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Thanksgiving Quiz

Thanksgiving Quiz

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Bob L.

Somebody id going to have to show me where Jefferson refused to declare Thanksgiving a national holiday on the grounds of separation of church and state. There never was such a belief on his part of separation of church and state.


Didn’t do that great, but learned a few things.
The question about what state produces the most turkeys, for a second thought it was about politicians..?

Priscilla Karras

My husband & I shared the quiz, we loved it. We did learn a few things, need to bone up on our history!!


7 out of 13 – and half of those were guesses. My worst showing ever!

Diana Erbio

Only got 7 out of 13…but learned a few things. Check out my AMAC column “GIVING THANKS IS UNITING” if you have a chance ??