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Iran Deal – for Cheap Oil?


Are we kidding now? Biden and props are socializing a new idea – what about this? Lift the Trump-Pompeo sanctions on Iran, forgive a breakout, pay Iran more tax dollars for ink, and get “peace for our time” and cheap oil. Sound like a plan? No, Mr. Chamberlain.

In September 1938, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain had a brilliant idea. Meet with Hitler, take his word Czechoslovakia was the only aim, sign a peace accord, trust that ink, and declare “peace for our time.” Easy as that.

Within a year, Hitler had invaded Poland, hell broke loose. By May 1940, Mr. Chamberlain – already wobbly and quietly ill in 1938 – was dead. His peace accord did nothing for peace, trade, or the future of the free world.

Now, in a curious turn of events, knowing Iran’s radical Islamic leadership is anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-Sunni, anti-peace – and that they are serial liars, treaty cheaters, and the world’s largest state sponsor of terror – Biden and his team want a peace accord? Why? For cheap Iranian oil.

Said John Kirby last week, Biden’s National Security Council spokesperson, a new Iran nuclear deal would have “positive knock-on effects” that include lower gas prices. Says Kirby, explaining why Secretary of State Blinken’s sidekick, Deputy Wendy Sherman wants an Iran deal for oil: “Well, look, I mean, there’s obviously a tangential, potentially tangential benefit,” if we drop sanctions for oil.

Said Sherman: “They would get sanctions relief…improve their economy and sell their oil again, and the world needs their oil, so they could get a good price for it.”

Simple as that – We just pretend Iran does not want nukes, dump those awful and effective Trump sanctions, empower Iran to terrorize the globe, and get cheap oil by election day. Make sense?

Hardly. Iran is suffering because “maximum economic pressure” was put on them, slowing their income, which supports nuclear weapons and missile development, terrorist groups, state-sponsored military terror, suppression of their people, instability across the region, Iraq and Syria to Saudi and Yemen.

If we lift all sanctions, get “peace for our time,” the downstream or “knock on” effects will be horrific.  Expect regional and global terror to spike, money to flow into nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, more domestic suppression, and the Middle East to commence an all-out nuclear weapons race, unlikely to end well.

Would the world market get slightly cheaper oil? Maybe and maybe not, but even assuming so, that means cheaper oil for US adversaries, too. How expensive is re-empowering radical Islamic Iran, to then run roughshod over US interests?   

How about another idea. Biden effectively clamped down on the largest part of the US energy sector, fossil fuels. He still has no answer for lost jobs and energy production, discovery, refining, transport, consumer access, and spiking costs for heating and cooling, gasoline, and “knock on” effects of 40-year-high inflation.

Here is another idea: How about a peace deal with America and average Americans, from Texas to Maine, all struggling to make it – under the equivalent of Biden sanctions or “maximum pressure” on Heartland America?

How about this: Drop the penalty on average Americans and the US energy sector you represent, give us back our energy independence, stop coddling and begging Iran, China, Venezuela, and others, and we will all pledge – not to produce nuclear weapons, spend our own tax dollars here, drive our cars to work, and not to underwrite instability, terrorism, and Mideast wars.

Sound like a deal? Are we really at a point…when Biden’s Iran nuclear deal, a license to cheat and take hard-earned US tax dollars, is back on the table – for cheaper oil? Maybe we should rethink this, maybe rethink the Biden Democrats?

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2 months ago

The Chamberlin reference is perfect. President Cabbage Brain

Letts Brandon
2 months ago

Ending Biden’s war on America is no joke. He has done everything an enemy would do to make the USA bow down to them. Why, because he is our enemy and a puppet of the UN, WEF, CFR, one world government Marxists. We don’t need an impeachment, we need to charge him with treason, convict, and serve capital justice.

2 months ago

Americans used to insist on the highest standards of leadership and intelligence for candidates of the highest office in the land. This was in the days of leaders like Dwight Eisenhower, who was doubtless one of our greatest Presidents. Now, voters simply choose the candidate of whichever party they support. As a consequence, we have had a preponderance of lackluster politicians like Clinton, Obama and Biden. If we continue down this I’ll-fated path, our beloved country has a dire future.

2 months ago

I wish somebody would sponsor a bill to make assassinations legal. But then there wouldn’t be any of the crooks in government left. That would be a good thing.

2 months ago

Is there anybody in Government that is NOT selling out to the communist that want us dead? Doesn’t look like it. Names please.

2 months ago

This could definitely lead to the downfall of our country. Something needs to be done immediately to stop this. The midterms won’t come fast enough.

2 months ago

Biden is simply a Soros puppet. A fool, a failure and a flop.
He truly is the worst president ever.

2 months ago

Now it becomes obvious that Biden and the DemocRats/Commies are wanting to take over the oil industry … and do it by combining with a foreign power that hates the US’s guts. The DemocRats are turning the governance of this nation into pure havoc.

