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Indoctrination in American Schools Cause Teachers to Quit


WASHINGTON, DC, Sep 5 — Confidence in America’s schools — kindergarten, grammar schools, high schools, colleges and universities — is in the tank. A new Rasmussen [August 29] poll shows that just eight percent of respondents gave public schools an “excellent” ranking and only 22% said they were “good” enough. Ten days earlier [August 19] a separate Rasmussen survey found that “only 23% of American Adults believe U.S. public schools provide a world-class education for our students.”

The distrust of public schooling has resulted in an exodus of children as more and more parents opt to homeschool their kids or send them to private schools. Dr. Keri D. Ingraham is a Fellow at the Discovery Institute and Director of the Institute’s American Center for Transforming Education. In a recent article she penned for the Institute, Dr. Ingraham wrote that many parents are particularly concerned about “the far-left political indoctrination that dominates today’s K-12 public education classrooms (the daily promotion of the LGBT agenda, critical race theory divisiveness, and woke academics). Their children have been freed from the political agenda of teachers’ unions and school personnel using them as pawns in their power plays … One example of this indoctrination is the increasing use of the Gender Unicorn as a tool to encourage students as young as age 5 to select their gender identity, their gender expression, the gender they are physically attracted to, and the gender they are emotionally attracted to, whether women/men, feminine/masculine, or other.”

It would appear that not only are the parents concerned about the indoctrination, many teachers are dropping out of school as well. The Washington Post reports that there is an unprecedented shortage of teachers in America. As the 2022-23 school year gets underway, the Post says school districts across the country are reporting “staffing gaps that stretch from the hundreds to the thousands.”

Perhaps public schools can’t find teachers these days due to the politicalization of the classroom– the movements that seek to undermine the respect for America among the youngest of the nation’s school boys and girls, chief among them being the notorious Critical Race Theory [CRT].

Many teachers would rather quit their jobs than succumb to the socialist claptrap that teachers are being forced to teach at the increasing number of schools that promote CRT. And, maybe, it’s among the reasons that teachers are quitting.  

Kali Fontanilla has been a teacher for 15 years and a few months ago she resigned her job at a school in Salinas, CA. Kali went public with her story in an OpEd she penned for the Orange County Register. She was teaching at the school for five years when she resigned because, as she put it, “school officials were obsessed with left-wing indoctrination, and dissenting voices—like my own—were not welcome.”

Schools tend to keep their promotion of CRT in their classrooms a secret and Kari’s school was no exception. She revealed in her article that school officials are deliberately hiding the fact from parents claiming they do not teach their kids according to a CRT agenda. 

“Well, I’m here to tell you those officials are not being truthful. Since teachers at the school used the same online platform for lesson plans and learning materials, I was able to access the ethnic studies lessons. While I expected to see plenty of America-bashing, what I found legitimately shocked me: Just about every single lesson had some element of critical race theory in it … Children were learning about the so-called four I’s of oppression (institutional, internalized, ideological, and interpersonal). The course syllabus said students would use colored strings to ‘rank’ their different identities to create ‘intersectional rainbows.’ And the class even included a ‘privilege quiz’ instructing students to determine how marginalized—or privileged—they were.

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2 months ago

The silent majority have to come out and vote in November!!!

Richard Minetti
2 months ago
Reply to  Korry

They will, hopefully with bells on!!

2 months ago

The God and America hating Universities is where it begins. Let the offending institutions have their public funding removed AND, at long last, give parents the wherewithal to send their heritage to the schools that will not only educate their young minds, but also mold them to become citizen worthy adults.

Susan Miller
2 months ago

This has been going on longer than we’d like to believe. It has infiltrated outer churches, workplaces, entertainment. Some places, like Florida have fought hard against CRY and gender grooming. And as a result many offended teachers have left there as well.We must drive this perversion out of our lives in every corner that has been infected with it.

