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Lobster Quiz

Lobster Quiz

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Well, I know less than nothing about lobsters. . .5 out of 11.



Not an expert on lobster!

Rogersville, Tn

Glad this wasn’t a betting game. I shamefully only got 2 right! I’ll do it again so I can learn about lobsters, those blue blooded creatures! lol

T Anderson

7/11 by mostly guessing. Use to love lobster, but have not had in ages.


7/11. Just luck. Knew very few, guessed at most. For me choosing eating crab or lobster, crab wins!


7/11 by guessing


9 out of 11! I did not realize lobsters live as long as they do. They will have a good long life of its up to me to eat them. I saw a television show about lobsters, it said they are first cousins to cockroaches! Ever since then, I just can’t bring myself to eat one!


Obviously I know nothing about lobsters…got 6 our of 11.


Got 8 out of 11. I got question #9 right but did not know what the heck was Lobster tomalley?? I underestimated the Lobster’s lifespan of 45 to 50 years.


Trust your instinct. I got 6 out of 11, but if I would have gone with my first answer it would have been 8 out of 11.

Bob Wippermann

8/11 lived on east coast mostly and traveled Maine to Baltimore for work. In New England, even McDonald’s sells lobster rolls, best way to eat lobster in my opinion. Ummm good!


Wow. Three out of 11 correct. By the way, I thought “moulting” referred only to birds’ feathers.

Lee Glidewell

I obviously don’t know a thing about lobsters. 6 out of 11.


I live in the Mountain West so don’t know much about lobsters my excuse for only getting 5 of 11 answers right.


Got 8 of 11, but 7 were guesses.


I missed the one about organs (No 9). I did the puzzle in under a minute, so not bad at all.