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Huckabee-‘Let freedom ring’ in our churches

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Gloria Rowland

What happened to the story??


I agree wirth Gov. Huckabee. It’s a sad commentary on our churches that we are “forced” for allow the government so much power. The “Fair Tax” would help the situation and many other situations as well.

Bob E

I disagree with Huck on the Fair Tax. I’m afraid if the Fair Tax were implemented, there is NO WAY, the government could legitimately confiscate $2.8 Trillion currently being spent for FY 2013/2014. We might well wind up with something worse – like a fair tax along with portions of the direct tax we have now. The government currenly confiscates about half of what it spends and borrrows the rest. How many households do you know that could borrow $.44 of every dollar spent month after month, year after year? The problem is SPENDING. The solution is not the means or method of confiscation. Get it? We already have a flat tax on wages (Social Security is a flat tax) coupled with a graduated tax on wages and other types of income. Did I mention the problem is spending? If spending were limited to legitimate constitutional purposes (about 25% of… Read more »


I have long wondered, and been frustrated, over this issue and this limitation. Soon our only choice will be to give up the tax breaks, anyway. The government is getting very close to forcing us to hire people with opposing views from our beliefs, or lose our tax status anyway. They are already moving that direction in the Catholic church. I think the Catholic church issue is a trial balloon, and only the beginning. We will lose the tax breaks anyway unless we sacrifice our beliefs regarding homosexuality, abortion, Boy Scouts, and more. The list is getting v-e-r-y long. If we were asked, “How much would you sell your beliefs, or your integrity for? A hundred dollars? A thousand? Ten thousand? A million.” We would say, “Why nothing! I can’t believe you would even ask!” Nevertheless we ARE selling them, and it’s not for much… a few dollars in tax… Read more »


My comment regards programming on cable television. My local cable, Time-Warner, does not offer the Fox News channel on their “basic” package. In order to view it one must subscribe to a more expensive package. I did subscribe until the cost became more than my budget would allow. As a senior living on a fixed income I doubt I’m the only one with this problem. I have called TWC and also the company that preceded them, asking if there is any chance the Fox News channel would be included with the “basic” package in the future. Explaining that in my opinion those of us who do not have Fox News are limited to only one version (liberal) of the news. I believe that falls into the category of discrimination. The answers I received from the cable companies were “No, there aren’t any plans to included it in the basic package”.… Read more »


I expected to hear the Governor to say what Jesus said; “Give unto Ceasar the things that are Ceasar’s and to God the thing’s that are God’s,” Matthew 22:21.
I do agree with the Governor.

Dale Wurts

About time someone says it is time to bring government back to the people, but i’m afraid it will take a long time with so many low information people out there. Most of them have college education and are “too smart” to be taken and sadly, a lot of them are in our education system. All they have to do is accept the fact there might be another side to a topic and be open minded enough to check.

Kathleen Jennings

So very well put Governor Huckabee!! Amen, Amen.