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Memorial Day Quiz

Memorial Day Quiz

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9 out of 12! I didn’t even know there were certain times to do certain things.

Betty Councill

I am a republican and I want President Trump to remain our leader. I just hope and pray that he will use his words wisely and not act like a child and strike back with unkind and derogatory comments. I pray for America and our leaders daily. I truly believe that President Trump loves America.


Well, I’m fitting in with the rest of you, 8 out of 12. Not very good. I also did not know there were certain times to put the flag up/down.


5 out of 12! How embarrassing. I had no idea and need to look up Memorial Day and educate myself. I do attend local services to honor the fallen but didn’t know the details given in this quiz. Live and learn. Thanks Amac.

Dave Duda

Carol, #2 is the last Monday in May because that is when we celebrate Memorial Day nowadays. #5 is false because we used to celebrate Memorial Day on May 30.

Le'Aira Love

12 out of 12! Does that mean I pay a little too much in Social Studies?


I got 9 out of 12 so I’m guessing we are average here I didn’t know there were certain times to do things either


10 of 12 Did better than I thought I would do.


i wasnot aware of times and where it started

Annamarie Dodge

i would have loved to know more about the answers to these questions…i never knew about the times or locations and such…educate us!


I didn’t do much better – 7 out of 12 — I hang my head in shame!

T Anderson

9 of 12…would have had 10 of 12 if I gone with my first gut reaction to one question. Oh, well, that what came of over-thinking something.


Explain question 2 and 5.


Explain Question #2 and #5.

Lee Glidewell

9 out of 12. Amazed that I did that well as 3 of my choices were complete guesses. First I had ever heard about the timing thing.


Question 10 has an incorrect answer. The correct answer is NOON, which should never be expressed as 12pm. NOON is 12M not 12PM. And midnight is 12MM not 12AM. Many people get this wrong because early computer programmers were too lazy to properly set up time for their programs and too many people who should know better perpetuate the problem. Please go back and study junior high astronomy or ancient history if you want to review how time is reckoned.