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Finance Quiz

Finance Quiz

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14/14 stuff you hear your whole life. Fun game!


A basic financial class should be required for all levels through high school. Too many are getting out of high school not understanding the impact of the financial decisions they make.

ToolMan Tim

First perfect score for me. Woo Hoo! I’d hate to see the average score for current college grads!!!


With respect to question #3…poorly stated…the “bottom line” is never about how much business a company has earned or lost but its NET PROFIT. When talking about how much business a company has “earned” (whether it actually EARNED that business or not), it is understood to mean “sales,” or “top line.” Just as when the media talks about how much a movie has “made,” they mistakenly use that term to describe revenue (sales) when, in the business world, “made” would refer to net profit, or “bottom line.”


12/14. I forgot that the 1040a was the short form, not the 1040 and should have use a calculator for # 10, but was too lazy.

June J

Only missed one two weeks in a roll. Feeling good. Probably because I’ve been around awhile.


agree with last comment, Econ 101 and 102 should be required before you graduate, by college some bad habits are already lurking.


12 out of 14……..not bad for an old lady of 83!

Kathy westerlund

I love quizzes!!
The one on finance was so fun! Keep them coming…

Kit Hackett

That was good


12 out of 14. I guess I know more than I thought about financial matters.


12/14. I guessed on the compounding interest question. Was close to the correct answer but no cigar and misread another question. Those “Not” questions have to be read carefully. One of them tripped me up.


Enjoyed the quiz.
It’s a shame that Feinstein held onto the letter until now. She is determined to destroy this man’s life.


Has anyone else noticed this? When most media outlets report on the the stock market did today… They only tell you how much the Dow went up, or down, but omit telling you the level that the Dow is at, e.g. 26,568. Could it be that they don’t want to highlight the current administration’s success?

Gail Trent

13/14 – got me on the math question, lol :)


Wow! I only missed one, and I would have gotten that right if I had gone with my instinct. I had no idea I knew so much about finance! I have never even taken a class in it.

Jo Dee

got them all correct!

Mark Yotter

Several of these questions could have been worded much better.

Terry Anderson

12/14….good to listen when my husband talks finance.

Joan DeMarree

14 out of 14