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Hey, Complacent Conservatives! — It’s Time for Action

conservative AMAC impeachment witness amac membership Americans refuge core values country great equality act health care AMAC Action capitolIn American football, we stop a game in front of thousands of stadium fans, to make sure the right call is made on the field. Millions of TV viewers wait while officials pull a ten-yard chain measure onto the field and or check with a replay booth – so a team’s record is accurate – and bettors collect their rightful rewards (or suffer their rightful losses).

At our thoroughbred horserace tracks, we look at photos of the finish line when two or more horses are in close contention. We post an objection and delay results on the scoreboard if a possible rule infraction is suspected. Stewards and racing fans view race videos taken from all sides of the track, plus the steward’s (frontal) angle — to assure the declared winner has won the race fair and square. These delays build drama, and final results may thrill some bettors and disappoint others.

But in America, our Constitutional democratic republic, We the People don’t routinely object to blatant unconstitutional moves by some mayors, governors or members of our legislatures. We didn’t even vehemently demand a closer look at allegations of voter fraud in our most recent election.

This is not only about which candidate actually won the election. It is about the integrity and reliability of the election process itself – in our November 3, 2020 presidential election – held to determine the next President of the United States.

Accusations of alleged fraud, and videotaped proof of polling place malfeasance, along with hundreds of sworn witness testimonials from average citizens of both major parties, have been largely ignored by ranking members of our Senate and House of Representatives – and sadly, by some of We the People.

We are not citing a few dead people voting from heaven or hell; or a few zealots voting twice – in both their previous and current state of residence. We are talking about possible evidence of massive, organized, well-funded, fraud, involving truckloads of thousands – perhaps tens of thousands — of illegal ballots. So, Congressional leaders’ sentiment that we should just move on doesn’t cut it!

Genuine ballots may have been counted multiple times; fake ballots were possibly brought by the truckload from distant states or printed on non-regulation paper in a foreign country. Ballot envelope postmarks and signatures may have been altered.

Reportedly, significant numbers of Americans of all political persuasions suspect the integrity of America’s November 3, 2020, election has been compromised in sufficient measure to have decisively tilted results from ‘Candidate T’ to ‘Candidate B’ overnight, behind covered-up windows and in the absence of poll watchers.

While this might not be unusual in a military, third-world, dictatorship — for America, this is outrageous and unconscionable. And what is even more outrageous is – while a large number of Americans – including Democrats, Independents and Republicans, are angry – it appears that there is little action. They may commiserate with friends or family members about the election then shrug, throw up their hands, and go about their business.

Jesse Watters, on his December 27, 2020, Watters’ Word program, justifiably called America a complacent country. He described America as the ‘third largest country, spanning two oceans, with a population of over 300 million people — and wondered why we just sit there and take it! “This isn’t who we are,” Watters said. “We used to storm castles over abuses of power like this – and now, we just change the channel, or raid the fridge.’

“China recklessly released the virus into America, which some consider to be an act of war,” Watters continued, “and what did we do? We sat on our iPhones, made in China, and ordered takeout. We did nothing.”

There were protests of government lockdowns in some states, but not enough of them. Meanwhile, last summer’s demonstrations helped to spread the virus and brought out rioters, arsonists, and looters — which our corrupt mainstream news media called peaceful protests – while fires burned in the background.

When statues of our Founding Fathers were defaced and toppled – there was outrage, but little action. Little was done about the fake Mueller probe, the faux impeachment sham — and passage of pork-laden, voluminous bills by Congress, which no one reads. As Watters said, “What do we do to hold these criminally corrupt politicians accountable? Nothing! We vote them into office again!”

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) researched a list of pork in the latest proposed spending bill and cited billions in taxpayer funding for foreign countries. Grants included huge amounts to study gender identity in Pakistan, and the unbelievable study of lizards on a treadmill not to mention treating alcoholic rats with bobcat urine. You can’t make this stuff up! Not only is this kind of wasteful spending disrespectful to hard working American taxpayers – it also debases the U.S. dollar.

Watters ended his powerful commentary by describing Congress as a Den of Thieves – and left us with the challenge: “We need to re-light the great American spirit, because [our government] will continue to rob us blind until we do something about it.”

