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In Case You Missed It, AMAC’s Person of the Year Poll! We Need Your Input!


The Association of Mature American Citizens is asking for your participation in this year’s AMAC Man/Woman/Persons of the Year Award.

Please complete the first of a two-part poll to determine the top 3 vote getters. The top 3 will be included in next week’s run off poll to decide the winner.

Click Here to Take the Poll!

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Brad Smith
9 days ago

Ben Ferguson!Top spokesman and patriot for AMAC. Truly a man that supports ALL the things AMAC stands for!

10 days ago

Elon Musk !

10 days ago

I would nominate Marjorie Taylor Greene, for her never ending battle for the conservative position.

11 days ago

Elon Musk, definitely

12 days ago

definitely Elon Musk he has a god sent to Republican and telling the truth

Robert Sherman
12 days ago

Elon Musk. For releasing the twitter files. Kristy Noem for Women of the Year, in her attempt to clean out the SWAMP

12 days ago

Elon Musk for man of the year. Kristy Noem for women of the year. Both very astute and in step with the MAJORITY on the population. Both have proven trust @ integrity. 

14 days ago

I like Elon Musk due to his takeover of Twitter and exposing the lies as well as ensuring free speech. He also is extremely vocal against wokeness and CRT.

14 days ago

I would suggest Donald Trump (M), kristy Noem,(F). It is my take that the Dems can’t stand these folks
because they are attempting to clean out the swamp, knowing exactly where to start.

Ken Westenkirchner
15 days ago

Ron DeSantis..a politician with leadership skills who puts America first.

15 days ago

Elon musk. I think he actually started a revolution.

15 days ago

Ron deSantis

Rob citizenship
15 days ago

The concept of this poll is really very good, praise to AMAC for the descriptions of the qualities that the people on the list have to give them consideration to be chosen as Man of the Year, or Woman of the Year.
This is very important, it has to do with standards, with representing values that the United States of America should stand for. Loyalty to principles is important , it is honorable.
And that idea figures into this choice for Man of the Year , Woman of the Year. This endeavor is positive, and inspirational and encouraging to all involved . The right spirit for sure !

Old Silk
15 days ago

Governor DeSantis for taking a stand on behalf of Florida and Floridians in defense of the Florida Constitution and of the US Constitution.

15 days ago

TOT Frank Siller. Great American

M Hill
15 days ago

Gov DeSantis

15 days ago

Donald Trump

Timothy Jefferies
16 days ago

Donald Trump. He has done a lot for Christians and Jews.

16 days ago

Ron DeSantis. As a Floridian I hope he stays as our Governor until term lilts force him out. Then, and only then, he can go the Washington and fix the Biden mess. Sorry America, you get whoever the Dems have steal an election in ‘24. You can have DeSantis in ‘28 if America still exists.

16 days ago
Reply to  Steve

Agree with staying in in Fl till 28 but Trump for 2024

16 days ago

Elon – Man of the Year

1 year, this past year, forced open the eyes

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