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World Leaders Quiz

World Leaders Quiz

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8/13. Most of the incorrect were wild guesses.

Laurie Veillette

Hmmm….I believe George H W Bush is no longer a living president, better update that one.


On this one folks, each question is worth about 7.69 points (with the assumption of 70% is passing) so missing more than three (like I did at four) will not be a good thing.
Better luck next time I suppose.

Charles R Cozzens

10/13 some questions were way out there

Nancy Arevalo

You have two incorrect answers. The oldest living president is Carter, not Bush. The longest reigning monarch is King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand. Also, your question about BREXIT is missleading. BREXIT has not yet take place. The public vote was taken in 2016, but it still hasn’t happened. So, if a prime minister resigns ‘after’ BREXIT (and it happens while May is still in office), it will have to be May, since she’s the sitting Prime Minister. If you meant, ‘after the vote’ to resign from the EU, then it was Cameron.


Wow !! Finally a quiz that had questions that stumped me! Guess I don’t know as much about other nations and current events as I thought.

D & C

8 out of 13 – oh well we will do better next week!