But for sensible, conservative America to resist – we need leaders to organize us – and to assist in converting our outrage into resolve! That’s where AMAC comes in. We’ve been working hard to ensure many thousands of voices are heard in support President Trump’s fight against election fraud and have been running educational and get-out-the-vote campaigns in Georgia. We’ve organized our members in the battleground states to compel the lawmakers of their respective legislatures to act on the power granted to them by the Constitution to seat Trump electors and combat their state’s fraudulent election results. There is much more work to be done and we need all the voices we can muster. Take action now and join AMAC – the fastest growing conservative organization in America – that is fighting for election integrity at www.amac.us.

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[…] You will not save the world by condemning it because it doesn’t share your beliefs. You will not win the lost by telling them how important your rights are. Stop it. Jesus promised hardship, and his Word tells you to count it pure joy — not to rise up against it. […]

1 year ago

The article title, “Hey, Complacent Conservatives! – It’s Time for Action” has prompted me to share the latest “good news” for those of us who could really use some good news, right about now. There is now “real” proof that election fraud truly did happen; “real” proof that Trump truly did win the election. Search on “ItalyGate” or on #ItalyDidIt, to learn what Maria Zack, founder of Nations in Action and the organization “The Institute for Good Governance” have uncovered. A person has come forward with all the fraud details, including the “Who, Where, & How”. It involves flipping votes from Trump to Biden. It involves the company, Leonardo SpA, one of the largest Defense Contractors in the world. It involves computer servers in Italy, Germany, and the USA. It involves a Leonardo SpA satellite. It implicates the U.S. Embassy in Italy, the State Department, and the CIA. There are videos on the internet that you can watch including an interview between Debbie Georgatos of AmericaCanWeTalk.org and Maria Zack of Nations in Action. There are other interviews, too. There is still hope that justice can and will be served!

1 year ago

Conservatives seem to me to be ALL TALK AND NO ACTION! … WHY? … Probably because most Conservatives seem to be 40+ in age and wrapped up in trying to just survive! The Progressively Communist Democrats are well funded by millionaires and billionaires and especially control 95% of the Mainstream Media as well as ALL the Social Media! … At best, it’s a uphill battle. I truly believe that IF President Trump refuses to leave the White House until the Supreme Court reviews ALL the evidence of voting fraud and does THEIR JOB to verify the election results, We the People WILL back him up! … Otherwise, We the People will be under the servitude of the Hammer and Sickle!

1 year ago

The author started by describing the process to decide a questionable football play or an inquiry at the finish line of a horse race. Every freeze-frame of the action was examined, looking for someone grabbing a helmet or a rider deliberately swerving into the other horse. Until an honest outcome is declared a matter of certainty by all parties given the responsibility to decide such things, more evidence should be examined. That’s the kind of thoroughness we look for, in order to rule out any suspicion of fraud. Why We the People expect that in sports but not in government is beyond me.

This past election, in November, was to decide the most contentious battle between the two main political ideologies. The democrats served up one red herring after another, for the duration of this administration, in order to trip up the public, to divert our loyalty from President Trump and to entice us with their socialist dreams. For those of us capable of seeing the writing on the wall, the dems’ efforts fell flat. But others went straight for the carrot. The dems weren’t finished, though; there were all these tactics of corruption—the icing on the cake—that they needed to try at the ballot box. That kind of tyranny is worthy of revolution.

Sure, we’re angry with the stupid bills put out by Congress, with the nonsensical ways they want to spend our money. People are going hungry, businesses are going belly up, millions have lost their jobs. THIS COUNTRY IS FAILING! Rand Paul and Jesse Watters gave words to the feelings of contempt we have for the do-nothing representatives we voted into government positions, and some of us will react by DOING SOMETHING.

Then I get to the last paragraph, and read about all this organizing going on, but that’s such a nebulous concept. What has really changed? I appreciate having these articles to read and the platform for us to air our comments, AMAC, but I would have liked even more to see lists of cheap places to stay around Washington, D.C., for the rally on Wednesday. Something concrete, like conservative organizations to contact that are holding rallies in cities around the country, instead of a pitch to join AMAC.

“…for sensible, conservative America to resist – we need leaders to organize us…” A gentle reminder to all readers here—don’t wait for the invitation; plan (or crash) the party yourselves!

1 year ago

Lol good luck folks! This is 100% worth your time!

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