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Is the Transgender Rush Among Teens Man-Made?


WASHINGTON, DC, Sep 21 — Among the U.S. population of 332,403,650 less than half-a-percent of them, about .42%, identify as transgender. They claim that despite the organs with which they were born, the boys among them say they are girls in boy’s clothing and vice versa. Meanwhile, a new Pew Research Center study shows that a growing number of Americans believe that the sex of an individual is determined at birth — period. The Pew data shows that 54% of those polled in 2017 said the sex of an individual is determined at birth, in 2021 the number of respondents with that viewpoint grew to 56% and that the same polling conducted this year shows that 60% of survey participants are of that mindset.

Die-hard believers in the transgender claim that there are many more of our daughters and sons who identify themselves as transgender than has been reported. The Wall Street Journal, in a recent report, quotes pediatrician, Dr. Jack Turban, claiming that “9% of America’s youth now call themselves transgender.” However, Turban’s claim that the increase of youngsters joining the transgender movement is real and not the result of “social contagion” has been reputed.

The Journal report says “Turban’s study is deeply flawed and likely couldn’t have survived a reasonable peer-review process. The swift response from the scientific community made both points clear — with even those who support hormones and surgery for gender-dysphoric youth noting that Dr. Turban’s shoddy science undermined their cause…Nevertheless, the media have promoted his work as a refutation of the claim that the wildfire spread of transgender identity is an example of social contagion—a phenomenon in which members of a group (mostly young and female) mutually influence one another’s emotions and behavior…To use a flawed sex statistic in an attempt to set aside the well-documented phenomenon of gender-dysphoric female teens’ flooding clinics is so amateurish that one can’t help but suspect bad faith.”

Take it from the 71-year-old psychologist, who specializes in transgender issues, Dr. Erica Anderson. He became a she at the age of 26. You might think of her as a proponent of the teen transgender movement but she is not. In a recent syndicated report on the topic first published by the L.A. Times, she had this to say: “For a while, we were all happy that society was becoming more accepting and more families than ever were embracing children that were gender variant…I think it’s gone too far. Now it’s got to the point where there are kids presenting at clinics whose parents say, ‘This just doesn’t make sense.’ To flatly say there couldn’t be any social influence in formation of gender identity flies in the face of reality.  Teenagers influence each other.”

These days it is more likely that a transgender teenager is apt to be a girl wanting to be a boy. Journalist Abigail Shrier acknowledges that fact in her book, “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters.” In a recent Opinion article she penned for the New York Post, she noted that: “Our culture has both made womanhood less appealing and also greased the skids toward social and medical transition for confused teens in genuine pain.”  

Shier noted that “public schools peddle gender ideology with a fervor that would make a preacher blush.  Transgender social-media gurus tout the euphoria testosterone produces, and Planned Parenthood is one of the largest suppliers of testosterone — and they do apprise of the risks, but on an ‘informed consent’ basis. [Meaning no therapist note is required and you leave the clinic with a very serious drug based essentially on the patient’s self-diagnosis.] Hundreds of plastic surgeons are happy to offer medically unnecessary double-mastectomies to girls as young as 16 without so much as a therapist’s note…Teens today spend far less time in person with friends than any previous generation. Most of their social life occurs online, where feelings of inadequacy run wild and the challenge of making and keeping ‘friends’ never lets up. One of the surest ways to win friends and followers is by declaring a glamorous new gender identity, and so they do. Anything to feel lonely no more.”

It’s not only public schools that are engaging in what one might call an attempt to indoctrinate our younger and youngest children. Big buck schools are just as guilty promoting what some parents describe as pornographic reads. The National Review reports that this past summer elite schools such as New York City’s Nightingale-Bamford, Chapin School and Saint Ann’s School, where tuitions run as high as $59,000 a year, gave their students — “including students as young as kindergartners” — reading lists that celebrate a transgender take on life.

The triad of Big Business (Social Media, Planned Parenthood, and our Education system) is working harder than ever to control the minds and lives of our children. We as parents and grandparents must stay informed and respond by providing our children with the support and knowledge necessary to understand how this triad works and what is at stake for the long haul for our children and our country.

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Robin W Boyd
5 months ago

Progressives created transgenderism for two purposes, to divert tax dollars through the medical industry and to reduce reproduction in order to control population, a major focus for Socialists. Abortions are doing the same thing by promoting pregnancies.

5 months ago

Teens are sad and depressed and quacks tell them it is gender dysphoria. Never heard that word until now. So they give them drugs so they can be trans. After all of that, they are still depressed. It is a mental issue but it is mainly due to parents who turned their back on being parents and turned back on God.

6 months ago

You can act however you want but if you were born a male, you’re a male. Stop with all this transgender stuff. If you want to dress up and look more like a woman, that’s up to you but you’re still a male. There’s a difference between transgender, cross dressing, bisexual and gay. Gays and transgender are worlds apart and cross dressing can be a fetish not related to either. Bisexual has usually been a girl thing, but some males believe they’re missing out on half the fun. You can dress like, look like and act like a woman but you’re a male. The news media needs to stop taking non-issues like this and making them national news.

