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Great News for Generation America Members

On April 2, 2014, the Association of Mature American Citizens and Generation America united to strengthen advocacy efforts on behalf of America’s seniors.  By combining the membership of both groups, we create a more unified voice for conservative Americans, a more powerful advocacy organization in Washington, and are able to offer more benefits to our members. United we stand!

We look forward to providing you with even more outstanding service and the true advocacy you deserve in Washington.

Michael Young, Founder of Generation America will be joining us as a member of the AMAC Board of Advisors.  Mr. Young brings great enthusiasm to the team and will continue to advocate for the rights of the country’s 50-plus generation.

If you are currently an active Generation America member, you are automatically enrolled in AMAC.  We hope you are as excited to be a part of AMAC as we are to have you.

Please be assured that any policies and benefits you had in place as an active member of Generation America will continue to be in force.  There will be no changes to, or discontinuation of, your Generation America benefits.  In a few weeks, active members will receive new AMAC Member Welcome Kits.  The kit will contain membership cards and useful information about all of the additional benefits now available to all AMAC member.  AMAC offers a wide selection of benefits including affordable life insurance, Roadside Assistance, an exceptional auto and home insurance program through Travelers, and much more.

The Future is Bright

As a member of AMAC, there are many resources available to you.  Take time to visit and explore our website at  You’ll find more information about member benefits and discounts, as well as informative news and articles.  AMAC members receive our quarterly magazine, the Amac Advantage, right in their mailboxes.  We hope you’ll enjoy the timely and helpful articles about topics of interest to those 50 and over.  Members also receive our weekly email newsletter, the AMAC Update, which will keep you informed about AMAC’s latest activities and provide links to the latest news in politics, finance, health and travel.

If your Generation America membership had previously expired, now is a great time to re-join this newer, stronger organization.  By joining AMAC now, you’ll soon have access to the outstanding benefits, discounts and other resources that our members enjoy every day.  Click on the red “JOIN/RENEW” link at the top of the page, or call 888-262-2006 to join now.

We are committed to making your AMAC membership an exceptional experience.  Our membership service representatives are prepared to answer any questions you have about your existing plans and benefits as well as any questions about the plans and benefits offered by AMAC.  Just call us at 888-262-2006 and let us help you get the most out of your membership with AMAC.

This is an exciting and empowering time for all, and we look forward to working together to preserve the American values we all hold so dear.  Thank you for your support!

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