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Columbus Day Quiz

Columbus Day Quiz

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Martin Steed

Like many, I failed miserably on this one. BUT, I learned stuff I did not know. Keep em coming.

Sue Bernritter

Thank you..

Sue Bernritter

Good info I had long forgotten
Thank you


5 of 12 correct. I Am ashamed of myself.

Annette m Gunter

I did not do well on this and should have done better. I saw the two replica Columbus ships this Spring. They were extremely interesting. If you get the chance to see them, do so.


Liberals say there is no Columbus Day, but being that most of them are teachers and gov’t employees they like it anyhow..

Fred Roach

Again, I ask the quizmasters to provide us a link where we can go get more information on the correct answer. Thank you.

Rita M. Rivera

I did TERRIBLY, but I sure did learn a lot, thank you!!!!

Ted B. Elkins Park PA

I’ll have to get my history book out. LOL!
5 of 12


hah and I think I am sooo smart! 6 out of 112???


7 OF 12. should have done better, but ……..oh well.

Mike kent

Like playing blackjack some good, some bad, obviously answers to Columbus BAD


Missed three surprised I knew that many

Debra J Austin

I’ll do better next time:-)


Nothing against Columbus, but history is history, I’m glad he made the voyage of discovery…otherwise I don’t much care.

uncle bobo

I’m 13. And who is Columbus?


I hate to brag…9 out of 12. A lot of good guessing…okay, I had to confess.


I am embarrassed to say. Obviously, I am not a Columbus groupie, nor would I make it on Jeapardy.

Sandra Kurotobi

Missed 5, great educational quiz


Only 6 out of 12. Pretty bad.