been mired in chaos for most of the past year. First came the downfall of CNN’s top-rated anchor, Chris Cuomo, after revelations that he had used his position as a media personality to help his brother, disgraced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, fight sexual harassment allegations. Then CNN president Jeff Zucker was forced to resign after embarrassing details emerged about a decades-long undisclosed romantic affair with a subordinate at the company. To top it all off, CNN has been bleeding viewers at an alarming rate, as the network’s top show for the first quarter of 2022 ranked just 22nd among cable news programs.

But it’s not just CNN that’s struggling. Over at MSNBC, ratings for the first few months of 2022 were only slightly better. Elsewhere in the streaming world, hosts of previously popular cable shows are struggling to catch on with audiences. “The Problem with Jon Stewart,” for example, which launched on Apple TV+ in September, saw its viewership drop to just 40,000 by its fifth episode.

So what’s going on? Mainstream media apologists have been quick to cite declining viewership for cable TV, in general, to explain falling ratings for left-wing news channels, while several outlets were quick to tie reports that Netflix lost 200,000 subscribers in the first three months of 2022 to the news of CNN+’s collapse, implying that it’s simply fierce competition among streaming services that led to the latter’s failure.

But both of those narratives are misleading at best and blatantly false at worst. While it is true that cable news viewership overall has been declining for some time, channels like Fox News actually saw increased viewership in the first quarter of 2022, with the network being the only cable news channel to post year-over-year gains.

Fox News has also seen continued growth of its own streaming service, Fox Nation, since the launch of the platform back in 2018. Other conservative outlets like the Daily Wire have also seen exponential growth amid sharp readership declines for left-leaning publications. News articles from the Daily Wire routinely outperform pieces from the Washington Post and the New York Times on Facebook, and popular Daily Wire podcast hosts like Ben Shapiro and Matt Walsh draw more viewers to their shows than nearly every host on CNN and MSNBC. Likewise, a recent speech by Donald Trump at a Heritage Foundation event drew over 800,000 viewers on Rumble alone—as one internet commenter noted, significantly more than CNN is drawing.

The pattern that begins to emerge is that those outlets pushing left-wing narratives on everything from foreign policy to education are struggling, while those outlets countering the liberal groupthink are thriving.

This in part helps explain why Netflix has been struggling as well, further undercutting the argument that it’s just a tough environment for streaming platforms generally that led to the downfall of CNN+. Since Netflix began shifting away from old TV shows and movies and more toward original content, the platform has become an incubator of left-wing ideology. As one example among many, Netflix’s newest original series follows the fictional story of a “cisgender man” who becomes pregnant. The site also now has an entire section dedicated to “LGBTQ Stories for Families.”

While the company claims that its content is not political, many conservatives have also noted that Netflix has plenty of films and documentaries bashing conservative viewpoints and Republican political figures, but few similarly critical flicks about liberals and Democrats.

While executives at Netflix have blamed everything from inflation to Vladimir Putin for their subscriber loss, the simpler explanation appears to be the same one that CNN, MSNBC, and nearly every other mainstream outlet refuses to accept: people just aren’t that interested in what they have to say. The complete abandonment of all appearance of neutrality in favor of pushing a woke agenda has now alienated a huge swath of America – Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike.

Once this vital bond of trust between the public and a news source is broken, it is difficult to repair. And as the purveyors of left-wing propaganda implode, so too will the broader left-wing narrative, which has always been sustained only by a coordinated effort to suppress the truth. That’s all good news for conservatives, and for everyone in this country who values honesty and integrity from their information brokers.

Shane Harris is a writer and consultant from Southwest Ohio. You can follow him on Twitter @Shane_Harris_

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Phillip M Jensen
1 month ago

I came to the conclusion several years ago, that “objective journalism” is an oxymoron. The “media”
only gives you the information to support their agenda, and that is never the whole truth. Most of the so called “journalists” are more interested in sensationalism than reporting fact. Especially when the facts don’t support their point.

