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GOP Bill Would Imprison Sanctuary City Officials Who Protect Illegals

illegal immigrant sanctuaryThe Trump administration has already been making a concentrated effort to cut off federal funding from sanctuary cities, but Rep. Todd Rokita’s new bill takes the initiative one step further.

In a bill introduced to the house on December 4, Rokita outlined a proposal to strictly punish sanctuary city officials who deliberately protect illegal immigrants.

Rokita’s proposed bill would apply severe penalties to elected officials in sanctuary cities. Titled the “Stopping Lawless Actions of Politicians Act”, or SLAP, the bill would imprison local and state officials for up to five years, or impose a fine of up to one million dollars for refusal to comply with federal immigration enforcement efforts and deportations.

In a recent appearance on Fox and Friends, Rokita said “These sanctuary cities need to end. They harbor illegal criminals. And if these politicians don’t obey a valid, constitutionally-upheld federal law, if they’re going to act like criminals themselves, then we ought to lock them up”.

“The American people are rightfully infuriated watching politicians put their open-borders ideology before the rule of law, and the safety of the people they represent. Politicians don’t get to pick and choose what laws to comply with”.

Rokita’s bill comes in the wake of the Steinle trial conviction—illegal immigrant Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was acquitted of murder charges in the murder of Kate Steinle in 2015. Zarate had been previously deported back to his home country of Mexico five times and had been released from jail by San Francisco officials, despite federal requests to detain him for deportation. While walking along Pier 14 in San Francisco’s Embarcadero district, Zarate fatally shot Steinle and was subsequently arrested. The court found Zarate not guilty of murdering Steinle—a verdict that angered many Americans who were already frustrated with the lax immigration policies in Democrat-dominated cities like San Francisco.

“Americans are dying because politicians sworn to uphold the law refuse to do so,” Rokita said.

Rokita is running in the Republican primary against five other candidates in an attempt to win a Senate seat currently held by Democrat Joe Donnelly. With the proposed SLAP Act, he hopes to make the streets of America more safe and secure and to put the safety of our nation’s legal citizens first.

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Public officials in sanctuary cities, states, or municipalities SHOULD pay the price if they refuse to comply with federal agencies that are acting within the law. Those who don’t are co-conspirators, in my book.
What has happened in this country, where a 5-time-deported criminal like Zarate can get away with murder? What happened to the tens of thousands of jailed criminals released by former Pres. Obama? Have they been rounded up and deported? Or thrown back in jail? Point is—what happened to the rule of law?!


Let’s see
The Left dreams that Trump broke some imaginary law (?) and should be indicted and punished.
By the same thinking
What treatment should
State & Local officials who actually violate or obstruct real federal immigration law get ?

How about if the border wall actually gets built
Don’t extend it across California
And see how Gov Moonbeam and his cohorts like it when
All the illegal crossings and accompanying issues get funneled into their domicile.
With no federal tax $ to bail them out.


Long overdue! An example or two needs to be made. Past time to get serious – e-verify and stiff penalties on violations = , no amnesty – no DACA, – until the wall is built, need troops on the border!

Burton Pauly

We fully agree that the city, and state officials who flaunt the laws of the land , and persist in protecting illegal immigrants, and especially the criminal element illegals should be prosecuted to the nth%. These idiot officials can’t pick and choose which laws they are going to adhere to. Sic-em Rokita, and all of the true Patriot congress members.


Given the federal government has the sole control of establishing and enforcing immigration policy per existing rulings from the Supreme Court confirming what the Constitution already authorizes the federal government to do, virtually every state and local official that establishes a sanctuary city or sanctuary state is already in clear violation of existing federal law. That is not conjecture. That is simple fact. All this proposed bill would do is codify what the specific punishment would be for such illegal actions by local, city or state officials. Looking through the language of the proposal, I don’t see anything that is either unreasonable or would be unenforceable in a federal courtroom. So AMAC should lobby all the members of Congress that they normally do to get this legislation fast-tracked through both houses of Congress and onto President Trump’s desk for signing into law in the first half of 2018. That is… Read more »


I hope the bill passes the house, but will it pass in the senate? At present there are over 300 bills that McConnell has
not allowed to bring to a vote. So who is the criminal here?


Whatever works to free our country of these ‘home invaders’.


Amen to Rep. Todd Rokita for his bill. The Dems will never go for this because they think all the ILLEGALS will be able to vote for them some
day. The decision on the Kate Steinle case was a disgrace; however, what do you expect from California. They are in a world all their own.
The name Zarate is interesting. We had two brothers in my State murder a 16 year old girl and their name was Zarate. This is not the
Country or World that I grew up in.


The interesting thing here is that I’ll bet you don’t know of a single government agency that got a vote of their LEGAL citizens for this designation. I know a sanctuary city in Oregon that none of my many relatives living there even knew about it. This is communism folks where elected officials get to decide to break the law and you can’t or won’t do anything about it. Remove all federal benefits from these places and charge these officials with crimes. How much do you suppose we taxpayers give to CA to fight their fires with but will allow murderers loose to prey on your streets. Why aren’t we suing these places? Its coming folks, payback’s a bitch!


Not only should they go to jail but also be sued for wrongful death, the city, the persons, and the State where “Sanctuary” is given to criminals which includes ILLEGAL ALIENS !!

Paul W.

I’m glad that the bill is being introduced, but I’m not certain that it’s necessary. The way I understood it was that the DOJ already had the power (and duty) to prosecute violators of federal immigration law when they’re responsible for releasing an illegal that commits a violent crime. If that’s incorrect, I certainly hope that this bill passes and is signed into law. It’s WAY overdue. No more sanctuary for these sanctuary city politicians.

Donald Tucker

And, eliminate the foreign aid to countries opposed to moving our embassy to Jerusalem.


If you look at 18 United States Code Section 1512, which under the Victims and Witnesses Protection Act of 1982, recodifies Sections 1503 and 1505, it is already a Federal Crime to obstruct justice. If you look at 18 United States Code Section 2, anyone who aids, abets, counsels or acts in furtherance of a Federal Crime is equally guilty of the crime. Being present in the US illegally is a Federal Crime. If you look at a number of Federal statutes regarding conspiracy, the knowledge of 1 is the knowledge of all; the acts of 1 are the acts of all; and it is not necessary that any person know or approve of the details, all are guilty. See, e.g., United States v. Gary Greenough, 609 F.Supp 1090, 1094 (S.D. Ala. 1985). Politicians who give illegal orders to law enforcement officers are guilty of conspiracy and obstruction of justice,… Read more »


This certianly sounds like a law I would support wholeheartedly , hope it happens I will e-mail my congressman to support this. But the problem is when they arrest local officials we the tax payer pay the bill there needs to attached to this law that any officials are to be personaly responsible


Well, it’s about time EVERBODY abides by the same laws!


If it illegal for me & every American, its illegal.
Public elected persons should have stiffer penalties than a man off the streets.

mike failla

What happens when you or i decide what law we want to obey and which ones we do not want to comply with? Do you think the full weight of the government would not disagree with you? Why do these (blank blank blanks) think that they get a pass? If so then why?


About time the law is enforced, under Obama it seemed to have become optional and only enforced under made up charges against conservatives.

DR Richard

End them NOW and get rid of Sessions–not doing his job and put baldy brown in Ca and his cronies in jail first


I think that Hanging would be more fitting. and if that sounds to cruel then lets just put them before a firing squad. They are Democrat, Marxist, Socialist Progressive, Communist American haters. They are not members of our society, they are our countries enemies. Lets treat them as such. Melt the Snowflakes!