6 months ago

“The Power of Suggestion” was a familiar term when I was growing up. It is one of the main drivers of of sex education variants.

6 months ago

There are TWO Genders MALE & FEMALE — all others are brought to the forefront by sick & confused people

6 months ago

Do you remember when in HS…you had to check in daily to see what was popular for the day or week…AND if you wished to remain in the popular “in crowd” you needed to get with the program. That should explain everything. Times haven’t changed that much…

6 months ago

use to wonder about the stupidity of the demonrats/lefties, then came the realization their not stupid, they want the chaos, they feed off they anger, destruction of whats good and right, gives them joy and some how they profit at the same time. 

6 months ago

I have one disagreement with your article, “…the sex of an individual is determined at birth.” No, the six of an individual is determined at conception; it is recognized at birth–sometimes sooner.

6 months ago
Reply to  Weck

Right you are!

6 months ago

Evil and destructive influences have been pushing this agenda. The Dr. knows the reality.

6 months ago

This is apart of what they created. Be careful what is in the water!?! My sadness is in the stories of those that it is to late for whom have transitioned over, and now how the balance of who they are is tainted. The illusion is over and now the reality is that you can’t be what your not. It is by design of the creator. All my love to those who don’t understand their worth and value within self, that what we are on the outside is not who we are from within. It is up to civilization to denounce this view for we are not our external being but that of a consciousness of love, hope, peace and this is the energy that creates a state of mind that recognizes the truth of who we are. We are the energy made from the love and worth of self from spirit.

6 months ago


6 months ago

The Globalist goal is to eliminate 90% of the human population, if they can convince a man that he is a woman or a woman that she is a man, they have effectively reduced the birth rate to zero! That is the goal, to destroy society, destroy the population and rule with total power over what ever is left! How dare you think you deserve to run your own life, you are just human trash cluttering up their planet!

6 months ago
Reply to  Krell51

Process of elimination! Thank you for speaking this truth.

6 months ago
Reply to  Krell51

Like the COVID virus

6 months ago

It is. Read Jonathan Cahns new book “Return of the gods”. This is the spirit of ishtar. We’ve driven God out now the other gods are taking his place.

J. Farley
6 months ago

This is a man-made problem by design, it’s a way to get control of the mind at very young age, thereby take control of the young people’s minds, for the rest of their lives. The only ones that they will not have control over are those that have committed Suicide, from the stigma that remains once they figure out that they have been scammed.
These people need to be investigated for Child Abuse and made to answer for what they have done and will continue to do unless they are stopped.
This is all about weaking America, God help us.

Sharon Ormsby
6 months ago
Reply to  J. Farley

Not just America but the entire First World. You notice it isn’t happening in the Third World, merely because it is NOT allowed there. People might be gay but they certainly are not transgender. The only people who actually have the RIGHT to be transgender are those born as hermaphrodites. They alone, have the right to choose which sex they would like to be and then, only as adults. It’s to weaken not only us in America but the entire First World and yes, all who participate in it should be investigated for Child Abuse. If gay people would open up about their world, as so many did to me, as a Registered Nurse-people would find that 1/2 of them were abused as very young children as well. The others were born that way. Why they are ashamed to admit that, I do not know. Their abusers should ALL be in jail!

6 months ago

Trans people is a bunch of B.S. ! Your born Male or Female period. If you think your something else it’s a Mental Issue.

anna hubert
6 months ago
Reply to  George

To mess around with the young undeveloped mind is a crime and mental abuse of colossal proportion child is completely forgotten It becomes just a financial transaction for services rendered This is a crime against humanity

Darius Dickison
6 months ago

GOD hating sickO morons!

6 months ago

How much of a rush was there back in 1884? The 1920’s? The 1950’s? Man’s perversion of the 21st Century has brought this on.

Stephen Russell
6 months ago

YES by Dems & allies day 1

David Millikan
6 months ago

Feminist “MAN HATERS “ are responsible. Feminist are TOXIC.

6 months ago

Nobody “becomes” transgender. You either are or you are not; reading or learning about trans people is not going to make someone transgender.

We’re seeing an apparent increase in trans people only because it’s less of a stigma than it was in the past, when people were forced to hide their identity because of social pressure.

6 months ago
Reply to  Dianne

Yes. To put it even more bluntly, they’re less afraid of being beaten to death by the kinds of people who read this site.

6 months ago
Reply to  Nick

Crazy how the liberal mob goes after everyone that has a different opinion. The all inclusive left. What a joke. We all seen how tolerant and inclusive yall really are during the 2020 riots. 99%of conservatives don’t care what adults do to themselves. But we do care about having OUR children indoctrinated by a bunch of haters.

6 months ago
Reply to  Dianne

What they were afraid of was being locked up in a mental institution, where they should be put now!

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