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I hope and pray that we Americans do not re-elect the two most inept people ever held the highest office in this great land of ours.

Im sick of all politicains! None of them will do what needs to be done. They are only there to enrich themselves or family members/friends.

It is self-aggrandizing political tripe like this that Obama revels in. He truly believes that anything that happens is somehow for him, controlled by him or in some way involving him. Everything happens in concentric circles around HIM. Thus it’s always I …. I … I … me … me … me …. .

I’ve gotten to the point that I can’t stand the sight or sound of him anymore and there are a LOT of others that feel the same way.

If America re-elects him then we as a nation deserve whatever comes with that and ALL of it will be bad. Labor Battalions anyone?

Hear, hear!!!!! 10-4 for that thing!! mc

Our president would not qualify to enter the military, bu he is our commander&chief?

He was elected, but not by me ; I’m a retired Military member and I consider him as a TRADER to this country,. If he had done all of the things which he has illeagely done up to now back in Nixion’s day he would have been sent to prision in no time.

He’s too busy throwing posh White House parties, vacationing and golfing to find time for the military. His continual skipping of critical briefings points to what a failure in that department he is. Heck, I’m 100 times more qualified to be C-in-C than he is! I’ve had military training and experience, studied history and am fairly proficient with firearms. Does BO even know which end of a rifle or pistol the bullet comes out of?

If Barack did not do what he promised the last four years during his presidency, what makes you think that he will make good of his promises if re-elected when he doesn’t have to look forward to another election again.

The one thing i find with the 4 years of knowing obama, if his lips are moving hes LYING. We need to vote him OUT & deport him back to KENYA where he belongs

he is a narcissist for sure,it will always be him,he is not for this country,so plain to see,let vote him out,he does not deserve to be in our house,pray god will remove him from there.he scares me and i am very concerned for this country.
god bless our men and women that give their lives for this country.

I agree, if he wins the election God help us. We will all be in trouble, I feel bad for the new generation.

Obama reminds me of a gent I worked with in the past. Everything he said was I or me not we and us.