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GOP Takes Senate and Prepares a New Path Forward

By – Caroline Rayburn

Tuesday night proved to be a historic night for the Grand Old Party, as Republicans soared to victory – expanding their majority in the House of Representatives and gaining control of the U.S. Senate.

Republicans scored big in Arkansas, North Carolina and Colorado, where GOP candidates unseated incumbent Democrats.  They also capitalized on openings in West Virginia, Iowa, Montana and South Dakota where Democratic Senators were retiring.  Perhaps one of the most resounding indications of strength came when Republicans held their own in Kentucky, Georgia and Kansas – three states Democrats felt they had good chances of flipping.

Republicans still stand to pick-up a couple more states: Alaska and Virginia, which are currently too close to call, and Louisiana, which is headed to a runoff in early December, could tip the balance of power even more heavily toward the GOP.  In fact, the House now commands its largest Republican majority since the 1940s after capturing 12 new seats across the country.

Gains were also made at the state level.  Incumbent Republican governors won decisively in South Carolina, Ohio, New Mexico, Iowa, Wisconsin, Maine, Georgia and Florida.  Even in deep blue states like Maryland, Illinois, Massachusetts and Michigan, voters also opted for Republican leadership.  Only one Democratic challenger – Tom Wolf in Pennsylvania – was able to oust a sitting Republican governor.

In what was a clear referendum on President Obama’s liberal policies, it remains to be seen if Republicans have a clear vision to lead the American people in a new direction.  “With great power comes great responsibility,” and Republicans now face the tall task of governing – and governing well.  The “Party of No” can no longer get by on anti-Obama rhetoric alone.  To be successful, Republicans will have to unite around a common conservative agenda and put forth novel ideas, solutions and legislation that will stimulate economic growth, create jobs and protect American interests at home and abroad.

What issues might Republicans choose to address first?  Expect to see the GOP pass the Keystone XL pipeline, reform the corporate tax code, work toward a balanced budget, grant special negotiating authority to the president for international trade agreements, secure the border and chip away at ObamaCare.  With legislation no longer unilaterally blocked by lame duck Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Republicans have the ability to hold President Obama’s feet to the fire.  No doubt, the next two years will not only determine the legacy President Obama will write for himself, but it will set the stage for the 2016 presidential election.

The Senate changeup will also impact AMAC’s ability to effect meaningful change for mature Americans and seniors in Washington.  The mission of guaranteeing Social Security through responsible reforms and repealing parts of ObamaCare in favor of free-market, patient-centered health solutions become politically plausible for the first time in a long time.  AMAC is poised to play a significant role in the discussions and decisions that will move the country forward and is eager to partner with the 114th Congress to advance conservative principles that promise to improve the lives of all Americans.

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Dan R
5 years ago

I fear those who have offered comments before me are doomed to be disappointed. Yes, the House and Senate are in Republican hands. Yes, Boehner and McConnel have demonstrated willingness to abandon principles to “get along”. What is the likelihood of getting different leadership? I think: poor. Even if strongly principled conservative leaders were chosen, the man who has to sign on the dotted line remains Obama. Unless some Democrats vote against him, any veto by Obama is unlikely to be overridden. Can you think of another scenario that virtually guarantees a Congressional session unable to function? Republicans can almost… Read more »

5 years ago

Now that Republicans have a chance to turn America around, I would urge our Congressmen and Senators to NOT fight amongst themselves, and remember that their mission is to do what is best for our country. It doesn’t matter whether they are members of the Tea Party or not, they should all be united in their efforts to reverse the direction that this country has been taking, and be focused on what they all are sworn to do, and that is to uphold and defend our Constitution, and to once again put America and Americans FIRST, as they go about… Read more »

Ivan Berry
5 years ago

This election was no mandate to continue in the business of government as usual, but an attempt to buy time to turn this Ship of State around. So, let us give this President that we have so well learned to trust full Trade Promotion Authority to decide what is a Congressional perogative (Art. I, Sec. 8) to make deals for more regional alliances like NAFTA that the establishment Republicans continue to be for and Democrat Presidents oblidged to pass (like Clinton). The record on NAFTA is already in. It did what Perot said so far as that “great sucking sound”… Read more »

5 years ago

I am concerned about the changing of the tax code. There are several credible people who are confused about the difference between the Flat Tax and the FairTax ( The Flat Tax is identical to our current taxing system, in that it is based upon REPORTED INCOME and only applies to individuals and businesses who REPORT their taxes to the IRS. The FairTax. however, is based upon CONSUMPTION and applies to EVERYBODY who purchases almost everything. The FairTax also ABOLISHES the IRS before it is implented. The Flat Tax has no such provision

5 years ago

I would like to see Tax reform for seniors on SS be addressed. I see no fairness in the “formula” used to determine our percentage of tax owed. I am not in a “high” income bracket but even so I am thrown into the 25% tax bracket. That is the same as when I was working. Am I being punished because I receive a small retirement income from a job I worked in for 41 years so I could survive upon retirement?

Bob S.
5 years ago

Republicans must undo all the damage Obama has done. Impeachment must be on the table for illegal executive actions and for failing to enforce existing laws.
It would be a mistake to “work” with Democrats. Republicans should work to restore freedom, reduce the size of government, balance the budget, simplify the tax code, and make sure that the Constitution is upheld. That is, in part, the conservative agenda.
To Mr. Boehner and Mr. McConnell – Embrace Tea Party values or turn the leadership over to people who will.

Ollie Octopus
5 years ago

If the Reps don’t take Boehner and McConnell out of leadership rolls it will be the same old story. “We need to work with them.” Hogwash! They need to work with us! These two guys were riding on the shoulders of the Tea Party who McConnell said he would crush. They are both Rinos. Unless they change the old guard leadership I don’t expect much from them. At least we only have two more years of out Muslim (yes, he admitted it on CNN) socialist president.

5 years ago

We’re still waiting in the wings for states like Virginia w/ the recount, Louisiana w/ the runoff, & Alaska.

5 years ago

Sanity prevails! … I just hope this majority-elected Republican Congress realizes the “real” reason they won this election! The American people are fed up with President Obama’s Socialist agenda running rampant over “We the People’s” Constitutional rights! This “runaway” Socialist President has done more damage in these last 6 year’s to destroy the rights of the “citizens” than any 10 former presidents in our history combined! Other than the passage of Obamacare by the then partisan Democratic controlled Congress, he has ignored Congress and our Constitution and just “willy-nillied” any damn Executive Order he pleased on this nation. Yes, there… Read more »

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