Henry D
2 months ago

Why isn’t there a standardized competency test for presidential candidates to be taken before even being allowed to have their names placed on a ballot? I am sick of these supposedly educated politicians becoming elected only to discover too late that they have long ago reached their level of incompetence. No Economics 101, no natural science courses, not even any recollection of past HISTORY to see there decisions have been used before to an unacceptable end; ever since the election of Nixon we have had too many Presidents that should have NEVER gotten there. The same for the CABINET of advisors. Politicians must be taking a special course to make them idiots.

2 months ago
Reply to  Henry D

You are 1000% right. Plus they are dishonest, greedy souls who are easily corrupted and compromised. You can’t cheat an honest man/women/pronounwhatever.

2 months ago
Reply to  Henry D

There should be. However, the voter should be competent and able to make informed decisions. That is the real problem.
Plus…having real journalists and outlets that just report the news.
Got off of cable in the 80’s…it was collapsing back then.

Michael J
2 months ago

What’s next for these idiots? I’d be surprised if Biden’s morons didn’t just give Iran nuclear weapons and save them the trouble of developing them themselves. As always sanctions only hurt the common folks because tyrants could care less if their people suffer. This madness has no end?

2 months ago

Said John Kirby, “Well, look, I mean, there’s obviously a tangential, potentially tangential benefit,” if we drop sanctions for Iranian oil. If the approach is tangential, then it’s not straightforward. If the United States can’t deal with foreign nations, no matter what precious resource they have, without resorting to such awkward explanations to us, the citizens, then that’s a deal that shouldn’t go forward. I think Kirby must have felt weird saying that, but had to support his boss. Really bad career move.

Obviously, we don’t need anything from Iran. We have plenty of energy reserves in this country, but biden is intent on not letting us access these reserves because of his party’s screwy thoughts on climate change and his desire to placate the greenies. The walls will tumble all around him as the country implodes, but, by golly, he’ll have his Chinese solar panels and dirty oil from the Middle East. This is madness.

2 months ago

So we give in to Iran on the things in your seventh paragraph and they would give us oil, which we consume and a month or two later, or 6 months, or a year later, the oil is gone and they have nuclear weapons which they are giving to radical groups to use against us and Israel? Smaks of the deal Esau made with Jacob. Recall that the Obama administration flew a plane loaded with pallets and pallets of cash into Iran. Did that permanently get us anything?

2 months ago
Reply to  Rudder

Yes, I recall Obummer’s sending pallets of cash to IRAN. And I’ve never been able to understand how that was not conceived by the majority of Americans as an act of pure treason and entirely unlawful.

David Millikan
2 months ago


2 months ago

Turn Israel loose on Iran, let NATO take care of Russia, and let the USA deal with China!
Sounds like fantasy doesn’t it!
It is fantasy with the current administration we have in Washington!

Laura Germani
2 months ago

These horribly high prices we’re paying is actually the tax that Biden promised us would not happen. My trust in this administration is long gone!

2 months ago
Reply to  Laura Germani

I never had it in the first place!

2 months ago

What kind of logic is there to go to other countries to pump oil to provide for our needs, when we can pump our own oil and provide for our own and also to help others with their needs.
Why is it okay with the “Green” people to pump oil on the other side of the world, but not for us? They have the same air as we do and they do not take the same care of keeping their pumping within the current US guidelines. Take off the blinders EPA and Greenies, you are tunnel focused at the expense of your own children, grandchildren and neighbors!

2 months ago
Reply to  Elaine

Its actually quite logical given the goals of the left. They aim to recreate a way of life that existed all over the world for most of recorded history , one where aristocracies ruled the peasants without accountability. This time two years ago gas was two bucks. Despite the recent temporary reduction, skyrocketing fuel prices are an excellent and logical tool for the globalists to use to reduce the independence of ‘the masses’. The road to serfdom is paved with the most evil intentions.

2 months ago
Reply to  Morbious

My Id is getting worked up against the DemocRats!!!

2 months ago
Reply to  Hal

Thats the spirit

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
2 months ago

I had rather walk. Kyle L.

2 months ago

Let’s face it. This nation cannot deal with Iran. This is a Muslim nation and in its book of the Koran, it states that they do not have to deal with the infidel at the same level as other Muslim nations. They lie, cheat and misdirect as needed to further their agenda and can ignore any dealings with an infidel nation. Why can’t our political system figure this out?? The Trump administration had no problem figuring out what Iran was about. This administration figures it can PET THE BEAR and not get eaten. Another rude awakening is about to unfold.

anna hubert
2 months ago

cheap Iranian oil will be paid for dearly with pound of flesh and blood

Stephen Russell
2 months ago

Seeds for Ez 38-39 War, OT Bible

2 months ago

The seed has been planted, it is now in the growing phase until maturity where then all H*LL will break loose.

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