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Watermelon Quiz

Watermelon Quiz

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1 year ago

I did lousy on the quiz, but I do GREAT at eating them! ;)

Trish Phipps
1 year ago

Failure on quiz, but I know how to choose a ripe melon every time.

1 year ago

None of the four answers to question 12 are correct. The closest one as far as spelling is brinx. The correct spelling is brix.

Michael Hoehn
1 year ago

I’ve never taken a quiz on watermelon quiz. And I’ve taken a lot of quizzes and tests in my time.

1 year ago

8 out of 12. Not too bad I guess. I do know I love to eat watermelon. Does that get me any bonus points? LOL

1 year ago

Not very watermelon savvy. 6/12 :|

T Anderson
1 year ago

Only 5/12. I eat then, I don’t study them.

1 year ago

8 out of 12 not very good for someone who lived on a watermelon farm in the 1950s

11 months ago

Interesting information about watermelons. I only got 5 right. I guess I’m not a melon head. Lol

1 year ago

6 of 12. Not great, but not my worst.

Lee E Glidewell
1 year ago

11 of 12! Sheesh, didn’t think I knew ANYTHING about watermelon, c’mon. I do have to agree with Fixer48 on question 12. Coming from Washington state (fruit growing region, especially grapes) we have heard the measure of sweetness known as BRIX, not brinx. Y’all really need to do the research & then PROOFREAD what y’all are asking as quiz questions on. Giddy up!

1 year ago

I got ya all beat. . . .4/12. OUCH. Can anyone beat that wonderful score? Apparently eating has nothing to do with what questions were asked.

1 year ago

10 out of 12. And I don’t even like watermelon!

1 year ago

I just had some watermelon, too! I would like to see a square melon. Are they grown in a square box or something?

I scored 7 of 12. Sure need to study the melons…..

Paul Lubell
1 year ago

8 of 12. Guess that is not too bad based on the other responses.

1 year ago

Had a lot of good guesses

Phyl W
1 year ago

7/12. Not that great but I do know how to eat them.

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