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Sports Quiz

Sports Quiz

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I got 5 out of 13. That means I managed to guess correctly five times. I know practically nothing about sports!


Never thought I would get 11/14 not bad for an 85 year old woman an not a sport fan!!!


You know, it’s tough to get old and forgetful and fat and bald and cranky all at the same time but today I feel pretty good. I answered 12 out of 13 correctly. Even an old blind hog finds an acorn occasionally.


I don’t much about sports, got 7 out of 13.
Learn a lot from taking these quizzes, sure enjoy.
Thanks AMAC.


7 of 13, but I should have done better. I need to brush up on who has the most whatevers and try this test again.

Terry Anderson

Maybe more hockey questions and less of the two BB games

Rod Monteith

7 out of 13; not a basketball nor a hockey fan; what about rugger and cricket? Glad to see the US learning to appreciate soccer (football everywhere else).

Fred Roach

I’m with Dennis. 9 of 13 correct. The one about the longest hitting streak was most interesting. I guessed Lou Gehrig. But of course…..


What a revoltin’ development this is! I’m a huge sports fan and only got 9 right…


I’ve done great on all quizzes until this one. I can honestly say I don’t care about sports, and it really showed in taking this quiz. 6 out of 13, and I guessed on all 6. Wish I could
guess that well on my lotto card!!!

Martin Steed

I somehow got 10 right. A lot of good guessing. I am certainly not much of a sports fan, but recognized some names. Keep these coming, they are fun and I always learn something. Thanks.


like the quizzes-10/13

Lee E Glidewell

5 out of 13?! Pathetic! Knew 3 but got lucky on 2. This just proves why I’ve never had any use for ball games/players. Perhaps I’d do better on a quiz about motorsports or shooting sports (not biathlon).


7 of 13. Pretty much what I expected when I saw the caregory.


Interesting quiz! Sure shows I don’t know much about sports! Baseball and a bit about football are my best ones!

Helen E

I’m a good sport but I don’t know much about athletics! I did, however, get all of the baseball questions right because it was the ONLY topic my, then, teenage son & I could SAFELY talk about. Whatever it takes! Play ball! I’m speaking your language.

John P Costello

Thank you


Worst score yet! Pretty obvious that I’m not a big sports fan!


8/13. Not bad considering I’m not a big sports fan.