2 months ago

As Project Veritas exposed recently they are asking pointed questions during employment interviews to discover if a candidate is republican. Then not hiring them. I say it’s a win win to pull out of public schools.

April Dykes
2 months ago

Those teachers who are leaving the public schools should band together and work with groups of homeschool students by setting up co-ops.

2 months ago

The disregard for parens rights, indoctrination of children, sex education

William Coviello
2 months ago

What is currently being taught in public schools is part of the far left agenda to take down the U.S. from within. Mark my words, we are in the fight of our lives to protect our children from these subversives.

Bill C
2 months ago

Currently, what’s actually being taught in public schools is based on the far left agenda of taking down America from within.

2 months ago

That is a fact!!! Outstanding teachers have walked away. .What a loss for our children and America.

2 months ago

Sending children to private schools is tricky too. Many are also teaching woke, LGBTQ and CRT curriculum. Parents need to shop around for education with the same care and thoughtfulness that they use to buy a car or a home.

Robin Boyd
2 months ago

Teaching children about sexual identity is child abuse. It is abusing the child’s ability to grow naturally, whether they grow to adulthood being heterosexual or homosexual, they should not be prompted to make such decisions as children.

Michael Lewis
2 months ago

Only a fool stands between American parents and their children!!!

2 months ago

If good teachers quit the leftists win. It’s tought but you need to stay and fight

2 months ago
Reply to  Harry

False. If enough quit, public schools collapse and private schools come in to being to fill in the gap. Collapse of public schools destroys teachers unions and defunds the Democratic Party. Teachers quitting en masse is a desired outcome, not a problem.

2 months ago
Reply to  Bruce

that might work if the majority of teachers were conservative leaning or right of center leaning, but they aren’t. Statistics show the vast majority of people working in education today are Dems. And when the right of center teachers leave, they are replaced with a left of center person.

2 months ago

I see the future of education as school choice! This is a winning issue for Republicans! Take these students and teachers and start up more one room school houses like the pioneer days! Those kids learned more than any of the kids today! Each generation learns less and less knowledge and skills to be adults and more and more indoctrination creating immature, self-righteous, leftist activists! Not good for the future of America!

2 months ago
Reply to  Carol

You may not realize that this is happening now. Not exactly one room schoolhouses but parents are opting into home schooling that also features days of classroom teaching. I have a family member doing this now. Some still imagine home schooling as sitting down with kids and textbooks and having no idea what to do. Today there’re options to plug into. Parents browse the options then join the one most promising. We’ll know when this reaches critical mass when the dems start talking about banning it, as they do in germany.

2 months ago
Reply to  Carol

Amish one room schools prepare their scholars better than our public schools. They go to 8th grade and then work at different vocations.

2 months ago

Don’t forget the teachers chased out by the shot mandates!

Patricia A Arsenault
2 months ago

This is just so sad & wrong! We need to pray for OUR future (children)!!! #AmericaFirst

2 months ago

It doesn’t appear that America has a future.

Old Silk
2 months ago

Teachers who take seriously for everybody that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Good on ’em.

Sharon Ormsby
2 months ago

Good for the teachers who quit. I respect all who do. Many have chosen to go to private schools and charter schools, where they only teach the subject matter and don’t teach any of the “social crap” the government subjects them too. I respect the teachers and faculty who have done this. I, fortunately, had a medical problem, that took me out of the situation, so I still got all my benefits and didn’t have to lose everything.

anna hubert
2 months ago

We are dealing with the mess that accumulated over 50 years Drastic measures will not go well but perhaps a baby step to start with. Academic curriculum only,no political issues of any kind and rules of civility

Michael J
2 months ago

While some dedicated teachers will leave, many who don’t care remain. Credentials will be the next thing to slide, a remake of affirmative action, to fill voids left by real educators. Society elect school boards and like government politicians, once elected they fail to represent voters or parents. The DOJ is on record labeling parents that challenge leftist school boards “domestic terrorists”. That alone should tell you who’s behind the curtain.

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