1 month ago

“The people have A RIGHTTO KNOW!” “News media keep the politicians honest!” “The news media is the conscience of America!” These are just a few of the lies I have been told in 70 years of watching the news or reading newspapers. Man, I REALLY miss a good newspaper…

Robin Boyd
1 month ago

More rational, liberal minded folks realize how badly they are being manipulated and the negative results of those manipulations. As such, more liberal minded folk who are not hateful Progressives are looking for more truthful sources.

Rich C
1 month ago

When you can’t trust anything that the socialist liberals say, why is this surprising? The evil from the left will continue to be exposed and blatantly show their intentions. It’s so refreshing to see so many platforms being created to show the truth. But make no mistake, the evil left isn’t done yet!

1 month ago

It seems the Left has not figured out the book “1984” was written as an Allegory of a Despotic, Dictatorial and Authoritarian Government that seeks to control every aspect of the citizenry’s lives. Orwell was warning us to never let it become the government model for America.

1 month ago

CNN SUCKS so do the rest of the lamestream media covering for themselves and Joe the Big Guy.
Fox and Newsmax are where commonsense people find out what is really going on!

Theresa Coughlin
1 month ago

Apparently the democrat media didn’t get the memo but I’ll remind them anyway: here goes: When you (“mainstream” media) repeatedly lie to your viewers and get caught, your credibility (what there is of it, which isn’t much) goes out the window. As a result, you lose viewers (or readers if you’re a newspaper or news magazine) and your ratings go down the tubes because NOONE BELIEVES OR TRUSTS YOU TO GIVE THEM HONEST NEWS! as a result, people go elsewhere to get their news.

Rich C
1 month ago

Those who have moral values.

Robert Zuccaro
1 month ago

But like the DEMOCRATS they serve, they just keep doubling down on the same old BS… like Hitler in his bunker still planning “great military campaigns” while the bombs fall.

Mike L
2 months ago

From one Buckeye to another, nice article Shane.

2 months ago

Will they learn that lying to the public and trying to brainwash the mass’s is not a good business model. No way. They are liberals.

Robert Zuccaro
1 month ago
Reply to  Russ

They aren’t trying to be economically successful but politically successful. They serve the Party. Period.

2 months ago

GOOD! Here’s to watching it come crashing down like the Hindenburg.

2 months ago

I am so sick and disgusted with ALL this LGBTQ nonsense which should really stand for “Liberal Garbage But Thoroughly Queer”! . . . If something is NOT NORMAL it is DEFINITELY QUEER or ABNORMAL!

2 months ago

Wonderful…….Do ya think maybe they will all change their stripes or will they just go down, down, down…..hopefully the latter.

Mike L
2 months ago
Reply to  Karen

The later, hard to change the stripes of a skunk !!

2 months ago

Troublesome times. Definitely not time to gloat. Rejoice, yes. Gloat—pride goes before a fall. Truth does triumph though!

Enuf Said
2 months ago

Best news I have heard ALL DAY!! That which they have sown– THEY now REAP!!

2 months ago
Reply to  Enuf Said


2 months ago

CNN gave disinformation party…and nobody came. Ha Ha Ha Ha!

2 months ago

No problem. The NSA is setting up the KGB I’m sorry the DGB – disinformation governance board, otherwise known as The Ministry of Truth (1984) to make sure that the only messages you hear are those of the approved Democrat propaganda. So conservatives don’t think that you will be allowed to fill any void left by CNN or any other pre-approved Democrat propaganda machine in collapse. We are living in a 1984 dystopia brought to you by the Democrats.

Mike L
2 months ago
Reply to  Ed

Does this remind anyone of where Orwell got the Ministry of Truth from?
Joseph Goebbels, Nazi minister of propaganda and public enlightenment.

Jess Salazar
2 months ago

Oh what a tangle web you weave,
when first you practice to deceive! The left, and in particular the far left, have reaped what they have sewed.
Americans were never going to accept their ideology as main steam!
As the old adage reads, you can fool some of the people, all the time, but you can’t fool all the people, all the time!
In the end, the truth will always prevail!

John Jackson
2 months ago

Well it starting to look like the American people are finely getting tired of all the lies and propaganda it’s just about time

Tim Tobin
2 months ago

Superb analysis/Reality Check of “The Narrative” Pushers long-overdue decline… Well Done!

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